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[Havens: Radio Free Zones] Lets jointly research Puerto Rico's radio free zone and take meter measurements.

2018.11.28 23:15 microwavedindividual [Havens: Radio Free Zones] Lets jointly research Puerto Rico's radio free zone and take meter measurements.

What is the radius of Puerto Rico's radio free zone?
What towns and cities are not allowed to have cell service?
Cell providers are Claro, AT&T, H2O and Truphone.
I asked landlords of B&Bs in Arecibo advertising on whether Arecibo has cell service.
yes Arecibo has cellphone service, the thing is that the house is a bit far away from the city and some cellphone companies don't have good reception in the house, but overall in the area you should be able to have signal. We do not have a landline phone.
Greetings and God bless you !! there is a very good cell signal!
There is cell phone reception in Arecibo and in the house. However, there is not a landline.
In 2012, the National Science Foundation, which funds both telescopes, announced a plan to "divest" ramatically decrease its financial support) the Green Bank Telescope by 2017 due to budget constraints. is one of many organizations that are looking for alternative sources of funding to support this world class instrumentThe future of Arecibo is also insecure, with NSF exploring the closure of the facility without the contribution of additional external funding.
Do you want to rent a car to travel together?
AAA advised me their auto insurance polices cover rental cars in Puerto Rico. AAA does not have a street map of Puerto Rico. Where is a street map and specifically a map of the city of Arecibo where the observatory is situated in?
No rooms for rent in Arecibo on How do people rent rooms?
A visa is not required for Americans to enter the American territory.
Puerto Rico's currency is the American dollar.
Annual percentage of sunshine is 65%.
Average maximum and minimum temperatures:
Chamber of Commerce Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce/Camara de Comercio, (787) 721-6060.
Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce in the U.S., Box 899, Ansonia Sta., New York, NY 10016.
Puerto Rico Tourism Company Offices
Puerto Rico Main Office La Princesa Bldg. #2 Paseo La Princesa Old San Juan, P.R. 00902
P.O. Box 902-3960 San Juan, P.R. 00902-3960 (787) 721-2400 1-800-866-7827
New York 135 West, 50th Street, 22nd Floor New York, NY 10020 (212) 586-6262 / (800) 223-6530
California 3575 W. Cahuenga Blvd., Suite 405 Los Angeles, CA 90068 (323) 874-5991 / (800) 874-1230 - Ext. 10
47 CFR 1.924 - Quiet zones
(d)Notification to the Arecibo Observatory. The requirements in this section are intended to minimize possible interference at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Licensees must make reasonable efforts to protect the Observatory from interference. Licensees planning to construct and operate a new station at a permanent fixed location on the islands of Puerto Rico, Desecheo, Mona, Vieques or Culebra in services in which individual station licenses are issued by the FCC; planning to construct and operate a new station at a permanent fixed location on these islands that may cause interference to the operations of the Arecibo Observatory in services in which individual station licenses are not issued by the FCC; or planning a modification of any existing station at a permanent fixed location on these islands that would increase the likelihood of causing interference to the operations of the Arecibo Observatory must notify the Interference Office, Arecibo Observatory, HC3 Box 53995, Arecibo, Puerto Rico 00612, in writing or electronically (e-mail address: [email protected]), of the technical parameters of the planned operation. Carriers may wish to use the interference guidelines provided by Cornell University as guidance in designing facilities to avoid interference to the Observatory. The notification must include identification of the geographical coordinates of the antenna location (NAD-83 datum), the antenna height, antenna directivity (if any), proposed channel and FCC Rule Part, type of emission, and effective isotropic radiated power.
(1) In the Amateur radio service:
(i) The provisions of paragraph (d) of this section do not apply to repeaters that transmit on the 1.2 cm or shorter wavelength bands; and
(ii) The coordination provision of paragraph (d) of this section does not apply to repeaters that are located 16 km or more from the Arecibo observatory.
(2) In services in which individual station licenses are issued by the FCC, the notification required in paragraph (d) of this section may be made prior to, or simultaneously with, the filing of the application with the FCC, and at least 20 days in advance of the applicant's planned operation. The application must state the date that notification in accordance with paragraph (d) of this section was made. In services in which individual station licenses are not issued by the FCC, the notification required in paragraph (d) of this section should be sent at least 45 days in advance of the applicant's planned operation. In the latter services, the Interference Office must inform the FCC of a notification by an applicant within 20 days if the Office plans to file comments or objections to the notification. After the FCC receives an application from a service applicant or is informed by the Interference Office of a notification from a service applicant, the FCC will allow the Interference Office a period of 20 days for comments or objections in response to the application or notification. If an applicant submits written consent from the Interference Office, the FCC will process the application without awaiting the conclusion of the 20-day period. For services that do not require individual station authorization, entities that have obtained written consent from the Interference Office may begin to operate new or modified facilities prior to the end of the 20-day period. In instances in which notification has been made to the Interference Office prior to application filing, the applicant must also provide notice to the Interference Office upon actual filing of the application with the FCC. Such notice will be made simultaneous with the filing of the application and shall comply with the requirements of paragraph (d) of this section.
(3) If an objection to any planned service operation is received during the 20-day period from the Interference Office, the FCC will take whatever action is deemed appropriate.
(4) The provisions of paragraph (d) of this section do not apply to operations that transmit on frequencies above 15 GHz.
Arecibo Observatory 1- (787) 878-2612
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2014.07.25 08:22 Cheated_Anion Feels like my life is about to implode.

