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Who is Aimee Osbourne dating? Aimee Osbourne is currently single, according to our records. The British TV Actress was born in England on September 2, 1983. Occasional actress and singer best known for being the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne. Relationship status. As of 2020, Aimee Osbourne’s is not dating anyone. Aimee is 37 years old. Imee Marcos Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Dating, Marriage, Relationship Stats, Family, Career, Wiki. Scroll below and check our most recent updates about about Imee Marcos's Biography, Salary, Estimated Net worth, Expenses, Income Reports & Financial Breakdown 2020! She is one of the successful Politician. Unverified sources said Imee and Rayver started dating in early June. True or not, both of them are single and do deserve to be happy. Imee Hart, Imelda Schweighart, rayver cruz, rayver cruz gf photo, rayver cruz girlfriend photo, rayver cruz new gf, rayver cruz new girlfriend. She is not dating anyone currently. Aimee had at least 1 relationship in the past. Aimee Garcia has not been previously engaged. She is half Mexican and half Puerto Rican. According to our records, she has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Aimee keeps her personal and love life private. The ponente who ruled in Imee Marcos’ favor was Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco. Last week, Justice Pesbitero was also among those who ruled in favor of burying Marcos in Libingan ng mga Bayani. Here is the link to Velasco’s ruling on the Imee-Trajano case. Just last week, Imee Marcos told Karen Davila on national TV: Imee • 37 Last active: 6d, 21h ago printing related Imee • 37 ... I'm here to meet guys 31 to 65 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship. About me one man woman ...caring loving down to earth..wthout lies ... Who is Aimee-Ffion Edwards dating? Aimee-Ffion Edwards is currently single, according to our records.. The Welsh TV Actress was born in Newport on November 21, 1987. Stage and screen actress who first rose to fame for her portrayal of Sketch in the series Skins. Aimee Rachel Osbourne is an English-American actress and musician. She is the eldest daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. While her siblings Jack and Kelly achieved pop culture fame for appearing in the family’s MTV reality series The Osbournes, the more private Aimee declined to appear on the show, feeling that doing so would typecast her and affect her musical career. Relationships. Aimee Mann has been in relationships with Jools Holland (1992 - 1993), Jules Shear (1985 - 1987), Michael Hausman (1980 - 1984) and Al Jourgensen.. About. Aimee Mann is a 59 year old American Musician. Born on 8th September, 1960 in Richmond, Virginia, USA, she is famous for `Til Tuesday. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Who is she dating right now? Aimee Teegarden is currently single.. Relationships. Aimee Teegarden has been in a relationship with Grey Damon.. About. Aimee Teegarden is a 30 year old American Actress. Born Aimee Richelle Teegarden on 10th October, 1989 in Downey, California, United States, she is famous for Julie Taylor in 'Friday Night Lights'.

I was doing some reading about break ups and came across a gem of a comment which I thought I'd share with anyone on this fine Saturday evening. It made me feel better, so maybe it will help you too.

2020.09.19 23:31 OrganizationFickle I was doing some reading about break ups and came across a gem of a comment which I thought I'd share with anyone on this fine Saturday evening. It made me feel better, so maybe it will help you too.

Edit: holy shit guys, thank you all for the awards!! I was not expecting that. I myself am going through it. This too shall pass. Stay strong people. You got this.

Here it is:
"So, for all you newbies who ask the questions, "Will the hurting ever stop," or "Will my ex come back," or "Why did he/she do this," this is how it typically goes down.
You two break up--doesn't matter who does it. You immediately panic and begin chasing, begging, pleading, harrassing, phoning, e-mailing, IMing, stalking (okay not all of them, just pick whichever one you did). Most of us will likely do some things during this stage that will make you cringe when you think back on it, say after about 3 months.
You lose weight. You neglect yourself, your house, your job (how many hours do we all log on this site while we are at work?). You drive your friends and family crazy talking about the break up. You cry at the drop of a dime. You can't even comprehend that your life might not again include that "special person." You begin putting them on a pedestal, forgetting all of the nagging things about them that used to drive you crazy. In your mind, they have become omnipotent, all encompasing, all everything.
You convince yourself that you are a loser who just screwed up a relationship with "the best person in the world." You KNOW without a doubt that you will never EVER love like that again. You know no one else will come along who even comes close to being as marvelous as your ex (excuse me while I chuckle to myself here). You wear a sad face for the world to see (you should see my work ID taken 2 days after my breakup, it's just pitiful).
They (the ex's) remain steadfast in their denial to get back together. Many of them leapfrog into new relationships, immediately being exclusive with a new person. For those that do leapfrog, they appear to just "replace" you with a new model. All of the things you two used to do, they now do with someone else. Bowling, cuddling watching television, motorcycle riding, antiquing. Whatever you two did, likely they will just begin doing those things with someone new.
You hear about them and their new life. You are desperate for any crumbs of news about their life. Many of us make things worse here by trying to use manipulation to get them back--yet they stay away from us like we are the plague.
For those of us who do still have contact with our ex's we begin selling ourselves short. Doing stupid things like allowing them access to our bodies and then wanting to strangle them afterward when they remind us that "Sex does not imply hope."
You, in further panic mode, begin frantically searching the internet using phrases such as "break ups," "divorce stopper," whatever. You stumble upon this site, pay your money because your curious and lo and behold, you find all of us folks in various stages of this whole breakup bullsh*t.
You voraciously read the posts. You search for news of those who "got their mates back." You're on the site constantly. You'll read the books and think "Ah I can do this. I can get this person back." You begin your "no contact" and for some of us, this will get a reaction from our ex's. For the rest, no contact is and will continue to be what you'll get and receive.
Time goes by. You'll do some stupid things. You'll call your ex when you shouldn't. You'll call when you've had to much to drink. You'll call even after 50 people on this site tell you not to. You'll show up on their doorstep, hating yourself all the time. Then you'll come back to this site and ask everyone to tell you why you were so stupid as to do whatever it was you did.
Then you'll get serious about no contact. It'll hurt, but you try to stick to it. Here's the turning point for most. For those folks who have contact with their ex's, your no contact will either bring them sniffing curiously around or they'll be somewhere high fiving their friends thanking the God's that you haven't called.
Now's the tough time. Nothing but time works. Everday the ache in your heart grows a little less. It's only nanobits that it dies down by. But everyday it will get slowly better. You'll have setbacks. You'll run into your ex accidently. You'll run into mutual friends who'll tell you something about your ex that'll have you high-tailing it home for a good cry. You'll see your ex with their new "friend." You'll receive a phone call or an e-mail from your ex who "doesn't want to be in a relationship but still wants to be friends (with benefits if you allow).
Here's another important part. You need to truly sit down and truthfully look back at the relationship and understand what you did to help with it's demise. If you miss this part, you go through all the suffering for nothing because Buddy, you'll be back here again. This site is to teach you about you. To teach you how to be a better partner, a better person. Missing that lesson is detrimental to the whole process. It's the REASON that you're going through this. God (or whatever your higher power is) needed you to learn something about YOU. Don't miss out on the lesson.
Then one day you'll smile because you didn't immediately check your answering machine when you came in. And one day you'll decide to clean the muck that has accumulated in your house. And one day you'll go outside and admit to the universe that you surrender what control you thought you had.
And one day you'll decide to date again. And one day you'll go out on your first date and it will likely be a disaster. And then you'll either force yourself to continue dating or you'll decide that you aren't ready to date but you are ready to be out amongst people again. And many of you will have some quick reconcillations with your ex's. Many of us won't. But one day, it won't matter as much. Because time will allow you to catch yourself going minutes and then hours without thinking of the ex. And you'll begin to be able to think of life possibly without that person and not dissolve into a puddle of nothingness because of the thought.
And for most of us, sadly, life will go on without that mate. That's the truth, amigos. Don't want to dash your hopes but probably less than 3% of the people on this site get back with their mates. Sobering isn't it? But, as the site instructs, you must accept this before you can truly begin to heal or draw your ex back to you. For the lucky (maybe unlucky one's depending on how much work it will take to keep a mate that has wandered back) who get back with their ex's, many will find that the paradise they envisioned isn't reality and what they once thought was gold has a certain tarnish to it now. But they stay and try and make it work because it's comfortable or, if they are really lucky, it's meant to be.
But for most of us. Life goes on. And one day you'll find yourself having a gut busting laugh over something totally stupid and you'll think to yourself "I am getting better." And finally (thank God) you'll have sex with some new and find that a) if it wasn't good, at least you did it or b) it was so much better than with your ex you wonder why you waited so long to get back out there. And you'll know you're one the road to recovery.
I guess what I'm trying to convey here is, while each situation is unique, the characteristics of most of our situations are the same. Most of us will go through at least something that I've written here. So, when someone tells you on this site that time will help you get through it, believe them. When they tell you that "trust me, it will get better and you will stop hurting eventually," believe them. And when they give you good advice that your head understands but your heart rejects, take a moment to think before you react.
Don't beat yourself up if you do something that you wished you hadn't (calling, contacting, etc) WE ALL DID AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER. Be kind to yourself. Be forgiving of yourself. And most of all remember that being happily single is an alternative. Even if society is beating it into your head that you MUST have a mate, take some time to heal before going back out there. There are plenty of good people to love, but don't go back out there broken, jaded about love, etc. Accept realty. Experience the pain. Learn the lesson. Actively try to heal. Remember the person you were when you first met your ex and get that person back.
And the universe will take care of the rest."
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2020.09.19 19:39 Baker-J17 Injured on the Job - Washington State

I suffered a trimalleolar fracture back in December 2017 after slipping on some ice while preparing for my shift. I was an EMT, so was very promptly transported to a hospital. After the initial reconstructive surgery, I had continuous medial pain that med staff continuously dismissed at something that would get better with time, or because my ankle was compensating for something else. After months of physical therapy, two additional surgeries and even more physical therapy, massage therapy, and me jumping through every hoop thrown at me in hopes of getting some relief, there's been no improvement to that ankle. I've dealt with shame, embarrassment and endless frustration from how debilitating it is - I can't be on it for more than a few hours, and, if I push through, it becomes unbearable the following days.

I've been referred to a couple different doctors in hopes of them finding something my previous one didn't. My current doctor suspects it to be caused by troublesome scar tissue and recommended a relatively simple surgery, but, without definitive evidence, LnI refuses to approve it. After over year of this doctor fighting with them, as well as a second IME (my first IME occurred after the third surgery who incorrectly labelled me as morbidly obese and blamed that for my pain - there was some heated discussion between he and my doctor at the time), my current doctor has given up and offered to refer me to someone else, but LnI refuses to approve any additional referrals. Unfortunately, my doctor isn't the best at paperwork, and, despite verbally telling me not to run/jump/lift heavy objects, he released me to my job at injury where I am expected to lift people up stairs, race down hallways with patients on gurneys, and even wrestle invol patients into restraints. Everyone familiar with my claim openly agrees that returning to my job at injury is simply not an option.

This all being said, my doctor initially released me at of 8/26/20, though he didn't submit the form for nearly a week awaiting clarification from my LnI provided Vocational Counselor. Because of this, LnI just sent me a letter stating that my Wage Loss payments are retroactively ending as of that date, and are demanding I "make immediate arrangements to repay this amount" at the threat of interest charges, benefit reductions, property leans, etc. I began job hunting as soon as I learned my claim was going to close, but, with my physical limitations and the going-ons of today, I haven't had much luck. Unfortunately, my husband was among those who lost his job due to the current pandemic (just employer went bankrupt), so to suddenly be expected to come up with $1,299 while dealing with the realization that I'm now facing a lifetime of pain is overwhelming.

I was 25 years old when I fell. I was an avid hiker, loved to take my dogs out for a run, and maintained a small urban farm. Now, after nearly three years of obeying everything LnI and my doctors recommended, I feel completely abandoned and hopeless. I'm actively working with an independent Vocational Counselor to rejoin the workforce, but that's not something that happens overnight. I've been told to expect a PPD due to being rated with a 7% lower extremity disability following the closure of my claim, but, despite LnI backdating the conclusion of my Wage Loss payments as well as denying further referrals, they've left my claim open "for continued treatment". My husband and I have a small savings for emergencies, which we've already nearly depleted following the loss of his job. The thought of emptying it because of this is terrifying.

I'm eternally grateful for any thoughts or recommendations you might have.
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2020.09.19 18:20 knuckle56 Afere SNS (i još nekih) u Vršcu: epizoda 2

Pre svega, želeo bih da se zahvalim svima na pozitivnim reakcijama povodom prve epizode razotkrivanja lokalnih moćnika iz Vršca. Takođe se zahvaljujem i anonimnim (i manje anonimnim) ljudima koji su mi dodelili nagrade simbolične vrednosti mogli ste mi dati i gold, cicije . Ovaj put ću dodati i jednu aferu Crkvene opštine. Pa da počnemo

Afera "Jezero"

  1. jula 2012. godine na Vršačkom jezeru utopile su se dve sestre. Taj dan je bio upamćen i kao jedan od najtragičnijih dana u zadnjih deceniju-dve. Međutim, sve je šokirala činjenica da na jezeru tada nije postojala spasilačka služba, a da je tadašnja opštinska vlast skinula krivicu sa sebe tako što je građanima dozvolila kupanje isključivo na sopstvenu odgovornost.
Akteri: Jovica Zarkula, Čedomir Živković, JP "Varoš", Opština Vršac
Epilog: izgubljena 2 života, jezero kasnije registrovano kao javno kupalište

Afera "Milenijum"

SPC "Milenijum" izgrađen je zajedničkim sredstvima Vlade Srbije i vršačkih privrednika među kojima je prednjačio Hemofarm. Otvorena je 2001. godine ali se ubrzo pokazalo da ne funkcioniše dobro, lokali su bili prazni ali je preduzeće sve vreme normalno isplaćivalo nadprosečne plate i stvaralo privid uspešnosti. Prvi problemi (i prvi skandal) nastali su 2013. godine, kada je otkriveno da Milenijum duguje gradu 60 miliona dinara na ime raznih poreza. U to vreme funkciju predsednika UO Milenijum i predsednika Opštine vršio je isti čovek, Čedomir Živković koji je odlučio da se dug pretvori u vlasništvo Opštine, tako da je Opština dobila 95% Milenijuma ali joj dug nije vraćen. 2 godine kasnije na površinu je isplivao novi dug (oko 10mil dinara) koji je ponovo konvertvoan u akcije koje su date opštini
Akteri: Čedomir Živković, Jovica Zarkula, Fondacija Hemofarm, "Centar Milenijum"
Epilog: istraga nije pokrenuta, grad oštećen za 70 miliona dinara

Afera "Azil/Leševi"

Vršac je pre 10 godina imao najuređeniji sistem upravljanja populacijom pasa. Bilo je izgrađeno postrojenje za upravljanje animalnim otpadom, azil, svi psi su čipovani i vraćani vlasnicima u slučaju napuštanja. Međutim, 2009. godine se sa tom praksom prestaje a broj lutalica se povećava. 2017. godine radnica JKP "Drugi Oktobar" Snežana Mikulić otkrila je da se psi u Azilu izgladnjuju zbog nedovoljnih kapaciteta azila (davala su se 3 džaka na 350 pasa). Srbiju su obišle slike mrtvih leševa iz vršačkog azila. Iste godine posao upravljanja animalnim otpadom se oduzima od JKP "Drugi Oktobar" i dodeljuje privatnoj firmi iz Vrbasa pod sumnjivim okolnostima.
Akteri: JKP "Drugi Oktobar", Ljubisav Šljivić, Nebojša Perić, Dragana MItrović
Epilog: nekontrolisan broj lutalica u gradu i milionske odštete, nema istrage

Afera: "Varoš/Urbanizam"

Vršac je do početka 2018. godine imao JP zaduženo za poslove urbanističkog planiranja pod nazivom "Varoš". Bez jasnog objašnjenja ovo profitabilno i uspešno preduzeće se gasi 2018. godine, a Opština sa ulogom od 100 dinara zajedno sa ostalim južnobanatskim opštinama osniva JP "Urbanizam Pančevo", gde se osnivačkom odlukom propisuje da će "Urbanizam" obavljati poslove za Vršac ako stigne i kada stigne
Akteri: Dragana Mitrović, Grad Vršac, Grad Pančevo
Epilog: šteta od više miliona dinara na godišnjem nivou, nema istrage

Afera "Magični telefon"

