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23andMe provides you with a lot of information – even when you just do the Ancestry testing. I think if you are really interested in your genes and the human genome, this is a great test. I think if you are really interested in your genes and the human genome, this is a great test. This company offers 23andMe, Inc. is a personal genomics and biotechnology company. Business Details Headquarters 899 W Evelyn Ave, Mountain View, CA 94041-1225 Anyone with a valid email address can create a 23andMe account at any time. Although you enter an email address when placing an order in the 23andMe store, placing an order does not automatically create an account. Most customers will create their 23andMe accounts as part of the registration process, after they receive their kits in the mail. 74 reviews of 23andMe 'I'm surprised this isn't listed yet as it says this business was founded in 2006. Ok so lately there have been many reviews of this company on youtube. I've seen a few vlogs on it, so i said why not, i dont know anything about my ancestry or what diseases are passed along dna wise to me. So i bought in, looks interesting. 23andMe is the first and only direct-to-consumer DNA test that includes 55+ health reports that meet FDA requirements. 23andMe was founded in 2006 to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. We have more than three million genotyped customers around the world. Read more. Blog. Stay in the know about all things 23andMe ... 23andMe is still recruiting for its massive study, most recently seeking 10,000 participants outside of 23andMe who have been hospitalized and diagnosed with COVID-19. (Note: Currently, only those living in the U.S. are eligible to participate in this study.) 23andMe researchers have yet to finish looking at what the genetic data indicate. But a first blush look at the information from the ... DNA Testing with the CRI Genetics™️ home DNA test kit will let you discover your true ancestry family history. Buyer Ranking’s #1 Recommended Home DNA Test Kit for Ancestry. Progressing Mankind’s understanding of the human genome for over 35 years. 23andMe is an impressive DNA testing provider featuring a staggering user count, paired with cutting-edge tools for chromosome browsing, biogeographical ancestry analysis, and health-related results. Read all about this exceptional service in our detailed 23andMe review. Sign in with Apple. 23andMe does not share any of your personal information with Google or Apple, including your genetic results 23andMe was founded in 2006 to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. We have more than three million genotyped customers around the world. Read more. Blog. Stay in the know about all things 23andMe. Read more. Customer Reviews. See what customers are saying about us. Read more. Research

A Song of Ice and Fire

2009.07.18 17:57 ThePowerOfGeek A Song of Ice and Fire

News and discussions relating to George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels, his Westeros-based short stories, "Game of Thrones" and all things ASOIAF - but with particular emphasis on the written series.

2012.04.02 20:19 Broodje A State of Trance

A state of trance is Armin van Buuren's weekly episode of the best in trance and progressive. Throughout the year there are events such as the electric daisy carnival, including world tours. ASOT is already running for over eleven years. If you want to stay updated to the best in trance, make sure to listen every week! Weekly episodes start at 2:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM GMT+1.

2013.12.13 03:35 ThePowerOfGeek ASOIAF Test

News and discussions relating to George R. R. Martin's "WILD CARDS" novels, his Wild Cards-based short stories, "Wild Cards the Upcoming TV Show" and all things WILD CARDS - but with particular emphasis on the written series.

2020.04.28 20:05 tonespace Can anyone help with this 4.4. Magnitude Promethease finding?

