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Download/Stream J. Cole's mixtape, The Warm Up, for Free at MixtapeMonkey.com - Download/Stream Free Mixtapes and Music Videos from your favorite Hip-Hop/R&B artists. The easiest way to Download Free Mixtapes! Download J. Cole's second official mixtape 'The Warm Up' from 2009. J. Cole dropped off The Warm Up back in 2009, making a splash in the mixtape game with backing from Roc Nation. The majority of ... Download J Cole The Warm Up Mixtape Album Mp3/Zip. J. Cole’s “The Warm Up” mixtape is 10 years old yesterday and as such we have revisited the mixtape for your listening pleasure right here on Naijapeek media. Released in 2009, the 22 tracks project is a squarely hiphop project by the Dreamville rapper. The Warm Up is J Cole’s second mixtape and the leading factor in him being signed to Roc Nation, which significantly is home to “Lights Please,” the song that convinced Jay-Z to sign him. It ... On “Intro,” North Carolina rapper J. Cole prepares his audience for his second official mixtape The Warm Up. On the track, Cole speaks about his prerogative on line and shares his With the production skillz that emcees would pay mad digits for, J. Cole has the bars that earned Hov's respect and that's worth its weight in gold. THE WARM UP represents J. Cole's sophomore solo mixtape, featuring exclusive music + freestyles, produced mainly by Cole himself. Check out The Warm Up (Deluxe Edition) [Explicit] by J. Cole on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com. Stream The Warm Up Mixtape by J. Cole . Tekashi 6ix9ine and Big Sean are both headed for solid first weeks. Stream J. Cole - The Warm Up, a playlist by jofasa from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. J. Cole - The Warm Up by jofasa published on 2016-08-24T07:43:48Z. Genre Hip-hop & Rap Contains tracks. Intro (The Warm Up) by jofasa published on 2016-08-24T07:43:47Z. Welcome by jofasa ...

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2020.09.23 06:31 coronoid The Reunion: 9/21/1996

Leaving the bathroom, Katie Greenbriar strode into her room, finishing off her appearance with her pearly bracelets and necklace. Her blonde hair was held neatly into a ponytail. Her red dress was fairly conservative, humbly loose, and elegantly flowing. It was safe to say her room was complementary of her neat and tidy appearance. A year ago, this room was cluttered and messy, as though a storm rolled through. A storm named Sam.
Perhaps the only remnant of Samantha Greenbriar's tenure in this room is the UFO poster, bearing the words: "I WANT TO BELIEVE". Same place, by the windows. To Katie's knowledge, Sam's things had been moved to the basement (aside from a few belongings Katie was sure had been reclaimed by Sam during her secret "visit".
Shooting the room one last look before heading downstairs, a look of reluctance shot across her face. It didn't last, however, as her parents were downstairs, waiting for her. Their smiles brightened up the house, silent in its farewell for the night, as Katie carefully strode down the stairs while gripping the railing.
To Katie, her parents looked so adorably awkward. Her mother, adorned in a pink vest and pink skirt (the types Katie was used to seeing old ladies wear in the grocery stores and Wal-Mart.). Dad, meanwhile, was wearing a pink bow tie with his black tuxedo.
The car ride was oddly silent too. Mom knew to keep quiet because of Dad's nerves, and Katie was accommodating in that as well. With the windows down, the fall breeze softly flowed throughout the car, and the sound of leaves being blown in the wind filled the atmosphere, a soundtrack for the evening. During the day, the leaves in their orange and yellow hues provided scenery akin to a painting, but tonight, it was dark. As Katie stared through the window, as a dead leaf fell from a branch, she wondered how much Sam had changed and begun her new life. A year ago, she shed her autumn and is now living her spring.
An hour passed, and the Greenbriar's arrived - guests at this awards show. Funny, Katie thought. I'm not even up for anything but damn if I'm not nervous as hell right now.
The trio was seated inside, at a booth, at least ten or fifteen feet from the stage. Other guests and nominees were all seated and conversing among themselves. Terrence and Janice Greenbriar were in quiet discussion, and were oddly giggly in a way that kept a silly grin on Katie's face. It was so cute. Then her eye was diverted to two people who had entered the room.
Unbeknownst to her chatty parents, Katie's eyes followed a feminine figure, in a tuxedo of her own. This tux-wearer shared Katie's blonde hair, but had a red streak through it. It was Sam, who took notice of Katie as well. Face as red as the streak in her hair, Sam quickly turned to her side, to who was unmistakably Lonnie beside her, quietly yet visibly communicating to her. It was then, Lonnie, in her green dress, brushed her red hair with the blonde streak out from her face and glanced at Katie, before offering a smile and a wave. Katie, snickering, waved back. Something about Sam - ahem- S.H. DeSoto, being a successful author and with the love of her life filled her with such pride. The duo sat somewhere out of sight, still unseen by Mom and Dad.
The next two hours were filled with the usual experience of awards shows. Some woman weeped after winning the award for Best Romance Novel, "Where It Blooms", a weirdo in regular street clothing picked up his award for Best Horror Novel, "The Lonely Province" by Marcus Andrew, and due to mispronouncing a name, the wrong author picked up the award meant for another for Best Science Fiction Novel, "Among the Stars" by Cody Branson (who was mislabeled as Cory Winston). A handsome, yet soft-spoken male picked up his Best Poetry Collection, "Mask of the Beautiful" by Walter Haynes, and up next was Best Thriller.
"The Accidental Messiah" was the winner of this category, and Dad proudly accepted it with a short "thank you" and a nod. Katie was sure his voice cracked, and was certain that another voice from across the room cheered with her and Mom. The penultimate category following this was Best Adventure Novel, which went to "Captain Allegra and the Privileged Few", by S.H. DeSoto.
As Sam approached the stage, Katie immediately and without hesitation leapt to her feet to cheer her lungs out, not noticing Lonnie's cheers reverberate with hers, not noticing Lonnie's former band mates with her, applauding. Katie was even clueless to the shock of her parents, as well as Mom's sobs of joy.
Katie and her parents didn't see Sam for quite a while after that, but the flood of emotions stayed with her. She almost missed the final award, Novel of the Year, being presented. Running through the nominations, "Where It Blooms" by Sarah McCabe, "The Accidental Messiah" by Terrence Greenbriar, "In My Shoes" by Paul Wight, and "Captain Allegra and the Privileged Few, by S.H. DeSoto, but all fell to the autobiography by local rockstar turned author, Adam Cole, and his title "Baby", a title he won earlier in Best Autobiography.
Despite the big loss, the Greenbriars felt they won more than the award. Terrence won his award and the family was finally in the same place again. As everyone shuffled out, the Greenbriars remained in the hopes of seeing Sam, and see her they did.
Dragging her by the arm, Lonnie smiled at Sam's family, rather warmly in fact. Perhaps it was her dimples, but it was infectious, as everyone embraced.
"I missed you all so, so much," Sam's voice cracked. It wasn't long until Lonnie was the only one with dry eyes as she watched the family embrace. "I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry..."
"No," Terrence replied. "Don't you apologize. It was us who were wrong, honey. We were just going through a phase!" He was shaky, and unsurprisingly awkward in this apology.
"Sweetie, we were so worried about you! And- and we are so very proud! We're sorry, sweetie. We should have let you write these stories and not holding you back from yourself." Janice wiped her tears, not caring her eyeliner and makeup was now ruined, as were Sam and Katie's.
As for Katie, nothing coherent came from her between her sobs, adding to the tearful laughter among them.
Meanwhile, Lonnie's former Girl Scout band mates said something quick to her, nodded, and left. Lonnie turned to the family as Terrence greeted her.
"What have you two ladies got planned after this?" he asked her.
"Oh," Lonnie brushed her hair from her face again. before grabbing her right wrist. "We were probably going to celebrate at the hotel with the usual pizza and wine."
Janice shook her head. "No, you two are coming with us! We're going to have a party! And we suppose you can bring your friends. We're going to have ours, who couldn't make it there too! This'll be an exciting surprise!"
Finally managing to get a hold of herself, Katie said: "And I can destroy you both in Mortal Kombat. Much better than Street Fighter."
"Them's fighting words!" Lonnie replied playfully.
"As long as Christmas Duck is far away from me, I'm more than happy to be back." Sam added.
As the five headed for the door to the exit, Janice remarked, "Sam, we have GOT to have a discussion about your attire."
And so, after over two years of separations, the Greenbriar family was whole again, plus one more, as they leave, having gone home again.
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2020.09.23 06:08 chronoplaid [watch humor] The Balance Cock Bugle: Watch news... with "the Onion" treatment

[watch humor] The Balance Cock Bugle: Watch news... with
Courtesy of TwoBrokeWatchSnobs.com

Balance Cock Bugle

Husband with Selective Taste Begs Wife, “Please, Please Don’t Buy Me Another Watch”

SOUTH ORANGE, NEW JERSEY – Mark Mueller, 42, stared at the face of his Fossil-brand timepiece, “…actually it doesn’t have a model name. I suppose it doesn’t need one.” He bit down on his quivering lip and furrowed his brow before closing his eyes, “and it’s quartz so I don’t need to worry about winding it.”
Incidentally, Mueller hadn’t procured the watch himself. It was a gift from his wife (one watch of many actually) that wouldn’t have been his first choice… or second or third… if it were ever up to him. Over the years he’d amassed several dozen, all of which were incredible mark-downs from their original MSRP costs that were “too good to pass up.”
Mueller tried to explain the persisting phenomenon, “She says gift giving is her love language…” He removed the Fossil and placed it with the others in his repurposed cookie tin box “…whatever that means.” He shook the tin from side to side as if panning for gold before picking up another, “This DKNY one was originally $399 but she found it at Macy’s for less than seventy if you can believe it. She’s got a real nose for this kind of stuff.”
When pressed about the origins of his interest, Mueller sheepishly confided, “Actually my dad had a Rolex when I was a kid. It was the only thing I’d ever seen him wear. He used to let me shake it back and forth and I could feel the rotor spin through the case. It was almost cathartic.” His eyes distilled toward a wandering haze, “I made the mistake of telling Sandra that story and birthdays haven’t really ever been the same since… or promotions… or Hanukah.”
In his closing remarks, Mueller clarified, “Not ‘mistake’,” rocking his head side to side, “perhaps ‘overshared.’ I mean why own one or two Rolexes when you could have several dozen-” His voice trailed off before reaching back in the box, “…Kenneth Cole Reactions.”


Mark Zuckerberg Purchases Rolex Brand… Just Because.

In an unexpected turn of events, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, 36, ignited global controversy with his decision to purchase Rolex SA—quite possibly the only other corporate identity capable of challenging the brand awareness of Facebook’s social empire.
In response to the shaken investors as to why, he simply shrugged, “Because I could.”
It was a move of unprecedented spontaneity for the watch world… most of all for Jean-Frederic Dufour, Rolex’s CEO who, upon hearing the news of the backdoor deal, muttered in disbelief, “He can’t actually do this, can he? What the hell just happened…?”
Choosing to forgo a press conference, Zuckerberg had this to say: “While boredom should be reason enough, I guess there’s just something intrinsically special to this particular brand’s mastery of exclusivity… the concept of unobtainability is one I’ve always sought to patent and apply toward all business dealings… whether it’s intellectual property or anything else one might hold dear.” Zuckerberg let out a chuckle, “Like that one time I bought half of Kauai just to fence it off and piss off the locals.” He shook his head, “Sure was worth it to see their faces though.”
Watch collectors have already begun to posture their savings accounts for the trials that lie ahead, polling Instagram users with annoying requests to highlight their preferences for the non-Rolex “sell pile.” In the meantime, Zuckerberg’s latest Tweet only furthered the panic, “That new blueberry Submariner kind of reminds me of our Facebook logo,” he remarked. “I think I’ll keep that one. All of that one. The ‘smurf’ too.”
While community opposition has begun to mount against Zuckerberg’s further restriction of product flow, he remains cryptic, “The future exists in China, which is exactly why we’ll relocate our headquarters for operations in Beijing where we’ll quadruple production. This is not to say they’ll become more widely available… we don’t even know what Rolex is yet. How big it can get, how far it can go. A million Submariners isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion Submariners.”
Upon saying this, Zuckerberg paused a beat and gazed at his Timex, “Perhaps I’ll keep all of those too.”

Balance Cock Bugle

IWC Stoked That COVID and BLM Have Eclipsed the Toxic Male Investigations Led by #MeToo.

LOS ANGELES, CA—For many, 2019’s cultural shift could best be remembered as the wake up call America needed to acknowledge the victimization caused by sexual abuse. To some, it was simply “a good start.” Regardless, the media carried its message loud and clear; no person or entity would be spared the investigative scrutiny driven by the #MeToo movement. While reports are inconclusive, it’s estimated that those impacted were at least 90 percent women.
The ensuing audit of our culture for trace amounts of testosterone was thorough enough to impress the most stringent of gestapo—there was little IWC could do to bypass the attention, lest they remove all the, “absolutely no girls allowed signs” duct taped to their exhibition case displays.

Balance Cock Bugle
It wouldn’t be long before 2020’s coronavirus and civil unrest would pivot the nation’s focus. Chad Richards, IWC’s head of U.S. marketing, was counting his blessings.
“F**k me, bro,” he began. “They had us by the balls for sure. I didn’t know if we’d ever be able shake the bad press haunting us from those earlier ads.”
Richards took a beat to adjust his belt buckle, further adding, “I mean, it was like… we stepped in a s**t… which was actually the baited trigger of a bear trap… one of those big, old rustic ones that would look badass on your office wall, you know? Only… on the side, instead of “made in America” it read, ‘How do you like me now, bitch?’ He motioned his hips, figuratively thrusting upward, ‘F**k you, f**k you, f**k you,'” and eventually concluded, “Literally, it required several acts of God to pry off their lockjaw.”
When questioned if IWC had anything to add regarding BLM or the pandemic, he replied, “Yes, absolutely. God bless BLM, God bless COVID, God bless the troops, and God bless America. Stay safe, you guys. It’s all kinds of nuts out there.”
Editor’s Note: The TBWS crew wants to clarify that these are real IWC ads and they’ve not been manipulated in any way.

Balance Cock Bugle

Top Reddit Watch Seller Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

OSLO, NORWAY — Pat Ramachandran, noted Reddit watch seller with a transaction bling score over 25,000, was today nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Berit Reiss-Andersen, chairperson of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, was effusive in her praise of Ramachandran: “In the past year, despite a global pandemic, social unrest, and economic catastrophe, [Ramachandran] successfully found homes for thousands of neglected watches.”
“Our committee took the time to read through every impassioned Reddit post, noting that every single piece, despite being in ‘like new’ condition with ‘only a few faint marks’, had been suffering from painful yet preventable conditions such as insufficient wrist time and lengthy captivity within watch boxes. By helping to send these to good homes, Pat showed true selflessness and extreme care for these deprived timepieces. What ultimately led to our decision, however, were Direct Messages that explained Ramachandran was taking a hit on every transaction.”
The fact that Ramachandran’s nomination was announced publicly came as a shock, as the Nobel regulations stipulate that nominees’ names be sealed for fifty years before release. However, the Committee chose to allow this nomination to be made publicly in order to bolster Ramachandran’s chances to win the world’s top humanitarian achievement, a guest spot on Talking Watches.

Balance Cock Bugle

Man Tears Rotator Cuff Trying To Get Rolex Into Frame On Video Call

WANTAGH, NEW YORK — “Look, part of my job is knowing what I’m talking about. How the hell am I supposed to be taken seriously during Zoom calls if these f**king plebs can’t see my Rolex?”
Brandon Jung officially filed for worker’s compensation after purportedly injuring himself during the regular course of his employment as a Digital Marketing Project Manager for ReadySetMarketing, a reputation management business located in Wantagh, NY.
When asked why his Rolex needed to be in the Zoom frame, Mr, Jung replied, “Are you serious right now, man? We need to show our clients that we’re on the bleeding edge of what digital marketing has become and what it’s going to be. These people expect us to represent ourselves to the highest possible standards because Manhattan eats digital marketing agencies alive. A Rolex tells everyone in the room that you mean f*cking business and should be taken seriously.”
When corrected that his current employment location of Wantagh, NY was in fact over 40 miles away from Manhattan, Mr, Jung looked down at my Timex MKI, back at me, and refused to respond.
We reached out to Brandon’s supervisor Bob Spatz, ReadySetMarketing’s CMO, for comment. “What? CMO? I mean, I guess, but – listen we’re a small group here. There’s 5 of us including Brandon. We mainly deal with reputation management. You know, writing positive Yelp reviews for local restaurants, creating NAP data, and managing people’s ‘Google My Business’ accounts. I wouldn’t classify what we do as ‘digital marketing’.”
We asked about Mr. Jung’s title of “Digital Marketing Project Manager” to which Mr. Spatz responded “says here he’s a ‘Reputation Associate'” he explains, reading off Brandon’s hard copy employee file. “We’re not too strict with titles around here.”
We asked Mr. Jung about his CMO’s comments regarding his actual title of ‘Reputation Associate.’
“Of course he lied to you, you’re wearing a f*cking Daniel Wellington.”
ReadySetMarketing is contesting Mr. Jung’s filing of worker’s compensation, stating that his Rolex isn’t an essential tool for his day to day duties and that no one else in the video call had their camera on except him.

Balance Cock Bugle

YouTube Watch Reviewer Confused That He Can’t Pay Rent with Freebies

LOS ANGELES, CA — “I showed her the quality of the logo on the box.” Blaine Reed, the YouTube watch reviewer, explained as he raised a box for us to see the embossed lettered. “See? That’s pressed into the box – not printed. Quality! And these – look,” Mr. Reed then showed us that the watch brand’s logo was also on the extra straps they included. “Attention to detail – boom. But she didn’t care. She was all like ‘Sir, we can’t accept your watches as a rent payment’.”
Late on Thursday September 3rd, the popular YouTube watch reviewer was reported as banging loudly on the glass doors of the Rockvale Grotto Apartment Rental leasing office. When informed that it was after office hours, Blaine insisted the doors be open because he pays their salaries.
Upon being granted entry, Susan Tisdale, the leasing associate running the office that day, reported that Mr. Reed appeared exhausted and out of breath as he hauled a black construction trash bag behind him. Mr. Reed than began to empty the contents of the bag onto the leasing office floor, revealing a purported 63 different watches.
After inquiring as to the meaning of Mr. Reed’s actions, Ms. Tisdale shared with authorities that Mr. Reed then began to section off the watch boxes into 3 categories: “classy minimalist,” “baller sporty,” and “fly.”
“Listen, this is just insane,” Mr. Reed continued to our crew. “The retail value of these watches alone could pay for 3 years of my rent.” We asked Mr. Reed how he acquired the watches. “These brands are all about fair pricing, top quality, and cutting out the middleman, you know? They come to me to help spread the word on what they do. So they send me a watch to review.” We asked why Mr. Reed kept all the watches and didn’t return them or share them with his audience. “That’s rude, man – why would you turn down a gift?”
After Mr. Reed asked how much he’d receive as an appearance fee for being covered in this piece, we inquired as to whether taking free watches as payments for reviews compromises his biased or unbiased position as a reviewer people can trust. Mr. Reed replied that he didn’t understand the question. But he did inform us that we could use the code BLAINEDAWG10 to receive 10% off our next purchase.