TL;DR Out of money, huge medical debts incoming, losing my job, no real job skills, haven't had to look for work in years, feels like im totally trapped.
I've never been good at handling stress, it seems, and things have taken a very steep downward turn lately and honestly it feels like this is it. I feel completely trapped, like life's problems have snuck past me and completely flanked and surrounded me. I haven't slept for a couple days so i apologize if i'm not as lucid as i could be.
I got married last year, and ive never felt like im afraid of commitment but lately it's glaringly obvious i can't just cut and run. Not like i ever would, if theres a light in my life it's my lovely linda. The marriage thing though, feels like one more responsibility, one more blanket smothering me. One more person to hold back with my ineptitude with life. It burns me up, it really does, i honestly have tears in my eyes right now knowing how much she loves me, and knowing how worthless i feel.
I've always thought i've had some kind of add/adhd. I've always found it difficult to stay focused on one task for much longer than a few minutes. It's like i've got 50 railroad tracks in my head that are a few hundred feet long instead of 4 or 5 that are a few miles. It's like channel flipping, i wind up forgetting really simple, really important stuff distressingly frequently. I talked to my doctor about this and winded up with anti anxiety pills. I've been through 4 different kinds, one of which triggered some manic episode he flagged as manic depressive. That ended with me taking some mood stabilizers that didnt do a damn thing except be one more thing to forget. I've since quit all the meds and gotten back to normal, channel flipping self. All this was extremely noticeable at work. I almost quit or got fired over literally nothing. The forgetfulness and lack of focus has to be unbelievably frustrating for everyone at work. I spend more time looking for tools and trying to remember what it was i was doing than i do actually working, sometimes. When i tell people about this all i get is vacuous commiseration and tips on how not to lose things, as if it's that simple.
I've had the same job working on vintage motorcycles for two and a half years. I helped a friend start it by being his first employee. I knew it wouldn't last, its just way too fun. I get paid to do something i have a knack for, it's more engaging than any activity i've ever done on my own, and i feel like i really make a difference. The pay is, honestly, pretty terrible, 13 bucks an hour, but it literally pays the bills. The more time has gone on, though, the less of a friend my friend is being. At this point, i honestly believe he thinks he can do without me, and all i do is faff about at work and waste his money. He's so hard headed, argumentative, and prejudgemental the thought of having a real talk with him gives me anxiety. Recently i crashed a customer bike during a test ride doing nothing out of the ordinary as far as test rides are concerned, just a combination of old tires and poor pavement condition. I broke my wrist, and it requires surgery and 6 weeks of healing till im allowed to work. I overheard my friend/boss talking on the phone to someone about me, basically saying the shop is better off without me there (hes actually getting work billed out), and he's planning on making me pay for the bike. I don't even have enough to cover my injuries, certainly not thousands fixing the bike i crashed. I really felt like i was getting work done when i was "on" i guess not.
Money wise, i'm irreparably boned. Things were already tight at the house after doing some remodeling, now im out of a job for 6 weeks, possibly forever with where i am at now. We don't even remotely have enough saved to even cover what i contributed to the monthly budget, let alone the galactically high co-pays and co-insurance i will be on the hook for. We're not talking sell-a-toy-and-squeak-by screwed, we're talking don't-bother-you-wont-even-get-it-close. Savings is just about drained, checking has been drained for two weeks, and the joint account is on its last legs. We just got done paying medical bills for her over a car accident, too. We borrowed money from my mom for part of the down payment when we bought this place, and her mom has been so generous with housewares, furniture, etc. I cannot stomach asking to borrow money from her or my mom.
The biggest stressor that's put me over the edge is the job thing. I feel so vulnerable, stupid, and useless over this. From another source i know that he wants to talk about "changes" around the shop which i know for an absolute fact revolves around me taking less pay, and almost certainly being laid off this fall when things slow down.
I know i need to find a new job but i havent looked for a new job in probably 4 years. I've only had literally one job i've honestly netted anonymously, everything else has been through a friend. I've browsed craigslist and various job sites and it's one of the most daunting and humiliating things i've done in recent memory. I'm coming to realize that i'm almost worthless from an employers perspective. I've got what amounts to a black hole for 2.5 years with my current employer as it's 1099 and technically self employed. An almost finished associates in automotive technology, a field in which i've learned since almost graduating is a hellish nightmare field i would never again get into. All underpinned by life/work/educational datum that does nothing to qualify me for anything worthwhile.
It just really feels like things are coming to a head. I can see no way out. Partial solutions to parts of it, but no way to make my way through this without being totally swamped. Its likely that i will lose my wife, my house, everything i value, or all three. Im just totally fucked.
I've never seriously considered suicide, although i will say the thought of no longer existing has preoccupied me for a surprisingly long time now that i think about it. The more shit that crops up the easier of an option it looks. I just keep thinking about all the stress and heartache i cause my wife, the fact that my entire adult life to this point hasnt even been self sufficient, i feel like a giant lead weight, like a burden people have to deal with.
I just, i dunno. I know that the best thing to do is just man up or whatever, grab my bootstraps i guess. Even so, it feels like flailing my arms around after i've already rocketed off a cliff. Worse, like ive rocketed off that cliff a long time ago and im just now looking down and realizing what happened.
Thanks for reading all the way through, i know it was a novel.
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