  1. godine lokalni pokret "Za bolji Vršac" otkriva da je na telefone u Opštinskoj upravi potrošeno čak 3,6 miliona dinara, od čega je 850 hiljada dinara otišlo na misteriozan broj 0600450023, koji nije dodeljen ni jednoj službi odnosno zaposlenom u opštini.
Akteri: Grad Vršac, Čedomir Živković
Epilog: nema istrage, milionska šteta

Afera "Helvecija"

  1. godine Gradska uprava odlučuje da rasproda komercijalnu imovinu JKP "Drugi Oktobar" koju su činili hoteli u Kopaoniku (fun fact: u pitanju je rodno mesto bivšeg direktora i istaknutog socijaliste Ljubisava Šljivića), restorani i motel u centru, fabrika vode, fabirka kartona za jaja. Odlukom gradske skupštine sva imovina se izdvaja u DOO "Helvecija" i utvrđuje se kvorum za prodaju od 30 poslanika. Kako je u periodu između osnivanja Helvecije i sednice na kojoj se raspravljalo o prodaji opozicija proglasila bojkot, SNS fantomski smanjuje kvorum sa 30 na 23 poslanika i prodaje Helveciju za cenu višestruko manju od procenjene,
Akteri: DOO "Helvecija", JKP "Drugi Oktobar", Grad Vršac, Dragana Mitrović
Epilog: grad i komunalno oštećeni za par desetina miliona dinara

BONUS: SPC Afera "Sterijina kuća"

Po svom testamentu Jovan Sterija Popović je rodnu kuću u Vršcu ostavio bratu Đoki, a ovaj je to **prema pojedinim navodima** preneo u svoju zadužbinu i poklonio Crkvi (ne postoje dokazi koji bi ovo potkrepili) Posle rata imovina je nacionalizovana, a u nju se 1981. godine uselila Književna opština Vršac koju je osnovao Vasko Popa. KOV je izdavao knjige, ugošćavao razne autore i bio izuzetno važan činilac na kulturnoj sceni Jugoslavije. 1995. Slobina ministarka kulture Nada Popović Perišić šalje fantomski dopis kojim se ponovo uspostavlja zadužbina Đoke Popovića. Na osnovu tog dopisa koji nije imao nikakvo pokriće, Crkvena opština podiže tužbu i pokušava u nekoliko navrata da u toku noći sa kamionima bez tablica iseli KOV. Bitno je napomenuti da tada nije postojao zakon o denacionalizaciji, a da je imovina bila nacionalizovana još 1959. godine te nije postojao nikakav pravni osnov da Crkvena opština preuzme vlasništvo nad kućom. Urednik Petru Krdu se svesrdno borio da ova ustanova ostane u svom domu, međutim bitku je izgubio, a 2009. je prerano preminuo (neki spominju da je oboleo usled stresa izazvanog višegodišnjim sporovima sa Crkvenom opštinom).
Napomena: tvrdnja o postojanju zadužbine nikad nisu proverene, KOV je uporno dokazivao da po Sterijinom testamentu crkva nema pravo na vlasništvo nad zgradom, već samo da prikuplja novac od izdavanja iste.
Akteri: SPC, Ministarstvo kulture, Opština Vršac, KOV, Petru Krdu, Nada Popović-Perišić
Epilog: KOV iseljen, u prostorijama osnovana crkvena prodavnica
Eto, nadam se da ste zadovoljni. Ako nađem dovoljno podataka možda izađe i 3. epizoda za Vršac, ako ne preći ću da se bavim nekim drugim gradom.

e: dopuna afere sa sterijinom kućom
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2020.09.16 14:39 ImNotEricJr [Pompey] MDA has emerged as the front-runner for the 76ers' head-coaching vacancy. For the past several months, the expectation was that MDA would be hired by the Pacers but sources are saying he backed away from the Pacers gig because the Sixers' interest is real.

Some might think the coach and the Sixers' mutual attraction was a negotiating ploy for both parties, and that the Sixers could use interest in D’Antoni as a way to lower Lue’s asking price of $7 million and D’Antoni could use the Sixers' interest as a way to raise his price tag. But sources are saying he backed away from the Pacers gig because the Sixers' interest is real.
Sources have confirmed the team will interview the former Houston Rockets coach in the coming days. One source said the interview could come as early Wednesday. However, Sixers sources denied D’Antoni would interview that day. Asked if he would interview Thursday, sources said the dates of interviews have yet to be determined.
However, a league source said Tuesday that D’Antoni was preparing to head to this area to interview for the job. The Sixers are also expected to interview former Oklahoma City Thunder coach Billy Donovan this week. Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Ty Lue is among the other candidates to replace Brett Brown, who was fired Aug. 24.
But a league source said the job could be D’Antoni’s to lose. The source said the 69-year-old would have to bomb his interview with the Sixers owners not to be offered the job, and said D’Antoni is the candidate they want. A team source denied that, saying the ownership won’t know who it wants until candidates are interviewed.
Meanwhile, Donovan is also among the leading candidates for the Chicago Bulls' job. Former Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson and Sixers assistant Ime Udoka are also candidates.
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2020.09.15 15:13 ich_habe_krebs On Goal Setting

Just something I posted on the discord earlier, I would like to share thoughts on how others I've had experience with approach goal setting as well as a concept that not enough are aware of.
I believe that to give yourself a goal which works best relies on the specifics of that said goal. Essentially the structure.

Think of it like this-
You can say, 'My goal is to get good grades', which is an okay goal, but in my opinion, not good enough.

Stating the specifics which you can follow will allow you to deeper understand how that goal can be achieved and why you're actually doing it. Has anyone heard of a SMART goal? Because as cheesy as it sounds, it's rather effective.
Specific - specifying exactly what you wish to accomplish
Measurable - has a method with which you can evaluate yourself with
Achievable - something which is realistic for your level and stage of development
Relevant - an action which will realistically help you achieve your goal
Time-bound - giving a time constraint in order to motivate yourself to accomplish it by a given time

So instead, you could say: Raise my grades in physics and chemistry to at least an A- for the remainder of the semester.
Can be done by updating the calendar for all future assignments weekly, completing the task at least two days prior to the due date, allowing time for adequate drafting.
A goal such as that will leave no room for doubt in your mind as to how to approach that goal, prevent your mind from creating excuses to not complete said goal. I acknowledge that one of my weaknesses is sticking to concepts or new ideas, or for this example, goals. And so I find that this little method truly does help.
- Vynos
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2020.09.14 20:39 treeblossom0521 Anyone graduated still getting emails from their college?

I graduated this past spring from CENG and am still getting emails from them and from my IME department. Anyone know if there's a specific date we'll be purged from the directory? I plan to give them at least a week before I email back asking to be removed, but was curious to see if anyone knew anything.
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2020.09.12 23:42 riplilpeeprestinpeac Anyone else notice Maitri's flower, regardless of "release" date, all have the same %thca and terps for their strains?

Wanna start by saying this isnt another thread complaining about flower shortages. Rather I truly am curious as to whats up with their results.

Every time Maitri released flower, which has consisted of multiple drops, maybe 5 or 6 at this point(?) with different strains each time, the results for any one strain have been the same throughout (eg. their strain apple crisp has dropped on atleast 3(?) occasions and every time it is packaged exactly as 21.57% total thc with all other %s the same) Why isnt this the case with other G/Ps? I've never seen any two batches(package date) be the same at the same dispensary, once a particular strain at a dispensary sells out, they will never have that exact batch again. As I understand it if some other dispensary gets the same batch weeks apart which I have noticed a lot (might take multiple weeks before Western PA sees the same batch of a strain that eastern PA got) I can still expect consistent results.
I can do the math since their first drop (as another redditor pointed out lol) And its been almost 5 weeks since they first released. It just doesn't make sense to hold onto flower and not release it IF it is ready. Its not like we are waiting for them to package it -- otherwise the package date would be different(All have been 8/4 ime) Especially when recently we have been going days without any flower at maitri, yet had gotten some the past 2~ days prior to this "drop" on Friday.
What is constituting their release schedule? Im not hating I really like Maitri, it just seems eerily similar to how the legal hemp industry reuses test results, or very old tests (like they have been sitting on it for months), but so why then would i knowingly buy a product that has been sitting in its packaging ready to go for over a month? Was the cure not ready? Or rather why would a company reserve themselves from having medicine available for their patients if it is ready?
The more I think about it the more sus I think it is. Like, are they are knowingly creating a supply and demand to further profit off of us as patients (while not yet allowing any other Dispensary to sell their product)? That, or they're passing off old tests because they are bettesaving money from continuously having to test - I doubt this second theory though, as even their "newest" strain, the Petrol Pop, was packaged 8/4 same as the rest.

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2020.09.11 22:18 -Anem0ne- THe ShOCkINg REaLIty Of GHazWa-E-HInD. They WOn'T tELL yoU this. it IS hAPPeNINg.

nOTE: BEFoRE I bEgIn wRITiNG this, I WanT TO clArifY tHAt the foLLoWINg WrITEUP Is noT AN eXceRpt FrOm anY publiSHEd SourCe But rAThER a CoMPilATIon OF vAriOuS FActs, avaiLABLE AcROss thE INtERnET (WHICh i will BE ATtaChinG LiNkS TO) THat i WILL USe To pAInT The BIGgeR pICTurE. BeCAUse OF ceNSorSHip ON the INTERNEt, ANY suCh ArtIClE geTS tAKEn down ImmEdiATELY ANd dON’t be SuRpRised If tHIs paRtICUlaR posT GEts thiS sUBREddIT iTselF BaNnED. i REcOmMENd sHArInG ThIS as muCH as PoSSiBlE Until iT is rEmOVEd.
“ghaZwA-E-HInd” Is AN ISLaMiC cONcEPT thAT IS GivEn iN tHe HADiTH. GHazWA MEaNs bARbArIC waR. GhazwA-e-hinD meAns A barBARIC wAR oF COnquERING iNdIa. aCcORDiNG to mUsLIM bELIeFS, this wAr wIlL OccUr BEFoRe KaYAMaT AND afTeR tHis WaR, eveRY HiNDu wILL Be cOnVErTEd into iSLam By FoRCe.
IT WaS NaRRATed thaT thawbAN, thE freeD SlAve OF THE MESSENgEr OF ALlAH, Said: "THe mESsEngEr of alLAh SaID: 'TherE ArE two gRoUps of my ummAH WHOm ALLAH WILl frEe FrOm tHE fiRE: thE groUp THaT invADeS IndiA AND THE GrOup that WIlL BE wITh 'ISa BIN MaRyam, PEAcE bE upOn HIm.'" - SUNAN an-naSA'I 1:25:3177 (HaSAN) frOm thE BooK OF JiHad.
souRce tO the haDITh
NoW, mOst musliMS dIsmIss THIS BY SAYiNg THAt THis hADItH is weaK AND fabRIcAtEd. but THen ThiS HApPENEd -
"pakiSTanIS SHOULD CONsIDER themSeLves fOrTUNate tHAT ALlaH HaS beSTOwed ThE hONoUr to waGE wAr aGAInst inDiA TO theM," A PRoMInEnt iSlAmIc CLeRIc AND fOrMeR BankEr iRfaN-uL-Haq, WAs CAUGHT On viDeo spEakINg to A PaKISTANI aUDIEnCE During a Lecture in 2011.
uPlOADeD By autHor TArEk fATaH ReCeNtlY, THe cLeRic, IN The vIDeO, Said: "THe pRoPhEt hAd saId ThAT therE WiLl bE a wAR In iNdiA tHAt wILL BE GHAzWa-e-Hind".
THE CLerIC FURtHER aDdeD ThAT IF theRE WAS a PLace oN EaRtH WHERE PeOPlE WORSHIPPeD STONe iDols, it wAs The InDIaN sUbContiNent.
“thE GenEsIs oF paKISTAN Was pRophEsied to DEFEAt India AND hinDUISm At the HanDs Of paKistAN,” HAq Said In THe vIdeO. the CLerIc went ON To SAY THat PaKistan'S cREATiOn WaS DoNE SOlELY tO deStRoy HinduISm and tHAt PaKISTAn’S MIlitarY ANd PEOpLE WiLl SwarM INDIA anD wipe out, once ANd fOr aLl, thE PRactICE oF HInduISm froM THe fACE oF The EaRth.
iF YOU NotIced, THE orIgInal YoUtUBe AcCOuNt aSSocIaTEd WITH ThiS videO, aS weLL As tARak fAtah's BloG haS BeEn TAkeN dOWN. IntERNET ceNSorshIP aT It'S BEST. HowEVER, THErE is ANother viDeO from tHE SaME LECtuRE.
lEt us LOOk BacK AT HiStorY, THe iNDiaN SUBcONTIneNt WAS "strATeGicaLLY" dIviDeD inTO MODern-dAy inDiA and paKIStAn in 1947. tHE siMPle ReaSOn wAs THAt It wAs ThE mUsLiMS Who WerE apPlYinG pressUre FOR a SePARATe iSLAMIC HoMElANd AND NoT THe hiNdus. aS hiNdUS wEREN'T RealLY cONceRNeD With aN exPlicItlY hINDU HoMeland, tHEY DiD not foRCE ThE IsSuE. it Is a cOMmOnLY KNOwn faCT ThAT 90% oF mUSLims VOTEd fOR pAkistAn, WherEAS THe REsT sTAYED HERe. If mUsliMs cOULD Stay In INdIa, iT WAs morE BECAUSe OF tHE lIBeRAL attItUdE OF HiNDU neIGhBORs TOwaRDs tHeIR mUSLim FELLoWS BuT tHE sAME thING WaS nOt rECipROcAtEd bY MuSLIms TOWaRDs THEir HInDu FeLloWS. As a RESULt, wHerEveR hindUs WERe lEsS iN number, eithEr TheY weRe FOrced to leaVe PAKIsTAn OR theY wEre MOStLY muRDeREd. wHiLe jInNaH cALLed foR ThE CReAtIon OF aN iSlamIc NaTion, Leaders LIkE gANDhi anD NeHru PiTCHEd FOR A "SeCULAR" INdIa.
What is seCulArIsm? A QUICk gOoGle SeaRCh WiLL prOVIde yOU WitH the FOlLOWiNg dEfINItioN:
tHE PrincIPlE Of SepArATIoN of tHE StATe From RELIGIOus instITuTionS.
but In dIVErsE GeoGRAphY lIKe THE ThEN indiaN subcontINEnt, WhiCh wAS dIVIded INTO vaRious ReliGiOuS AnD CuLTuRAl Sects, whERe tHE StAte itSElf FUncTIoned On THE basis oF reLigioUs InSTItuTIoNs, WhICh IS cONtRAdiCTOry to tHE veRY dEfinitiOn of SECUlariSM, How DO yoU ExpecT sECuLaRIsm TO WOrk in MoDern-DaY INDiA? HiNdUS aND MUSLIMS (rEFeRRinG To tHE iDEOloGIES anD nOT iNDIviDUAls) ARE lIKe oIL aND WaTER AND ONe shoulD nOT mIx THEM toGetHer. wheRe oNE WOrshIPS idOLS anD beLiEVeS IN the peacEfUL cOExIsteNCe of eVERyonE, The otHer ConSiDeRS iDOL wOrship As AN UNFORgIVabLe SIn AnD dEMANds tHAt eveRyONE wOrshIp NOnE otHer THAn AlLah.
abU HuRAIrAH told hIm that ThE meSSenGeR of alLaH said: "i HaVe beeN COmMANDED To figHt tHE pEOple Until THEy SAY la iLaHA ILLAlLAh (THEre is none woRThy Of WoRSHiP ExCEPT aLlah). wHOEvER SayS La ilahA ILLALlAh, HIs LiFE ANd HiS PRoPErTY Are saFe FrOm Me, eXCePT by iTs RIGhT (In CASEs WhERe IslaMic LaWS aPPlY), and hIS RECkoNing will Be wItH aLlah.'” - SUNan An-nAsa'i 1:25:3092 (sAhIh) frOM The BOOk OF jIHAd.
sOUrCE TO The HadITh
ThE GravIty Of thIS siTUATioN Was uNdErsTOOD bY CeRtain promiNeNT LEAdERS lIKE saVaRkAr and SaRdAr pAteL wHo lATer gaVE uP THE ideA OF COmPLeTe tRANsFEr OF tHE mUslim POpulATiOn fRom India TO PaKiStAN afTER gANDhI WeNT oN a NOToRiOUS Hunger stRiKe. As A ReSUlT, IndIA waS leFT WitH A rEpReSENtaBlE MuSlim PopUlATIon.
LEt uS look aT HOw ThE FirsT "demOCRaTicalLY" ElECtED priMe MInISter Of THe couNTRy, JAwaharlaL neHRu, caMe tO pOWeR. i'M CiTing An anSWeR frOm quOrA, thE aUtHeNtICItY oF The FActs Of wHIcH can BE VeRIfieD BY VarioUs rEsoURCes aVailABLe OnlINE.
BY 1946, whEn tHe secOnd WorlD war wAs COmIng TO an end, BRitiSHeRS WERe thInKiNg oF traNSFerrINg POwEr TO INdiaNS anD IndePenDencE WAs JUST A MAtTEr of TiME.
a goVERNmeNt wAS to be fORmeD hEaDEd bY tHE congrEsS pReSIDeNt AS CongrEss HAd WoN a MAxiMum numBeR oF seatS In 1946 elections. 3 pEople weRE In racE NAMEly neHRu, mAULaNA AzaD (whO wAS prEsidENt OF thE cOngrESS froM THE LAsT 6 yEArs dUrINg WOrlD WAR 2) And NoNE otHER ThaN the Iron Man oF InDIa, SardAR pateL. BuT sooN, MAULaNA aZAD WaS OUt OF THE Race AS gAnDhI MaDe it CLEaR ThAT he wILL nOt GivE A sEConD TErM tO tHe sitTing CoNgrESS PrESIDEnT.
THe LAst dATe oF noMInATiONS for thE POST oF CoNGress PREsIDenT and tHe PrimE MINISTer of inDIA WAs aPRIL 29, 1946.
ToTAl 15 staTe/rEgional comMITteeS NomINATeD fOr The pOSt. dESpITE gANdhI’S weLL-knOWn pREfEReNcE For Nehru, NOT A sINGlE commIttee nomINaTeD FoR HiM. 12/15 NOMiNATED FOr sARDAr PAtEL And the RESt 3 Didn'T NOMINAtE AnybodY’s NaMe.
ThE mAjoRiTy wAs wIth SaRDAR pATeL. gAndHI TheN coNVEyeD ThIS MesSaGe tO NEHrU THAt no MEMbeRs oF THe coMmItteeS NOMInatEd HiS NAmE.
nEhru wAs reSIsTAnT tO tHe pOSt AND maDE it ClEAr That hE wILL NOt PLAY anY SEcOnd rOLE TO ANYbodY.
GaNdHi then asKEd SARDaR patEL TO withdrAW HIS namE FOR tHE post OF cONgREss PresidENt. SarDAr pateL hAd iMmenSE ReSpEct foR gaNdhI ANd he IMMEdIAtELY WithdRew hIS NAme wIthOUt wASTInG aNY TiMe AND THUS NeHRU bECaMe THE fiRSt prImE MinIStEr oF INdia.
SOUrCe (mInor EdiTs hAve bEeN maDE to FIX grammaTIcal erRorS).
SO yOU SEE, thE ParTITION Of iNDia anD THe crEATioN of pakIStAN wAS Not A SUddeN OccUrreNcE BuT RathER a wELL tHOUgHT aND SINIsTer politICaL MOve, tHE FAcTS oF WhICH HAve BEEN OVeRsHaDoWED OvEr The yearS of CoNStaNT cENsORSHip OF iNfORMatioN, SprEaDIng oF miSINfoRmatIoN AnD pRopaGaNDa. IN THe fOLLowinG YeARs, hIsTory Was "SElecTivELY" WRiTTen BY THE RUlInG PArTy wHich bEst fITs tHeiR motivE.
AfTEr 1971, EASt pakisTan wAS lIBeRateD as baNgLaDESh. thE orIginAl conStiTuTIoN OF banGlAdESh, WRitTen iN 1972, ENshriNEd SECulAriSm As OnE OF The fOUR pILLArS Of thE Newly-fORMEd PeopLE’S repUBlIC of baNgLADeSh anD dEfiNED The WoRD “BEngalI” aS a demONym FoR ItS CITIzENs. In 1977, THe priNCIPLe OF seCularism WAs rEmoVEd FRom The CoNSTITUtIoN THrOUGh tHe 5tH AmeNDmEnT, AS WEre ReFerenCEs to fReEDoM oF rELigIOn FOr MiNORiTIES, And Was RePLACED WIth The StATeMenT: "ABsOLutE tRUSt AnD faitH iN aLMIghty Allah". In 1988, THe govErnmEnT oF muHaMMad erSHAD passeD the nATiONaL rElIGiOn BILl IN THE jAtIyo sANgsAd bhABaN (PARLIAmEnT of bANGlAdEsh), DeClarING IsLAm AS ThE STatE rEliGiOn.
AS IS tHE CaSE WiTh ANY iSLAMIc couNtry, tHE pERSECutIOn aNd ULtImATeLy DECImAtiON Of The noN-MUSlIM poPUlATioN IS ineviTAble. A DETAilEd sTuDy oF dEMographICS oF tHE PopUlaTiOnS oF indiA, PAkiSTAN AND BanGlADesH Is a MuCH NeeDed rEaLiTY cHeCk.
In shorT, PakIsTAN and BanGlAdEsh weRe cONcEiVeD ouT OF DECeit AND tREACHerY and tHE TWO WAVeS oF gHazWa-E-HInd wErE SuCcEsSFUl. the FinAl bAtTLE, the THirD aND fInal wave TO cOnQuEr tHE ENTIrE INdiAn suBcONTineNT iS AppROAcHing sOoNEr ThAN you ThiNk. it WoN'T BE A direCT miLItAry CoNfLict bUT a SoCIAL, pOlitIcaL and psYChoLoGIcAL one, thE oBVioUS sigNs OF wHiCH haVE StaRtED to SUrFACE aNd taKe VIolEnT FoRMS aFteR The 2014 geneRal EleCTiOns siNCE ThE RIse Of narenDrA moDi iS An iMMINENt ThREAT to The Agenda OF thE isLAMIsTs. ThE LefT-wING meDiA anD GOvERNmeNt ItSElf aRe FunDED BY ORgaNizATIoNs WHO ARe AcTivELY WOrkINg FOR thE sUcCess of GHAzwa-E-HInd. I caNnot LINK A sOurCE HeRe aS SUCH A BOLd cLaiM oR STudY has nO cHAnCE Of FlOAting ARoUnd fOr LONg. hoWevER, IT DoeSN'T Take much To FiguRe out whAT'S woRKINg in ThE shadows. tHe 10% oF MUSLiMS wHo stAYED HeRE werE Given prEFeReNtiaL trEatMent alL THeSE YEaRS, NOt Just To use thEM as A voTe bANK bUT beCausE ThEy WeRe THE "SeEds" OF a GrEatER CoNSPiRaCy thAt WAS goInG To unfOlD IN tHe ComiNg tIMe. MAybe, THE cOmMON mUSliMs or thE so CALlED LibErALS don'T eVEn havE aNy AwaRENESS of THiS tHAt tHEy ARe IN FAct, BeINg usED AS mERe pAWnS in A BIGGeR, SiNISTEr Game.
Must read articles:
jAI HInD. jai SHREe RAM.
Credits to prod Hindutvadi redditor, u/_insaneM
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2020.09.07 23:05 Undeadman141 What do you do when you're curious about something that could help you improve, in this year?