Balance Cock Bugle

Adult Diaper Purchases Spike in Anticipation of Collectors Sh**ting Themselves over Latest Rolex Reveal

PALO ALTO, CA — In the wake of COVID-19 preparation, America’s populace learned a valuable lesson in emergency preparedness; purchase all the toilet paper you can. What can’t be purchased, steal. Silicon Valley’s aspiring tech moguls won’t be fooled twice and have applied the same logic toward adult diaper hoarding, well-aware of the news that Rolex has been leaking updates for their latest releases. Enthusiasts everywhere are primed for soiling themselves.
“As an entrepreneur, anticipating unexpected needs has been my biggest disruption to competitive markets,” says Andrew Chang, CEO to several start-ups he describes as “the Uber of crypto-currency and general pivoting.” “There’s a new rat race on the horizon,” he continues. “Everybody will be pre-occupied with acquiring the latest Rolex but nobody’s factoring the secondary effects here—rampant involuntary control of bowels at the next Redbar watch meet-up. Sure, you’ll try to play it cool when somebody finally drops the latest Blueberry Sub in front of your next watch pile… but good luck trying to hide the explosive excrement running down the pant leg of your chinos.”
Andrew is currently developing an application that will allow users to trade diaper stock quantity, while values are expected to fluctuate based on trending Rolex-related SEO data. “Posturing ourselves to be proactive through diversification has been the foundation of our success. Times change, but monetizing Rolex hysteria is ever-present.”
When questioned how this could impact local hospice needs or convalescent care for seniors, he’s continued to dismiss the concern. “You mean the generation responsible for carbon emissions, global warming, and systemic prejudices? You can’t be serious…”

Balance Cock Bugle

Bahamian Vacationer Drowns Due To Bezel Play

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Randal Baker drowned early Sunday morning while on vacation with his family in the Bahamas. The event occurred just after an incident between the 32-year old accountant and the tour guide for Sunny Fun Day Underwater Tours.
“I don’t understand. I told Mr. Baker that it was time to surface,” Ramon, their tour guide explained “But he just kept looking at his watch and saying something about ISO standards and asking me if my Apple Watch was ISO COSC.” Ramon paused and then added in confusion “I wasn’t wearing an Apple Watch. I don’t know why he thought I was.”
Mr. Baker’s wife recalled how much her husband was looking forward to this vacation.
“I would wake up some nights and he’d be next to me on his phone, looking up different diver watches and reading reviews. ‘I need to make sure I can find something that will hold up to our dive.’
‘Honey,’ I’d tell him, ‘the Sunny Fun Day Underwater Tour website says it’s only 15 ft, won’t your Oris be fine?’
‘The Diver 65?! Are you crazy – it’s only 10 ATM!’ Eventually he bought a [redacted], calling it his ‘adventure’ watch'”
However, while readjusting his chest mounted GoPro underwater, experts determined that the bezel had just enough play to cost Randal his life.
The Sunny Dive Tour team was monitoring their dive time on a cellphone from the boat and keeping in radio contact with each other. But Mr. Baker had been monitoring the dive time on his newly acquired ‘Adventure Watch’ – the [redacted]. After the bezel play had occurred, there was a one to two minute discrepancy between the two monitored dive times.
Despite pleas and protests to resurface from the 15ft shallow dive, his last recorded words were to the effect that COSC ISO and the Watchfam wouldn’t let him down.

Balance Cock Bugle

Watch Collector Optimistic with Latest Acquisition’s Potential to Raise His Sex Appeal

SEATTLE, WA—Having come across a flattering photo of Ryan Reynolds in a Google search for “celebrity watch brands,” Melvin Greenberg, 41, was convinced, “This is the one. This is the one that will finally get me laid.”
Before Piaget, Melvin had trialed several different watch companies with mixed celebrity endorsements, none of which had proven fruitful. He was convinced that the Tag Heuer Carrera, backed by the star power of Tom Brady and actor Brad Pitt, would have been a little overkill… but that, too, appeared faulty in effect. Sure enough, politics have a tendency to make their way into sponsorships which could have muddied the waters—alliances are frequently broken and re-established. Pitt, for example, had been swapped out by Tag for Leonardo DiCaprio.
Melvin believes, “It’s possible women were confused by the switch because now Brad Pitt’s an ambassador for Breitling. I can barely keep up with this, myself.” Against his better judgement, Melvin had purchased a Breitling Chronomat (just to be sure), even though he knew there was no mistaking him for a pilot.
With Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 having earned $786 million at the box office, a new record was set for the highest grossing rated R-film of all time. Reynolds’ persona had become synonymous with Deadpool’s—a relationship that would surely become tantamount for Piaget in return—and indistinguishably linked to how Melvin would be perceived.
For Melvin, it was the final touch to his innuendo-heavy profession of mattress sales, where he knew women would subliminally associate him with, “comfort and dreamscapes,” among “other forms of horizontal refreshment.”
Main Photo Credit: Mr Guy Aroch (mrporter.com)

Balance Cock Bugle

Ebay Seller Lists, “Used/Superb Leather Hodinkee Straps – in USED, Honest Condition, See Comments. No Returns.”

MIAMI, FLORIDA — “Super discount! These aren’t just any leather watch straps… these are extremely high quality Hodinkee-brand straps,” says WatchHead1775, “not your cheap Amazon ones.”
Included in the lot are three pairs at fifty percent off retail for a BuyItNow price of $528 + $75 shipping—a bargain to any enthusiast who’s been coveting a watch strap bearing the website’s stamp.
Among the conditions noted the seller assures, “At least forty percent more life left in them (give or take). All have a couple extra holes made (sometimes on hot, muggy days my wrists expand but not enough to go into the next hole so I had to make some custom adjustments). Typical wrist smell and salt-sweat marks on the inside are to be expected. Discoloration where it’s been bent against the tang buckle is normal. Minor fraying along thread but this is also normal—a shoe repair guy can fix for nothing. The two crocodile straps were originally glossy but now they’ve got a matte texture (matte ones actually cost more on their website).”
While WatchHead1775 has done their due diligence to “scrape off most of the wrist cheese” they wish to highlight, “What you see is what you get. No low-balling. No returns! Looking to save up for some new ones because I’m not a huge fan of the distressed look.”
At the time of this post, no serious offers have been considered.
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2020.09.20 17:37 AndyJPuente That one really detailed post about what to do this off-season:

DISCLAIMER: This took me 6 hours to write. It's gonna be a really long post so strap in. Go grab a snack (or a drink). As a Clippers fan, I'm going to give the franchise some tough love.


THIS FIRST SEASON WITH LEONARD AND GEORGE WAS A FAILURE. And it may significantly hurt our chances at re-signing Leonard and George in 2021. Unless we win the championship next season, or at the very least make the Finals, I would put the chances at re-signing both of these star wing players very low.
THE WESTERN CONFERENCE IS GOING TO BE TOUGHER NEXT SEASON. Now, I can't predict trades or anything of the sort, but it's not an unpopular opinion that the West was fairly weak this season. Going into the playoffs, the bottom teams were...
  1. The Portland Trailblazers - After being injured throughout the entire season and finally being healthy for the first time right before the playoffs. They expected everything to be smooth sailing (sound familiar?) and they were candidates to upset the Lakers until their star Damian Lillard got hurt and CJ McCollum had to play through a back injury.
  2. The Dallas Mavericks - Being led by Luka Doncic in only his second year in the NBA with a Kristaps Porzingis who's been battling injury all throughout the regular season. They also had some other notable losses in Jalen Brunson (injury), Dwight Powell (injury), and Willie Cauley-Stein (dropout of restart). If they had played, our series against them may have gone to 7.
  3. The Utah Jazz - A seemingly fractured relationship between their star players along with a huge injury blow to their 20+ points per game scorer Bojan Bogdanovic. Everyone expected the Jazz to implode upon their entering of the Bubble. Instead they shocked everyone and came out to a commanding lead against the 3 seeded Nuggets, until... Well, you know.
  4. The Oklahoma City Thunder - A 5 seed being led by our boys Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. This team managed to shock everyone, even their own fans, by making the playoffs this season. They even managed to take the Houston Rockets to 7 games.
Those were the lower seeded teams. All of whom (except maybe OKC) I expect to come back and contend for their same playoff spot or even higher. We also can't forget, next season Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will make their returns to the Golden State Warriors and who knows who else will join them if they decide to trade their pick.
THE CLIPPERS CURSE IS NOT REAL. We're not cursed, we just sucked. Looking back there was so much about this season that was just unsustainable. We had two huge rotational pieces in Marcus Morris and Reggie Jackson come into the team mid-season, when the original team had less than 48 minutes played together fully healthy. Jackson came in shooting lights out while Morris couldn't find the light switch. Paul George played 48 games this season, Kawhi Leonard played 57. Even though we didn't play the regular 82 games, those numbers are just way too low especially for a team that was just put together and has to develop chemistry.
THE CLIPPERS DIDN'T CARE ENOUGH TO STAY IN SHAPE AFTER THE SEASON GOT SUSPENDED. While LeBron James was organizing 1-on-1 individual workouts with players even with the likes of Jared Dudley, we didn't hear or see anything about what our team was doing. It even became a running joke that Kawhi was just "recharging" and that's why we didn't hear from him. These guys went back to living their normal lives during the pandemic which, to a point, I understand. But, while you and I stayed and worked from home or risked getting the virus to provide for our families, these players who make substantially more than we do (like Khris Middleton) openly admitted to not even picking up a basketball during the postponement and where are they now? They couldn't even buy one of those hoops you get from Target to throw up shots before dinner.
THEY ALL WANTED TO LEAVE FOR A REASON. If you guys remember there was this report saying that the Clippers were for cancelling the rest of the season. Of course, the Lakers were also behind this, especially LeBron James, but no one is going to remember them being involved in this especially if they win the NBA title this season. Although this is complete speculation, it's hard not to believe that some of our roster wanted to leave because they knew this season wasn't going to work out for us and that they were not physically prepared for the restart.
HARRELL AND WILLIAMS DIDN'T WANNA BE THERE. Harrell had just lost his grandmother and Lou his grandfather and both of them seemed incredibly out of rhythm and out of focus during every single game since their respective returns. I can't imagine either of these guys had playing basketball at the top of their list of priorities.
GUYS WERE OUT OF SHAPE. Remember Kawhi in the first 3 warm-up games? The media overreacted saying things like "How will a Kawhi Leonard averaging 8 points per game help lead the Clippers to the Finals?" Well, they were sorta right. If you told me that during the entire postponement of the NBA that no one on the Clippers picked up a basketball I wouldn't even be surprised. Guys were rusty. Like really really rusty. And I'm not even saying it as an excuse for them, I'm saying this to place a little blame on them. As Patrick Beverley once said to Jared Dudley on Twitter, basketball is a full-time full-year sport you have to stay ready and in shape 24/7, 365.
EVERYONE GAVE UP. I saw it, you saw it, the world saw it. Once the Clippers got down 7 at the end of the 3rd quarter their body language completely shifted. They accepted defeat when the game was still well within reach. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were just following whatever defensive schemes that were drawn up even though they knew it wouldn't work. In the 3rd they finally decided to double Jokic, but, by cheating off Murray, we left him wide-open essentially helping him score his series high 40 points against us. We're supposed to be hounds, that night we were three-legged chihuahuas.
WE'VE LOST THE 18-19 CLIPPERS HEART. There's a different feeling when you're the underdog because expectations are low and if you go even slightly above them you feel great. Just ask the Phoenix Suns or the Miami Heat this season. We took the Kevin Durant led Warriors to 6 games as an 8th seed and even though we lost, we were incredible. Now, we just closed out our first season as title contenders with incredible disappointment. Unable to make it to even the NBA's 2nd highest stage. There WILL be a point next season when this team is unrecognizable from the 18-19 roster. We have to accept that.


WE'RE IN A TOUGH SPOT. No 1st round draft picks. Little assets of value outside of the top 2 guys. So that leaves us with very little options, but I'm still gonna try to find some stuff we can do.
KAWHI LEONARD NEEDS TO START REHABBING LIKE... YESTERDAY. There were more games where Kawhi looked a step slow than there were games where he looked to be playing up to his namesake. He needs to start doing rehab and getting some cartilage shots in his knee to help him get back to form. This off-season will be a short one with the league expected to restart during Christmas and still play a grueling 82 games. We shouldn't expect Leonard to not load manage at all, but we should try our best to keep it to a minimum.
PAUL GEORGE NEEDS TO GO TO A SPORTS PSYCHOLOGIST. I don't want to be that guy to diagnose other people with mental barriers, but you have to assume that George does have some form of "stage fright," right? When the games matter the most he tends to shrink under the pressure. This happened last season when he was a member of the Thunder in a game 7 against the Jazz. I know a trend when I see one and George, as our 2nd option, cannot fold in those high pressure environments especially if we hope to win a championship with these two.
DOC RIVERS NEEDS TO BE FIRED. Yeah, it's easy to blame the coach for blowing a 3-1 lead, but Rivers now owns 23% of all blown 3-1 leads in the NBA's entire history. That kind of reputation shouldn't be welcome on any championship level team. Not to mention, Rivers was thoroughly out-coached in both series we played this season and refused to make major adjustments. His biggest adjustment in a game 7 in the semi-finals was to play another guy more minutes (Reggie Jackson) instead of tightening the rotation down to 7 maybe 8 guys. Obviously, we shouldn't fire him unless we can for sure get an upgrade at that position AND someone who has a plan of how to properly utilize our roster to its highest potential.


Our roster is looking pretty thin going into this off-season with only 9 of our 15 guys assured to return (3 of whom played less than 200 total minutes this season). So, to put it bluntly, we have 6 key guys on the books for next season: Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley, Ivica Zubac and Landry Shamet. Only one of those players is over 6'9" that being Zubac.
While the game has been leaning toward undersized 4s (Jayson Tatum, Robert Covington, etc.) and the 4s who are over 6'10" (i.e. Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokounmpo, etc.) eventually playing center in the playoffs we somehow managed to be even more undersized than that.
With Harrell playing a bulk of the minutes at center, that leaves us with someone who is 6'7" guarding guys like Jokic, Adams, Gobert, Embiid, Porzingis, etc. in crunch time which is anything but ideal. Yes, he has the strength to do it, but not the size to contest any center with a half decent passing game or mid-range/three-point shot. Another factor that plays into us being so small, is our other 6th man of the year, Lou Williams.
When our 2nd unit (Jackson-Williams-Shamet-Green-Harrell) was in, we were smaller than the Houston Rockets! We essentially had 3 guards coming off our bench this season: Reggie Jackson, Lou Williams, and Landry Shamet. Since all 3 of these guys were good enough to play minutes, they played the positions they were listed in: the 1, the 2, and the 3. This would be okay if Shamet or Reggie had some kind of defensive element to their game, but they don't. Not at this stage in their careers. We wondered why we continually lost leads when this version of our bench came into the game and it's because the defensive pressure became a lot less intense and our length all went to sit and rest. Even when one of George or Leonard stayed in with that unit, the rest of the lineup were such huge defensive liabilities that it cancelled out anything our two stars did. That cannot and should not happen next season.