Good day..I'm new to plugging my 23andMe data in to Promethease and churning out health traits. I primarily did it to figure out my Blood Type.
However the strongest magnitude result I received, alarmed me. The condition(s) it mentions have a 3-5 year survival once diagnosed..and such diagnoses starts at around 50. I'm a man 42 now. Can anyone give me an idea of the chance of catching this disease through my genetic disposition? I can't decipher the numbers and the ratio. I heard anything with a magnitude over 4 is worth taking notice. It says I have a 5x chance than normal of developing this condition..yet they consider that a moderately higher risk. So if anyone can give me an idea of how rare this gene of mine is..how rare the condition itself is..and a general idea or percentage of my being at risk..I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
Anything else I should provide, please let me know. Here's the info:
rs35705950(G;T) Possible miscall in Ancestry v2d data; otherwise, moderately (>5x) higher risk for lung issues (fibrosis or pneumonia) See discussion via main rs-page. rs35705950 is a SNP located 3 kb upstream of the start of transcription from the mucin 5B MUC5B gene. Two independent research groups both published articles in April 2011 associating the minor (T) allele of rs35705950 with highly increased risk for interstitial pneumonia and/or pulmonary fibrosis. For interstitial pneumonia, the odds ratio for heterozygotes was 6.8 (CI: 3.9 - 12.0) and for homozygotes, 20.8 (CI: 3.8 - 113.7). For pulmonary fibrosis, the reported odds ratios for heterozygotes and homozygotes in one study were 9.0 (CI: 6.2 to 13.1) and 21.8 (CI: 5.1 to 93.5), respectively, and were 5.9 (CI: 4.4 - 7.8) and 9.7 (CI: 4.7 - 19.9) in the other. more info Bad Repute 4.4 Magnitude 2019-01-02 Geno Modified 0.05234 GMAF Other ClinVar Significance 16 Publications 11 Chromosome 1219991 Position 5.8 Max Magnitude 2019-12-08 Rs Modified plus Stabilized plus Orientation
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2019.11.23 22:16 alulsh Results for 1/2 Pennsylvania Dutch, 1/4 Ozark settlers, 1/8 Czech, and 1/8 Siberian

Results for 1/2 Pennsylvania Dutch, 1/4 Ozark settlers, 1/8 Czech, and 1/8 Siberian

23andMe and AncestryDNA results
Hi! I got into genealogy recently because I wanted to find out more about my mother's family tree. We don't know the parents of three of her grandparents so I got my DNA tested on both 23andMe and Ancestry to find out more.
I'm sharing my results and a write up of my family history in case they are useful for other people with Pennsylvania Dutch, Ozark settlers, Czech, or Siberian ancestry.


1/2 Pennsylvania dutch

My dad is almost 100% Pennsylvania Dutch. Both of his parents are from small towns in Blair County, PA. His family trees are well documented back to colonial times, with lots of Mennonite and Quaker records. Most of the surnames are German with a few British and Irish, but most of the British surnames are actually anglicized German surnames! My two favorites are Kleikam --> Claycomb and Kempel --> Campbell. I still eat pork and sauerkraut every New Year's Day for good luck and my paternal grandmother still eats schmierkase, Lebanon bologna and pickled beet eggs.
23andMe assigned me Germany and Switzerland with "highly likely match." The regions they gave me are accurate for Pennsylvania Dutch heritage.
3/31/20 update - I now have the Pennsylvania, Ohio & Indiana Settlers (Pennsylvania Dutch Country Settlers sub-group) and Pennsylvania Settlers (South Central Pennsylvania & Western Maryland Settlers and Susquehanna River Valley Settlers sub-groups) communities on Ancestry! You can check out a map here.
I also now have AncestryDNA results for both my father and paternal grandmother who are both Pennsylvania Dutch:

1/4 Ozark settlers

My maternal grandfather on both sides has parents from the Ozarks, mostly southwest Missouri. His family tree is well documented with lots of British and Irish surnames. Oddly, we don't know the parents of my maternal grandmother who was born in Arkansas. I got a "likely match" for 10 British regions and 6 Irish regions.

1/8 Czech

My maternal grandmother was born in Shanghai, China in 1926 to a father from Fukov (Fugau in German), Czech Republic (then Austria-Hungary) and mother from Urik), Russia (11 miles from Irkutsk in Siberia). We don't know the parents or family tree for either of her parents.
My grandmother's father has a German name so I assume he's mostly ethnically German with some Czech admixture. My best guess is that he was a part of the Czechoslovak Legion, which is how he met my great-grandmother in Irkutsk. He abandoned his family in Shanghai in the 1930s and joined a shipping company. The last place he was seen was Yokohama, Japan in 1937 according to an American Mail Line passenger list.