So, the game is fairly old, and has had quite a few balance patches. I've very recently begun playing the game quite "seriously", and i am actively trying to get better. I often run into a problem though.
Most discussion threads, guides and tip threads are outdated.
I know factions have often been reworked entirely, and commanders aswell, which invalidates tierlists and tips/guides. Sadly, due to the small size of the community, new info isn't created very often ime.

Now to the actual question:

How do you find reliable info on something you're curious about? When was the last balance patch? Are there any up to date guides?
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2020.09.06 12:34 _Eltanin_ Weekly VTuber Spotlight: Futamochi Yamai - September 06th, 2020

Futamochi Yamai


Hello, I am a VTuber of Japan. I love songs, simulation games, and HUNTER X HUNTER!
Futamochi Yamai (ふたもち やまい) is a Japanese Virtual YouTuber who likes story-based RPG and puzzles. One game she has made significant progress in is Story of Seasons. She more recently started playing Home Sheep Home, a cartoon-themed strategy game where you move 3 sheep through obstacles, collect socks, and build contraptions out of primitive objects.
Yamai-chan is learning to play the piano, but she can perform quite well. She has attempted the Bakemonogatari theme, Zen Zen Zense, and Let It Be . She takes requests, but English songs are kind of difficult for her.
On July 25, Yamai-chan revealed an upgraded 2D model. The character is redesigned around the content she has rather than the original premise of an aspiring idol. She wears blue headphones around her neck, much like a gamer, and her hair becomes shorter. The theme color is changed from light purple to dark blue. She wears a black-and-blue jacket, a short black dress, short blue socks, and black boots. Shades of purple on her hair are toned down.
The resolution, graphic layout and sound quality of her streams has been improved since August. Yamai commissioned a new logo and used it in the openings. She uploads more frequently now.


  • Formerly, Yamai-chan was under the Ferret Girls’ Academy, a virtual idol group led by ex-AKB48 member Miori Ichikawa. The following were as well under FGA: Shizuku Lulu (雫るる), Nemui Riiko (眠居りぃこ), Hiyo Komame (陽与こまめ), Nenetsugu Nene (音々継ねね), and Hakari Kanna (はかりかんな).
  • Her surname was unclear in FGA’s promotional material, but the VTuber does have one. The full name was originally in kanji (二才 夜昧) and was super difficult to type on a Japanese IME. In newer videos, the hiragana transcription (ふたもち やまい) is consistently used.
  • Her streams were themed purple until mid-July. The new color is blue.
  • FGA was presumably disbanded. The website is down. Back in October 2019, a member publicly stated that she left the group but would still be active. Early videos of FGA members do not appear to be available — Yamai-chan’s oldest public video was uploaded 5 months ago.


YouTube channel
Editor's Notes
Thank you for reading this week's spotlight! Thanks very much to vtsp1 for reaching out and writing this spotlight. They even contacted Yamai themself to get a quote from them which we did but we also got an additional reply.
If there's a VTuber you think we could spotlight for the future then feel free to comment about it and depending on the circumstances we may be able to feature them. If you want to help write one of the spotlights on a VTuber that you know about, then feel free to reach out as well. We've actually got a backlog of VTubers to spotlight from previous suggestions so if you do request one and we haven't featured them in quite a while, don't worry. We've most likely had them listed but it'll just take a while for us to get there.
Previous Spotlights:
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2020.09.05 23:40 sexy_kitten7 Guide to Arbitration

The following is not legal advice.
When I was starting out, I didn’t know anything about arbitration, aside from the fact it’s portrayed as the bogeyman. I’ve since learned it is a powerful tool to take on big companies and enforce the rights of consumers. We had a great discussion at my last meetup and I toyed with the idea of making a how to guide, since I haven’t seen any online other than one off anecdotes. I hope that we can all share our arbitration experiences to crowdsource tips and strategies. And maybe start a series (Guide to CFPB, SCC, etc.).
If you cannot resolve a dispute with a company after many spirited letters, you have 4 options: get a lawyer (for example, the Alexes work on contingency), file for SCC, file for arbitration, or let it go. N.B. If you go nuclear, the company has every right to do the same to you (close all accounts, ban you, burn your effigy, etc.)
Arbitration is basically small claims court on steroids. It's a private hearing which derives its power from the FAA. Arbitral awards are final and enforceable by local courts.
There are 2 main players: AAA and JAMS. Read the contract, some specify one or the other. If there’s no arb clause, you likely cannot file since arbitration is a voluntary process. Some clauses stipulate specific actions (e.g. you must email xyz or wait extra time) but these are often ignored and are easily curable.
The goal is to settle. You must send a demand and wait 30 days before starting arbitration. Actions are not time barred so you can wait several years to commence arbitration. You can sue when it’s convenient for you. Some people use the CEO’s email for everything until counsel are assigned. You can serve via email so no need to get off the couch or waste money on process servers.
Filing: For AAA, you fill out the form, attach the contract, and efile. You can set the fee to zero and add a note about the company paying it. Then email a copy to the company. You can make an account on the AAA website but your case won’t show up IME. For JAMS, you fill out the form, attach the contract and proof of service, and email it. Then email a copy to the company. You cannot make an account on the JAMS website.
Fees: The cost for consumers is between $0-200. So it’s more than most SCCs but you can file from home and will likely recoup your costs. The cost for companies is typically around $2000. Companies may get some or all of their filing/admin fees back if the case settles early on. This provides strong motivation for them to settle with you. In stark contrast, many SCCs charge a $50-100 all in. The fact that arbitration is so expensive is an advantage because it provides leverage. Remember, the company is also paying its own legal fees.
The arbitration case manager takes a few weeks to review the paperwork, find the company representative(s), and email both parties. The company almost always uses outside counsel (1 lawyer +/- 1 paralegal). This is good for you because it often costs them more but bad because they need to get approval from the company to settle. Even if the representative has a company email, they could be a contractor. For example, one company’s lawyers have a fancy signature block stating “GENERAL COUNSEL’S ORGANIZATION, COLLEAGUE SINCE ’xx E: [email protected]” but are actually Axiom employees. They may request more time or delay paying their filing fee. Some people will deny requests for time but others grant them: there are pros/cons. If the company flat out refuses to pay their share of the filing fee, the case will be dismissed and you will need to get a court order to compel arbitration (c.f. Chegg Litigation).
At this time, the company’s representative will usually reach out to settle. You can take your time. Some cases have taken months to resolve but an arbiter was never assigned, let alone a hearing date set. You will want to ask for twice what they want and negotiate down. Typical settlement amounts are $500-1000 for pro se litigants and $1000-2000 for represented plaintiffs. The settlement amount is not proportional to the claim size. For example, a $20 case may settle for $500. This is the nuisance value. But an $800 claim might only settle for $1000. It is generally in the best interest of both parties to settle. On the off chance that the company will not settle, you can proceed to trial and prevail on the merits. N.B. Limited motion practice is permitted so you can go hog wild and drive up their litigation costs. But generally, you cannot get injunctive relief from a settlement or award so cash is as good as it gets.
Once you’ve agreed on a magic number, the company’s representatives will draw up a contract. There are a number of provisions to watch out for. Gag clause, release of unrelated claims, self imposed ban, etc. If you ask nicely, some companies will amend the contract. Others will not. At this stage, it’s take it or leave it. Once both parties sign, you send a copy to the arbitrator and ask them to close the case.
Please share your experiences and ask questions below! Thanks.
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2020.09.01 06:05 warmtoaster 2nd date, denied kiss. How did I handle it?