Free Agents:
  1. C Montrezl Harrell
  2. PF Marcus Morris
  3. PG Reggie Jackson
  4. PF JaMychal Green (Player Option)
  5. PF Patrick Patterson
  6. C Joakim Noah (Non-Guaranteed)
Taking into account what we talked about in the last section, it's pretty obvious what we should do, but the question is can we feasibly get all these things done in a single off-season? I'll be highlighting what we should do with each of our free agents.
MONTREZL HARRELL ($43.5M/3YR). Lets start by addressing the elephant in the room. In recent years, the most successful teams with undersized centers have had elite three-point shooting. We don't have that and aren't close to that level, so there is no reason for us to have a center like Harrell. He should go to a team that has that. Now, losing him for nothing is not ideal so we should try to get whatever we can for him, no matter how little it may be. That's why I'm recommending we sign-and-trade C Montrezl Harrell. This'll be a bit hard, since his value went down in the bubble he won't be expecting his projected $20M+ per season this off-season, I have one lucky team getting him for $14M per season.
As some of you may know, sign-and-trades can only be done with the attached player (so for example we can't attach McGruder to a Harrell trade to match salaries). Here is the trade I have in mind:
Los Angeles Clippers Portland Trailblazers
Rodney Hood [$6M/1YR] Montrezl Harrell [$43.5M/3YR]
2020 2nd Round Pick
2021 1st Round Pick [Top 10 Protected]
Now, hear me out. Obviously this trade makes sense for the Portland Trailblazers. Whiteside was a proven liability on both ends in the playoffs and now you get a guy with a motor that can play behind Jusuf Nurkic when need be and he is also insurance in case Nurkic, Collins, etc. were to get hurt again. The Blazers also have Lillard and McCollum on deck through at least 2025 and their 3-point shooting isn't going anywhere especially with the sudden emergence of Gary Trent Jr.. They'd provide great spacing for Harrell and could make excellent use of his inside presence.
Why do we do this? Well you're probably wondering why we're taking Hood in return when we have guys like Lou and Shamet already locked into the roster. That should give you a hint of what'll be in the next section... Firstly, we only do this is it is proven that Hood is 100% healthy. But the reasoning here is that we get an actual SF to backup Kawhi Leonard and Paul George who shot 49.3% from 3 this season before his injury. Yeah, the return isn't great, but we do get a serviceable role player who's contract expires at the same time as Leonard and George's (preparing for the worst) as well as renewing our anemic draft pick stockpile.
Another slightly less realistic trade would be...
Los Angeles Clippers Detroit Pistons
Derrick Rose [$7.6M/1YR] Montrezl Harrell [$43.5M/3YR]
2021 2nd Round Pick [via LAL]
The only reason I say this is less realistic is because the Pistons don't really have a need for a win-now guy like Harrell, but if they lose out on Christian Wood and/or draft a guard in the draft like Killian Hayes, then they'll appreciate a guy like Harrell especially since Detroit isn't exactly a free agent hot-spot. Harrell also isn't old, he's only 26 years old. We also know how much Dwayne Casey loves his bench guys. Rose averaged 5.6 assists last season coming off the bench with the Pistons and would be an immediate remedy to our playmaking issues, but I personally don't think this trade happens.
MARCUS MORRIS ($16M/1+1 PO YR). Okay, so... I know the Clippers are generally disliked no matter what we do, but you have to admit that the hate is better when it's unwarranted vs when they actually have a reason... and Morris kinda gives them a reason. Although, I expect him to return more humbled and ready to play than ever. So I say, re-sign Marcus Morris. He won't be cheap, but if he sees the potential of this team and front office I think he takes the deal. The player option allows him to leave if George and Leonard do in 2021.
REGGIE JACKSON ($4M/1YR). I think Reggie takes this deal is because of what happened this post-season. The dude got a game-winning shot hit over him and then got benched for being a defensive liability. Not that I necessarily want him back, but I think he returns purely based on the fact that he is friends with Paul George. He also would be good in the almost inevitable event Patrick Beverley or other guard gets injured and has to miss 10-15 straight games.
JAMYCHAL GREEN (OPTS IN, $5M/1YR). I see no reason Green doesn't opt in unless he feels really out of place here or he thinks he can make bank somewhere else. The free agency market this off-season will be full of 4s and 5s and the postponement may negatively affect the cap space for every team. So much so that guys such as Aron Baynes, Tristan Thompson, and Derrick Favors will be signing longer deals, but only for a little bit more than Green makes right now and, talent wise, Green isn't up to their level.
PATRICK PATTERSON ($0M/0YR). I think it's time we let Patterson walk. He barely plays for us and those comments he made about hating the restart of the season along with critiquing the rescheduling of the LAL/LAC game after Kobe Bryant's death got us a lot of hate for a dude who just doesn't play minutes to be worth the trouble or reputation. He also lost his title of "The Davis Stopper." Goodbye, Patterson. It's been fun.
JOAKIM NOAH ($1.7M/1YR). We guarantee his deal. The man did great in his previous season with the Memphis Grizzlies for the amount of minutes he played and is just a great energy guy to have around.


Urgent Needs:
  1. Forward depth. Duh.
  2. Play-making guard who's capable on defense. From Parker to Lowry, Leonard has always had a half-decent defensive guard who can move the ball around. Leonard had the ball in his hand way too much this season with little distribution help. He was our leading assist getter in the playoffs.
  3. Defensive-minded center with size, length and durability. If you're over 6'10 with a decent wingspan and can play more than 30mpg please come on down.
  4. A new coach with championship, or even conference-winning, experience.
After the aforementioned signings/trades, we won't have a lot of cap space to work with and this is what our roster would look like:
P. Beverley P. George K. Leonard M. Morris I. Zubac
R. Jackson L. Williams R. Hood J. Green J. Noah
T. Mann R. McGruder L. Shamet M. Kabengele
14 of our 15 roster spots have been filled, but I don't plan on all of these guys staying (*DUN DUN DUN*). These are the free agents I think we should target during this off-season:
SERGE IBAKA [OFFER OUR MLE: $8.9M/1YR]. Okay, so this one isn't exactly "realistic" just because of the price that Ibaka will demand and after the run that Raptors had in the post-season he may want to remain loyal to the franchise. However, if Kawhi Leonard still has any connections to him, he may be able to convince Ibaka to take a short term deal in exchange for being our starting center as opposed to playing 22 minutes per game off the bench for the Raptors. Yes, I know. We have Zubac, but Ibaka is more experienced and will give the starting lineup the ability to play a 5-out offense which is very necessary in today's NBA. Not to mention his athleticism and defense would be very welcome.
ARON BAYNES [OFFER: $11.0M/1+1YR]. Okay, so this one isn't exactly "realistic" either, but we should try to at least get a meeting with him and pitch him the role of the 3-point, floor spacing, starting center. While Baynes isn't exactly notable for his defense at age 33, his floor spacing alone should give reason for him to start over Zubac. Especially when you see that our bench unit is already full of capable 3-point shooters.
ANDRE ROBERSON [OFFER: $5M/2YR]. I think we have the ability to be one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George on the same team that goal should be well within reach, but when one sits we suddenly put immense pressure on George or Leonard to pick up the defensive slack for Jackson, Williams, Shamet, etc. It's too much. With Hood on the court at SG alongside one of George or Leonard at PF, Roberson would come in at SF to provide some defensive burden relief. I know he's not great offensively, but we have a lot of offense as is.
JAMES ENNIS [OFFER $6.0M/2YR]. Pretty much the same reasoning as Roberson, except Ennis is a bit more adept at scoring than Roberson.
I'm not gonna lie to you... that's about it for our free agent targets. Everyone else is either really unrealistic, wouldn't fit with our current style of play, or play positions that we already have in spades. Not to mention, a lot of the free agents right now are from teams that are exceeding expectations like the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets so they'll either re-sign with the teams they're on or seek a payday that we can't give them.
If we get the free agents we can realistically sign this is what our depth chart would look like:
P. Beverley P. George K. Leonard M. Morris S. Ibaka/A. Baynes
R. Jackson R. Hood A. Roberson/J. Ennis J. Green I. Zubac
T. Mann L. Williams L. Shamet J. Noah
R. McGruder M. Kabengele
16 out of 15 spots are taken. For now...


Here's the sweet part. Probably what everyone who's made it this far has been waiting for: The trades. Now, like I said in the beginning, we don't have many desirable assets apart from George and Leonard and there's no way we give up on those two already, so we're left to look at everyone else. As you can see from the most recent table we have a bit of a log jam at the PG, SG and SF spots so that's where we'll be looking to clear people out of first.
Los Angeles Clippers Golden State Warriors
Rodney McGruder 2022 2nd Round Pick [via TOR]
Yeah, nothing too exciting to start off. Here both the Warriors and the Clippers benefit. The Clippers get rid of McGruder's $5M/1YR contract and the Warriors, who are even more cash strapped than us, get a player they can actually give minutes to in the regular season as a backup guard given the fact that Jordan Poole and other rookie/undrafted/minimum contract guys they tested last season didn't exactly pan out.
[DISCLAIMER: This trade only happens under very specific circumstances that I will explain below. If those circumstances are not met, there's almost no way this happens.]
Los Angeles Clippers Indiana Pacers
Malcolm Brogdon Patrick Beverley
Lou Williams
Now, before you roast me, hear me out. The only way this happens is if during Indiana's coaching job search they land somebody who likes running a deeper bench. If they hire someone like D'Antoni who likes playing 7-9 guys during the regular season and then 6-7 guys during the playoffs this will not happen. It also depends on how much stock the Pacers' front office put into their sweep to Miami sans Domantas Sabonis, and Victor Oladipo's looming free agency.
If they believe they have a shot of re-signing Oladipo and he has expressed interest in staying and winning with the team this is a move they can make. Malcolm Brogdon averaged 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 7 assists for the Pacers last season in 30mpg and shooting 32% from 3. While those numbers are impressive, the eye-popping number is his games played this season which was 54. For context, there were 73 regular season games. He played less games than Ben Simmons (57) who had to have season-ending surgery before the playoffs even began.
Availability is the best ability and with guys who are prone to miss games like Sabonis (11 missed), Lamb (27 missed), Oladipo (54 missed), etc. having other skillful bodies could help them in the 82 game long run and allow Oladipo and Lamb to occasionally rest coming off surgeries and Sabonis coming off rehab. Their only player who didn't miss a single game was Justin Holiday who is a free agent expected to get multiple nice offers this off-season.
In the last game of the post-season, Indiana lost 87-99 to the Miami Heat. In that game, 3 starters combined to score 68 points. Their bench? Scored 3 points. The lights proved too bright for rookie Aaron Holiday and McMillan seemingly refused to play TJ McConnell in that series because of his lack of defense and offensive inconsistency. They needed a scoring boost off the bench and Lou Williams provides just that. The acquisition of Patrick Beverley over Malcolm Brogdon allows Oladipo to become the primary ball handler again. Beverley would also take on defensive guard assignments Oladipo may not be ready for coming off his surgery.
The Pacers were 26th in total 3-point attempts this season. While some of that has to do with McMillan's coaching, it also largely has to do with their personnel. Two of their top three scorers in TJ Warren and Domantas Sabonis operate almost exclusively inside the arc or in the paint and are less effective when you move them outside of their respective zones. Brogdon also prefers to shoot mid-range shots and drive to the basket over settling for threes. By replacing Brogdon, a 32.6% 3-point shooter on 4.3 3PA per game, with Patrick Beverley, a 38.8% 3-point shooter on 4.0 3PA per game, and Lou Williams, a 35.2% 3-point shooter on 4.8 3PA per game, they'd presumably open up the inside for TJ Warren and Domantas Sabonis.
The Clippers in this case get a 6'6" PG who is very capable on switches and averaged 7 assists per game with a defensive rating nearly equaling that of Chris Paul's this season. His ball handling will really enhance the games of both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Sure, he may miss more games than Beverley or Lou would have, but with Reggie Jackson as our backup, we can probably afford to rest him here and there. A decent risk comes with this trade. Brogdon may be perpetually injured and continue to regress quickly and his availability, athleticism, and defensive prowess all take large hits in the process, but if he can stay healthy and return to his Milwaukee Bucks form, we could have one of the smartest point guards in the league commanding our offense.
[DISCLAIMER: This trade would only happen if trade #2 didn't. If #3 happens, #2 won't.]
Los Angeles Clippers New Orleans Pelicans
Lonzo Ball Lou Williams
The reasoning is sorta the same here as it is for the Brogdon trade. There have been rumors circulating that Ball has grown disinterested with the Pelicans and that he's expected to request a trade this upcoming off-season. During the last 8 regular season games, Ball averaged 8.5 points, 5.0 rebounds and 6.8 assists in 30.5 minutes played. He shot 32.5% from 3, but 34.5% from the field and came up short whenever his team needed him the most.
If he does outwardly request a trade that, following his poor performance in the bubble and considering his expiring deal will allow him to be acquired for cheap. A Lonzo Ball for Lou Williams deal may make sense in this case. The acquisition of Lou Williams would really boost New Orleans' bench output and if they use their 13th overall pick on the guard they are expected to draft, Cole Anthony, they will have an immediate replacement for Ball. It would give them a starting lineup of Jrue Holiday, JJ Redick, Brandon Ingram, Zion Williamson, and whichever center they choose to sign in free agency. That would give them a bench unit of Cole Anthony, Josh Hart, Lou Williams, Nicolo Melli, and Jaxson Hayes. Pretty lethal shooting and play-making to surround Zion Williamson with.
Unlike the former trade, we would not give up Patrick Beverley which would make Reggie Jackson more of a 3rd string point guard like he was in the playoffs. Unless Ball and Beverley play some minutes together which I probably wouldn't recommend. So if we do somehow acquire Lonzo Ball and retain Patrick Beverley, we probably should not re-sign Reggie Jackson.
Acquiring Lonzo Ball would be huge for us. He would really push the pace of this team and get Leonard and George incredibly open looks. Ball's passing was a big reason why Zion Williamson looked like a superstar last season. Pair that passing guard with a superstar like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, and he'll make them the best duo in the league. Not to mention his defensive rating this season was just 0.02 worse than Brogdon.
[DISCLAIMER: If this trade were to happen, the aforementioned ones wouldn't.]
Los Angeles Clippers Houston Rockets
Russell Westbrook Lou Williams
Patrick Beverley
Rodney McGruder
I'll be the first to say it, I'm not a huge fan of this trade. Russell Westbrook, coming off two seasons of averaging a triple double, paired up with James Harden in Houston and his game took a significant dip. Not to mention he missed a lot more games due to injury this season. Now, to be fair, between the two of them Harden would certainly command the more usage as he is the better player which would, in turn, negatively impact Westbrook's production.
However, Houston specifically constructed their roster to fit Westbrook and Harden's games. They traded away their C Clint Capela for SF/PF Robert Covington before the trade deadline in order to open up the driving lanes for Westbrook. Even though they adjusted for him, he was no where to be seen during their playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers unless it included running head first into the paint and subsequently turning the ball over. Essentially being outplayed by Rajon Rondo coming off the Laker bench.
The perspective of Westbrook's game has severely shifted in the last two seasons, as it is now universally expected for guards to be knockdown 3-point shooters which Westbrook is incapable of doing at this stage of his career. Even his ball-handling has taken a bit of a step back this season (although that only may be because he was no longer the primary ball-handler in Houston's offense). However, his level of distribution is something we desperately need to open the game for Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. As long as Doc Rivers, or whichever coach we have next season, doesn't leave Westbrook standing on the perimeter he could probably preform better than he did in Houston.
We could theoretically have a point guard that owns the paint, a small forward who owns the mid-range, and a shooting guard who's usually money from three. As long as Westbrook knows and accepts his role and isn't trying to chuck 3-pointers and mid-range turnaround bank shots in crunch time he could be the best 3rd option in the league. Not to mention, before Kawhi Leonard signed with us, Westbrook and George were nearly traded to Toronto in an effort to keep Leonard up north. That was before we stepped in with a better offer for just Paul George. So if we're worried about having a foundation to keep Leonard after 2021 this could do it.
In this case, Beverley and Williams return to Houston after a quick layover in LA. Already familiar with the system and how to play with Harden, this would be a quick fit together and an opportunity for them to get off the contract of Westbrook if they believe he is going to regress and become a negative asset. If Houston believes we are underselling them on Westbrook they may ask for Shamet or Green to be included in the deal in place of McGruder. Either way, Houston gets to surround Harden with more efficient 3-point shooters and, with the recent firing of their head coach Mike D'Antoni, they could scrap the small ball method altogether and sign one of the many available mid-tier centers in this free agency.


M. Brogdon/L. Ball [6'6"]/R. Westbrook [6'4"] P. George [6'9"] K. Leonard [6'7"] M. Morris [6'9"] S. Ibaka/A. Baynes [7'0"]
R. Jackson [6'0"] L. Shamet [6'4"] R. Hood [6'8"] J. Green [6'9"] I. Zubac [7'1"]
T. Mann [6'6"] A. Roberson/J. Ennis [6'7"] J. Noah [6'11"]
M. Kabengele [6'9"]
Obviously this is only 14 of an available 15 roster spots, so I believe the last one will be used to elevate one of our two-way guys. Perhaps Amir Coffey to fill in that 3rd string SF spot.
Yeah it looks a bit shakier than our roster did last season. There's no Williams or Harrell to shoulder the whole load of the bench scoring for us, but maybe that's for the better. When we have 2 options off the bench who can score 20 points per game any given night, that takes way too much offensive pressure off Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Watching the Clippers play, sometimes I had the feeling that George and Leonard began to slack and start to think "Eh, Lou and Trez are about to come in, they'll score for us for sure." And vice versa, occasionally it felt like if Lou and Trez started stinking it up during their first bench run, they started thinking "Well, George and Leonard are the stars of this team they'll get us back into this." I want Kawhi and Paul to bring it offensively and defensively every single night they play and not sit back and score 11 points and 14 points cause Trez and Lou combined for 53.
I want Kawhi Leonard to average 29 ppg 8 rpg, 2bpg and 2spg next season. I want Paul George to average 28 ppg, 2 spg and shoot 45% from 3. Brogdon and Morris can split the 3rd overall scoring role and, along with Ibaka, can be our defensive help. I want Brogdon to come in and average 14 ppg with 9 apg. I want Morris and Hood to come in and help take defensive pressure off Kawhi and George by taking tough assignments every night. I want Reggie and Shamet to provide just a bit of scoring and 3-point shooting off the bench. I want the Zu and Ibaka duo to be an opposing center's worst headache. When we need to go small, I want JMyke to be as aggressive as ever and eat the boards alive and hit every open three he can. This roster restructure would be a huge improvement.