1/8 Siberian

My grandmother's mother from Siberia gave me my H2 mtDNA haplogroup, which is popular in the Ukrainian steppe, North Caucus, Sweden, and Finland. It is the most common H subclade in Central Asia and West Asia. Her surname is Telnova, which according to forebears.io has the highest incidence in Stavropol Krai (home of the Kuban Cossacks) in the North Caucus.
Based on my research, Cossacks, Ukrainians, and Northwestern Russians (many ethnically Finno-Ugric) settled the Lake Baikal region in the 1600-1700s. AncestryDNA would support Northwestern Russia (e.g. Pomor, Karelian, Komi, etc.) with the Finnish and Baltic results. I've received Finnish results in Gedmatch, FamilyTreeDNA, and AncestryDNA so I find it odd that I had none in 23andMe.
I thought most of my Northern Asian DNA would be indigenous Siberian (Evenk or Buryat), but my best guess now is Daur to explain the mix of Mongolian, Siberian, Manchu, and Chinese. The area east of Lake Baikal is called Dauria. The Daur people were under the influence of the Qing dynasty Manchus and were attacked by Cossacks in the 1600s.
I never met my grandmother's mother since she died in a refugee camp in Ludwigsburg, Germany in the 1950s, but her legacy lives on. Both my mother and I are named after her (Alexandra). My mom and I also still cook borscht, pelemeni, pirozhki, kotleti, and baklazhannaia ikra.
3/31/2020 update - I did an mtDNA full sequence test with FamilyTreeDNA. My full mtDNA haplogroup is H2a2a1. My closest full sequence match (genetic distance 1) has a Ukranian surname (-chenko) from an unknown location. My next second match (genetic distance 2) has an earliest known female ancestor with a Russian surname from Saratov in Saratov Oblast in Russia. All my other matches are genetic distance 3 (far too long ago to be useful) and are from mostly Central Europe, Scandinavia, and the British Isles.


  • Anybody else have the H2 mtDNA haplogroup?
  • Anybody else have Northern Asian DNA? It doesn't show up often in 23andme or AncestryDNA.
  • Anybody else have ancestors from Siberia, especially Irkutsk and Lake Baikal?
  • Anybody else have Northwestern Russia or Cossack DNA? I'd love to compare your results to mine.
  • Anybody else have Czech ancestors from near Sluknov/Schluckenau?
  • Is my 3.5% Scandinavian on 23andMe admixture with my British DNA or from my Czech/Russian ancestors?
  • Is 12.3% Broadly European a relatively high amount?
  • Where does my 3.4% Southern European come from? Is this more likely to be Moldovan/Romanian admixture with Eastern European or Italian Swiss from Grisons?
3/31/2020 - Updated with Ancestry communities for Pennsylvania, AncestryDNA results for my mother and grandmother, and my full mtDNA haplogroup results.
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2018.02.21 14:44 InevitableAttitude Oh my God, you're white.

A... friend of a friend, let's say, has a habit of claiming to be a "white-passing" Black Jewish person rather than white. I'm hesitant to question anyone's racial self-identification, but this person is obviously white. They look white. Their immediate family is white. They weren't raised with Black or Jewish culture, nor are they involved in it now, and they sure as hell don't practice the Jewish religion. The only believable reason I have ever heard for them claiming to be Black and Jewish is some very distant Black and Ashkenazi ancestry. I guess it'd be one thing if they were actually trying to reconnect to that, but mostly they just seem to use it as a way to brag about being "mixed," and to shut down social justice discussions by presenting themself as the most oppressed and therefore most knowledgeable person in the room. Given this person's track record of lying about other things, I'm not actually convinced the Black and Ashkenazi relatives existed or were blood relations of theirs at all, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.
A recent 23andMe test showing a large proportion of Ashkenazi and Native American genes has made this person even more annoying. They now think they have "proof" that they're "majority nonwhite" and nobody is allowed to question them on social justice issues ever again. No, that actually just proves that you don't understand how 23andMe tests work. And that your perception of social justice is pathetically shallow and focused on "how much attention can I get" rather than helping people, but we knew that.
Honestly, this "white-passing" fantasy is just the latest in a long line of weird, offensive behavior from this person. Their wife came out as trans about a year ago and they haven't shut up since then about how much hotter trans women are than cis women (is it just me or is this kind of weird and fetishizing?). They think that there will eventually come a time when almost every autistic person on the American continent will be able to trace their lineage to them and their litter of children. They think Beyoncé's line "my daddy Alabama, mama Louisiana" was written for people like them because their (white) father is from Louisiana. "I bought your fidget spinners with my blood and tears" is a thing they have literally said to shut up younger autistic people in arguments.
To top it off, they think the recent school shooting in Kentucky was caused by vaguely-defined "forces" failing to harm them and moving on to "bigger things." Yes, they think the school shooting was caused by them. And they think the media intentionally covered it up because they hate their home state of Kentucky.
I honestly can't tell if they're just a self-centered jackass or if there's some legitimate mental health issue, besides the autism, going on. I don't think autism by itself would cause this kind of behavior. It's just goddamn annoying, but you can't tell this person that, because they'll throw a tantrum about how they're black and Jewish and poor and Southern and non-straight and that means you aren't allowed to say anything bad about them. I've never seen anybody try so hard to be a victim.
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2018.01.28 19:24 oyeblikket Infertility leads from 23andme? (Factor V Leiden)