First date was a coffee date with light kino, we met off a not tinder app. I'm in Japan.
2nd was food->darts bar->private karaoke place. Heavy kino, no resistance to me putting my hands on her inner thighs etc. Went in for the kiss at the karaoke place and she gave me cheek and said "thanks for kissing me on the cheek" I just laughed and changed the subject.
Basically every time it started to get intimate she would change the subject. At this point I just decided to start messing around so I started faking out like I was going for a kiss when I was really reaching for my phone or something, then laughed at her when she'd turn her face and headbutt me with her cheek for no reason.
After like the 3rd or 4th time she started getting mad I pulled her onto my lap and I said "you seem like the nervous type" and her response was "I'm not the type to kiss a guy this early" my response was "the 2nd date is early for you?" to which she said "yes, it's way too early. I'm not that kind of girl." I just laughed, said okay, did a couple more songs and we dipped.
Thing is, I know that's bullshit. She's got small tattoos she's getting removed and she's 27. IME Shy innocent girls don't let you grope them like piece of meat in public then get shy about kissing in private. I understand her wanting put on the good girl act but I'm not dealing with that. Should I just chalk this up to me making myself appear too provider-y? Did something I say above fuck this up?
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2020.08.29 18:15 DelusionalMuffin Vis turistički vodič / Vis tourist guide

Vis turistički vodič / Vis tourist guide

Ove godine sam se s momkom zaputila na otok Vis i vidjela sam da ima jako puno pitanja ove godine, kao i prijašnjih o tome što se najviše isplati vidjeti, a da nekada nije sve u potpunosti odgovoreno. S obzirom na to da mi je bilo jako lijepo, odlučila sam natipkati svoja turistička iskustva na prekrasnom otoku Visu na oba jezika da možda u budućnosti to pomogne i nekom strancu.
This year I visited Vis island with my boyfriend. I noticed there are a lot of questions from people wanting to go there and not all were answered. Because I had such a lovely time I've decided to type out all of my experiences from one tourist to another. I did it both in Croatian and in English so foreigners can find info as well.
Na otok Vis najlakše se dođe trajektom iz Splita (ljeti vozi i trajekt iz Ancone na Vis). Trajekt na relaciji plovi 3 puta dnevno. Također, može se doći i katamaranom koji plovi jednom dnevno. Ukoliko na otok idete autom, moja preporuka je da kupite kartu online nekoliko dana ranije (pogotovo ako je srce sezone). To vam je ujedno i rezervacija i iz mog iskustva nitko vam ne može uzeti to mjesto, ne trebate stati u red satima ranije, već slobodno stanete sat vremena prije. Mi smo išli autom, tako da nisam sigurna kako je samo za putnike, ali mislim da u tom slučaju nema potrebe toliko ranije kupovati kartu. Trajekt kojim se vozite se zove Petar Hektorović i polazi s mjesta označenog na slici ispod. Vožnja traje cca 2 i pol sata i stižete direktno u mjesto Vis.
On the island of Vis you can arrive by ferry from Split (in the summer there is also a ferry line from Ancona). The ferry sails three times a day and you can also take a catamaran which sales once a day. If you are going in a car I would suggest buying a ticket online at least a few days earlier (especially if you are going in the heart of the season). The ticket is a reservation and from my experience, nobody can take your place, you don't need to arrive hours earlier and stand in the line. You can get there about an hour early. We went with a car so I'm not sure what it's like for passengers but I do believe there is no need to buy a ticket that early. The ferry is called Petar Hektorović and it departures from the spot marked in the picture below. The ferry ride takes around 2 and a half hours and you arrive directly in Vis.

Smještaj / Accomodation

Što se tiče smještaja možete birati između nekoliko lokacija na otoku Visu, s tim da su najpopularniji Vis i Komiža. Mi smo bili smješteni na Komiži koja je povezana Visom brzom cestom (cca 15ak minuta vožnje), a također vozi i mini bus na toj relaciji. Komiža je inače poznata kao ribarska lokacija na Visu. Jako mi se svidjela. :) Prepuna je starinskih kućica u kamenu koje daju cijelom mjestu nekakvu posebnu atmosferu. Gušt je prošetati se navečer rivom, otići na mol i gledati brodiće kako se pijano njišu. Ukoliko više volite tako nekakav starinski štih, svakako preporučam Komižu. Samo mjesto Vis mi se činilo modernije uređeno, iako se tamo zapravo mogu naći rimski ostatci, ali o tome malo kasnije.
Accommodation can be found in several locations. The most popular places to be in are Vis and Komiža. We rented apartments in Komiža which is connected to Vis via fast road (circa 15ish minutes). There is also a small bus which drives from Vis to Komiža and vice versa. Komiža is generally known as a fisherman location. I very much enjoyed it. :) It's full of rustic houses made out of stone which give the entire place a special atmosphere. It's a real pleasure to take a walk in the evening alongside the promenade, go to the pier and look at various ships swinging as if they were a little drunk. If you like this type of rustic architecture, I recommend Komiža. Vis by itself seems to me as if the architecture is a bit more modern, even though roman remnants can be found there. But I'll talk about that a little later.
Smještaj možete još naći u mjestima na jugu otoka - Milna i Rukavac. Uvala Milna je prepuna lijepih velikih vila i rentanje je dosta skuplje nego na drugim dijelovima otoka. Naravno, za tu cijenu dosta dobijete (odmah ste uz plažu, prekrasan pogled, skroz opremljeni apartmani), ali je za one dubljeg džepa. Generalno, u Milni se lijepo i kupati, a preko puta se nalazi nekoliko manjih otoka. Rukavac ima veliki izbor apartmana. Iako ne nudi sadržaj kao Komiža ili Vis, jedna od glavnih pluseva za smještaj u Rukavcu je blizina dosta dobrih plaža.
Accommodation can also be found in the south of the island, in Milna and Rukavac. Cove Milna is filled with beautiful villas and renting is a bit more expensive than in the other parts of the island. Of course, for that price, they offer a lot (such as closeness to the beaches, beautiful view, fully equipped apartments) but it's for those with a deeper pocket. Rukavac also has a lot of apartments to offer. Even though it doesn't offer as much as content such as Komiža or Vis, one of the biggest pluses for choosing accommodation in Rukavac is the closeness of a lot of good beaches.
Na cijelom otoku postoje dva hotela, jedan u Visu, a drugi u Komiži. Ovaj u Komiži se zove Biševo i ne bih ga preporučila s obzirom da mu hitno treba renovacija. Drugi se zove Issa i smješten je u blizni Visa te je blizu raznih plažica na kojima ima borova i hlada. Dosta je lijepo uređen, moderniji, a samim time i skuplji od Biševa kao i smještaja u apartmanima.
There are two hotels on the entire island, one in Vis, and the other one in Komiža. The one in Komiža is called Biševo and I wouldn't recommend it since it desperately needs a renovation. The other one is called Issa and it is situated near Vis. There are a lot of little beaches near it which are surrounded by pines that provide a decent amount of shadows. This hotel is nicely decorated, more modern and naturally more expensive than Biševo and accommodation you can get in apartments.

Plaže / Beaches

Plaže su jedan od najbitnijih faktora svakog ljetovanja na Jadranu, a Vis ih nudi jako, jako puno! Ima jako puno uvala i uvalica po cijelom otoku i do nekih plaža se treba zbilja namučiti da se dođe, dok su druge pristupačne samo brodom. Mi ih nažalost nismo uspjeli sve vidjeti i posjetiti, ali mogu izdvojiti one koje su nam baš zapale za oko i koje su između ostalog dosta popularne.
Beaches are one of the most important factors for those spending summer in Adriatic sea. Vis offers a lot and I do mean a lot of beaches. There are a lot of big and small coves on the entire island. To get to some beaches you really have to put in some effort while some are approachable only by boat. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to visit and see all beaches, but I will talk about the ones that are special and most popular.

Srebrena je plaža locirana kod Rukavca i mnogima je omiljena plaža na Visu. Dobila je ime zapravo po srebrnom sjaju oblutaka pod mjesečinom. Oblutci su zapravo neobično veliki, ako se usporede s onima na ostalim viškim šljunčanim plažama. Okružena je borovom šumom, ima jako puno hlada i popularni je izbor za obitelji s malom djecom. Kod plaže postoji parking od kojeg vam treba 5 minuta do same plaže.
Srebrna (cro. silver) is a beach located near Rukavac and it is one of the favourite beaches to many on Vis. It got its name because of the silver reflection of pebbles under the moonlight. Pebbles are actually quite large and if you compare them to the other Vis beaches. It is surrounded by pines that provide a lot of shadows. It's a popular choice for families with children. There is a parking near the beach and from there you need around 5 minutes of walking to the beach itself.

Stončica je smještena na istočnoj strani otoka u istomenoj uvali. Osim restorana i kafića postoji i igralište za odbojku na pijesku. Sama plaža je šljunčana. Nama se nije posebno svidjela jer je u tom trenutku u uvali bilo usidreno dosta brodova, ali plaža kao plaža je fora jer nudi sadržaj koje ostale ne.
Stončica is situated on the easter side of the island in the cove of the same name. Besides a restaurant and a bar, there is also a beach volleyball court. The beach is filled with pebbles. We didn't particularly like it because we were there when a lot of boats were anchored there. But the beach by itself is cool because it offers something the rest of them don't.

Stiniva je proglašena najljepšom plažom Europe 2016. godine, tako da ju se svakako isplati posjetiti. Uvala je smještena na južnoj strani otoka i krase ju visoke stjene po kojima je i postala poznata. Može joj se pristupiti s kopna, ali spremite se na dosta strmi poljski spust od 20 do 30 minuta. U nekim situacijama smo morali malo i zastati da vidimo kako bi se uopće najbolje i spustili. Za one koji nisu spremni za ovakve avanture postoje razni izleti brodom koji dolaze u uvalicu. Na plaži postoji kafić koji nudi razna pića, pa i nešto za prigristi. Iako nema nikakvog drveća koje bi pružilo hlad, zbog visokih stijena uvijek ima jedan dio plaže prirodni hlad. Ukoliko se nađete na Visu, ovo je jedna od plaža koju svakako preporučam. Jednostavno je prekrasna i unikatna.
Stiniva was declared as the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2016, so it is definitely worth a visit. The cove is situated on the south side of the island and it became popular because of the tall and beautiful cliffs. You can approach it by foot on land but be prepared for a really steep descent on a field road that lasts for about 20-30 minutes. In some situations, we had to take a little break to see which way is even the safest/best to climb down. For those who are not comfortable with such adventures, there are a lot of boat trips that arrive in the cove. On the beach, there is a bar that offers a variety of drinks and even some snacks. Even though there is no shadow from the trees, because of the tall cliffs there is always one part of the beach that is in the shadow. If you find your way to Vis, this is definitely one of the beaches I recommend. It's simply stunning and unique.

Komiške plaže / Komižan beaches

Najbliže plaže centru Komiže su Gusrica i Kamenice. Gusarica je relativno mala plaža smještena ispod hotela Biševo. Radi se zapravo o jednostavnoj šljunčanoj plaži, koju najviše spominjem zato što je jedna od glavnih lokacija za brčkanje u Komiži. Druga plaža u Komiži zove se Kamenice. Preko dana je tu šljunčana plaža s beach barom, a kad padne mrak se plaža pretvara u noćni klub. Nismo išli u klub ove godine jer je zbilja bilo puno ljudi, a veći gušt nam je bilo šetuckati po rivi.
Gusarica and Kamenice are two beaches close to the centre of Komiža. Gusarica is a relatively small beach situated under the hotel Biševo. It's actually a simple pebble beach which I'm mentioning mostly because it's one of the main locations for taking a swim in Komiža. The other beach nearest to the Komiža centre is Kamenice. During the day it's a pebble beach with a beach bar, but during the night it's actually a club/disco. We didn't really visit it during the night because there was a lot of people and we simply preferred to take a walk alongside the seafront.
Ima još nekoliko plaža u blizini Komiže, ali ili su dostupne strmim poljskim stazama ili im se može prići samo brodom. Neke koje smo posjetili su Templuž (FKK) i Pizdica. Pizdica je fora, osim zbog imena i zbog toga što se tamo nalaze izvori pitke vode. Preporučam da za ove plaže iznajmite kajake i odveslate ili platiti taksi brod (5 minuta vožnje) do njih jer je zbilja najbolji način za prilazak.
There are a few more beaches near Komiža but they are approachable either by steep descents or you can get there only by boat. Some we visited are Templuž (FKK) and Pizdica (cro. little pussy). Pizdica is neat because of the funny name it has and because it has springs of drinking water. I recommend to either rent a kayak and paddle there or pay for a taxi boat (5-minute ride) to get there because accessing them via seaside is just a better option.

Bili Bok (FKK)
Kako i stoji u podnaslovu, Bili bok je nudistička plaža. Ukoliko vas ta vrsta aktivnosti odbija, ovo definitivno nije plaža za vas. Međutim, iako dečko i ja inače nismo nudisti, ovo nam je definitivno bila najdraža plaža na Visu, ne zato što je nudistička, ali i to ima prednosti - jedna od kojih je zasigurno što nema puno ljudi, nikada. Zbilja je za odmoriti se od svega. Plaža je smještena u blizini Rukavca, lako se dođe autom i parkira u blizini. Od parkinga do plaže treba par minuta hoda. Bili bok je karakterističan po tome što je to plaža samo u stijenama, nema tipičan šljunčani ulaz, već je more odmah duboko i zapravo možete skočiti u dubinu. Ovakvu boju mora, nisam nikad vidjela, plivate okruženi ribicama koje vas se ne boje jer ih tamo malo tko lovi. U moru možete običi uvalicu i vidjeti fora stijene na koje se možete čak popeti i skakati s veće uzvisine. Jednostavno prekrasno. Plaža doduše ima jedan nedostatak - do kasnijih popodnevnih sati nema baš hlada.
As stated in the subtitle, Bili bok is a nudist beach. If you're not into that kind of things, this surely isn't a beach for you. Even though my boyfriend and I are not nudists, this was definitely our favourite beach on Vis. It has nothing to do with it being nudist, but that has its own advantages - there are almost no people there, ever. You can really rest and get away from the crowds. The beach is situated near Rukavac. You can easily access it by car and park in the nearby with only a couple of minutes of walk to get to the beach itself. The beach is characteristics because it's basically in rocks, there is no typical pebble-like entrance and the sea is immediately deep (no shallow entrance at all) and you can just jump inside. This shades of the sea I've never seen. You swim surrounded by little fishes which aren't afraid of you because almost nobody fishes there. While inside the sea you can swim around the cove see some cool rocks on which you can even climb and jump from higher ground. The beach is just beautiful. The only disadvantage is that there are almost no shadows until later afternoon.

Ostale plaže / Other beaches

Ima još pregršt plaža na Visu i po okolnim otocima, samo nismo imali kad posjetiti sve. Neke koje bih još predložila i spomenula su Tepluš, u Rukavcu. Lijepa plaža s kafićem, lijepim šljunčanim ulazom i stijenama za skakanje. Nalazi se u blizini Bilog boka. Pritišćina je još jedna lijepa plaža koja se sastoji od lijepe, netipične uvalice. Već sam spomenula Milnu kao mjesto i uvalu. Plaža u Milni je karakteristična po tome što se jako dugo proteže plićak pa je zgodna za piciginaše.
There are a bunch of other beaches on Vis and on the close-by islands, we just didn't have time to visit them all. Some others I would recommend visiting are Tepluš in Rukavac. It's a really nice beach with a beach bar, nice pebble entrance and rocks from which you can jump. It's located near Bili bok. Pritišćina is another pretty beach which has an unusual nice cove. I already mentioned Milna and Milna cove. The beach is characteristic because it has the shallow sea for a while so it's pretty convenient for those who like to play picigin.

Izleti / Trips
Na Visu valja posjetiti neke stvari. Ima jako puno turističkih agencija koje nude razne programe i izlete. Najpopularniji je, s punim pravom, izlet u Modru špilju. Postoje dvije varijacije ovog izleta. Prvi je da se s brodom doveze na Biševo, pogledate Modru špilju i onda idete nazad na Vis. Druga opcija je da odete na Biševo, pogledate Modru špilju i onda odete na plažu na Biševu koja se zove Porat. Porat je lijepa pješčana plaža gdje možete uživati u kristalno čistom moru i nekoliko restorana. Zbog svakodnevnih izleta i velike količine turista zna se zagužvati na plaži.
There are some trips you should make while on Vis. A lot of tourist agencies offer various programs and trips. One of the most popular ones is a trip to the Blue cave. There are two variations of this trip. First one is going to the island of Biševo, visiting the Blue cave and then going back to Vis. Or you can go to Biševo, visit the Blue cave and then go to the beach on Biševo which is called Porat. Porat is a pretty sandy beach where you can enjoy crystal clear sea and few restaurants. Because of the every-day trips and a big amount of tourists it can be a bit crowdy on the beach.
Drugi najpopularniji izlet u ponudi je izlet brodom oko otoka. Ovisno o agenciji staje se u razne uvale u kojim se onda ima neko vrijeme za kupanje. Najčešće se ide u uvalu Stiniva i na otok Budikovac gdje se nalazi plaža zvana Plava laguna i jednostavno je prekrasna. Ti izleti imaju varijacije i sigurno možete naći nešto što vam baš odgovara. Također su popularni i izleti na Palagružu i Jabuku, a postoji i tzv. "military tour" jer je Vis zapravo od 1944. do 1992. bio vojna baza. Sad je to turistička atrakcija. Osobno me to nije zanimalo, pa nisam ni išla, ali za one koja takva tematika zanima bi izlet mogao biti zanimljiv. Na otoku se još mogu vidjeti razne stare utvrde i utvrdice, u samom Visu rimske terme i teatar. To ne čudi s obzirom na to da Vis ima bogatu povijest koja seže još u starogrčka naseljavanja.
The second most popular trip you can find on Vis is a trip with a boat around the island. Depending on the agency, you make a stop in various coves around the island where you can take a swim. Most common ones are Stiniva cove and island called Budikovac. On Budikovac you can find a beach called Blue lagoon and it is stunning. These trips have a lot of variety and I'm sure everyone can find something that suits them. Trips to Palagruža island and Jabuka island (the smallest island in Croatia) are also popular. One other tour Vis has to offer is a military tour. Vis was a military base from 1944 to 1992 and now these military locations are turned into a tourist attraction. Personally I'm not into that kind of stuff so I didn't go to this trip but for those who are interested in military stuff, this would be great. On the island, you can find a lot of old forts and fortresses and in Vis you can also see roman therms and theatre. This isn't a surprise since Vis has a rich history that dates all the way to Greek colonization.