Even though we lost in one of the most horrid ways imaginable, the season has come to an end. We can turn the page. We look at the Lakers where LeBron James will have to likely play until the end of October and then pick it right back up again at the end of December to play a full 82 games at age 36. We talk about his age a lot, but eventually it will catch up to him. LeBron James is used to 5 months between the Finals and opening day, but now there will only likely be 2-2.5 months with the startup expected for Christmas Day. Davis also played over 85% of total regular season games for only the third time in his eight-year career which is something I don't expect to happen consistently given how injury prone he is. The Lakers over-preformed.
This season will serve as a lesson. After all the talk and media hype about how we should be the favorites, almost no one will pick us to win the whole thing next season especially with Curry and Durant coming back next season. We will be underdogs once again. We will have that chip on our shoulder and, if the roster changes I've recommended come to pass, we will have our defensive identity back.
We took the regular season for granted and the results absolutely kicked our asses. We had almost no chemistry heading into the post-season. We had a total of 11 games played together when fully healthy and that really showed. We ended up with the 2nd seed playing the league's #1 offense in the first round in a series that went to 6 without some of their best role players and then having to face the best center in the NBA and 3-point sniper in the 2nd round. Ideally we should have faced the Portland team that played as many games healthy as we did and then followed it up by playing a Houston team that our defensive dynamic duo and Harrell would've eaten alive.
In the end, another season is in the books and unlike last off-season, we won't have the "will they? won't they?" stress that came along with who was going to sign Kawhi Leonard. We got our main guys. Now we just have to put the right pieces around them. We have one of the best front offices with the GOAT Jerry West commanding the ship and the richest owner in the NBA in Steve Ballmer who should surely be more than willing to dip into the luxury tax to improve the roster. Lets look ahead to 2021, Clipper Nation!
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2020.09.18 18:13 Ren1327 4. Lost Pet

Life is…something else.
Last spring, Jacob Bennet almost got killed by a classmate.
Last month, he was in a skirt running away from a giant bat, then frozen by an ethereal man who claimed to be a wizard or something.
And last night…
Last night, his uncle and best friend’s mom got drunk off wine, cried for hours and admitted to him that they was moving back to his home state.
That Cole had followed him from.
Across the nation.
In a month’s time.
Cole and Esperanza cried for another hour, his uncle Tristan drank more, and Jacob had to help tuck them all in when all three passed out.
He called Mac after, since he was the only one who did not have the pleasure of witnessing the awful mess. It was three in the morning.
Mac never picked up.
“Back to Texas?!” Mac yelled, as Jacob tied was tying his hair back in a ponytail for gym.
“Stop wiggling.” Jacob sighed, combing his fingers through the rough locks. “And yes. My grandad passed away suddenly and left a house and a bit of money for my uncle. It also happens that the main library in that same city is hiring, so it looks like Tristan is getting the job.”
“Aw, Jakey.” He said softly. “Good for Tristian but…”
“It’s fine. I never really knew grandad. I hear he liked me enough so...” Jacob lied as Cole sniffed from behind them, pretending to play a game on his switch.
“Well…That’s not too bad…considering I’m going with my Moms for the summer.” He said and turned with a small smile.
“Wait, what?!” Cole yelled. “Don’t they live in the same-”
“Three houses down from Jakey’s new address.” Mac said, covering his smile.
“You absolute jerk!” Jacob yelled, beating his fist on Mac’s back and shoulders lightly, not even causing Mac to flinch. “When were you going to tell me? How is this even happening?!”
Mac grabbed Jacob’s hands and planted them on the blond’s lap.
“My Moms are super pissed with my Dad. First the drinking, then the partying. He never even told them I was in the hospital because it “slipped his mind.” Or something.” Mac grumbled. “Which, yeah, that guy can get lost in a Walmart after thinking too hard, but still. I was scared about telling you guys.”
“So…” Cole piped up. “You’re both leaving?”
Jacob felt my stomach drop. Again.
“Cole.” Jacob said. “Maybe I can…We could...”
“No. No, I just…” He sighed and stood. “I need to…”
Mac got up and hugged him. “Come with us. We can bunk together or something.”
Jacob smiled as he understood what Mac was suggesting. They only had two weeks of school left after all.
Jacob jumped up and joined the hug. “Yeah! Summer in Texas!”
Both Jacob and Cole deflated at the outburst, coming to the same realization. “Oh no…Summer in Texas…”
The next day, Jacob walked home with a bag of lemon lime sherbet and Gatorade for Tristan a little before lunch. He was planning on staying with Mac for the rest of the weekend, but Tristan insisted that Saturday treats were always together during his lunch break at the call center he had been working at for the last few years.
It always seemed like the three were at each other’s houses. Esperanza working nights, Tristan pulling double shifts and Mac’s father…well, not there, he wondered if they could all just move in together after high school.
But for now. Saturday lunch and sherbet with his uncle had become a tradition since before they had moved.
He shouldered his backpack, trying to be careful with the canister of pepper spray he had gotten from Esperanza. She had given all three of the boys them as “a way to buy a few seconds”.
With puppy dog eyes and a few key words, she gave them basic self-defense lessons, along with two weekends worth of training to escape “bad situations”. Even which side to exit a car if being pursued. Jacob kind of wish she had been his mom.
He knew they would use her training at some point. And her love and dedication would most likely save their lives in the long run.
Jacob saw a hunched figure as he walked up the block near the carefully maintained houses that lined the left side of the street. He smiled and quickened his step.
It was Ms. Hilda.
She had taken care of him when he was ten, when Tristian was still a struggling single parent to his nephew. She had embraced Jacob; teaching him to cook and bake when her arthritis would act up and make her unable to use her hands. Four the first three years they lived there, and while Tristan struggled to get a job, she had supported them wholeheartedly, giving Jacob another person to look up to and trust after the trauma they had escaped in Texas.
Since he had met her, she always wore a bright blue jean vest and had a scarf on. Her wispy white hair had always been tied back in a braid, be it one, two, a bun or pin up tail.
But Jacob eventually stopped going over because many believed she was getting forgetful in her old age. Saying she could not find a cat everyone was sure had passed on and often forgetting her husband had been dead for over twenty years. Yet she still wore that bright blue vest and a scarf when he and Tristan visited her ever so often.
Today’s scarf was red pashmina with black cat paws decorating it.
“Oh! Jacob!” She called when she saw him. “I can’t find Petra!”
“I’m sorry, Ms. Hilda, I haven’t seen her.” He said, taking her soft wrinkled hands in his, warming them as best he could.
“Oh, dear me…” She said, shaking her head. “I’m worried she’ll get caught in this rain.”
Jacob looked up, seeing the sky was clear and sun shining bright for a Washington day. The wind was stronger, so he couldn’t completely dismiss her statement.
He felt something soft wrap around his shoulders.
She tied her scarf in a bow under his chin and smiled.
“There you are, Dear.” She said and patted it. She took his hand. “I’m going to miss you.”
“Oh. Uncle Tristan told you?” He asked.
“Oh, no, Dear.” She said, her voice ever so soft as she leaned close, as if telling a secret. “You have to go back. All of you.”
“Ms. Hilda?” He asked as she shook her head sadly and walked back to her house.
“Oh yes. It’s time, it’s time.” She hummed softly. “I hope Petra is okay.”
He watched her as she went back inside, her screen door creaking shut behind her.
“So how did she know?” Cole asked excitedly as he hugged a giant fox plush on Mac’s bed.
“Cole, if she wanted to, she could have eaten me years ago.” Jacob huffed and handed him a plate of chicken alfredo. “Not everyone is a dangerous being. She just an old lady who’s…sick.”
Mac put up his poker table, so they could eat in his room while watching their favorite show. He took the fox from Cole and stuffed a buttered roll in his mouth. Cole grabbed the bread from his mouth, chewing the bite before swallowing.
“But what about the Fae?” He asked.
“Cole…” Mac groaned. “Just for tonight, can we forget about the spooky crap and…be dumb teens eating way too much food, drinking too much soda and geeking out over the BAU?”
“Fine…” Cole sighed. “So, Derek or Spencer?”
“Derek.” Jacob said
“Definitely Dr. Reid.” Mac said, smiling at Cole. “And you?
“Garcia, duh!” Cole said and laughed as she came on screen.
They ate dinner, shared the last of the sherbet and decided to turn in early, locking up and getting blankets.
The best thing about Mac’s room was that it was huge, with a big screen tv, sofa, plush armchair, king sized bed, minifridge, desk with a laptop Jacob was sure was released last year and every game station known to man. He straight up admitted the lavish room was to make up for his father’s absence.
Cole had showered and changed into cotton Ravenclaw pajamas he only wore when he slept over, while Mac was finding the blue and yellow flannel comforter he had gotten strictly for their younger friend. Okay, younger than Jacob by like, nine months and by Mac about a year and a half, but they agreed he was cute and messy and like the brother they always wanted to have.
Mac himself was in sweats and a faded Godzilla shirt while Jacob of course, wore an old soft wash sweater with shorts. Since Cole tended to toss and turn, Jacob was often the one that shared the bed with Mac.
Jacob remembered the first time he had met Mac.
Out and happy. Mac had drunkenly asked if he was the blond’s type the first party Jacob attended. When Jacob said no, he laughed, threw an arm around the new boy’s shoulders, and said he would look out for him.
True to his word, he took care of Jacob at school before he started skipping class because of hang overs. He listened to Jacob when he was homesick. He taste tested his samosas and the obleas he learned to make for Cole. He even threatened to beat up his…well, he was very angry on Jacob’s behalf and he found it sweet.
And now the booze is gone, Cole was there, and Jacob had to admit, he had never felt closer or more a part of something. And Mac seemed to have the same feelings from how much he smiled, how his blue eyes shined.
Jacob wished Lake Derek had ended with the three of them at a late-night donut shop or something else so terribly mundane, they could all live blissfully.
But he knew they wouldn’t be so close if not for the blood and terror. The path filled with so many coincidences he refused to think about.
“Buenos noches.” Jacob said as he snuggled into his pillows, and heard Cole repeat it as the lamp went out and Mac slid in the bed beside him.
A snarl cut through his sweet dream of mini lemon meringue pies and caramel lassi.
A hand slapped over Jacob’s mouth and Mac looked down at him from above, a finger to his lips as they both sat up, Cole already in his sneakers. Mac stood up straight and took a bat from his bedside as Jacob noticed a large hulking shadow pass by the window.
Jacob gulped and slid down the bed to put on his boots and grab his backpack.
Cole put his book bag around his shoulder and neck, going towards the window as Jacob crept to the door, opening it quietly. They heard breaking twigs and Cole froze, Mac grabbing his hand and walking him quietly toward the bedroom door where Jacob waited for his friends.
A snarl sounded out right next to the window and they all held their breath as the shadow stopped and blocked out the moon light, as if trying to see through the sheer grey curtains.
A shrill beeping sounded from Mac’s phone on the nightstand, a text from his Dad asking, “Are you at home?”
There was a loud snarl that reminded Jacob of the t-rex from one of Cole’s favorite movies and the sound of crashing glass as a massive black catlike head burst through the window, the creature struggling to get its massive shoulders in. Jacob grabbed a flashlight from Mac’s desk as the taller pushed Cole out, then grabbed Jacob’s arm and yanked him into the hall before slamming his door.
Cole was already opening the front door and running to Mac’s car. Mac grabbed his keys from the wall and unlocked it, Cole scrabbling in the back as Jacob ran around and got in, Mac slamming into the car before opening the door and jamming in the key.
They looked to the open front door in time to see the creature break through and reduce Mac’s bedroom door to splinters and shake its head, it’s bright yellow eyes looking towards the car.
Mac peeled out of the driveway and onto the road.
“Cole! What the hell is that thing?” Mac asked as Jacob fumbled to put on my seatbelt.
“I don’t know!” He yelled. “It looked like the mix of a wolf and panther!”
“Well, looks like Puppycat wants to play, because he’s right behind us!” Jacob yelled.
Cole turned to where Jacob was pointing and saw the Volkswagen beetle sized thing keeping up with the car.
“What does it want?!” Mac asked and sped up.
“Don’t go into town!” Jacob yelled. “It could kill someone!”
“Uh, it can kill us!” Mac yelled back.
“Mom, Dad, please stop fighting and go to my house. Where we know guns are!” Cole yelled.
“Got it!” Jacob reached across Mac and yanked his seatbelt on, buckling it for the redhead and looking up at him. “Focus.”
“Okay. Buckle up.” Mac said and sped up.
Jacob looked behind to see Cole click his seatbelt in, then turn as much as he could to look at the creature. He yelled out descriptions as if trying to catalog in midair.
“Uh…Feline mostly. Very muscular, dark colored shaggy fur!” He shouted. “Prominent front fangs! Hunched back…and…and…horns.”
Mac drifted a curve and they all yelped as the creature just missed the car, then stood in the road to let out a loud scream that was a mixture of an elk’s bugle and a coyote’s howl.
“Howler.” Cole said softly as it started chasing us again.
“What?” Mac asked.
“It’s a Howler!” Cole yelled. “An Ozark Howler!”
“Ozark?” Jacob asked as Mac sped down a dirt road towards Cole’s cabin.
“Yeah! Uh, mountains near Texas and Arkansas!” Cole said. “But why would one be all the way up here?”
“It’s just an animal, right?” Mac asked. “Not a human?”
“Yeah! It’s just like a puma!” Cole said. “But they have been linked to Black Dogs.”
“I’m assuming that’s not just a dog?” Jacob asked as he looked in the review mirror.
“They’re spectral or ghostly creatures, some are kind and are like guardians and others are very violent.” Cole said. “If I had my books…”
“Well, I think we can cross kindness off the list!” Mac yelled and swerved onto an abandoned road.
“Why would it pursue us?” Jacob asked.
“Uh, there’s a saying for spectral creatures!” Cole said. “Once is for joy. Twice is for sorrow. And the third is for death.”
“This isn’t very joyful.” Jacob muttered as they came upon the turn to Cole’s street.
“Wait! There’s something else.” Cole said. “They’re also said to be familiars! T-To witches and warlocks!”
Mac gasped and glanced at Jacob.
“The fa-“
The creature suddenly slammed into Mac’s side of the car, clinging onto the roof with claws as long as a soda can. It roared again and Cole and Jacob clapped their hands over their ears.
“Crap!” Mac yelled and sped towards the cabin, making a sharp right to fling the thing into the bushes near Cole’s cabin. Cole wheezed and got out, running to unlock his door as Jacob helped Mac climb out on his side.
It had started to rain heavily, and the taller boy slipped once as they ran up to the cabin. Cole was trying to shove his key in the lock and Mac and Jacob blocked him.
“Hurry!” Mac yelled, holding up his bat as Jacob dug through his bag for his pepper spray.
Jacob dug through clothes and grabbed a handful to throw them out, hearing Mac shout as he was slammed to the ground, a very big creature snarling softly as he held a fistful of clothes between them like the world’s most feeble shield against the knife like teeth and gold eyes.
The Howler looked down at the blond, sniffing at his hands and letting out a soft purring sound. Jacob looked at the clothes, and saw it was sniffing at the scarf Hilda had given him that afternoon. It let out a low sad sound.
Jacob noticed something around its neck; a soft lose leather collar with a tag on it, like a cat.
“No…” He whispered as Mac raise his bat from behind the creature.
He gave Jacob a look as he held up a hand. Jacob couldn’t blame him. He looked into the creature’s eyes.
The creature backed up and sat on its haunches, cocking its head like a giant kitten. Jacob laughed a little manically and sat up, Cole and Mac pulling him to his feet and clinging close.
“It’s…She’s uh…my old babysitter’s cat.” He explained to his friends.
He held up the scarf and Petra sniffed it, her long whip like tail waving back and forth as she purred.
“I…I think she just wants to get home.” He said. “She just wants to get back to miss Hilda.”
“Okay…So um…” Cole started.
Mac got into the car and backed up slowly. He opened the back hatch.
“Get on and hold out the scarf. Jacob, where am I going?” He asked as he got back in the driver’s seat.
“Hilda lives by the old tree farm, third house from Locklear road.” He said.
“Okay. I’m gonna drive slowly so we don’t upset, uh, Petra.” He said as he and Cole sat in the cargo area, the door held in place as Mac drove slowly.
Jacob looked to Cole to see him drawing in a journal he pulled out of his bag. Petra followed us easily as Jacob held the scarf on his lap. She seemed more curious, but her ears were still laid back as if ready to switch back into attack mode.
“This is kinda cool.” Cole said.
“Yeah, try explaining to Mr. Macrae about his house.” Jacob said.
“He wouldn’t believe us if we could tell him.”
“Yeah. How useful we are.” Jacob said.
“Well, we might be of a different breed.”
“Cole, we’re not...” Jacob said. “This isn’t some fun cryptid game. These things are real threats!”
Petra chuffed and the blond took a breath. “Sorry, girl.”
“I know, I know.” Cole said, closing the journal. “I’m sorry…I got…have, tunnel vision.”
“We’re your friends. We look out for each other, tunnel vison or not.” Jacob stressed and he nodded. “Now what are you thinking?”
Cole perked up and opened the page.
“I went over what the Sentry said.” He looked at me with serious eyes. “What if when he meant by chrysalis stage, he meant we’re evolving? Mac survived something that could have killed him from infection and is sprinting like he never got hurt. Jacob, my head has never been clearer, I am actually retaining and adsorbing information unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. And everything always works out for you. You didn’t even get touched by the Shifter and Petra trusts you enough not to kill us.”
Petra made a low noise, lifting her head up as Cole smiled.
“What if blind luck isn’t just blind luck?”
“Cole, it has to be. It can’t be…”
Cole blinked and grinned. “Jake, you’re smart. You know coincidences don’t line up like this.”
“Hey guys,” Mac called. “uh, we got a lady looking for her kitty cat.”
He stopped and they saw someone hobbling up the road with a bright yellow umbrella. Petra lowed softly to the person and loped off to them.
Hilda cried out happily as the massive creature curled around her and nuzzled her wet white hair. Mac got out and stood next to Jacob.
Hilda saw them and walked over.
“I hope she wasn’t too much trouble.”
“Not at all.” Mac answered with a wave.
Hilda smiled and looked towards the forest. She sighed.
“You know…I found Petra in these woods when I was a girl. She would always come visit me when my parents were out and I was left alone. She visit me when I came back from college and stayed after my husband died. I didn’t know, but she was an arrow and pillar.” She said.
Jacob sighed. Her dementia.
“He was here, wasn’t he?” She asked.
“Who?” Cole asked.
“Is his hair still that pretty pink?”
“The Fae?!” Mac asked.
“Yes. The Fae. The Sentry. The Knight. The Boy-Queen.” She said. “He has many names. He’s so old that he gains many from us. But he only has one true name. Grayson.”
“Grayson?” Mac asked. “That doesn’t sound ancient and mystical.”
“If you see the portrait of his Mothers, you would think his name is pretty on the nose. He has a brother and sister if I remember. Their pictures are all over his home.”
“You’ve been in his home?” Jacob asked.
“Yes, the shop is quite lovely.” She said. “He runs it with the blond boy, Tomas. They live there and use the doorways. You would be surprised how many doors there are and where they leads. Has he asked you to find him yet?”
“Did you find him, Ms. Hilda?” Jacob asked. She looked at us, smiling.
“I did. And I learned many beautiful and wonderful things. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the ones he needed or had much use for. He offered to let me stay with him, even offered to take care of me at this age. But I love my husband. I can’t leave him.” She said. “Grayson is kind enough to come and heal my hands and mind every so often. He was so excited last month.”
“He saw you last month?!” Jacob asked.
“Yes. He was in such good spirits. Jonas, my husband, asked why. And do you know what he said?” She asked. “He said “I have the best luck, my friends. I have found children of the rings. And I cannot wait to see them again.”
Jacob shivered, but not in fear. More so like a cool hand had passed over he back of his neck.
“Don’t be afraid, children.” She said and turned around. “Soon you shall go to him, as we all do at some point. I think you are the last he will receive. I think you will be the puzzle pieces he needs.”
“For what?” Jacob asked.
“I had gone to him, so had Derek…And many more spread around the nation.”
“Derek Gutierrez?” Cole asked.
“Yes. You see children, we are all part of something. There are two worlds on the same plane. And the veil is ripping faster than it can be repaired. Sentries are to guard them from their side, but some must come to ours. They have to live among us and protect us from what many cannot even comprehend.”
“Are they also Fae?” Cole asked.
“No. Grayson is among the last of his kind. The only one on this side as far as I know. He is a fallen prince who has lived many lives among humans. He protects us if he can, but he is from a world of maneaters and hunters. He allows passage for his people when he must, helps take those his world claims, feeds hunters and scholars alike. But he cannot go far. Sentries are cursed, you see.” She frowned. “I do feel for him. The ability to travel and bend space, only to be chained to the doors.”
“Ms. Hilda…Are you trying to tell us where to find his…nest?” Jacob asked.
“I don’t need to children. You’re on your way there already.” She said with a smile.
“How do you know all this?” Mac asked.
“He helped me hatch from my chrysalis. My dreams tell me what shall and will be done. When you hatch, you will be unlike what you are now. Not cruel monsters, Jacob. But warriors and protectors for the people on this side. He will train you and it will be hard. But he will never hurt you. Grayson has always been the best of teachers. I hope you all become good friends with him.” She said and led Petra back to her house, the three left in the street.
Mr. Macrae called Esperanza in a panic, saying a bear broke into his house.
Esperanza rushed home to find the boys all passed out on Cole’s full bed, still wearing jackets, shoes and Mac hugging his bat.
She woke them up and checked them.
Besides a scratch on Jacob’s shoulder, the boys were safe, if not muddy from the rain.
“Nikolito…” She finally said after they told her about what had happened, leaving out what Hilda had said. “I think it would be best if you went down to Texas for longer than the summer. And maybe, I should call Slim and see about openings.”
“Cole…I think you three need to be together. And to be honest…I also think this place isn’t loco enough.” She said with a smile.
All three chuckled nervously.
A week later, they were loading boxes into a moving van. Seven of the boxes had Cole’s stuff. He would be living with Jacob until his mom could transfer down and get an apartment for them.
While he was being smothered by loud kisses from his mom on both his cheeks, Mac was talking to his father, who looked uncomfortable to speak more than ten minutes with his son.
Tristan hugged Jacob around the shoulders. “I’ll ride in the van if you promise me Mac won’t do to my car what happened to his. Bear or not.”
Jacob smiled at him as we all prepared to make the road trip downwards.
Jacob sighed as he remembered Petra.
Everything is bigger in Texas, right?
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2020.09.17 18:11 cre8tivhasnothing4me The Main Event we deserve