Over the past few months, I've been toying with browsing my raw DNA on 23andme to guide my doctors towards infertility diagnoses. I understand this is not a replacement for a doctor, but I see potential for possibly discovering conditions that might be missed or not routinely tested for by doctors. While this specific condition isn't relevant for me, I'm sharing in hopes that the knowledge could help someone else or open up an informative discussion here.
The condition that I was exploring today was Factor V Leiden, a single gene mutation that causes blood clothing disorders. Before I go any further, please note that the extent of my biology knowledge is limited and I welcome any corrections to misunderstandings.
Why is Factor v Leiden relevant to TTC? source
The number of women developing miscarriages, intrauterine deaths, or infertility problems among 128 Leiden mutation carriers was compared with the number among 461 controls. The risk of having at least one miscarriage or infertility problems was 1.5 times greater for Leiden mutation carriers than controls. This result was statistically significant (95% CI 1.2, 2.7). The risk of having at least two miscarriages or infertility problems was 2.5 times greater for Leiden mutation carriers than controls. This was also statistically significant (95% CI 1.2, 5.13).
I used SNPedia to explore genetic info about this condition (link). If I understand correctly this means that the Leiden mutation is determined by a single basepair in DNA located at position rs6025. Presence of the A allele, either homozygous (AA) or heterozygous (AG) is the Factor V Leiden mutation. Homozygous GG is normal.
I went to 23andme in the browse raw DNA tool and searched rs6025. This told me that I am GG, negative for FVL. I wanted to share in case any of you have 23andme and might find this interesting or helpful.
Are there any other single genes or single gene mutations that could be explored in a similar way that you know of?
I've looked in to endo, and I did have both endo a genetic marker that made me predisposed for it, but I don't think it is a single gene condition. I did this by typing endometriosis in to SNPedia and looking at all of the related genes in 23andme.
It is also possible to look at i3000001, which is the cause for 70% of cystic fibrosis cases.
ETA: I'm not interested in discussing whether sharing my DNA with a company is the right thing to do or not. I decided it was and I stand by that, but I understand why some people are rightfully hesitant. I'm not encouraging you or discouraging you, but if you have access to the info via 23andme already, then you might as well use it.
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2017.01.26 14:28 tooyoungforthis1 [Domanda] analisi DNA e 23andMe

Avete mai fatto l'analisi del DNA di 23andMe? Se il costo fosse zero, la fareste/consigliereste di farla?
Sono, finora, in perfetta salute. Ho un piccolo interesse per la medicina e le novità tecnologiche che stanno cambiando il modo di fare medicina e, visto che il costo è tutto sommato accettabile, ho da un po' il desiderio di analizzare il mio DNA con il servizio offerto da 23andMe.
Purtroppo, come cittadini italiani, non possiamo ancora ricevere le analisi complete, ma possiamo ottenere i dati RAW. Visto che il DNA non cambia come in spiderman direi che farsi le analisi da giovane può anche essere visto come un piccolo investimento sulla propria salute.
Molti sottolineano come sapere il risultato delle analisi potrebbe avere un impatto negativo sulla propria vita, ma personalmente non condivido questo punto di vista. Se so di avere alcuni geni associati ad una probabilità leggermente maggiore di essere colpito da un tumore rispetto alla media al massimo mi metto a correre un po' di più (cosa che dovrei fare lo stesso).
Piuttosto, all'insorgere di una malattia, l'analisi potrebbe aiutare qualche dottore più giovane a diagnosticare/trattare con maggior successo. Ci sono alcuni siti che accettano i dati di 23andMe per offrire le loro analisi. Li ritenete affidabili?
Infine, l'analisi RAW di 23andMe stessa è affidabile? Visto che l'azienda esiste già da tempo direi di sì. Inoltre i costi bassi possono spiegarsi grazie al gran numero di kit venduti e all'automazione del processo.
TLDR: Fareste l'analisi? 23andMe e i servizi annessi sono affidabili?
EDIT: spazi
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2017.01.11 16:55 loonybinjones DNA test