Modra špilja / Blue cave
Modra špilja je zapravo jedan od razloga zbog kojeg smo išli na Vis. Meni je to izgledalo apsolutno fantastično i morala sam ići vidjeti. :) Naš izlet je izgledao tako da smo se ukrcali na brod, odvezli do Biševa, iskrcali i stali u red za posjet špilji. Kad dođete na red, ukrcavate se u manji brod, dođete do destinacije i uživate. :) Naučite malo o otkriću špilje, ulazima, reflekciji sunčevih zraka koje čine špilju modrom i slično. Voljela bih da smo se zadržali unutra dulje, ali voljela bih i da smo se mogli okupati jer zbilja izgleda prekrasno. Također, zbog te reflekcije kad stavite ruku u more ona izgleda srebrnkasto, pa tako i generalno sve uronjeno. Ovakvih prirodnih ljepota zbilja nema svuda, a špilja opravdava svoju popularnost. Htjela sam i opet ići.
Blue cave is one of the reasons we actually went to Vis. To me, this natural occurrence looks absolutely fantastic and I just had to see it. :) Our trip started in Komiža by boarding on a boat, going to Biševo island. We departed the ship, waited in line to go to another smaller ship which took us to the destination. You learn a bit about the finding of the cave, entrances, reflection of the sunbeams that make the cave blue and similar. I would wish we were able to stay inside longer but then again I also wish we could have taken a swim inside because it really looks beautiful. Also, because of the reflection in the cave, if you put your hand inside the sea (or any object really) it will look silverish. This kind of natural beauties cannot be found just anywhere and it's clear why the cave is so popular. I wanted to go again.

Restorani / Restaurants
Gastronomija je nezaobilazni dio godišnjeg odmora, ali s obzirom na paprene cijene u većini restorana i činjenici da smo baš zbog toga uzeli apartman s kuhinjom, nismo zalazili u njih previše. Prvu večer smo zbog viška umora i manjka volje otišli u Pizzeriu Charlie gdje je dečko pojeo solidnu mješanu pizzu iz krušne peći, a ja ne baš tako bogatu paštu. Cijene su veće nego što smo navikli u Zagrebu. Još smo se odlučili počastiti jednu večer u ribljem restoranu a najpopularniji su bili restorani Bako, Barba i Jastožera, locirani uz obalu, svi jedni pored drugog. :D Za malo jeftiniju večeru možete se zaputiti u Konobu Robinzon koja zbilja ima pristupačnije cijene, a preporučila nam ga je lokalna tetica. Inače su izgleda na Visu jako popularni jastozi, velika je pomama za njima, a navodno ih ima jako malo.
Gastronomy is an unavoidable part of any holiday, but because of the spicy prices in most of the restaurants, we mostly stuck to our little kitchen in the apartment. The first evening we were very tired to we visited Pizzeria Charlie, where my bf had a solid pizza and I had a not so impressive pasta. Prices were a bit higher than what we are used to in Zagreb. We wanted to treat ourselves to a fish dinner in a restaurant one evening and most popular restaurants were Bako, Barba and Jastožera which are located on the coast, all next to each other. For a little cheaper dinner you can go to Konoba Robinzon where prices are more affordable. It was recommended to us by a local auntie. Also, lobsters are apparently very popular on Vis, there is a big demand for them and not a lot of them around.
Cijene u malim dućanima su u mjestima tipa Komiža skuplje (npr. 24 kn kila limuna), ali postoji Tommy Maximarket na brzoj cesti između Visa i Komiže i tamo se mogu nabaviti namirnice po normalnim cijenama. Ako želite nešto nabrzaka pojesti, postoji nekoliko pekara Kolderaj na otoku i svi imaju bogatu ponudu peciva, što lisnatih, što dizanih tijesta. Tamo možete probati i Komišku pogaču koja je specifična dakako za Komižu.
Prices in small stores in places like Komiža are a bit higher (e.g. 1 kg of lemon is 24HRK=3.20EUR), but there is Tommy Maximarket on the fast road between Vis and Komiža where you can buy stuff for normal prices. If you want a quick bite to eat, there are few bakeries called Kolderaj on the island and they have a rich offer of pastries and bread. You can also try Komižian pie there, which is, of course, specific for Komiža.

Ostalo / Miscellaneous
Ne znam ni sama što bih još napisala. Imala sam jako pozitivna iskustva na Visu. Ljudi su dragi, uvijek voljni odgovoriti turistima na pitanja, pokazati pravi smjer i dati generalni savjet. Sigurna sam da će svaka osoba na Visu naći nešto što će ju oduševiti. Bilo to skrivene i teško pristupljive plaže koje nude mir i tišinu, prirodne ljepote, povijest i rustikalnost otoka ili raznolikost izleta i atrakcija. Čak će i ljubitelji vina moći uživati jer unutrašnost otoka ima bogate vinograde. Ako vam je odlazak autom preskup, iznajmite skutere kako bi mogli vidjeti baš sve. Pazite se skupih restorana i morskih ježeva koji ima zaista jako puno. Posjetite Vis, nećete požaliti. 💙
I don't even know what else should I mention. I had very positive experiences in Vis. People are kind, always ready to answer tourist questions, show the right way or give a piece of general advice. I'm sure every person will find something in Vis that will simply amaze them. If it's the hidden and harder to approach beaches that offer peace and silence, natural beauties, history and rustic ambience the island offers or diversity of trips and attractions. Even wine lovers will be able to enjoy themselves because the island is filled with vineyards. If a trip by car is a bit too pricey, rent a scooter so you could visit and see everything. Tread lightly around expensive restaurants and sea urchins since there are a lot of them. Visit Vis - you won't regret it. 💙
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2020.08.29 17:17 sirimeturetu Backspace repeats previously typed keys when using Japanese IME

Here is a gif showing exactly what happens:
The only keys I press are the letters, space, enter, and backspace. After I press enter to finalize the Japanese text, I press backspace multiple times. What seems to happen is that each time I press backspace, it repeats a key previously typed during the Japanese input. This includes enter, as you can see from the google searches that occur despite only pressing backspace.
Additional Notes
What I've tried (usually involving a reboot)
Thank you for taking the time to read through this post. Any help with stopping this strange problem will be greatly appreciated!
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2020.08.27 02:08 Fable_Darling Paper Ghost: Chapter Two ~ Music and Notes