The WWE has an enormous opportunity to to warm the heart of the Universe . Much like they did back after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. It’s even reminiscent of the WM35 Main Event. I don’t need to remind you of the success of Becky Lynch, Rhonda Rousey and Charolette Flair. Such a match, in such a position wasn’t even on the WWE’s radar for 34 years prior. It was a leap followed by a successful landing and the company was applauded.
Well the opportunity to be progressive, forward thinking, and just plain heartwarming once again presented itself to the company in a big way. This opportunity comes by the way of Bobby Lashley and Keith Lee. The 1st all African American Main Event in Wrestlemania history, for the biggest prize in all of sports entertainment.

Current climate aside, their are no two more deserving of this years prestigious honor. Think of what the black wrestling fan has endured. We won’t go into the WWE’s past racial insensitivity because they have done a fine job of changing their culture. Many will accuse me of just looking to appease the woke crowd, yet how many woke are part of the Universe? This does have to do with timing but damn timing is everything. And here are the 2 men to do it.

Bobby Lashley:
Was a collegiate wrestling champion, served in the Army and has a impressive MMA record to boot. This guy checks every box there is. You would be hard pressed to find a guy who has something bad to say about Bobby. He’s truly been very easy to like since day one. I was upset he left the business because I felt he just scratched the surface.

The Dominator returned to wresting and showed his value as a top star in Impact. Seeing a lot of that lately but I digress. He shed light on his promo abilities and played the monster heel to perfection. Since he’s been back we haven’t gotten the Brock match that wrote itself or a run with WWE Championship. The fact that no one remembers his atrocious Sammy Zayn feud is a testament to how much of a talent he truly is. He's been wasted time and time again. He married Lana for Christ sakes. He looks like he's made of granite, he has a million dollars smile, a fear inducing rage face, and a ton of talent in between the ropes. How you cant find a way to market this man as a top guy is a complete failure. Matter of fact letting him walk out the door when he was young was a horrible mistake. This man has paid his dues, is great at his craft and he is a model human being. I would let him run with my ball thats for sure.

Keith Lee:
Now I will admit I know a lot more about Bobby than I do Keith Lee but that goes for all of us I’m sure. He’s a blue chipper and very much a rookie still I won’t deny it. But his best work was with the main roster. Let’s not forget one of his peers robbed him of his big moment by spoiling his win over Adam Cole for the NXT Championship. That was inexcusable to say the least. That was so fishy, I cant get over it. Keith deserves better than that. His first major championship spoiled online and the person wasn't fired?

He is a big boy who moves smooth as silk. I’ll admit I’m not deep into the independent scene past ROH so I knew nothing when it came to glory of Keith Lee. Yet in his first match he had me. I got it. He got it. He's got a Dusty vibe to him. He has the size, speed and the voice to be seen and heard. And this is the time for that to happen. Too many times has the WWE squandered a NXT call up that was white hot. Finn Balor was not their fault, but let Lee make his mark. Now he is on the main roster, one bad feud from the bench. Thankfully, they have not ruined him. Keith need to show his passion and anger. The problem is, hes playing for an empty house and no one can tell how over he truly is. We will find out but I remember the fans at Survivor Series basking in his glory.

I try to see every objection and be prepared for it. That’s what I do, but I’m having a hard time seeing why this would be a bad idea. I ask the question, why not? Keith isn’t polished enough. I don’t buy into that, he’s done well in every big spot he’s been in. Maybe his look? That might hinder him with Vince but it shouldn’t. Will it make headlines? Unequivocally yes! More than Roman vs. Rock and I wanted this to be Roman’s time but Heyman killed it for me. This will not only make a ton of money, but the historical success will much greater. Why not now? In 36 years only two black men have been in the main event. Neither of them were wrestlers, Mr. T and Lawrence Taylor. Let that sink in, not one Black wrestler has ever been in the Main Event of Wrestlemania. How many great Wrestlemaina moments include black wrestlers. I'll think of some now, Kofimaina was huge, Shelton's Money in the Bank moments.
Virgil beating on Ted back in the day? I cant think of many more and I've seen every Wrestlemanina. The only moment that will stand the test of time will be KofiMania and that wasnt good enough. GO all in, you'll be rewarded, financially and historically. It’s time to show true diversity and to start the path. Look at all the benefits of this potential match up and tell me it’s not best for business.
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2020.09.17 03:23 amirkhoso Football World Cup Match Analysis review

Football World Cup Match Analysis review
So the 2010 World Cup is well under way, and with a paltry average of 1.56 goals a game after the first round of group games compared to 2.43 at this stage in 2006, I think it's fair to say that this has not been quite what global audiences hoped or expected. A closer look, however, would suggest that perhaps this lack of goals is not so surprising; the defensively minded 4-2-3-1 formation du jour has certainly made itself known at the competition. Let's hope for some more goals second time round!
So, a quick round up and summary of what can we expect from the rest of the group matches:
Group A
Ok, well South Africa have already lost 3-0 to a far more attack minded Uruguay outfit than we experienced against France back in the second match of the tournament, quite understandably. Whilst the scoreline is slightly flattering in favour of the South Americans, they certainly deserved the win, and South Africa's discipline was poor. South Africa didn't show the energy and creativity they did against Mexico, and talismanic midfielder Siphiwe Tshabalala was wasteful. Diego Forlan proved his worth to Uruguay, scoring the first two goals and playing a part in the third and they now look well-placed to go through the group.
Coming up tonight is France v Mexico, a must-win game for both teams. France will surely drop the awful Govou for Florent Malouda, in the form of his career, and perhaps Franck Ribery will pass the ball to a player? It's anyone's guess! It would be nice to see 'Handball-Henry' for more than 20 minutes but seems unlikely given Raymond Domenech's tendency to be a stubborn imbecile. Mexico will look to speedy youngster Giovanni dos Santos again to provide the flair for the team, as well as the basis for everything good they create - another example of a player who hasn't had much club game time in recent years experiencing a resurgence in his fortunes at the World Cup. And perhaps ManU new boy Javi Hernandez will get a decent run?
Prediction: France 2-2 Mexico
Group B
Argentina escaped the brick wall of Nigeria with a less than convincing 1-0 win, but we were still lucky enough to witness some of the gold that makes Lionel Messi the best player in the world. Some strange decisions by mad-man Maradona, but that's not really a surprise at all, is it? He came out and said that the only three players guaranteed starting positions were Messi, Mascherano, and Gutierrez - a fairly startling claim considering the wealth of talent in the squad. Then we witnessed the latter playing at right back, quite different from his left-wing berth at Newcastle - another instance of players too good to be left out, perhaps. A tough game tonight against South Korea will likely prove a greater challenge than Nigeria. The Super Eagles looked strong at the back but were undone by Heinze's rocket-header into the top-corner early on. They didn't look so good up front, but with attacking players like Obafemi Martins, John Utaka, and Kanu supporting the Yak, they will always pose a threat, especially in the air. Vincent Enyeama put in a great display between the sticks to keep them in the match, and they'll fancy their chances of picking up 3 points tonight against Greece.
South Korea showed that they've got what it takes with a solid 2-0 win over a poor and frankly negative Greece. South Korea meet Argentina tonight in what will hopefully prove to be the most exciting game the group, and could well decide first place. Park Ji-Sung looked good, and their stylish play is in stark contrast to most teams in the tournament thus far. They will have to hold back a bit against Messi's men, but should put up a good fight. Dark horse for the quarters?
Greece have a reputation for being a strong and organised defensive side, but here they were undone by some slick passing, much more of which is to come when they face Argentina. Up front they looked lacking in ideas. Points for them in the rest of the group will be hard to come by. They have a chance to sneak a draw tonight against Nigeria, but my guess says they will finish as group B whipping boys.
Predictions: Argentina 2-1 South Korea
Greece 0-1 Nigeria
Maradona quotes this week:
"I am not afraid of anyone or anything - unless they are wearing a mask..."
On Pele: "He should go back to the museum and stay there."
On Michel Platini: "He's French and we all know how French people are. If they say 'hi' and 'goodbye' that's something."
More insightful than I could ever hope to be. Wonderful stuff, let's hope they keep coming!
Group C
England opened their campaign with a hard-fought 1-1 draw with the USA - a decent result for them, despite what most people seem to think. St. Stevie's early goal - a real skipper's goal - was cancelled out by Rob Green's decision to let Clint Dempsey's pass trickle over the line. What? Surely that wasn't an accident? Whatever. England should still win the group, and they'd better hope they do, otherwise they can expect to face a rampant Germany in the second round, who on first showing will tear them a collective new asshole. Despite what most critics seem to think I still reckon Heskey was rubbish and should make way for Crouch, or alternatively, Gerrard move forward and Barry take over in the centre. Cole should replace the lacklustre Milner on the left.
The US, on the other hand, looked lively and much hungrier than England, but still failed to trouble the England defenders too much. Altidore was probably the pick of the bunch, strolling past the creaking bones of Jamie Carragher. Some increased invention from his team-mates in their next match against Slovenia could see a fair few goals scored, and if they're lucky they might edge England out at the top of the group.
The Slovenia v Algeria match was one of the poorest matches yet. No one on the field could come to grips with the diabolical Jabulani ball, with passes being floated almost out of the stadium. The highlight (lowlight?) of the match came when Algerian keeper Faouzi Chouachi threw West Brom alumni Robert Koren's tame strike into the side of the net. Both teams looked defensive, with chances on goal coming at a premium. Nadir Belhadj looked lively for Algeria, getting forward regularly from his left-back role, but failed to inspire a goal. Interesting statistic: Abdelkader Ghezzal picked up two yellows in just 14 minutes and 19 seconds, making him the fastest substitute to pick up two yellow cards in World Cup history. There's really not much else to be said about this game. Both teams will struggle again on Friday night and one would expect England and USA to push on from Group C.
Predictions: England 2-0 Algeria
USA 1-0 Slovenia
Group D
Aussie Aussie Aussie! Nein!
No cheering from the Aussies after their 4-0 demolition at the hands of a clinical German outfit that could have scored even more goals. Lucas Podolski played a big part just as the webmaster predicted, and his fine finish in the 8th minute started the rout. Mesut Ozil also had a strong showing, playing in the roaming role behind Klose. Ballack's absence was hardly noticed with Bastian Schweinsteiger effortlessly slotting into a deeper role. That said, Pim Verbeek's tactics were extremely negative, choosing not to field a recognized striker in a compact but ill-disciplined and ill-prepared 4-2-1-2-1 formation. Lucas Neill and Craig Moore looked out of their depth and far too slow at the back. Tim Cahill clearly forgot to eat the Weetbix he so heartily endorses. The only positive comments can come from the performance of Brett Emerton, Wilkshire to a lesser extent, and Brett Holman who injected some much needed energy at half-time. Verbeek's questionable tactics have come under much criticism, and the Aussies will need to bounce back with gusto against Ghana on Saturday night if they are to have any chance of going through.
Ghana and Serbia produced the first victory for an African nation at the tournament, and it was quite an entertaining game to boot. Serbia looked surprisingly frail at the back, and human giant Nikola Zigic was wasteful up front. They failed to produce sustained pressure on the Ghanaian goal and suffered for it. Ghana were slightly better, pressuring the Serbian defence whenever they were in possession. Asamoah Gyan netted a penalty to take the lead after Serbia had gone down to 10 men, and this win gives them a good chance of going through to the next round. Serbia will struggle with the speed and efficiency of the German attack, and a loss will probably knock them out of the running for second round qualification. Ghana face Australia who will be desperate for a victory, and perhaps in this case, desperation will prevail over superiority.
Predictions: Australia 1-0 Ghana
Germany 3-1 Serbia
Acknowledgements: Thanks to editor and minor contributor, Fishface Shakur.
Following on from yesterdays round up of the first four groups, here is groups E-H.
Group E
The Dutch are known to be chokers on the biggest level, but in this correspondent's opinion, they have the strength in depth this time round to challenge favourites Brazil and Spain for the little gold statue. With key players like Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder coming off the back of excellent seasons for their clubs and teammates like Robin van Persie, Nigel de Jong and Dirk Kuyt in support, they are yours truly's tip to make the semis. That said, their first showing against a resilient Denmark side was uninteresting and overhyped, and we were not treated to the fireworks a team of this calibre can produce. Robben did not play due to injury, but is supposedly going to be fit for their next encounter against Japan. The team certainly warranted the victory, and they were rarely troubled by the Danes. Nigel de Jong was his solid industrious self as always in the centre of the park, and young Hamburg winger Eljero Elia produced a fantastic 25 minute cameo, which will go a long way to raising his profile in world football. Unfortunately for big clubs looking for a new winger, he's only one year into his 5-year contract and will cost a small fortune to lure away. Denmark looked weak in attack with Nicklas Bendtner in particular wasteful in front of goal. They will need to really step up against Cameroon if they are to progress out of the group, and with Japan already on 3 points their task is a difficult one.
Cameroon carried some expectancy with them as another team with African hopes behind them, but an unconvincing performance from both teams led to another mostly tedious match. French Cameroonian coach Paul le Guen played a large role in the loss, opting to leave out Arsenal midfielder Alex Song and playing star striker Samuel Eto'o in a wide right position - the same as he did last season at Inter, but lacking the support he received in that side. He was largely anonymous, and when he found himself in good positions with the ball, he failed to make an impression and seemed slightly disinterested. Left-back Benoit Assou-Ekotto also failed to reproduce his good club-form in this match, with much of the attacking efforts centred on his runs up the wing. His crossing left much to be desired however. Japan were very defensive, often getting their whole team behind the ball, and were fairly lucky to score considering they had only 2 or 3 chances the entire match. Expect them to perform in a similar fashion against the Oranje looking to reach first gear tomorrow night.
Predictions: Netherlands 2-0 Japan
Cameroon 1-1 Denmark
Group F
Ageing Italy's progress from this group was supposed to be easy, but Paraguay put up strong resistance and held them to another drab 1-1 draw. The first half saw the greaseballs passing nice and fluidly but without much to show for it and conceding from a free-kick. Diving bastard Daniele de Rossi equalised in a more entertaining second half after some poor keeping from an Italy corner. New Zealand are next up for Italy and you can expect them to challenge right to the death, just as they did in their opener. Antonio di Natale might find himself with a starting berth, and perhaps Bulldog Gattuso will get a chance to nip some heels. Fabio Cannavaro showed his age with a less than convincing performance at the back, but the consistent Zambrotta showed his worth to the Italian cause. Paraguay left star men Roque Santa Cruz and Oscar Cardozo on the bench, and although both made appearances, they failed to make an impact. Hopefully either or both of them will play from the start against Slovakia. Paraguay will be delighted with a point against the world champions, but without the error from keeper Villar they could have taken all 3.
Slovakia looked to get their tournament off to a winning start that would have put them in a strong position to progress, but world cup super-underdogs New Zealand put that idea to bed with a rousing finale. Leading 1-0 from early in the second half, Slovakia couldn't manage to put the result beyond doubt. Then in injury time up popped up centre-back Winston Reid to win the All White's first ever finals point. Slovakia's main creativity stemmed from Vladimir Weiss (son of coach Vladimir Weiss, and grandson of former Czechoslovakian footballer Vladimir Weiss) and team freak Marek Hamsek, while Martin Skrtel in the heart of the defense was rarely troubled. They created plenty of chances to further the lead but just couldn't put it away, worrying signs for the next match, a probable qualification decider against Paraguay. New Zealands 3-4-3 formation paid dividends as they defended well in numbers and got forward well, though they failed to have much of threat up front despite boasting A-League top score Shane Smeltz and Middlesbrough man Chris Killen. FFTD head writer passthesugar was delighted to see West Brom man Chris Wood take to the field in the closing stages. New Zealand will fancy their chances of pulling off a shock result against the pizza boys on Sunday night, especially with highly rated goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon missing the match through injury.
Predictions: Italy 2-0 New Zealand
Paraguay 1-1 Slovakia
Group G
The Group of Death! Finally! The chance to witness some real hard-fought Football Match Analysis with four teams going all out in their efforts to just scrape through against some seriously tough opposition. So Portugal v Ivory Coast was bound to be the screamer of a match it turned out to be. Oh wait a second...it was actually the single worst game of the tournament so far. I can't believe I tried so hard not to find out the score for this game while I was at uni the whole day doing exams, to come home and watch this rubbish. With the only moment of note being a superb Ronaldo effort that smashed the upright from 35 yards. The two sides actually looked content to remain scoreless. Ronaldo looked disinterested and still hasn't scored for Portugal in 16 months or something. Deco may as well have not played. Danny - the new Portugal no. 10, was equally anonymous. The Ivorians looked more interested, but couldn't get used to the infamous 'Jabulani'. Didier Drogba made a much-hyped yet uneventful cameo towards the end, and the Toure brothers each put in reliable shifts but there was nothing to write home about. Both sides will need to improve dramatically to get anything out of their next games, even against group underdogs North Korea.
Speaking of North Korea, sorry, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, they put up a pretty damn good fight against the highly favoured but ultimately disappointing Brazilians! NK-an Rooney showed how proud he is to be representing his nation with his waterworks display during the anthem, and he put in a solid shift on the pitch for their Fearless Leader. They showed excellent organisation and discipline in a defensive showing that certainly raised their stature in the eyes of the public. However, bare in mind that Brazil are not at all what they used to be. Nowadays they play in a similar fashion to how their coach and ex-captain used to play - strong, defensive, and unflashy - in stark contrast to what we are used to from the once-stylish South Americans, players like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Denilson et al. With Kaka still struggling to find the form that made him the best player in the world a few years ago, and the rest of the team not really finding their groove. Robinho surprised with a decent performance, and his through ball to set up Elano was delectable. I've decided Maicon's definitely goal wasn't intentional, so don't bother trying to argue it. Hopefully Brazil will bring the style back for the next match against the Ivory Coast on Sunday night.
Predictions: Portugal 2-1 DPRK
Brazil 2-0 Ivory Coast
Group H
Well here's a pretty straightforward group, right? Spain are unbeaten in the last year or so and they're coming up against a Switzerland side missing both their top scorer of all time and an important winger. Wait, what? Spain lost? Are you sure? Blimey! The supposed best team in the world were outclassed by a stellar defensive performance, surely the best in recent years not masterminded by Jose Mourinho. New Barca boy David Villa was guilty of complacency when he decided to go for the entertaining to score rather than the simple, golden boy Torres looked ordinary when he came on towards the end of the match, Casillas certainly could have played better, and Xabi Alonso's 30-yard pile-driver that smashed off the woodwork showed that it was just not Spain's day. To give an example of how defensive Switzerland were, Gerard Pique spent most of the match playing as a striker rather than centre-back. For the Swiss, Stephan Lichtsteiner put in a rock-solid display in defense even after losing Philippe Senderos to injury, and Gelson Fernandes put away a brave goal to put them in the lead in what is undoubtedly the upset of the tournament thus far. Spain will need to regroup and show their class in what they expect will be an easy win against Honduras, whilst Switzerland face the daunting task of playing a threatening Chile.
Chile played some of the best attacking football so far against a lackluster Honduras. 21-year-old Alexis Sanchez shone the brightest with a fantastic display down the right wing, and they really should have won by more. Chile's crossing was fantastic throughout the match, Mauricio Isla also playing a big role when coming forward from right back. Honduras were outclassed all over the pitch, and hulking centre-midfield Wilson Palacios was less influential than he is generally for Tottenham. He should have been sent off in the second half, too. The Central Americans clearly missed their highly rated striker David Suazo, and they will hope he returns to full fitness soon. Unfortunately we were not able to witness any more Palacios' on the field, though Wilson had two brothers warming the bench. Hopefully they will all play together before the tournament is out. Wigan man Maynor Figueroa was disappointing at the back. Chile will need to find their scoring boots if they are to succeed against the Swiss steamroller, whilst the Hondurans will probably be playing for pride against the Spanish.
Predictions: Spain 3-0 Honduras
Chile 0-0 Switzerland
This article is one of a host from Football for the Day which has become one of the most influential and popular football blogs within Sydney Australia. The site boasts a number of correspondents. Check it out: https://football2goal.com/
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2020.09.16 18:09 displacedindavis Every MLB postseason starting pitcher ever