I got a 23andme test for Christmas and was disappointed to learn that they no longer provide detailed health info due to restrictions by the FDA. I found another site that will allow you to import your data from 23andme to get all that info, but it's $5 and I don't have that right now. They accept cards and BTC (surprisingly). I almost have enough in my bitcoin wallet but I didn't know about transaction fees as this is my first time trying to buy something with bitcoin. I'm about 0.002 short.
Would someone be kind enough to gift me that amount so I can find out my health info?
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2016.09.07 02:43 FunQuestion Currently 5 weeks pregnant, taking a OTC prenatal - can someone help me interpret the results I got from Promethease?

I saw it mentioned on the internet that MTHFR could cause problems. Since I did 23andme earlier this year, I poked around and found out about Promethease reports. When I search my reports, I found the following and hope someone can explain to me what it actually means? Should I call my doctor tomorrow about getting a higher dose of folic acid?
rs1801131(A;C) Magnitude: 2.1 Frequency: 45.1% Repute:Bad References:123 Possible risks. Complex. MTHFR rs1801131 is involved in converting 5-methylfolate (5MTHF) to tetrahydrofolate (THF). Unlike MTHFR C677T, this mutation does not lead to elevated homocysteine levels. (hide) rs1801131 is a SNP in the MTHFR gene, representing an A>C mutation at mRNA position 1298, resulting in a glu429-to-ala (E429A) substitution (hence this SNP is also known as A1298C or E429A). A diplotype (according to the authors, but perhaps actually a genoset) of rs1801131 and rs1801133 has been linked to increased risk for several types of brain cancer. The highest risk of meningioma was associated with heterozygosity for both MTHFR SNPs (odds ratio 2.11, CI: 1.42-3.12, p=0.002). The corresponding odds ratio for glioma was 1.23 (CI: 0.91-1.66, p=0.02. In general, risks were increased with genotypes associated with reduced MTHFR activity. rs1801131 shows no consistent association with schizophrenia overall in 12 studies totaling 3,000+ patients [PharmGKB:Curated Risk or phenotype-asso...
gs192 Magnitude: 2.9 Repute: Bad MTHFR polymorphisms affecting homocysteine You have a combination of 2 SNP variations in MTHFR which influence homocysteine levels. This is found in ~20% of people. 0.08% of people had a double copy of a mutation in one of the SNPs, and a single mutation in the other. . gs193 indicates double mutations in both snps, and people with this are believed to be critically impacted, however several promethease users have self reported this genotype with no apparent consequences. *rs1801131 is at position 1298 *rs1801133 is at position 677 *http://www.mthfrheds.com/ *https://www.23andme.com/you/community/thread/5312/ *https://www.23andme.com/you/community/thread/2001/ *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA8GUIRqIkE MTHFR mutation frequencies in a sample of 37,000 individuals: * 677CT/1298AA 22.8% - 1 heterozygous mutation * 677CC/1298CA 20.8% ...
rs1801133(C;T) Magnitude: 2.5 Frequency: 44.2% Repute:Bad References:225 1 copy of C677T allele of MTHFR = 60% efficiency in processing folic acid = could have somewhat elevated homocysteine and low B12 and folate levels It is found in approximately * 48% of Hispanic Americans * 45% of Caucasian Americans * 45% of Japanese * 37% of Germans * 29% of Asians * 24% of African Americans * 12% of Sub-Saharan Africans (hide) rs1801133 is a SNP that is relatively common and has been studied for (relatively) a long time. Also known as C677T, Ala222Val, and A222V, it encodes a variant in the MTHFR gene, which encodes an enzyme involved in folate metabolism. Homozygous rs1801133(T;T) individuals have ~30% of the expected MTHFR enzyme activity, and rs1801133(C;T) heterozygotes have ~65% activity, compared to the most common genotype, rs1801133(C;C). This reduced activity (i.e. this SNP) has been linked at least once to each of the following disorders (though not necessarily reproducibly): * autism * cancer, including ** gastric cancer ** lung cancer ** head and neck cancer ** renal cancer * cleft lip and cleft palate * coronary artery disease * dementia * depression * hyperhomocysteinemia * migraine * neural tube d...
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2015.10.22 01:02 autotldr 23andMe returns with FDA-approved genetic health tests