The curtains fly open on the first note. The first sequence is fast, bombastic, all loud horns and aggressive piano. The audience under the balcony hushes all at once. From on high, Odell stood alone where the spotlight didn’t yet shine, still in her statuesque pose. Lenore and Mr. Tanner vanish behind the back curtains, scurrying along a hidden walkway, leading to the smaller theatre boxes. From a box across the foyer, eye level with Odell’s balcony, they settle in to watch. Or in Lenore’s case, to conduct the performance from the shadows like a theatre phantom. Barely there, and yet, somehow, everywhere.
The chords are complex but the tempo quickly slows it all down, as the distinct sound of jazz fills the central hall. The band of musicians is under the balcony, playing their snazzy bebop song in front of the guest elevator. Only when the melody and rhythm come to an almost-harmony does Odell step into the light.
The sight of her sends the crowd into an immediate frenzy. It takes a full minute for them to simmer down. Odell doesn’t move an inch until all but the music is quiet again.
Leisurely, she unwraps her arms from her chest. With a sharp change of key to accompany her, Odell throws out her arms like a bird spreads out its wings and then, in a dramatic mezzo-soprano, she sings.
“~Evening, Foxy Lady~” 
The instruments gently rumble under her voice, not quite drowning out the excited shrieks of the crowd. She sustains the ending syllable until the crowd quiets. Sauntering her way to the railing; the lights illuminate her out of the darkness. She’s tall; she’s sensuous. Keeping every eye on her, as is her purpose. She continues her song,
“~So nice to see you visit me Out of that dusty den Kept in lock and key~” 
Odell’s eyes, lingering on the heads of the people below, drift up. The little lady meets her gaze with a simple blank stare.
The central hall is worn by time. The walls had once been made of oak, polished steel at its edges and a high barren ceiling that made sounds resonate. But time had shredded the wood and browned the metal. The ceiling had fallen in and the holes muffled the echo. In the condition it had been in back then, not even Odell’s provocative productions could distract from the grime. Luckily, with Lenore’s expertise in construction, mechanics, and metallurgy, the repairs were perfect. She had long ago repaired the wall insulation and replaced the oak with sheets of recycled brass and steel. Each plate is cut in irregular shapes and spaced a few millimetres apart. In between each plate is what appeared to be black cement. The hall looks even better than it had in its heyday. And repairs were far from the only improvement the little lady had made.
Odell smiles at Lenore knowingly.
“~Oh, I’ve been so lonely Jewelled crown and throne, All alone Dusk to dawn Long days, cold nights~” 
Lenore shakes her cloak off of her shoulders, freeing her hands. She hesitates, but she quickly steels herself. No one in the crowd can see her from where they are. She, and her secrets, are safe. So she removes her mask, revealing copper-red hair and baggy hazel-brown eyes to no one who didn’t already know. Seeing her face, her real darling face, the singer’s smile becomes sweeter.
She and Lenore exchange the slightest of nods.
“~Poor me, poor me, Alone~” 
Lenore holds out her hands as if she’s about to play an invisible piano. Her fingers twitch. Behind Odell, the curtains begin to flutter. There is no wind but curtains rise from the floor, regardless. The fabric flaps in time with every tremble of Lenore’s hands as if the little lady was reaching across the room and ruffling them herself.
“~When it rains, when it pours Dancing in the flooded streets like the ocean shores~” 
The curtains flutter closer to Odell, reaching out as if to touch her. Odell steps on top of the banister. The crowd gasps as the curtain curl around her waist and forearms like snakes. Lenore waves her hands like a conductor, and the curtains copy each movement. The drapery outstretches from Odell’s back and suddenly, from the view of the audience, the singer has a vast pair of heavy blue wings. Her voice rises as the music readies for the drop. The ground seems to quiver, as she finally breaks into the chorus of the song.
“~And the sky~” 
The drapes broadened.
The walls hum, droning like a deep drum beat.
With the first line of the chorus; with the bounce in the tempo from the band; with a scant sweeping gesture from Lenore, the room itself came to life.
Odell leaps from the balcony and the curtains, her perfectly woken wing, carry her through the air and over the heads of the cheering crowd. She flies above the audience and they, in turn, reach their arms up at her, grasping but still out of reach. The other band members sing harmoniously in the background, raising the melody from a hum to a roar. They sing under her,
“[Bleeding red!]” 
Odell echoed them, her voice neither strained nor wobbly despite still being in nimble and bumpy flight
“~Bleeding red!~” 
The drapes throw her into the air, inciting shrieks from the crowd, then they catch her and she bounces like she’s on a trampoline. The musicians chant under her,
“[Blue and red!]” 
The curtains unfurl, grazing and caressing down her legs, waist, and chest until her dainty feet landed on the stage under the balcony. She stands on equal footing with musicians as she finishes the chorus,
“~Oh, blue and red…!~” 
For a few seconds, there’s a break in the lyrics, allowing the melody to take over for a while. With Odell safely back on her feet, it gives Lenore a second to relax. Her arms ache lightly. The drapery is an extension of her right arm, every twinge conveyed a subtle command. Her left arm has a different job.
The band didn’t have a drummer. But there’s still a new sound ringing alongside the other musicians. It came not from a person, but from the room itself. Those black cement-like lines in between the metal on the walls. Underneath the cement is tiny glass tubes spreading like nerves throughout the Theatre. They’re glowing now. Reds of several shades glow from the within walls, dim in the cracks but glinting in the brass and steel plates. It’s as if they are suddenly standing inside a giant prism, alight in only the red light wavelength. Each change of light gives off a deep sound. The Theatre itself is the drums and Lenore is the drummer. Her left hand keeps the beat.
Odell grins. Her eyes flicker from the audience, up to where Lenore and Mr. Tanner are hidden, and back down to the audience again.
“~Foxy lady, Come sit with me Oh - Wo - Oh - Wo Sing with me, Foxy Lady That old forgotten song~” 
As she sings, Odell waves her arms in rhythm and Lenore makes the room follow her lead. The curtains dance and the walls sing at the singer’s beck and call.
“~I’m so lonely Oh When the sky bleeds red Bleeding red I’m bleeding red The sky bleeds red~” 
The band sings after her, and the crowd joins in,
“[Blue and Red]” 
Odell smirks.
“~Oh, blue and red~” 
From on high, Mr. Tanner and Lenore are still watching. Although Lenore appears idle she was, in actuality, heavily engaged. The audience only sees Odell. Odell soaring in the curtains and controlling the lights. They hear the drumbeat and somehow know in their minds that it had to be coming from her.
They would be wrong.
Lenore is as much a part of this performance as Odell is and she had all the control over the enchanted elements. But the audience didn’t need to know that. Lenore didn’t want them to. They were meant to see Odell. Only Odell. The singer is Lenore’s greatest mask.
Every once in a while, Mr. Tanner looks away from the stage and back at Lenore. Studying where her gaze lands. How Lenore’s eyes rarely stray from Lady Averill.
“~Because life is bad The stink of hash without the high; A one-night stand and an awkward goodbye While the sky bleeds red [Bleeding red] And I’m going mad [We’ve all gone mad] And if you don’t come through [Come through…] I’ll go dancing alone~” 
Odell finishes the chorus and dramatically points at the saxophone player, named Mitchell. She exclaims, “Play it, Mitch!”
Mitch prances out from under the balcony’s shadow. Backed up by the other musicians, he plays his sole. The music is erratic, each section fragmented, jarring the audience with every note. It kept them on their toes, excited for more. They improvise for a good few minutes as Odell dances around them. She dances like this is the best moment of her life, as if nothing could ever get better than this.
Lenore scrutinizes with thoughtful eyes. She doesn’t observe with the same thinly veiled desire that the audience did. For once, there was actually a certain sort of tenderness on her face. The warmth of her expression doesn’t go unnoticed by Mr. Tanner.
“She is quite the performer.” He grumbles.
Lenore blinks and appears to shake herself out of something. She answers, voice snappy “Indeed.”
The saxophone solo comes to a close and Odell takes her place back under the spotlight.
“~I’m a prisoner of war The world’s not blue anymore~” 
Odell flicks her wrists and Lenore directs the curtains to scop the singer up, lifting her back onto the balcony landing.
“~Harsh days don’t stop irking [Irking] Yet we keep on working [Working] Burned out [Burned out] Burned out [Burned out] But when it falls, It will storms Cause the sky’s not blue anymore~” 
The drumbeat rumbles as the lights go out and the curtains fall still. Odell’s eye flicker to Lenore. There is a tiny quirk on the little lady’s lips. An almost-there smile.
“~Foxy lady under the red sky Baby don’t leave me~” 
Odell reaches her arm out towards her, fingers outstretched and waiting to be clasped even though the distance between them is too great. Lenore narrows her eyes slightly.
“~Foxy lady Under the red sky The Bleeding sky Bleeding sky Bleeding red I’m Bleeding...~” 
Lenore’s hand twitches. She doesn’t reach out but her fingers do flex in the singer’s direction. That’s enough for Odell. She smiles brightly as she belts out the last line, long and proud, the band and the audience singing with her.
And with that, the instruments play their final cords. The audience cheers as the performance come to a close and the performers take their final bows. The band then starts to play another, much calmer song. It’s like elevator music with its simple progression and repeats. They moved to the side, allowing the crowd to pile into the elevator. Odell is smiling and waving from the balcony like a crown princess to her adoring subjects.
“Thank you! Thank you! You have been a most wonderful audience!” Odell calls, “I hope you’ve enjoyed our little show but the fun’s not over yet! Please enjoy the rest of what our little Theatre has to offer and have a lovely night!”
With that, the drapery close around the balcony with a graceful sweep and the people, once again loud and rowdy, leave through the elevator. After everyone had left, the curtains lower Odell from the balcony so she can thank her band. They laugh and joke with her as they put their instruments away. They chatter about their next rehearsal, planning for new songs and improvements for the old ones, until she dismisses them for the night. Soon the central hall is quiet and empty.
An idle clap echoes through the hall, hidden behind the curtains of the balcony. The curtains part. Lenore’s hag mask is back on her face as she gives Odell a clearly sarcastic clap. The multi elevator is unlocked, she and Mr. Tanner are waiting by its open birdcage doors.
Odell smirks, her neck craning as she looks up at the balcony. She says, “Aw, darling, you’re too kind. Stop, you’re making me blush…”
Lenore clasps her hands together, “If there’s one thing you lack, Odell, it's shame. Nothing could make you blush.”
“Not quite nothing,” Odell hums, wicked smirk melting away into a heartfelt smile. “Well, that was fun! Now, how about a pint, shapeshifter?” She gestures for Lenore to send down the drapery again, which Lenore does with a roll of her eyes, “We could play cards in the Goldmine and grab a glass at the Absinthe, hmm?”
Once Odell’s feet touch the metal of the balcony floor, the curtain conceals them behind their dark blue fabric. She steps onto the elevator, towering above Lenore. The top of the little lady’s head only comes up to the singer’s shoulder. Mr. Tanner stands up to her chin.
“Are you not a little young to be drinking so much?” asks Mr. Tanner, the elevator doors slowly closing. It’s heading down to the second floor, The Absinthe House.
“Aren’t you?” Odell replies, looking down at him out of the corner of her eye.
“You are both young and I don’t recall that stopping either of you before,” Lenore says, sliding her hood back on.
“Eh, I drink it diluted anyway. Not like there’s anything else to drink in this city.” Odell shrugs and wraps her arms around the two of them, “Besides you look younger than either of us, Lenore. You being so dainty and all.”
“I prefer the term vertically impaired.”
Floor seven is the Theatre’s gambling room, called the Goldmine. It’s relatively smaller than the other rooms but it was still by no means tiny.
The middle of the room has a little stage for karaoke, professional and drunken alike. There are lavish couches and chairs circling around the big gambling tables. Every table has a different game. There’s blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, etc. The Goldmine is lit with purple and blue spotlights, giving it a bit of a foreboding air. The space has a feeling of underworldly awe, the soft lines of red glowing dimly through the walls, making it feel like you’re betting against something wicked. Something nefarious and strange. The Goldmine is filled to the brim with guests tonight and the upper part of the room and ceiling is a fog of cigar and cigarette smoke. Odell had stopped by the Goldmine to pick up a deck of cards and some poker ships before heading upstairs to meet with Lenore.
The Absinthe House, on floor two, is the bar chamber and usually the first stop for those heading to the Goldmine.
The Absinthe and the Goldmine are also the only rooms banned to children. Anyone who wanted to smoke in the Theatre had to pay a hefty fee, so only the richest patrons stayed in the Absinthe and the Goldmine. In the far corner of the room, there’s a locked door, guarded by security and off-limits to the customers. Inside is the private library for which Lenore and Odell spent most of their time together. It’s not vast or grand in appearance but it was free of smoke, private, and relatively clean. There were a dozen shelves of books and only one sitting area of which Odell and Lenore now dwelled.
“So the compound collapsed on you again,” Odell states as she lounges on the fainting couch, airing her flute of blackberry wine. She leans on the pillows with sultry laziness.
Lenore is sitting near in creaking rocking chair reading through a book with a cup of ale on the desk behind her. She had discarded her cloak and mask on the chair beside her.
“Well… that sucks doesn’t it?”
Lenore scoffs. She drops her book onto the desk, none too gently, and puts a hand to her temples.
“Yes, I am quite aware of that, thank you, Odell.”
Odell sat up a little. Lenore had turned her back to the singer. She picks up her cup; she was on her second and Odell on her eighth, draining it in one heavy gulp. Odell pushes her legs over the side of her couch and stands. She looks resigned, more out of place than most were ever allowed to see her.
She shuffled over to Lenore and wringing her hands as she stands over her.
“...There’s always next time--”
“Ha!” The sound that comes out of Lenore’s throat is too bitter and rough to be called a laugh but there is some self-deprecating humour in there. “How many times have I said that in the last fourteen fucking years?”
Lenore looks away, avoiding Odell’s pitiful gaze. What use was pity for her? It accomplishes nothing and gives way to laziness, a terribly persistent disease. Odell sighs. She sits down on the armrest of Lenore’s chair, smirking slightly when the extra weight jostles the little lady. The smirk fades quickly when Lenore raises an annoyed eyebrow at her. She wasn’t surprised to see Lenore dry-eyed and brooding. Hadn’t that been the reaction she’d been getting the last ten fucking years?
Odell sits quietly letting Lenore deal with whatever she needed to deal with.
“... You know...” Odell reaches over and picks up Lenore’s book. The First Edition Advisory on Natural Talents, “There are other books in this library. I mean, you’ve read this one, like, a hundred times. I bet you could recite it from memory by now.”
Lenore looks unimpressed. Her eyes squint up at Odell, “... The absolute control of the body and the mind are not exclusive to any one individual. Natural talents are a product of the self, unique to each individual--”
Odell bursts into laughter, lightly bopping Lenore on the head with her own book, “Oh, fuck off!”
Lenore’s eyes twinkle and her smile is smug, “Chapter 2, page 19. The first chapter is completely pointless. It’s just the writer bragging about all the books he’s read, all of which I’d much rather be reading instead of his self-indulgent drivel. I could write a better book on the subject with my head stuck in a blender. Better than having it up my ass like this author.”
“Maybe you should. Write a book, I mean, not stick your head up your ass,” Lenore breathes heavily, in that way that Odell recognizes as her trying to stifle a laugh. Odell continues, “There’s probably nobody in the world who knows more about natural talents than you. I’ll help you edit it, if an idiot like me can understand it, everyone will.”
The mirth in Lenore’s eyes goes cold. Suddenly she’s all scowls again, “And yet, everything I do still ends in failure.”
Odell frowns. She bops Lenore on the head again, a little harder this time, “Horseshit. Is our Theatre a failure? Ten giant floors, you built them all with your bare hands. Hundreds of workers and hundreds of guests every single night. Does that sound like failure to you?”
The little lady is silent, glowering at her lap.
“Lenore.” Odell takes her by the chin and forces the little lady to look at her. “If you keep talking shit about my favourite foxy lady, I’ll have to deck you.”
Lenore clicks her teeth, pushing the singer’s hand away. But, Odell saw the tiny smile she’d made blossom on the little lady’s face. The singer stands, sauntering away as Lenore pours herself another half a glass of ale. She’s more thirsty than she thought she was, how long had it been since she’d drank anything?
“What do you think went wrong with your project, Lee?” Odell sprawls back in her chair, confident that Lenore’s languishing was over for the moment.
Lenore holds her finger to her chin, thinking it over, “Hmm… The compound was reacting well until the final two ingredients, I believe.”
“So maybe a substitute or different ingredient would do then?”
“No, no. That can’t be it. Those two ingredients are imperative to the project’s ultimate purpose. It just...” Lenore stands from her chair and paces around her desk. “It just doesn’t make any sense.”
“Well, if you’re so certain the ingredients themselves are fine then maybe I can look into the boy that was sent to collect them. He was new, I think. Maybe he did something wrong.”
“My instructions were very precise, Odell.”
“And yet there are still people stupid enough to mess them up. I’ll look into it.”
“All right.” Lenore stops pacing. She takes out a pack of cards and chips, dealing the cards between the two of them. “So what do you say to a game of poker? I could use a few extra coins in my purse.”
“Bloody bitch...” Odell shakes her head and cradles her cards close to her chest, “I’ll give you something all right.”
Lenore is running for a straight. She has the king and the queen, a knave and a ten of spades, all she needs is the ace. It was just when she had called for another card, and Odell had slipped an ace from her stockings, that they hear a knock on the library door.
Lenore stands from her chair, taking her cards with her. Never trust Odell not to cheat at poker. She tucks herself into a nook between the library shelves while Odell calls for the person to enter. The space is barely large enough to fit a tiny drawer or an above-average sized child. It fit Lenore perfectly.
“Miss Averill?” The person timidly takes a few steps into the library. They’re wearing a simple blouse with a pin and a vest with a matching bowtie. It was one of Odell’s band members. The pianist.
“What is it, Ime?” Odell beams at her worker, all pretty smiles and steamy eyes.
“There is a letter for the Theatre, Miss.” The worker, named Imelda, sputters under the blind of Odell’s gaze. Odell uncrosses her legs and walks up to her. As she collects the letter she searches for the name of the sender. The envelope is blank but for the intended address. There isn’t even a stamp.
“Do you know who it’s from?”
“Um, not for sure Miss but...” Ime looks nervous. “An Official delivered it”
An Official. Lenore, who had been listlessly listening, perks up instantly. She peeks out from her nook, as much as she can without being spotted. She grips her cards hard enough to nearly crumple them into a ball. Slowly, she sneaks her way between the shelves towards the door.
Odell’s holding the letter, half-frozen and stupefied. An Official had been here. In their Theatre. To deliver a letter? Hastily, she collects herself. She smiles lovingly at her worker. Her lips are pulled too far towards her left cheek and her eyes didn’t crinkle enough at the sides for it to look real. She calmly dismisses Ime and the worker scurries away.
Odell is just about to open the letter when they hear another knock. Lenore, who had just walked up beside Odell, ducks once again behind a shelf although this time she was far less tolerant of the interruption.
“Yes?” Odell calls, not bothering to look up at the door.
Mr. Tanner walks in, eyes zeroing in on the shelf Lenore is hiding behind, “It’s only me, Miss Laymon”
Lenore marches out from around the corner. She doesn’t acknowledge Mr. Tanner, her eyes are glued to the piece of parchment in Odell’s hands. Looking at her Odell had to suppress a sigh, their pleasant moment of levity had been nice while it had lasted. Odell hands the letter to Lenore, who snatches it like it’s made of solid gold. Odell faced Mr. Tanner, discontented and weary.
“What is it now?” Odell mumbles.
Mr. Tanner appears mildly confused. He gazed first at Lenore, who is gripping the letter hard enough to almost tear it. His gaze turns mildly worried when she starts to pace back and forth, dropping the cards she had been holding in the process.
“My apologies, Miss, am I interrupting something...?”
“Yeah… But I don’t think anything could make it any worse either way.” Odell’s head swivels back and forth, following Lenore’s increasingly agitated form.
“... I see. I have only come to inform you that there seems to have been a series of disturbances occurring on the lower floors. Some shadowy figure is shaking up the customers.”
“All right, I’ll deal with that soon. Thanks, Mr. Tanner.”
With the dismissal, Mr. Tanner gave a small bow, one last subtle look at Lenore, and a longer look at the letter she was holding before briskly exiting the library.
“What’s the date?”
Now Odell’s concerned expression turns confused. She takes a few hesitant steps toward the now oddly calm looking Lenore. The little lady is leaning against the desk, vacant-eyed, holding the letter lightly in her left hand. The complete shift in temperament is startling.
“The date, Odell! What is the bloody date!?” Perhaps calm is not the right word.
“July 21st...”
A smile graces Lenore’s face at that moment. If one had thought Odell’s leering grins were unsettling, then they would be petrified by the sheer malice and ruthless intention on Lenore’s face. Even Odell flinches when it turns her way.
“It seems our most esteemed rulers are in need of some entertainment for the coming of the new year.” Lenore fumes before calming again. She looks contemplative, running her fingers roughly through her hair. “It strikes one as being too convenient to be true.”
Lenore reads the letter over again. Odell cautiously, like she was approaching a wild animal, approaches her as Lenore rifles through the drawers of her desk. By the time Odell is close enough to reach for the letter, Lenore is reading the clock on the far wall while organizing her pens and paper. The clock reads 2:28 am, making it July 22nd.
“Can I..?” Odell points to the letter, crinkled in Lenore’s fist.
“Hmm?” It was only then that Lenore seems to realize that perhaps Odell was not exactly on the same page. “Oh! Yes, yes, of course.” She shoves the letter at Odell.
Odell tries in vain to smooth out the crinkles as she studies the letter.

“In Regards to Old Quinn City’s most esteemed Theater,
This is a request to Old Quinn City’s Theater by the superiority of our grandiose city’s ruling family, the House of Romilly, for your appearance and commission for the upcoming New Year’s Celebratory Dinner. This dinner is a most special and once in a lifetime event to celebrate not only another year of the House of Romilly’s gracious and pristine rule over our regal city but also the fifteenth anniversary of the abolishment of the cities previous, and most heinous, governors and our new cities founding.
As an obligation to honour the benevolent sacrifices and labour we have fulfilled for the benefit of you and this city’s virtuous people, we hope you will perform your duty and accede to this requisite.
With reverence of the highest esteem and consideration,
The House of Romilly”

For a while, Odell can’t react. Lenore is yet again a tornado, moving hot-footed around the library. She picks up the book she had been reading and went through the shelves picking up books.
Atticus’s Notes on the Mind and Manipulation​ ​is swiftly plucked from the shelf, The First Edition Advisory on Natural Talents is tucked tight under her arm, and she had to reach high up to snag ​The Genius and Cunning of the World’s Most Notorious Dictators ​and Glassmaking from the Renaissance to Modern Day from the top shelves. Finally, she moves on to the loose stacks of paper beside the desk.
It’s an odd change of pace. Odell, usually so full of life and bustle seemed stuck in her place and graceless while Lenore, commonly static and cynical, was near excited in her efforts even with the absence of a smile to prove it. It is only when Lenore had slams a large stack of documents down with a reverberating slam that Odell snaps out of her stupor.
“That’s… that’s way too convenient,” Odell says as she clenched her fist around the letter, crumpling it.
“Exactly!” Lenore is now buried in books and loose papers. Looking at her Odell is reminded of an old Scrooge, sulking behind their huge pile of money. It was then that she decided that she definitely needs another drink.
“Odell, call one of the workers. I need every recent newspaper. The few print companies we still have are biased beyond compare but they may have some useful information snuck under all that pandering.” Lenore rambled on undeterred by Odell’s growing annoyance, “I shall take notes on any clues or motives and compare them with Atticus’s notes and my book on Dictators--”
“​Make that five more drinks.” ​Odell thinks to herself.
“—The circumstances of this invitation may just be the opening we are looking for—” Lenore's voice grows bitter as she goes on, flipping through the pages and making notes with the swiftness of a wild hummingbird.
“Worse even, if they have grown suspicious of the Theatre.” She gripped her pen in two hands and nearly snapped it in half, “Then this may be a trap. A ploy to make us vulnerable in their stronghold...” She looks up from her desk only to find that Odell has disappeared. She scans around the room frantically only to realize Odell has retaken her seat on the fainting couch, pouting.
“Odell, this is no time to dawdle! Tired as we both are we have to hold ourselves to a certain--”
“Can’t we go back to playing cards? You were winning...” Odell fusses as she lounged on her stomach. Her eggshell blue eyes glistened with mock tears as she lets the candlelight hit her face at the perfect angle so that they sparkle like stars. The little lady doesn’t fall for it.
Lenore scowls at her like a mother finding her child’s hand in the cookie jar. “Discipline leads to freedom.”
Odell crosses her arms, scowling back at her, like a child whose hand was slapped after being found in the cookie jar. “And it crushes all the fun…”
Mr. Tanner is tired.
“​But that is no reason to laze around.” ​He thinks as he stands outside the Theatres doors in the humid summer morning. Odell is on her balcony, giving her usual charismatic goodbyes to their customers. As he tries to peek over the heads of the crowd at her, however, he has to note a rare bit of fatigue in her frame. Her smiles are hollow, shrivelling behind a cloud of worry. ​What could have been in that letter...?
An old man trips on the way out, snapping Mr. Tanner out of his thoughts. Courteously, Mr. Tanner moves to steady him, getting a suspicious glance in return.
“... I am not going to pickpocket you, sir. I can assure you that.” He looks the man straight in the eye, speaking flatly as he held his arm. The old man’s eyes widened for a second until he glares and rips his arm from Mr. Tanner’s grasp. Fixing his crumpled top hat, the man sniffed and turns his nose up at the young cleaner.
“I’m sure you aren’t.” He retorts.
The rigid man walks away, and Mr. Tanner lets his eyes follow him until he was out of sight. As the man disappears on the horizon of Mr. Tanner’s vision, the cleaner allows his eyes to drift up to the long stretching structure that blocks the skyline. It’s only slightly visible over the rooftops. In reality, though, it is bigger than any other structure in the city.
The people of this city see a red-tinted sky in the morning, in the evening, and in the night. Do you think they are happy about this? About the lives they have to lead? It’s hard to say for sure. Some are bound to like it but, in most cases, they are the minority. Unfortunately for the unlucky, unsatisfied majority, there is nowhere to go. The stretch around the horizon is constant. It circles the city’s border like a snake swallowing its own tail. It is not the distant hill of a horizon that the sun falls behind each night; it is the impassable concrete of the border wall. The base of the cities cage. That structure is not only the source of the red sky. It is also the source of nearly every citizens’ misery. There is no way out.
Mr. Tanner regards the wall with his gloved hands folded neatly behind his back and coat buttoned up to his chin. His skin itches in the humid morning air. His eyes are too dry and they sting the longer he stares. The sun is on its way from the east and the moon is dimming behind the clouds.
The last guest exits the Theatre and Mr. Tanner moves to close the doors to the cities only Theatre. It is already 5:15 am and work starts at eight. He must sleep while he can and, maybe then, tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe it will be an easier day.
He is so tired it made him almost numb at times. Especially now.
The cleaner spares the horizon one last squint through the doorway as it slides shut. For the first time in a while, there is a little spark on his face. Just a little fire in his eyes. His eyes burn bleakly under the harsh rays of the sun, piercing with something powerful.
Because the structure to the west, to the east, to the north, and to the south is not just a wall. It is also where they live.
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2020.08.22 15:51 ZandrickEllison PUT ME IN [as] COACH: the Top Coaching Candidates on the Market