Feels like a terrible time to be posting this as the postseason inches ever closer, but consider this a warm up.
The playoffs have seen several changes throughout the years, but one thing has remained consistent: it brings out the best and worst in starting pitchers. It's tough being the one guy that can kill your team with a single bad pitch. Many have folded up under such pressure. Others just got really unfortunate. Even the few that found occassional success didn't find it consistently enough. It's a rarity to find a pitcher that truly thrives off of such pressure no matter what you throw at him. This is the story of more than a century of playoff baseball, with more to come.
While I include each pitcher's cumulative postseason record and ERA (just because it would be too much work to separate the starts from the non-starts), I need to emphasize the word starting in the title. As in, the pitcher threw the first pitch for his respective team in a game and didn't just make a relief appearance. So yeah, there may be entries that confuse you (as well as some non-entries). I'd appreciate any corrections, but please make sure you check with baseball-reference first before posting (and make sure that in the game you're looking at, said pitcher started the game and didn't just appear in relief). Also, I know I could've included more stats, but I thought to keep things simple.
I won't analyze this at all. It will be interesting to see what you guys can find from this! Or, you know, beef up on the "Felix Hernandez isn't on this list" or"Kershaw sucks in the playoffs" comments. Either way works for me :-).
Last Postseason Start Pitcher Postseason Record / ERA
2019 Berrios, Jose 0-1 / 5.14
2019 Buehler, Walker 1-1 / 2.72
2019 Castillo, Diego 0-0 / 0.00
2019 Cole, Gerrit 6-4 / 2.60
2019 Corbin, Patrick 2-3 / 5.79
2019 Dobnak, Randy 0-1 / 18.00
2019 Flaherty, Jack 1-2 / 4.24
2019 Foltynewicz, Mike 1-2 / 7.43
2019 Glasnow, Tyler 0-2 / 7.71
2019 Green, Chad 2-0 / 4.74
2019 Greinke, Zack 3-6 / 4.21
2019 Hill, Rich 1-2 / 3.06
2019 Hudson, Dakota 0-1 / 9.00
2019 Kershaw, Clayton 9-11 / 4.43
2019 Keuchel, Dallas 4-2 / 3.47
2019 Manaea, Sean 0-1 / 18.00
2019 Mikolas, Miles 1-1 / 1.50
2019 Morton, Charlie 4-2 / 3.70
2019 Odorizzi, Jake 0-1 / 3.60
2019 Paxton, James 1-0 / 3.46
2019 Peacock, Brad 0-0 / 4.50
2019 Ross, Joe 0-1 / 7.45
2019 Ryu, Hyun-jin 3-2 / 4.05
2019 Sanchez, Anibal 3-6 / 2.93
2019 Severino, Luis 1-3 / 5.17
2019 Scherzer, Max 7-5 / 3.38
2019 Snell, Blake 0-1 / 1.69
2019 Soroka, Mike 0-0 / 0.00
2019 Strasburg, Stephen 6-2 / 1.46
2019 Tanaka, Masahiro 5-3 / 1.76
2019 Urquidy, Jose 1-0 / 0.90
2019 Verlander, Justin 14-11 / 3.40
2019 Wainwright, Adam 4-5 / 2.81
2019 Woodruff, Brandon 1-1 / 1.65
2018 Anderson, Tyler 0-1 / 3.86
2018 Carrasco, Carlos 0-1 / 1.64
2018 Chacin, Jhoulys 2-1 / 1.46
2018 Clevenger, Mike 0-0 / 4.50
2018 Eovaldi, Nathan 2-1 / 1.67
2018 Freeland, Kyle 0-0 / 0.00
2018 Gonzalez, Gio 0-0 / 4.91
2018 Happ, JA 1-3 / 5.04
2018 Hendriks, Liam 0-1 / 6.43
2018 Kluber, Corey 4-3 / 3.97
2018 Lester, Jon 9-7 / 2.51
2018 Marquez, German 0-1 / 3.60
2018 Miley, Wade 0-0 / 2.08
2018 Newcomb, Sean 1-0 / 1.08
2018 Porcello, Rick 1-3 / 4.73
2018 Price, David 5-9 / 4.62
2018 Rodriguez, Eduardo 0-0 / 8.10
2018 Sabathia, CC 10-7 / 4.28
2018 Sale, Chris 1-2 / 5.76
2018 Senzatela, Antonio 0-0 / 3.60
2017 Arrieta, Jake 5-3 / 3.08
2017 Bauer, Trevor 1-4 / 3.81
2017 Darvish, Yu 2-4 / 5.81
2017 Fister, Doug 4-2 / 3.02
2017 Gray, Jon 0-1 / 27.00
2017 Gray, Sonny 0-2 / 2.95
2017 Hendricks, Kyle 2-3 / 2.98
2017 McCullers Jr, Lance 1-0 / 2.53
2017 Pomeranz, Drew 0-1 / 7.04
2017 Quintana, Jose 0-1 / 5.04
2017 Ray, Robbie 0-1 / 6.75
2017 Santana, Ervin 2-2 / 6.57
2017 Walker, Taijuan 0-1 / 36.00
2017 Wood, Alex 1-2 / 4.10
2016 Buchholz, Clay 0-1 / 4.25
2016 Bumgarner, Madison 8-3 / 2.11
2016 Cueto, Johnny 2-4 / 4.54
2016 Estrada, Marco 3-3 / 2.64
2016 Hamels, Cole 7-6 / 3.41
2016 Lackey, John 8-6 / 3.44
2016 Lewis, Colby 4-1 / 3.11
2016 Maeda, Kenta 2-1 / 3.31
2016 Merritt, Ryan 0-0 / 0.00
2016 Moore, Matt 1-1 / 3.33
2016 Roark, Tanner 0-1 / 3.86
2016 Samardzija, Jeff 0-1 / 15.00
2016 Sanchez, Aaron 2-0 / 3.32
2016 Stroman, Marcus 1-1 / 4.40
2016 Syndergaard, Noah 2-1 / 2.42
2016 Tillman, Chris 1-0 / 5.93
2016 Tomlin, Josh 3-1 / 3.33
2016 Urias, Julio 2-2 / 5.17
2015 Anderson, Brett 1-1 / 6.75
2015 deGrom, Jacob 3-1 / 2.88
2015 Dickey, RA 0-1 / 7.11
2015 Gallardo, Yovani 2-2 / 2.32
2015 Garcia, Jaime 0-3 / 3.62
2015 Hammel, Jason 0-2 / 6.98
2015 Harvey, Matt 2-0 / 3.04
2015 Holland, Derek 3-1 / 5.02
2015 Kazmir, Scott 1-2 / 5.18
2015 Matz, Steven 0-1 / 3.68
2015 McHugh, Collin 2-1 / 3.60
2015 Perez, Martin 0-1 / 7.20
2015 Ventura, Yordano 1-2 / 4.66
2015 Volquez, Edinson 1-4 / 5.35
2015 Wacha, Michael 4-3 / 4.08
2015 Young, Chris 2-0 / 2.01
2014 Chen, Wei-Yin 1-1 / 4.70
2014 Gonzalez, Miguel 0-1 / 1.42
2014 Guthrie, Jeremy 1-1 / 4.05
2014 Hudson, Tim 1-4 / 3.69
2014 Lynn, Lance 5-4 / 4.80
2014 Miller, Shelby 0-0 / 5.27
2014 Norris, Bud 1-0 / 3.38
2014 Peavy, Jake 1-5 / 7.98
2014 Shields, James 3-6 / 5.46
2014 Shoemaker, Matt 0-0 / 0.00
2014 Vargas, Jason 1-1 / 3.52
2014 Vogelsong, Ryan 3-0 / 2.92
2014 Weaver, Jered 2-1 / 2.60
2014 Wilson, CJ 1-6 / 5.26
2014 Zimmermann, Jordan 0-1 / 4.26
2013 Burnett, AJ 2-3 / 6.37
2013 Cobb, Alex 1-0 / 1.54
2013 Colon, Bartolo 3-5 / 3.49
2013 Garcia, Freddy 6-3 / 3.26
2013 Hellickson, Jeremy 0-1 / 5.40
2013 Kelly, Joe 3-3 / 3.47
2013 Liriano, Francisco 2-1 / 3.96
2013 Medlen, Kris 0-2 / 4.96
2013 Minor, Mike 1-0 / 1.42
2013 Nolasco, Ricky 0-1 / 6.75
2013 Parker, Jarrod 1-2 / 5.00
2013 Salazar, Danny 0-1 / 3.12
2013 Straily, Dan 0-0 / 4.50
2013 Teheran, Julio 0-2 / 10.50
2012 Arroyo, Bronso 1-0 / 4.60
2012 Bailey, Homer 0-0 / 1.00
2012 Cain, Matt 4-2 / 2.10
2012 Carpenter, Chris 10-4 / 3.00
2012 Detwiler, Ross 0-0 / 0.00
2012 Griffin, AJ 0-0 / 3.60
2012 Hughes, Phil 2-4 / 4.54
2012 Jackson, Edwin 1-2 / 5.46
2012 Kuroda, Hiroki 2-2 / 3.94
2012 Latos, Mat 0-1 / 6.48
2012 Leake, Mike 0-1 / 10.38
2012 Lincecum, Tim 5-2 / 2.40
2012 Lohse, Kyle 2-5 / 4.86
2012 Milone, Tommy 0-0 / 1.50
2012 Pettitte, Andy 19-11 / 3.81
2012 Saunders, Joe 1-1 / 4.30
2012 Zito, Barry 6-3 / 2.83
2011 Collmenter, Josh 1-0 / 1.29
2011 Halladay, Roy 3-2 / 2.37
2011 Lee, Cliff 7-3 / 2.52
2011 Harrison, Matt 1-2 / 5.40
2011 Hudson, Daniel 1-1 / 5.40
2011 Kennedy, Ian 0-1 / 4.26
2011 Marcum, Shaun 0-3 / 14.90
2011 Nova, Ivan 1-1 / 4.32
2011 Oswalt, Roy 5-2 / 3.73
2011 Wolf, Randy 1-1 / 6.63
2010 Blanton, Joe 3-2 / 4.66
2010 Davis, Wade 4-0 / 1.80
2010 Duensing, Brian 1-3 / 7.24
2010 Garza, Matt 2-1 / 3.48
2010 Hanson, Tommy 0-0 / 9.00
2010 Hunter, Tommy 0-2 / 4.40
2010 Lowe, Derek 5-7 / 3.42
2010 Pavano, Carl 2-2 / 2.51
2010 Sanchez, Jonathan 0-2 / 4.05
2009 Beckett, Josh 7-3 / 3.07
2009 Blackburn, Nick 0-0 / 1.59
2009 Cook, Aaron 1-1 / 4.91
2009 Jimenez, Ubaldo 0-3 / 4.50
2009 Martinez, Pedro 6-4 / 3.46
2009 Padilla, Vicente 1-1 / 3.63
2009 Pineiro, Joel 0-1 / 7.50
2008 Billingsley, Chad 1-2 / 6.88
2008 Buehrle, Mark 2-1 / 4.11
2008 Bush, Dave 1-0 / 1.69
2008 Danks, John 1-0 / 4.05
2008 Dempster, Ryan 0-1 / 5.19
2008 Floyd, Gavin 0-1 / 12.00
2008 Harden, Rich 1-3 / 6.35
2008 Matsuzaka, Daisuke 3-1 / 4.79
2008 Moyer, Jamie 3-3 / 4.14
2008 Myers, Brett 2-1 / 4.50
2008 Sonnanstine, Andy 2-1 / 4.24
2008 Suppan, Jeff 3-4 / 3.63
2008 Vazquez, Javier 1-1 / 10.34
2008 Wakefield, Tim 5-7 / 6.75
2008 Zambrano, Carlos 0-2 / 4.34
2007 Byrd, Paul 3-1 / 5.40
2007 Clemens, Roger 12-8 / 3.75
2007 Davis, Doug 1-0 / 4.22
2007 Escobar, Kelvim 1-2 / 3.66
2007 Fogg, Josh 2-1 / 5.91
2007 Francis, Jeff 2-1 / 4.86
2007 Hernandez, Livan 7-3 / 3.97
2007 Hernandez, Roberto 0-1 / 7.20
2007 Kendrick, Kyle 0-1 / 12.27
2007 Lilly, Ted 0-2 / 6.61
2007 Morales, Franklin 0-0 / 9.37
2007 Owings, Mitch 1-1 / 2.70
2007 Schilling, Curt 11-2 / 2.23
2007 Wang, Chien-Ming 1-3 / 7.58
2007 Webb, Brandon 1-1 / 3.46
2007 Westbrook, Jake 2-2 / 5.03
2006 Bonderman, Jeremy 1-0 / 3.10
2006 Bonser, Boof 0-0 / 3.00
2006 Glavine, Tom 14-16 / 3.30
2006 Haren, Dan 2-0 / 3.26
2006 Johnson, Randy 7-9 / 3.50
2006 Kuo, Hung-Chih 1-1 / 2.92
2006 Loiaza, Esteban 0-3 / 4.44
2006 Maddux, Greg 11-14 / 3.27
2006 Maine, John 1-0 /2.63
2006 Mussina, Mike 7-8 / 3.42
2006 Perez, Oliver 2-0 / 3.86
2006 Radke, Brad 2-3 / 3.60
2006 Reyes, Anthony 1-0 / 3.00
2006 Robertson, Nate 1-2 / 5.17
2006 Rogers, Kenny 3-3 / 4.15
2006 Santana, Johan 1-3 / 3.97
2006 Trachsel, Steve 0-1 / 14.54
2006 Weaver, Jeff 4-4 / 3.89
2006 Wells, David 10-5 / 3.17
2006 Williams, Woody 3-3 / 5.66
2006 Wright, Jaret 3-6 / 7.07
2005 Astacio, Pedro 0-1 / 2.00
2005 Backe, Brandon 1-0 / 2.95
2005 Chacon, Shawn 0-0 / 2.84
2005 Clement, Matt 1-2 / 8.62
2005 Contreras, Jose 4-3 / 3.49
2005 Garland, Jon 1-0 / 2.25
2005 Morris, Matt 2-6 / 4.05
2005 Muldar, Mark 3-4 / 2.34
2005 Smoltz, John 15-4 / 2.67
2005 Sosa, Jorge 0-1 / 4.50
2005 Washburn, Jarrod 1-3 / 4.91
2004 Brown, Kevin 5-5 / 4.19
2004 Hampton, Mike 2-4 / 3.74
2004 Hernandez, Orlando 9-3 / 2.55
2004 Lieber, Jon 1-1 / 3.43
2004 Lima, Jose 1-1 / 2.16
2004 Marquis, Jason 0-2 / 4.56
2004 Munro, Peter 0-0 / 9.00
2004 Ortiz, Russ 3-1 / 5.73
2004 Perez, Odalis 1-1 / 15.00
2004 Silva, Carlos 0-1 / 10.80
2004 Thomson, John 0-0 / 0.00
2003 Burkett, John 2-1 / 4.80
2003 Penny, Brad 3-2 / 7.66
2003 Ponson, Sidney 0-0 / 7.20
2003 Prior, Mark 2-1 / 2.31
2003 Redman, Mark 0-1 / 6.50
2003 Rueter, Kirk 1-1 / 3.79
2003 Schmidt, Jason 3-1 / 3.06
2003 Williams, Jerome 0-0 / 13.50
2003 Willis, Dontrelle 0-1 / 8.53
2003 Wood, Kerry 2-2 / 3.43
2002 Appier, Kevin 0-2 / 5.34
2002 Batista, Miguel 1-2 / 3.55
2002 Benes, Andy 1-1 / 5.47
2002 Finley, Chuck 1-2 / 4.50
2002 Mays, Joe 1-1 / 4.76
2002 Millwood, Kevin 3-3 / 3.92
2002 Milton, Eric 1-0 / 1.65
2002 Ortiz, Ramon 2-0 / 8.40
2002 Reed, Rick 1-3 / 5.43
2001 Abbott, Paul 1-1 / 5.79
2001 Anderson, Brian 2-1 / 2.43
2001 Kile, Darryl 1-3 / 4.80
2001 Lidle, Cory 0-1 / 12.71
2001 Lopez, Albie 0-2 / 9.95
2001 Miller, Wade 0-0 / 2.57
2001 Mlicki, Dave 0-1 / 0.00
2001 Reynolds, Shane 1-3 / 4.18
2001 Sele, Aaron 0-6 / 4.46
2001 Smith, Bud 1-0 / 1.80
2000 Ankiel, Rick 0-0 / 15.75
2000 Baldwin, James 0-0 / 1.50
2000 Estes, Shawn 0-0 / 10.50
2000 Gardner, Mark 0-1 / 8.31
2000 Halama, John 0-0 / 3.77
2000 Hentgen, Pat 1-2 / 9.24
2000 Heredia, Gil 1-1 / 12.79
2000 Jones, Bobby 1-1 / 4.50
2000 Leiter, Al 2-3 / 4.63
2000 Neagle, Denny 1-2 / 3.44
2000 Parque, Jim 0-0 / 4.50
2000 Sirotka, Mike 0-1 / 4.76
2000 Stephenson, Garrett 0-0 / 2.45
1999 Burba, Dave 3-0 / 2.14
1999 Cone, David 8-3 / 3.80
1999 Daal, Omar 0-1 / 6.15
1999 Helling, Rick 0-2 / 4.32
1999 Martinez, Ramon 0-2 / 4.74
1999 Mercker, Kent 0-2 / 3.63
1999 Nagy, Charles 3-4 / 4.46
1999 Saberhagen, Bret 2-4 / 4.67
1999 Stottlemyre, Todd 3-5 / 5.91
1999 Yoshii, Masato 0-1 / 5.54
1998 Ashby, Andy 0-1 / 4.71
1998 Clark, Mark 0-1 / 3.00
1998 Gooden, Dwight 0-4 / 3.97
1998 Hamilton, Joey 0-2 / 3.57
1998 Hitchcock, Sterling 4-0 / 1.76
1998 Ogea, Chad 2-3 / 3.26
1998 Schourek, Pete 1-1 / 1.35
1998 Tapani, Kevin 1-2 / 5.40
1997 Alvarez, Wilson 1-2 / 4.42
1997 Erickson, Scott 2-1 / 3.98
1997 Fassero, Jeff 3-0 / 1.46
1997 Fernandez, Alex 1-3 / 3.95
1997 Hershiser, Orel 8-3 / 2.59
1997 Kamieniecki, Scott 1-0 / 2.77
1997 Key, Jimmy 5-3 / 3.15
1997 Saunders, Tony 0-1 / 9.82
1996 Benes, Alan 0-1 / 2.84
1996 Coppinger, Rocky 0-1 / 8.44
1996 Hill, Ken 2-1 / 2.61
1996 Oliver, Darren 2-2 / 4.32
1996 McDowell, Jack 0-4 / 8.72
1996 Nomo, Hideo 0-2 / 10.38
1996 Osborne, Donovan 1-1 / 9.26
1996 Sanders, Scott 0-0 / 8.31
1996 Valdez, Ismael 0-1 / 2.03
1996 Witt, Bobby 0-0 / 9.53
1995 Avery, Steve 5-3 / 2.90
1995 Belcher, Tim 4-2 / 5.02
1995 Bosio, Chris 0-1 / 7.62
1995 Hanson, Erik 0-1 / 4.50
1995 Martinez, Dennis 2-2 / 3.32
1995 Painter, Lance 0-0 / 5.40
1995 Ritz, Kevin 0-0 / 7.71
1995 Smiley, John 0-2 / 6.32
1995 Swift, Bill 0-0 / 6.00
1995 Wolcott, Bob 1-0 / 2.57
1993 Bere, Jason 0-0 / 11.57
1993 Greene, Tommy 1-1 / 13.11
1993 Guzman, Juan 5-1 / 2.44
1993 Jackson, Danny 4-3 / 3.30
1993 Mulholland, Terry 1-2 / 6.61
1993 Stewart, Dave 10-6 / 2.77
1992 Darling, Ron 1-3 / 3.79
1992 Drabek, Doug 2-5 / 2.05
1992 Moore, Mike 4-3 / 3.29
1992 Morris, Jack 7-4 / 3.80
1992 Walk, Bob 3-1 / 4.50
1992 Welch, Bob 3-3 / 4.56
1991 Candiotti, Tom 0-1 / 6.52
1991 Liebrandt, Charlie 1-7 / 3.77
1991 Smith, Zane 1-4 / 2.88
1991 Tomlin, Randy 0-0 / 4.15
1990 Boddicker, Mike 2-2 / 2.51
1990 Browning, Tom 2-1 / 3.71