This is an automatic summary, original reduced by 69%.
Google-backed genetic testing company 23andMe on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 said it is reintroducing some health screening tools that federal regulators forced off the market more than two years ago, due to concerns about their accuracy and interpretation by customers.
WASHINGTON - Genetic testing company 23andMe is reintroducing some health screening tools that federal regulators forced off the market more than two years ago, due to concerns about their accuracy and interpretation by customers.
The Google-backed company said Wednesday it will again offer 35 tests that tell users whether they carry genetic mutations for rare diseases like cystic fibrosis, which can be passed from parents to children.
The relaunch comes as the Silicon Valley company works to mend its relationship with the Food and Drug Administration and medical experts who have criticized the company's direct-to-consumer approach.
CEO Anne Wojcicki said 23andMe submitted studies to the FDA showing that users can understand genetic test results without the aid of a doctor or health counselor.
More than 1 million people have used the company's saliva-based test kit, a small plastic tube that customers fill with spit and return to the company for processing.
Summary Source FAQ Theory Feedback Top five keywords: 23andMe#1 company#2 test#3 genetic#4 customers#5
Post found in /Futurology.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic only. Do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2012.05.06 22:19 frontbot 9pm Sun 6 May 2012 - /r/science

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23andMe: Reports Overview - YouTube 23andMe, How It Works! - YouTube 23andMe - test dna : i miei risultati 23andMe: Getting Started Canada 23ANDME RESULTS! ANCESTRY DNA vs. 23 AND ME  RESULTS + HONEST REVIEW MY 23ANDME ANCESTRY RESULTS - YouTube 23andme UPDATED dna results, Hazara - YouTube 23andme vs AncestryDNA - What You Need to Know Testiamoci il DNA - 23andme

Registering Your DNA Test Kit – 23andMe Customer Care Canada

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  9. 23andme vs AncestryDNA - What You Need to Know
  10. Testiamoci il DNA - 23andme

Nick and I have been waiting for these results! We were so excited to try 23 and Me. This may be the funniest video I've ever posted. Have you tried 23 and Me? Purchase 23 and Me kit: amazon.com ... La figlia segreta di Lady Diana nata in vitro dopo test genetico voluto dalla regina - Duration: 5:34. ThaXu TV Recommended for you 23andMe offers multiple ways to understand what your DNA says about you, including health, traits and ancestry reports. Watch this video to learn more about ... I take the 23andMe DNA Ancestry Test to find out where I come From! Where are you from? COMMENT Below! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: http://tinyurl.com/n9jxdvz Follow ... 23andMe DNA Test (Tutorial + My Results) - Duration: 20:08. UsefulCharts 98,384 views. 20:08. Mix Play all Mix - 23andMe YouTube; How I ... Sito ufficiale da cui ordinare il kit: https://www.23andme.com/en-int/ Sito su cui caricare i raw data di 23andme per l'analisi di natura medica: https://pro... Discover more about your health, traits, and ancestry with 23andMe by visiting https://www.23andme.com/. A video about my updated 23andme ancestry dna results. I apologize for my shitty English :D, as you can probably guess, its not my native or even second lang... What is the difference between 23andMe and Ancestry DNA? How do I know which one is better, or which one is for me? Hi I’m Marc from Genealogy Explained.com, and in this video, I’m going to ... **IMPORTANT NOTE: I MAINLY discuss Ancestry because that is the kit I chose. 23 AND ME gives less detail than ANCESTRY, so, in the end, it is all about how much you want to know. MY RESULTS START ...