Right now, there are 3 open head coaching jobs (Brooklyn, Chicago, New Orleans), and there could be more to come following the playoffs
Here are my personal picks for the most qualified candidates.
Top "Re-tread" Candidates
(1) Kenny Atkinson, formerly Brooklyn
Kenny Atkinson checks all the boxes of what I'd look for in a modern NBA head coach. He developed under a successful mentor (Mike Budenholzer in Milwaukee), and came to Brooklyn looking to install a "pace and space" offense. Better still, he helped develop players across the roster. He entered a nearly impossible situation with the Nets, but slowly and surely built a winning culture and helped the team overachieve expectations.
Clearly, Atkinson didn't fit the vision of the new power brokers in Brooklyn -- Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving -- and got left on the side of the road as a result. Still, if KD and Kyrie end up reaching the promised land and winning a title in Brooklyn, Atkinson deserves a lot of credit for helping get that engine started in the first place. He'd be a great hire for any team looking to jumpstart their own franchise.
best fit: Chicago. Atkinson would join a team with a good amount of offensive talent, but not much offensive cohesion so far. The Bulls finished 27th in offensive rating this season.
(2) Ty Lue, formerly Cleveland
Ty Lue tends to be a punchline among a lot of casual NBA fans who think he was nothing more than LeBron James' caddy in Cleveland. To me, that belittles his resume and shows a little bias against former players. A Doc Rivers' protege, Ty Lue was a legitimate coaching candidate before LeBron James. In fact, the Cleveland Cavaliers made him the highest paid assistant in the entire league prior to the King's return to town. Lue also did a solid job in the playoffs to help the Cavs win that title.
After that? It didn't go well. The wheels fell off on defense (allegedly Lue's specialty) during James' last two seasons there, and the entire car imploded after he left. It looked like Lue may have been completely burnt out emotionally and physically. Still, since then, Lue has started to rehab his coaching reputation by returning to Doc Rivers and the Clippers, where he's helped the team go from the 21st best defense to top 5 (to be fair, some new roster additions may have helped.)
best fit: Brooklyn. Lue has also been a rumored candidate in New Orleans to coach under old boss David Griffin, but he appears to be a better fit for Brooklyn's veteran roster than New Orleans'.
(3) Stan Van Gundy, formerly Detroit
It's not easy for older coaches to keep up with the modern NBA, both in terms of player connections and in terms of new-age offenses and analytics. Some -- like Gregg Popovich or Rick Carlisle -- manage to adapt and evolve; they age as well as Christie Brinkley. Others age like Nikki Cox.
Based on his second job in Detroit, Stan Van Gundy may fit into the latter category. Still, if the Knicks are willing to give Tom Thibodeau the benefit of the doubt after he flamed out in Minnesota, can't we do the same here? SVG's teams in Detroit weren't good (44-38, 37-45, 39-43 the last three years), but they didn't have worlds of talent either. No doubt, Van Gundy is to blame for a lot of that, as his front office decisions didn't go well. However, if we relegate him to a "coaching only" role, then perhaps he'd have success again. I'd take that chance over rolling the dice on his brother Jeff (a more rumored candidate), as Jeff hasn't coached in the NBA since 2007. Based on their TV commentary, Stan is also more up to date with the current trends in the league as well.
best fit: Philadelphia. If the Sixers fire Brett Brown, a veteran coach like Van Gundy isn't a bad option. In Orlando, he managed to build a team around Dwight Howard and maintain spacing.
Other solid candidates: Dave Joerger (SAC), Mike Brown (GS), Jeff Hornacek (NYK)
Candidates I would NOT hire: Jason Kidd (MIL), Mark Jackson (GS), David Fizdale (NYK), George Karl (SAC), Jeff Van Gundy (HOU), Derek Fisher (NYK), Drill Sergeant Jim Boylen (CHI)
Top "Rookie" Candidates
(1) Chris Finch, New Orleans assistant
I'm not claiming to be a coaching guru by any means, but sometimes even amateurs like myself can see obvious great candidates under our noses. I had hyped up Nick Nurse a few years before he got the head job in Toronto, and I've been doing the same for Chris Finch over the last few years.
The similarity is simple: an amazing resume and a proven history of success. Chris Finch started coaching in Great Britain, where he was quickly named their league's Coach of the Year. Later on, he migrated to Belgium, where he guided his team to the league title. He eventually came back to the U.S. and coached in the D-League for Rio Grande. Surprise surprise -- Finch's team won the title and he won Coach of the Year.
Since then, Finch has been a top assistant with Houston, Denver, and now New Orleans. Throughout, he's developed a reputation for running fast-paced offenses, oftentimes facilitated through bigs like Nikola Jokic or Anthony Davis. He's exactly what the NBA is looking for, and it's a surprise that he hasn't been snagged up yet. Among all coaching candidates, he may be my top candidate overall.
best fit: New Orleans. Politically, it may be a little difficult to oust a likable veteran coach and promote his assistant instead, but it worked out quite well in Toronto. The Pelicans may be smart to do the same, as Finch would be familiar with the roster and have a headstart on any revisions.
(2) Ime Udoka, Philadelphia assistant
Unlike Chris Finch, Ime Udoka doesn't have experience as a head coach at lower levels, so we can't point to the resume and feel confident about his chances of success in the same way. Still, as far as pure "rookie" coaches go, he has the pedigree you'd want. He's a former player who became a long-time assistant under Gregg Popovich in San Antonio. He left this past season for Philadelphia in an attempt to spread his wings. While it didn't exactly work out as planned, you have to admire the intent and the ambition.
(Aside from experience), Udoka checks all the boxes that you'd want in a head coaching candidate. He's been rumored for a lot of the open jobs already, so I imagine this will be the year that he finally lands one.
best fit: Brooklyn. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (presumably) clashed with Kenny Atkinson, but they may buy in to Udoka. As mentioned, he's a former player, had experience on the respected Spurs staff, and also worked with the two of them in the Team USA circuit. GM Sean Marks also cut his teeth with the Spurs, so you imagine he'd be in lockstep with Udoka as well.
(3) Wes Unseld Jr., Denver assistant
Two rising assistants -- Wes Unseld Jr. and Stephen Silas (DAL) -- have very similar resumes and career paths. Both grew up as the sons of veteran NBA coaches. Both ended up going to top universities -- Johns Hopkins for Unseld Jr. and Brown University for Silas. Both found their way back to basketball, and became top assistant coaches. Both are rumored to be among the top candidates for head coaching jobs now.
Based on resume, you may lean to Stephen Silas more. He's been a lead assistant for a longer period of time, and most recently helped Dallas' offense achieve historic heights. Personally, I'd lean a little more to Unseld Jr. myself. Based on media interviews, he comes across with more charisma and leadership traits.
best fit: Chicago. I always thought Washington would be a karmic fit for Unseld Jr., but Chicago appears to be his best bet right now. Top exec Arturas Karnisovas came over from the Denver organization, and should be familiar with Unseld's virtues.
Other solid candidates: Stephen Silas (DAL), Nate Tibbetts (POR), Nate Bjorkgren (TOR), Darvin Ham (MIL), Jay Larranaga (BOS), Chris Fleming (CHI), Alex Jensen (UTA), Melvin Hunt (ATL), Johnny Bryant (UTA). Adrian Griffin (TOR) would have been on that list, but his wife made some nasty domestic violence accusations against him on twitter; even if we presume that her goal was to lie and ruin his head coaching prospects, then mission: accomplished, because that's a situation that teams may not to dig into.
submitted by ZandrickEllison to nba [link] [comments]

2020.08.22 03:55 snowslushytalks I feel like my life just changed (long, sorta rambly)

Hi friends! I’m kind of nervous to say this here because I’ve only just.. this week started openly talking about adhd with just about everyone besides my doctor and closest friend, and I’m also currently adjusting to.. ‘normal thoughts’? (Or whatever you would call it personally) so I’m sorry if any of this sounds kind of funny or is a bit long winded. But- I [23/m] have been in a hellish, nearly decade long nightmare of trying to figure out ‘what was wrong with me’ since I was in middle school. Always struggled with things I knew I should be able to do- organization based tasks at first. It showed initially in my schoolwork at about 5th grade, where I got my first progress report that was absolutely brimmed with missing assignments and bad test scores. It was almost out of nowhere at first I thought, at least- how it affected me in a way anyone could be aware of at first. (Now I know looking back how many other ‘quirky personality traits’ and ‘bad habits’ I had as a kid were just very by the book adhd symptoms, but I digress. There was always a lot going on at home around the time it really began to effect my life as I got older. I was ruthlessly bullied in sixth grade and the full focus was on that for me over even recognizing anything else might be wrong, We had a really messed up series of traumatic things happen in my family and community that took focus in seventh grade, my mom got cancer in my eighth grade year and fought it for seven years after that kind of took it to the forefront of things for us all. Then, she died- leaving me to deal with my grief through the lenses of what I now know was undiagnosed adhd for the last 4 years. I struggled in school massively. Always written off as lazy, embarassed by teachers who didn’t like me becuase they assumed I somehow intentionally forgot assignments or was constantly lying, or in the nicer angles of things I was given gratuity and my kindest teachers would quietly pass me, assuming I just couldn’t focus from how much stress was happening at home nonstop. Neither helped, or course. I loved- love- learning, but I just struggled. And being in school physically, counting the seconds on the clock in each classroom (by the way, i had two teachers, a history professor in college and a math teacher in hs who both replaced their clock with an art fixture of a melting clock that said ‘wHo KnoWs wHaT tIMe IT IsS??¿’ that still haunt my fucking dreams to this day) and feeling like I was gonna lose my goddamn mind every day while I counted down to graduation, as If that would free me. Highschool ended and I was rejected from all my dream colleges I wanted to go to since I was a kid to carry on the torch of where my mom went, and where my older sister eventually went too, but I still got into one by the skin of my teeth purely because they tricked me into believing they had art courses that didn’t exist yet until 2 years later- and I suffered the most lonely, miserable year of my life away from home. No roommate because fuck that with my social anxieties and problems in general, never kept a single friend no matter how hard I tried and spent the last 5 months there in total silence, eating alone in my room because cafeterias were too intense to be in, forgetting homework I would rush to do in the first 5 minutes of class, and going back home every other Weekend to try to get the last bit of time left with my mom, worried at any time I’d get that fucking call to tell me she was terminal. But- I made it through the year, and then my mom died, and I decided I had to take ‘a breather’ that has now been.. 4 years long, exactly, as of last weekend. A breather of being frozen in place, losing my ability to progress in any of my hobbies or skills, being fired from 3 jobs, just like I was fired from my two highschool jobs, always for ‘forgetting to do small but very important things’ like locking a door or something, or for being grilled about what I was forgetting to the point I would just end up being reduced to tears in front of a manager that would never believe I just genuinely didn’t know what I did wrong.
I think I might be rambling a little here, so now that the basics are down I’ll reel in the next part a bit.
Basically, I was in therapy for at least ten different diagnoses that all ranged from.. mild social anxiety, chronic depression, trauma, lack of attention, ‘you’re lying, I think’, ‘maybe you are just lazy and can’t admit it’- then into deeper things the last four years. PTSD, repressed childhood trauma, severe anxiety disorder- and finally, bipolar disorder. That last one was when I was at my breaking point, just last summer, and learned of all the symptoms of bipolar and bpd that happen to line up exactly with a hell of a lot of adhd symptoms. So I made the mistake in my case of going through with getting medicated for it. Mood stablizers- which I now know were working against me. I lost the entirety of this past fall and winter to them. My last 2 friends in person ghosted me over how bad things got mentally for me becuase I just couldn’t be present for them like I wanted to be anymore and was constantly too exhausted mentally and physically to go out or do anything even before the meds. I also made a mistake of not realizing that in my case the doctor I started going to for bpd was extremely incompetent and treated me like I was insane and couldn’t make my own rational decisions half the time, so my dosage simply went further and further up. I stopped doing art entirely, I stopped talking to anyone, taking care of myself. Gained like 40 pounds into my already heavy but fluctuating weight I’ve had from stress eating for the last 4 years. One day I decided I had enough and wanted to take a step back, and demanded to be taken off the meds i was on. Then I was in therapy for.. as many appointments as I could go to before the pandemic made it so things switched to telehealth- which I couldn’t focus on for the life of me. It always felt like it was just me venting but not getting anywhere. I was telling my problems, but the physical exhaustion and feeling of things being /wrong/ persisted.
A while back, though, I started looking into ADHD. Don’t even remember how it came up to me. An article, a reddit post, a passing comment- who knows dude. All I know is it felt like the first lightbulb to go off maybe ever through this whole nightmare, and I rode with it.
Uh.. tldr for the rest, I waited for two of the longest weeks of my life, and also the worst to date for anxiety and lack of energy and failures- and the basic gist is that I am now on my third dose and day of Aderall, and For as much as I just spilled before this part, I don’t even.. know what to say fully about things right now. I feel- calm. Focused, productive. I’m experiencing a quiet, functional mind for the first time ever. I didn’t even know it was possible to feel like this- and everything I describe to my family and friends as so whimsical, like how I weeded the entire driveway after 2 years by hand, and how I wake up normally and can get out of bed- how I’ve made breakfast for myself two days in a row for the first time ever, and how brushing my teeth and getting through the bathroom in the morning hasn’t felt like climbing Mount Everest for 2 days and it only takes me 5 minutes tops now if I’m taking my time. I took a shower today and didn’t zone out for 25 minutes! Also- god, how the hell was i even existing just 72 hours ago? Like, my shower temperature I always use is scalding hot, and my room is a goddamn nightmare. ‘Organized’ to me before, things tossed into boxes, cords tangled together, clothes in baskets still and never fully put away— it was so exhausting to even try to look at and understand. And.. 5 minutes of doing a one over, picking up some small things I saw and sorting through all the junk papers and things I couldn’t figure out if I should toss or not- and it looks cleaner than it ever has before.
I’m finishing tasks.. fully. Not counting the seconds till it’s done, not getting distracted and half assing it or forgetting where things go, what to do.. just.. doing things. Finally. And with it, my anxiety I’ve always lived with is nearly silent. I can hold conversations with strangers! I talked to the gas station attendant I’ve never been able to speak to properly in the 23 years he’s owned the place, I redeemed myself to a dude I have a crush on who works at a place I pass through a lot who on Monday, I had a panic attack in front of becuase I forgot my list and started dropping my damn card at the register and couldn’t focus on him chatting with me and paying and the people around me at the same time— and /I/ initiated. Or another thing— when I eat now, I’m not scarfing the entire plate down in two seconds, or drinking caffeine with everything to help me focus or anything. I can.. taste my food. I chew slowly, and can recognize when I’m done so I’m not eating myself sick without even tasting it. And all I want it water and fresh foods, things I can cook becuase I always love cooking- but it’s just such a task sometimes and I forget things I know I knew so often. Normally, in hyper aware of how my clothes fit, how I walk, my breathing, my voice- to the extent that I look stupid trying to adjust it all at once, having to remind myself to breathe even. And that’s a mother thing- I took a walk for the first time down my usual route I go to ‘clear my head’ without accidentally holding my breathe or being overly aware of my clothes against my body or my posture or praying people didn’t run into me. I wasn’t speed walking anymore (not on the walk or in general, finally) and I noticed so much I never saw before, like flowers and ivy on houses and.. bees! Did you guys know bees wiggle around in flowers and rest on them like they’re taking a little nap? So fucking.. cool.
And today- I got my oil changed! And I didn’t stutter talking to the mechanic, or forget my cars make or year, or have to call my dad or friend quickly or google what mileage was or where something I needed to fill out was at in the car. I didn’t have to ‘I’m sorry- what was it again?’ To him when he asked me to follow his commands to start the car, push the brakes, put it in z y z drive- it was so cool. And then I drove to my sisters place, down a super busy road I always dread, and it felt like a cakewalk. I wasn’t tensed up, I didn’t slam my breaks right before a light or pussy out at a yellow trying to decide if I could make it or not, I passed cars and remembered my route without gps and what lanes to stay in- and when we hung out, it was the first time I didn’t feel antsy to go back home to the safety of my room. I felt like we were talking collaboratively, not.. me draining the conversation on accident by mentioning useless random thoughts or interrupting her on accident or whatever.
My words come out connected to my thoughts, in real time. That buzz, that disconnect- it’s just.. gone.
It feels like my brain was a stormy ocean before that I was always trying to fish for shrimp from a little boat in, and now it feels like a big tree, where every thought is a branch I can follow to the end without losing the rest of the tree, if I need it. It’s like.. all the things I struggled to learn and failed to remember or progress with- music, art, languages, fitness.. it’s all still in my brain and now my brain actually gives me what I need to remember or use instead of throwing random shit laced with anxiety at me.
I feel present. I’ve never felt present before.
It feels like.. I know it’s all so mundane, all of this stuff. It’s just what it’s like to think sort of normally I guess. Everyone I talk to says it sounds like I’m just describing how they normally feel. And I’m sure, all things hoping, I’ll get used to feeling this way eventually. Last night as i got in bed, i was giddy for getting to wake up the next day, and fell asleep within minutes. This morning when I woke up, for the first time as far back as I can remember, I was genuinely excited to- well- wake up. It was like Christmas morning, but I didn’t even have anything to do today besides a few errands that before now would have meant a day I’d be genuinely dreading for weeks leading up.
I feel like.. that scarlet Johansson movie, Lucy (?) where she absorbs the blue shit and unlocks her full brain power. Reads mandarin suddenly and flips cars with her mind and shit. It feels like I just got.. superpowers. I mean- I can even remember my moms voice and face now. It would always be trapped behind what felt like a paywall of unrelated thoughts or unnecessary anxiety and trauma I was holding onto ever since she died. She was just this weird blurry memory in my head even when I looked at old pictures of her before she was sick or saw her in nightmares and dreams and all. I can’t even fathom that fully.
Anyways, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be embarrassed by posting this within an hour and delete it, maybe I just typed total excited gibberish nobody will understand, or maybe this will be a nice hopeful note for someone. But- I’m excited, either way. I feel like for so long I thought it was all hopeless and I’d never figure out or find anything to help me feel better- and I didn’t even think adhd was doing as much as it was to me. I never thought finally taking a chance to see what attempting to manage it could do- and I’d say I regret all that might have been different had I done this years ago, or had someone caught it when I was a kid— but for now I’m fine just considering this the first few days of, I dunno- I’ll call it ‘Act II’ of my existence in the universe. I’m just so excited to see what I can accomplish now, and even if this doesn’t work out somehow-which I’m keeping very positive for my own sake it will for at least a long while fork now- I have a new drive and the knowledge that /something worked/, and it wasn’t all hopeless like I always thought.
That’s all, hope you all have a good night/morning/day/week/life! I’m gonna go take a night walk now and listen to the crickets and junebugs sing or something.
submitted by snowslushytalks to ADHD [link] [comments]