1990 Kiecker, Dana 0-0 / 1.59
1990 Power, Ted 0-0 / 3.60
1990 Rijo, Jose 3-0 / 2.28
1989 Bielecki, Mike 0-1 / 2.37
1989 Davis, Storm 1-3 / 5.12
1989 Flanagan, Mike 3-2 / 4.33
1989 Garrelts, Scott 1-2 / 7.06
1989 LaCoss, Mike 0-1 / 5.84
1989 Reuschel, Rick 1-4 / 5.85
1989 Robinson, Don 3-2 / 6.75
1989 Steib, Dave 1-3 / 4.26
1989 Sutcliffe, Rick 1-1 / 3.72
1988 Fernandez, Sid 0-2 / 5.40
1988 Hurst, Bruce 3-2 / 2.29
1988 Leary, Tim 0-1 / 3.27
1988 Tudor, John 5-4 / 3.41
1987 Alexander, Doyle 0-5 / 8.38
1987 Blyleven, Burt 5-1 / 2.47
1987 Cox, Danny 3-3 / 3.24
1987 Dravecky, Dave 1-1 / 0.35
1987 Hammaker, Atlee 0-1 / 8.74
1987 Krukow, Mike 1-0 / 2.00
1987 Magrane, Joe 0-1 / 8.74
1987 Mathews, Greg 1-0 / 3.21
1987 Straker, Les 0-0 / 6.94
1987 Tanana, Frank 0-1 / 4.35
1987 Terrell, Walt 0-0 / 9.00
1987 Viola, Frank 3-1 / 4.31
1986 Boyd, Oil Can 1-2 / 5.66
1986 Candelaria, John 2-2 / 2.88
1986 Knepper, Bob 0-1 / 3.98
1986 McCaskill, Kirk 0-2 / 5.54
1986 Nipper, Al 0-1 / 7.11
1986 Ojdea, Bob 2-0 / 2.33
1986 Ryan, Nolan 2-2 / 3.07
1986 Scott, Mike 2-0 / 0.50
1986 Sutton, Don 6-4 / 3.68
1986 Witt, Mike 1-0 / 3.05
1985 Andujar, Joaquin 3-2 / 4.08
1985 Black, Bud 0-2 / 3.86
1985 Forsch, Bob 3-4 / 5.79
1985 Gubicza, Mark 1-0 / 3.24
1985 Reuss, Jerry 2-8 / 3.59
1985 Valenzuela, Fernando 5-1 / 1.98
1984 Eckersley, Dennis 1-3 / 3.00
1984 Lollar, Tom 0-1 / 10.50
1984 Petry, Dan 0-1 / 4.91
1984 Sanderson, Scott 0-0 / 5.73
1984 Show, Eric 0-2 / 12.38
1984 Thurmond, Mark 0-2 / 9.64
1984 Trout, Steve 1-0 / 2.00
1984 Whitson, Ed 1-0 / 4.15
1984 Wilcox, Milt 3-1 / 1.42
1983 Bannister, Floyd 0-1 / 4.50
1983 Burns, Britt 0-0 / 0.96
1983 Carlton, Steve 6-6 / 3.26
1983 Denny, John 1-2 / 2.37
1983 Dotson, Richard 0-1 / 10.80
1983 Hoyt, LaMarr 1-0 / 1.00
1983 Hudson, Charles 1-2 / 5.19
1983 McGregor, Scott 3-3 / 1.63
1982 Caldwell, Mike 2-2 / 4.03
1982 Camp, Rick 0-1 / 36.00
1982 Haas, Moose 1-2 / 7.17
1982 John, Tommy 6-3 / 2.65
1982 Kison, Bruce 5-1 / 1.98
1982 LaPoint, Dave 0-0 / 3.24
1982 Niekro, Phil 0-1 / 3.86
1982 Perez, Pascual 0-1 / 5.19
1982 Stupor, John 1-0 / 3.32
1982 Vuckovich, Pete 1-2 / 3.74
1982 Zahn, Jeff 0-1 / 7.36
1981 Burris, Ray 1-1 / 1.61
1981 Christensen, Larry 1-2 / 7.40
1981 Guidry, Ron 5-2 / 3.02
1981 Gullickson, Bill 1-2 / 2.05
1981 Gura, Larry 2-3 / 3.89
1981 Hooton, Burt 6-3 / 3.17
1981 Jones, Mike 0-1 / 2.89
1981 Keough, Matt 0-1 / 1.08
1981 Langford, Rick 1-0 / 1.23
1981 Leonard, Dennis 3-5 / 4.32
1981 Lerch, Randy 0-0 / 3.18
1981 May, Rudy 0-1 / 3.66
1981 McCatty, Steve 1-1 / 4.38
1981 Niekro, Joe 0-0 / 0.00
1981 Noles, Dickey 0-0 / 2.38
1981 Norris, Mike 1-1 / 1.65
1981 Righetti, Dave 3-0 / 2.12
1981 Rogers, Steve 3-1 / 0.98
1981 Ruhle, Vern 0-1 / 3.45
1981 Ruthven, Dick 1-2 / 3.38
1980 Bystrom, Marty 0-0 / 3.18
1980 Forsch, Ken 0-1 / 4.15
1980 Gale, Rich 0-1 / 4.26
1980 Splittorff, Paul 2-0 / 2.79
1979 Bibby, Jim 0-0 / 2.08
1979 Frost, Dave 0-1 / 18.69
1979 Knapp, Chris 0-1 / 7.71
1979 Palmer, Jim 8-3 / 2.61
1979 Pastore, Frank 0-0 / 2.57
1979 Rooker, Jim 0-1 / 3.20
1979 Seaver, Tom 3-3 / 2.77
1978 Beattie, Jim 2-0 / 1.88
1978 Figueroa, Ed 0-4 / 7.47
1978 Hunter, Catfish 9-6 / 3.26
1978 Rau, Doug 0-2 / 6.55
1977 Gullett, Don 4-5 / 3.77
1977 Hassler, Andy 0-2 / 4.60
1977 Lonborg, Jim 2-3 / 3.51
1977 Torrez, Mike 2-1 / 3.10
1976 Ellis, Doc 2-4 / 4.08
1976 Kaat, Jim 1-3 / 4.01
1976 Nolan, Gary 2-2 / 3.34
1976 Norman, Fred 1-1 / 5.01
1976 Zachry, Pat 2-0 / 2.87
1975 Billingham, Jack 2-1 / 1.93
1975 Blue, Vida 1-5 / 4.31
1975 Cleveland, Reggie 0-1 / 6.17
1975 Holtzman, Ken 6-4 / 2.30
1975 Lee, Bill 0-0 / 2.93
1975 McNally, Dave 7-4 / 2.49
1975 Tiant, Luis 3-0 / 2.86
1975 Wise, Rick 2-0 / 4.97
1974 Cuellar, Mike 4-4 / 2.85
1974 Downing, Al 0-3 / 4.87
1974 Messersmith, Andy 1-2 / 3.46
1973 Grimsley, Ross 3-2 / 3.24
1973 Koosman, Jerry 4-0 / 3.79
1973 Matlack, John 2-2 / 1.40
1973 Stone, George 0-0 / 1.69
1972 Blass, Steve 3-1 / 3.10
1972 Briles, Nelson 2-1 / 2.65
1972 Coleman, Joe 1-0 / 0.00
1972 Fryman, Woodie 0-2 / 6.14
1972 Lolich, Mickey 3-1 / 1.57
1972 McGlothlin, Jim 0-0 / 8.64
1972 Moose, Bob 0-2 / 6.30
1972 Odom, Blue Moon 3-1 / 1.13
1971 Cumberland, John 0-1 / 9.00
1971 Dobson, Pat 0-0 / 3.97
1971 Johnson, Bob 1-1 / 3.32
1971 Marichal, Juan 0-1 / 1.50
1971 Perry, Gaylord 1-1 / 6.14
1971 Segui, Diego 0-1 / 4.76
1971 Walker, Luke 0-1 / 6.23
1970 Cloninger, Tony 0-1 / 5.84
1970 Hall, Tom 1-1 / 3.57
1970 Merritt, Jim 1-1 / 5.23
1970 Perry, Jim 0-1 / 6.75
1969 Boswell, Dave 0-1 / 1.35
1969 Gentry, Gary 1-0 / 2.08
1969 Jarvis, Pat 0-1 / 12.46
1969 Miller, Bob 0-2 / 3.07
1969 Reed, Ron 0-2 / 5.06
1968 Gibson, Bob 7-2 / 1.89
1968 McLain, Denny 1-2 / 3.24
1968 Washburn, Ray 1-1 / 8.18
1968 Wilson, Earl 0-1 / 6.23
1967 Bell, Gary 0-1 / 5.06
1967 Hughes, Dick 0-1 / 4.82
1967 Santiago, Jose 0-2 / 5.59
1967 Waslewski, Gary 0-0 / 2.16
1966 Bunker, Wally 1-0 / 0.00
1966 Drysdale, Don 3-3 / 2.95
1966 Koufax, Sandy 4-3 / 0.95
1966 Osteen, Claude 1-2 / 0.86
1965 Grant, Mudcat 2-1 / 2.52
1965 Pascual, Camilo 0-1 / 5.40
1964 Bouton, Jim 2-1 / 1.48
1964 Ford, Whitey 10-8 / 2.71
1964 Sadecki, Ray 1-0 / 5.73
1964 Simmons, Curt 0-1 / 2.51
1964 Strottlemyre, Mel 1-1 / 3.15
1963 Podres, Johnny 4-1 / 2.11
1962 O'Dell, Billy 0-1 / 4.38
1962 Pierce, Billy 1-1 / 1.89
1962 Sanford, Jack 1-2 / 1.93
1962 Stafford, Bill 1-0 / 2.08
1962 Terry, Ralph 2-4 / 2.93
1961 Jay, Joey 1-1 / 5.59
1961 O'Toole, Jim 0-2 / 3.00
1961 Purkey, Bob 0-1 / 1.64
1960 Ditmar, Art 0-2 / 3.18
1960 Friend, Bob 0-2 / 13.50
1960 Haddix, Harvey 2-0 / 2.45
1960 Law, Vern 2-0 / 3.44
1960 Turley, Bob 4-3 / 3.19
1960 Mizell, Vinegar Bend 0-1 / 15.43
1959 Craig, Roger 2-2 / 6.49
1959 Donovan, Dick 0-1 / 5.40
1959 Shaw, Bob 1-1 / 2.57
1959 Wynn, Early 1-2 / 4.95
1958 Burdette, Lew 4-2 / 2.92
1958 Larsen, Don 4-2 / 2.75
1958 Rush, Bob 0-1 / 3.00
1958 Spahn, Warren 4-3 / 3.05
1957 Buhl, Bob 0-1 / 10.80
1957 Shantz, Bobby 0-1 / 4.15
1957 Sturdivant, Tom 1-0 / 4.34
1956 Erskine, Carl 2-2 / 5.83
1956 Kucks, Johnny 1-0 / 1.89
1956 Labine, Clem 2-2 / 3.16
1956 Maglie, Sal 1-2 / 3.41
1956 Newcombe, Don 0-4 / 8.59
1955 Byrne, Tommy 1-1 / 2.53
1955 Grim, Bob 0-2 / 4.91
1955 Loes, Billy 1-2 / 4.91
1955 Spooner, Carl 0-1 / 13.50
1954 Antonelli, Johnny 1-0 / 0.84
1954 Garcia, Mike 0-1 / 5.40
1954 Gomez, Ruben 1-0 / 2.45
1954 Lemon, Bob 2-2 / 3.94
1954 Liddle, Don 1-0 / 1.29
1953 Lopat, Eddie 4-1 / 2.60
1953 McDonald, Jim 1-0 / 5.87
1953 Raschi, Vic 5-3 / 2.24
1953 Reynolds, Allie 7-2 / 2.79
1953 Roe, Preacher 2-1 / 2.54
1952 Black, Joe 1-2 / 2.82
1952 Blackwell, Ewell 0-0 / 7.20
1951 Hearn, Jim 1-0 / 1.04
1951 Jansen, Larry 0-2 / 6.30
1951 Koslo, Dave 1-1 / 3.00
1950 Heintzelman, Ken 0-0 / 1.17
1950 Konstanty, Jim 0-1 / 2.40
1950 Miller, Bob 0-1 / 27.00
1950 Roberts, Robin 0-1 / 1.64
1949 Barney, Rex 0-2 / 6.75
1949 Branca, Ralph 1-2 / 6.35
1948 Bearden, Gene 1-0 / 0.00
1948 Bickford, Vern 0-1 / 2.70
1948 Feller, Bob 0-2 / 5.02
1948 Gromek, Steve 1-0 / 1.00
1948 Potter, Nels 0-1 / 3.60
1948 Sain, Johnny 2-2 / 2.64
1948 Voselle, Bill 0-1 / 2.53
1947 Bevens, Bill 0-1 / 2.38
1947 Gregg, Hal 0-1 / 3.55
1947 Hatten, Joe 0-0 / 8.44
1947 Lombardi, Vic 0-1 / 12.15
1947 Newsom, Bobo 2-2 / 2.86
1947 Shea, Spec 2-0 / 2.35
1947 Taylor, Harry 0-0 / --*
1946 Brecheen, Harry 4-1 / 0.83
1946 Dickson, Murry 0-1 / 3.86
1946 Dobson, Joe 1-0 / 0.00
1946 Ferriss, Dave 1-0 / 2.03
1946 Harris, Mickey 0-2 / 3.72
1946 Hughson, Tex 0-1 / 3.14
1946 Munger, Red 1-0 / 1.00
1946 Pollet, Howie 0-1 / 3.38
1945 Borowy, Hank 3-2 / 4.97
1945 Newhouser, Hal 2-1 / 6.53
1945 Overmire, Stubby 0-1 / 3.00
1945 Passeau, Claude 1-0 / 2.70
1945 Prim, Ray 0-1 / 9.00
1945 Trout, Dizzy 1-2 / 1.72
1945 Trucks, Virgil 1-0 / 3.38
1945 Wyse, Hank 0-1 / 7.04
1944 Cooper, Mort 2-3 / 3.00
1944 Galehouse, Denny 1-1 / 1.50
1944 Jakucki, Sig 0-1 / 9.00
1944 Kramer, Jack 1-0 / 0.00
1944 Lanier, Max 2-1 / 1.71
1944 Wilks, Ted 0-1 / 4.91
1943 Bonham, Tiny 1-2 / 3.21
1943 Brazle, Al 0-2 / 4.50
1943 Chandler, Spud 2-2 / 1.62
1943 Russo, Marius 2-0 / 0.50
1942 Beazley, Johnny 2-0 / 2.37
1942 Ruffing, Red 7-2 / 2.63
1942 White, Ernie 1-0 / 0.00
1941 Davis, Curt 0-1 / 5.06
1941 Donald, Atley 0-1 / 7.71
1941 Fitzsimmons, Freddie 0-3 / 3.86
1941 Higbe, Kirby 0-0 / 7.36
1941 Wyatt, Whit 1-1 / 2.50
1940 Bridges, Tommy 4-1 / 3.52
1940 Derringer, Paul 2-4 / 3.42
1940 Rowe, Schoolboy 2-5 / 3.91
1940 Thompson, Gene 0-2 / 14.63
1940 Turner, Jim 0-1 / 6.43
1940 Walters, Bucky 2-2 / 2.79
1939 Gomez, Lefty 6-0 / 2.86
1939 Hildebrand, Oral 0-0 / 0.00
1939 Pearson, Monty 4-0 / 1.01
1938 Bryant, Clay 0-1 / 6.75
1938 Dean, Dizzy 2-2 / 2.88
1938 Lee, Bill 0-2 / 3.38
1937 Hadley, Bump 2-1 / 4.15
1937 Hubbell, Carl 4-2 / 1.79
1937 Melton, Cliff 0-2 / 4.91
1937 Schumacher, Hal 2-2 / 4.13
1935 Auker, Eldon 1-1 / 4.67
1935 Carleton, Tex 0-1 / 5.06
1935 Crowder, General 1-2 / 3.81
1935 French, Larry 0-2 / 3.00
1935 Root, Charlie 0-3 / 6.75
1935 Warneke, Lon 2-1 / 2.63
1934 Hallahan, Bill 3-1 / 1.36
1934 Dean, Paul 2-0 / 1.00
1933 Stewart, Lefty 0-1 / 9.00
1933 Weaver, Monte 0-1 / 1.74
1933 Whitehill, Earl 1-0 / 0.00
1932 Allen, Johnny 0-0 / 6.23
1932 Bush, Guy 1-1 / 5.40
1932 Pipgras, George 3-0 / 2.77
1931 Earnshaw, George 4-3 / 1.58
1931 Grimes, Burleigh 3-4 / 4.29
1931 Grove, Lefty 4-2 / 1.75
1931 Hoyt, Waite 6-4 / 1.83
1931 Johnson, Syl 0-1 / 4.50
1930 Haines, Jesse 3-1 / 1.67
1930 Rhem, Flint 0-1 / 6.10
1930 Walberg, Rube 1-1 / 1.93
1929 Ehmke, Howard 1-0 / 1.42
1929 Malone, Pat 0-3 / 3.05
1929 Quinn, Jack 0-1 / 8.44
1928 Alexander, Pete 3-2 / 3.56
1928 Sherdel, Bill 0-4 / 3.26
1928 Zachary, Paul 3-0 / 2.86
1927 Aldridge, Vic 2-1 / 5.26
1927 Hill, Carmen 0-0 / 4.50
1927 Kremer, Ray 2-2 / 3.12
1927 Meadows, Lee 0-2 / 6.28
1927 Moore, Wilcy 2-0 / 0.56
1927 Pennock, Herb 5-0 / 1.95
1926 Ruether, Dutch 1-1 / 2.95
1926 Shawkey, Bob 1-3 / 4.54
1926 Shocker, Urban 0-1 / 5.87
1925 Coveleski, Stan 3-2 / 1.74
1925 Ferguson, Alex 1-1 / 3.21
1925 Johnson, Walter 3-3 / 2.52
1925 Yde, Emil 0-1 / 11.57
1924 Barnes, Virgil 0-1 / 4.15
1924 Bentley, Jack 1-3 / 4.94
1924 Marberry, Firppo 0-1 / 3.75
1924 McQuillan, Hugh 2-1 / 3.60
1924 Mogridge, George 1-0 / 2.25
1924 Ogden, Curly 0-0 / 0.00
1924 Nehf, Art 4-4 / 2.16
1923 Bush, Bullet Joe 2-5 / 2.67
1923 Jones, Sad Sam 0-2 / 2.05
1923 Scott, Jack 1-1 / 3.00
1923 Watson, Mule 0-0 / 10.13
1922 Barnes, Jesse 2-0 / 1.71
1922 Mays, Carl 3-4 / 2.35
1921 Douglas, Phil 2-2 / 2.00
1921 Harper, Harry 0-0 / 20.25
1921 Toney, Fred 0-0 / 23.63
1920 Bagby, Jim 1-1 / 1.80
1920 Cadore, Leon 0-1 / 9.00
1920 Caldwell, Ray 0-1 / 27.00
1920 Mails, Duster 1-0 / 0.00
1920 Marquard, Rube 2-5 / 3.07
1920 Smith, Sherry 1-2 / 0.89
1919 Cicotte, Eddie 2-3 / 2.22
1919 Eller, Hod 2-0 / 2.00
1919 Fisher, Ray 0-1 / 2.35
1919 Kerr, Dickey 2-0 / 1.42
1919 Ring, Jimmy 1-1 / 0.64
1919 Sallee, Slim 1-3 / 3.45
1919 Williams, Lefty 0-3 / 6.75
1918 Ruth, Babe 3-0 / 0.87
1918 Tyler, Lefty 1-1 / 1.91
1918 Vaughn, Hippo 1-2 / 3.00
1917 Benton, Rube 1-1 / 0.00
1917 Faber, Red 3-1 / 2.33
1917 Russell, Reb 0-0 / inf
1917 Schupp, Ferdie 1-0 / 1.74
1916 Coombs, Jack 5-0 / 2.70
1916 Leonard, Dutch 2-0 / 1.00
1916 Pfeffer, Jeff 0-1 / 1.98
1916 Shore, Ernie 3-1 / 1.82
1915 Chalmers, George 0-1 / 2.25
1915 Foster, Rube 2-0 / 1.71
1915 Mayer, Erskine 0-1 / 2.19
1914 Bender, Chief 6-4 / 2.44
1914 James, Bill 2-0 / 0.00
1914 Plank, Eddie 2-5 / 1.32
1914 Rudolph, Dick 2-0 / 0.50
1913 Demaree, Al 0-1 / 4.50
1913 Mathewson, Christy 5-5 / 0.97
1913 Tesreau, Jeff 1-3 / 3.62
1912 Bediant, Hugh 1-0 / 0.50
1912 Collins, Ray 0-0 / 1.88
1912 O'Brien, Buck 0-2 / 5.00
1912 Wood, Smoky Joe 3-1 / 4.50
1911 Ames, Red 0-1 / 2.45
1910 Brown, Mordecai 5-4 / 2.97
1910 Cole, King 0-0 / 3.38
1910 Overall, Orval 3-1 / 1.58
1910 Reulbach, Ed 2-0 / 3.03
1909 Adams, Babe 3-0 / 1.29
1909 Camnitz, Howie 0-1 / 13.50
1909 Donovan, Bill 1-4 / 2.88
1909 Leifield, Lefty 0-1 / 11.25
1909 Maddox, Nick 1-0 / 1.00
1909 Mullin, George 3-3 / 1.86
1909 Summers, Ed 0-4 / 5.73
1909 Willis, Vic 0-1 / 4.63
1908 Killian, Ed 0-0 / 5.68
1908 Pfiester, Jack 1-3 / 3.97
1907 Siever, Ed 0-1 / 4.50
1906 Altrock, Nick 1-1 / 1.00
1906 Walsh, Ed 2-0 / 0.60
1906 White, Doc 1-1 / 1.80
1905 Coakley, Andy 0-1 / 3.00
1905 McGinnity, Joe 1-1 / 0.00
1903 Dinneen, Bill 3-1 / 2.06
1903 Hughes, Tom 0-1 / 9.00
1903 Kennedy, Brickyard 0-1 / 5.14
1903 Leever, Sam 0-2 / 5.40
1903 Phillippe, Deacon 3-2 / 2.70
1903 Young, Cy 2-1 / 1.85
*Pitched 0 innings, allowed 1 R but 0 ER
submitted by displacedindavis to baseball [link] [comments]