2020.08.20 09:27 uncannyrosid I stopped talking to someone over a decade ago and I still think about them.

Just wanna put this somewhere because there's nobody I can talk to about it IRL who would understand.
I used to be very close to a girl I knew back in HS (I'll be 30 soon). We met in second year and immediately hit it off. Talking every day before classes, weekend trips together with our other friends, IMing each other late into the night. We weren't dating, but we joked about it constantly. You might be guessing where this is going, and if you guessed that my feelings became real at one point then you'd be right. I can't even remember how it happened, I just looked at her face one day and it hit me that I was head over heels.
I freaked out about it. I was young and stupid. I suddenly became clingy, and some sides of myself that I used to freely show her now felt embarrassing to reveal because of my new crush. The energy between us became weird, and I knew it was my fault but I felt like I had no control over my emotions. After graduation, she found out I had feelings for her. She promised me that things wouldn't change, but over time she became more and more distant. I certainly didn't help things. I wanted our old connection back, but the more I reached for her, the more overbearing it seemed to her. I knew she wanted and needed space but I didn't want to give it to her.
Finally, I realized that the only way for us both to stop being miserable was for me to just disconnect myself from her. I called her one day and she didn't answer, so I left her a voicemail, apologizing and telling her that it would probably be better if we didn't talk anymore. She never returned my call (obviously), and blocked me everywhere.
We still lived in the same town for a while, but she never came to any of our mutual friends' events if she knew I would be there. I only saw her in person once afterward, a few years later, and we locked eyes for a moment but she pretended she didn't see me. She was never a confrontational person, and I know that's how she treats people who have wronged her, so sometimes I wonder if I hurt her by deserting her with only a voicemail. I know I hurt her by not respecting her boundaries. I can't tell which is worse.
I got over it. I grew up, got new friends, created a new life, and have a lovely partner now. But sometimes she comes back to my mind in a contemplative moment. I don't know if I'll ever fully be at peace with how things ended. Sometimes a piece of news about her will come to me through the old schoolmates I kept in contact with, and I find happiness in how beautiful her life sounds nowadays. My heart will always hold tenderness for her, and I don't regret releasing her from my toxic behavior. I just wish I could apologize somehow for being a shit friend all those years ago.
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2020.08.16 02:03 kentexcitebot Chrome OS Dev channel was updated to 86.0.4217.0 a few weeks ago. This is what changed!

_All right crew!

The Chrome OS Dev channel had a big update a few weeks ago — from 86.0.4208.0 to 86.0.4217.0. Awesome!!

This was a big update with a total of 2977 changes (excluding platform updates) that rolled out to most Chromebooks. This build brought several new functionality changes along with a slew of bug fixes and quality-of-life changes. Note: this is NOT the latest Chrome OS Dev channel build available for users; I'm still working on it (spoilers: also quite a big update!). If you find a mistake, discover something new that's not on this list, or have feedback, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Like my content and want to buy me a coffee? You can support me on ko-fi using this link or by using the link in my Reddit profile. If you want to be kept up to date with everything new to Chrome OS, feel free to give me a follow. Thanks in advance for your support!! :)

Notable changes in this build

The following covers the notable changes I found with this version of Chrome OS. Bullet points in bold are changes I believe are significant.

Ambient Lockscreen

New Input methods menu UI
New Stylus tools menu UI

The lightning bold should be more visible


Quick demo of the tab search feature

PDF revamp - it's now functional!

Chrome OS Settings

Display Identification in action. Also includes a neat display notifier indicator on the sides informing what display you're moving the window on.

Explore app

Old Explore app icon
New Explore app icon

Linux (Beta)
OOBE (first-boot setup)

The nitty-gritty stuff

The following bullet points below is an advanced section of changes that impacts web developers and enterprise users.


Source: chromium bug tracker

Platform changes

This part of the list covers the most significant platform changes I found in this build, from platform version 13371.0.0 to 13380.0.0. This includes low level changes, including kernel and driver updates and bug fixes. Note: there are probably a lot more things I missed!


Things to watch out for

The following is a list of issues I personally ran into in this build of Chrome OS. These issues may vary depending on your Chromebook and user profile. This list will not cover issues flipped on by chrome flags.

Click here to see the official list of changes by Google (no platform logs, sorry). Enjoy, and happy updating!
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2020.08.13 13:18 pinGold293 STUDY MD~MBBS PHILIPPINES

Fence Education Academy - MBBS, Best Medical Educational Admission started 2020-2021 [email protected]
MBBS (MD) IN PHILIPPINES: There are many alluring reasons apart from MBBS that can entice you to get enrolled for the MBBS in the Philippines. But our main focus is why study in the philippine. Low tuition fee Semester system English Medium High-quality education system Clinical rotation Higher success rate Nature & climate Transportation & Higher Literacy rate Low currency rate MBBS/MD Course Admissions are open at the University of Perpetual Medical College in the Philippines. University of Perpetual Medical College established in 1975, which is located in Las-Pinas City, Metro Manila in the Philippines.
Manila is the capital of the Philippines. The overall population is around 12 million. The official language of the Philippines is English. An MD in medicine from the Philippines is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) as equivalent to MBBS and the degree and the institution are listed in WHO, IMED, and ECFMG directories. As the world s 3rd Largest English Speaking Country, the Philippines Provides huge Knowledge resources, up to date instruction and a Multi culture Learning Atmosphere with its literacy rate and the country adhere to the American System of Education
FENCE EDUCATION ACADEMY Fence Education Academy was founded in 2006 to offer educational consulting services for students interested to study MBBS in the Philippines. We have a tie-up with the medical university in the Philippines to provide quality education at an affordable cost. Our counselors can guide students and parents through the entire process of arranging studies abroad from selecting a course and ensure that you arrive safely at your chosen destination. Our services do not stop after getting admission and making necessary travel arrangements. We will be with our students till they complete their course at the Philippines Our services Career Counseling Admission Guidance Visa Assistance Travel & Accommodation Pre Departure Orienta
Mobile number: 8807744400
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2020.08.11 18:47 df118s Markets and Vendors

So GHZ is down, in my experience when a vendor takes vacation like this out of the blue, a lot of the time they do not come back.
Some do - but IME the ones that come back are the ones who often take vacation (usually to clear escrow). This is the danger of only having one vendor!
Now that GHZ is down, you will have scammers coming out of the woodwork PMing you links to telegram rooms, asking for bank payments, all of that.
Remember to NEVER EVER buy from anyone who contacts you on reddit!! The real vendors always have their own shops or vend on the darkweb. Real vendors will NEVER contact you!! They are busy filling orders - they are not spending their time PMing random users on Reddit.
If you get a PM offering product, it is ALWAYS a scam. They will get you to send them bank payments, then they may string you along for a while or just go silent. You will realise this when, the days after you paid, nothing comes.
I have seen one Telegram room that was "legit", but this guy was amateur. He posted a video of him sending an order to a customer, filming the letter going into the post. YOU COULD SEE THE CUSTOMERS ADDRESS!! also I don't know what this guy was buying, as not much DHC can fit into a standard 1st class envelope. I never saw him post anything other than envelopes, but I SAW EVERY CUSTOMERS NAME AND ADDRESS!!!!
So - If you are already buying using BTC, why not use the Markets? Getting BTC is by far the hardest part of dark markets. I know it sounds so scary, the dark web, but all the Dark Web is, is a differently routed Internet!
Once you have TOR browser installed, you can browse the darkweb just like normal Internet, it's that easy. All you need is the link to the website you want to visit. And in 5+ years of buying, I have never once come across any illegal porn (as you have to go looking for that to find it. Anyone who says they "stumbled across" illegal porn on the darkweb, is a liar and a pedophile)
I use Empire Market, if you go to you can get the link to it. All you need to do is copy and paste the link for Empire, into TOR Browser. Then you can go to the market! Do the catchpa, sign up, and browse for product.
With GHZ you send him BTC. Well on the market, all you do is generate a market wallet by clicking your balance. You then send BTC to that wallet - that is your spending balance.
Do a search for your product, and find a vendor. MAKE SURE your vendor has signed in in at least 2 days, and always check them for up to date reviews. You will always find a few bad reviews, in my experience any vendor 98% is very trustworthy.
Once you buy, tick the encrypt button and put in your name and address (ideally you should PGP it yourself, google it, but I used market encryption for years). Remember that when you buy on markets, your BTC is placed in escrow. That means it is only released to the vendor AFTER you finalize the order, which you typically do after you have recieved the goods. MAKE SURE you do this after you get your order!! This is also where you leave a review.
So if you have BTC already, the hard part is done!! one thing NEVER send from COINBASE direct to a market. Always use an intermediate wallet. I use bitbargain and have sent to markets for years with no problems.
I know this seems scary, but once you've done it once, you'll be amazed you ever bothered using clearnet shit!
One other thing, ALWAYS get market links from DARK.FAIL - NEVER google or accept a reddit post with a link in it. The link changes often due to a DDOS on the market. So ALWAYS use every time you want to get on the market! as it allows you to check for darkweb news too.
Edit - also, check out the darknet sub. Reddit / r / darknet - have a read. Lots of stupid questions are asked there so there are other newcomers too! Note most of them are USA based and they take many security precautions that may be necessary for the USA, not not the UK; such as booting up with a TAILS based Linux Distro which I believe is unneccasary in the UK.
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Steve Martin - Dating Game 1968 - YouTube Room assignment ni incoming Sen. Imee Marcos the best of: Aimee Lou Wood - YouTube OMG: WILLIE REVILLAME INIREKLAMO NG DATING CO-HOST AT BEAUTY QUEEN NASI IMEE HART!? WATCH THIS! 24Oras: One-on-one interview ni Mel Tianco kay dating ... Aimee Nolte - Let's Fall In Love - YouTube EXCLUSIVE! Willie, idedemanda na ng dating co-host at beauty queen! DATING PANG. RAMOS, SINISI NI GOV. IMEE MARCOS SA PAGLABAG SA KARAPATANG PANTAO NOONG MARTIAL LAW! Imelda Marcos Arsenio Lacson Rumor - YouTube IMEE MARCOS PHILHEALTH SENATE HEARING

Who is Aimee Osbourne Dating Now - Boyfriends & Biography ...

  1. Steve Martin - Dating Game 1968 - YouTube
  2. Room assignment ni incoming Sen. Imee Marcos
  3. the best of: Aimee Lou Wood - YouTube
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if you like my videos, buy me a coffee :) #sexeducation #season2 #netflix Aimee Lou Wood is an English actress. She is best known ... dating pang. ramos, sinisi ni gov. imee marcos sa paglabag sa karapatang pantao noong martial law! Senator Imee Marcos attended the Local Government Committee hearing on August 6, 2019. ... Tolentino HINDI SINANTO ang dating Professor na kasalukuyang PhilHealth President sa Senate hearing ... Nakilala si dating Unang Ginang Imelda Romualdez Marcos sa kanyang karangyaan, kagandahan, magagarang sapatos at sa minsang tinaglay niyang kapangyarihan. Sa... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I know I preach a lot of information about improvisation. I'm not sure that I follow it all in this performance of Harold Arlen's 'Let's Fall In Love,' but s... Alamin ang buong detalye sa napapabalitang pagsampa ng kaso ng dating beauty queen at co-host ni Willie Revillame sa kanya. Commentary/narration is 100% original and made by me - MISS CHIKA PH ... Steve Martin on the Dating Game in 1968, as broadcast on the Game Show Network back in the 90's... This is the only segment I captured; I do not have the Ric... Pabirong nagkomento si incoming Sen. Imee Marcos tungkol sa kwartong napunta sa kanya na dating kay Sen. Antonio Trillanes. Sinagot din niya ang mga tanong tungkol sa komiteng hahawakan niya sa ... KAPAMILYA FANS NAASAR KAY JAY SONZA MATAPOS MAGDIWANG MATAPOS MAISARA ANG ABS CBN! 'WALA KANG PUSO!' - Duration: 4:47. Showbiz Fanaticz 10,925 views. New