2020.09.13 12:37 PriceKennedy200 How to change relationship stats name in DBH - Tutorial

How to change relationship stats name in DBH - Tutorial
Hey guys! Good news, I've figured out a way to change relationship stats names, It took me a while but is very simple. I'm going to make a step-by-step guide:

BIG PROBLEM: You can't add more/less letters than the original name, for example:
You can swap HANK by COLE, because they have the same number of letters.
You can also swap SIMON by KARA.
but you can't swap HANK by MARKUS, because MARKUS has more letters than HANK.
It is actually possible but I have no idea how to do it.

How to change relationship stats name:

1 - First at all we need download a tool: https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/
2 - After downloading this, we going to open it:
3 - Now we open DBH folder, and locate BigFile_PC.dat file. If you use Steam Version, search on YouTuBe, but it has to be in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common
Abrir local do arquivo = Open file location
4 - Now we going to draw the BigFile_PC.dat file into the HxD tool:
5 - Now CTRL + F and in Hex-values tab search for one of those characters below which you want to change the relationship stats name:

Remember: Search Direction > All /// Click in > Search All
48 41 4E 4B 5F 4E 41 4D 45 08 - HANK
41 4D 41 4E 44 41 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0C - AMANDA
4E 4F 52 54 48 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0A - NORTH
53 49 4D 4F 4E 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0A - SIMON
4A 4F 53 48 5F 4E 41 4D 45 08 - JOSH
41 4C 49 43 45 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0A - ALICE
4C 55 54 48 45 52 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0C - LUTHER
4C 45 41 44 45 52 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0E - JERICHO
44 45 56 49 41 4E 54 5F 4E 41 4D 45 50 - SOFTWARE INSTABILITY(ENG version)
50 55 42 4C 49 43 5F 4E 41 4D 45 1C - PUBLIC OPINION (That is kind of boring, because it depends of your language setting, I'm using ENG for this)
6 - How do I change a name to another one now? It's very simple:
(I'm using Jericho's code, whatever you want will work in the same way)
First off we search for our code:
That was the code that appeared.
- Now to change the name all you need is remove "J.E.R.I.C.H.O" row and replace with another one, like this:
As you can see: J.E.R.I.C.H.O
- And became this:
I removed J.E.R.I.C.H.O (DO NOT REMOVE THE DOTS) and replaced by O.B.A.M.I.U.M
7 - How do I change a name like SIMON(5 letters) by KARA(4 letters)? Easy answer:
- Copy this invisible character: ---> <---
- Now you remove any letter from your character chosen:
S.I.M.O.N became S.I.M.O.
- And now, just paste the invisible character on "N" instead:
S.I.M.O. .
- Change S.I.M.O by K.A.R.A and be happy.
8 - To finish it we need to apply our new name in all rows possibles. You'll see a tab like that in you program (https://prnt.sc/ugfaqj). Here is all the results which you need to change to the new name. Just click in each one and swap the names, no difficulty. BUT BE CAREFUL: If you noticed, all codes always follow a pattern, like this that always ends up with a 4A, and has 1 row with an 18, that one you need to skip, don't touch it. It occurs too with some others codes.
Has 20 rows and I just set 1 O.B.A.M.I.U.M yet. (The first one)
9 - Save > CTRL + S
10 - Let's see if works:
Great :)
11 - If you want to change a GUI action name, just search for GUI_ACTION_ in Text-string tab then try to find what dialogue fits to the GUI. You can type just GUI_ to search for as well. This one in the print is GUI_ACTION_05C_SAVEHANK. Try filtering names will help a lot. It also works in the same way like replacing names. (As I said before, it depends all of your language settings.)
I can't add more letters than HANK, so GAVIN became GAVI.
Extra: You can also change the NEUTRAL/FRIEND/HOSTILE/WARM/DISTANT, but is like the Public Opinion, has several languages to each one. I'm tired now so just search for those names in .dat file and enjoy making great names.
submitted by PriceKennedy200 to DetroitBecomeHuman [link] [comments]

2020.09.12 08:59 ImThatWrestlingGuy Infinity Wrestling: Blackout IV - 31st of January 2020

Blackout IV – 31/01/2020 – Full Sail University, Florida
Infinity welcomed back their fanbase with Blackout IV, a show set to rival all previous Blackouts with its stacked card set for the night. Nikki Cross takes on Alexa Bliss, Keith Lee continues his Open Challenge, and following Gallows and Anderson's debut last week, Trent Seven takes on his attacker in Karl Anderson. To open the show, Bianca Belair returns after her post-match brawl with Shayna Baszler last week, Hiromu Takahashi takes on Lio Rush's opponent from Blackout III, BUSHI, and The Dead Rose Clique go head to head with Bulletproof. But in the main event, we'll see AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs The War Raiders in an insane clash! However, right now, it was time for the EST of In-fin-ity…

Bianca Belair opened the show, mic in hand, and the crowd gave her a warm welcome after her return last week. Belair started off by mentioning what happened in last week’s main event, where she made her presence felt, beating down Shayna Baszler and laying her out with KOD. Bianca reminded Shayna of what Baszler had done to her on Night 2 of New Dawn: repeated damage to her eye forced Belair to take time off, but Bianca knew she would be back soon, wanting to make sure Baszler didn’t forget about her. Bianca staked her claim to the Infinity Women’s Title, but she was interrupted by William Regal, the Blackout General Manager, and he told Bianca that if she wanted to get a shot at Shayna’s title, she would have to go through a duo very close to the champ: Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, both equally as dangerous, and both willing to do whatever it takes to prevent from Belair going onto face Shayna. Bianca immediately accepted the challenge, knowing she would fight anyone, anywhere, anytime if it meant taking away the belt Baszler took away from her, Bianca promising the crowd she’ll beat Duke and Shafir next week, a fired-up crowd ready for that bout. Belair left through the crowd, the audience intrigued to see what would happen, next week.

Following Belair’s fiery promo, we saw the arrival of The Dead Rose Clique, decked out in black and red attire, vests covering the chests of some, red war paint tattooing the chest of others. Representing the DRC was The Archer of Infamy Damian Priest, The Freak Lars Sullivan, and The Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar, and they would be going up against 4 Bulletproof members tonight. They made their way down to the ring, warming up as they waited for opponents, and out first was Oblivion Champion Darby Allin, followed up by his new Bulletproof stablemates, Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus. Their original fourth member, Jungle Boy, had had to receive immediate medical attention following a vicious post-match attack courtesy of Damian Priest last week, but Allin had assured his teammates he had a backup…

Damian Priest, Lars Sullivan, and The AOP vs Darby Allin, Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and Joey Janela
Joey Janela was here! The eccentric hardcore legend joined his team as they made their way to meet their adversaries in the ring, and Janela started as the legal man opposite the larger Lars Sullivan. All 8 men involved gave this their all, both teams fighting for faction supremacy, however only one would stand tall. The more powerful Priest, Sullivan, and AOP were able to take down their competitors easily, however they couldn’t match the agility and speed of their opponents, the Bulletproof representatives evening out the offence of the bout and pulling off some amazing spots, such as Marko hitting a massive assisted Canadian Destroyer on Akam on the outside, and Darby and Joey hitting Sullivan with an Elbow-Coffin Drop combo, nearly winning them the match, only for Damian Priest to break up the pin. However, after Damian Priest nailed Darby Allin with a Chokeslam from the apron off the top rope into the barricade on the outside, Akam and Rezar landed the devastating Super Collider on Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus, The Dead Rose Clique picking up the win.
Damian Priest, Lars Sullivan, and The AOP defeated Darby Allin, Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and Joey Janela (16:35)

Karl Anderson vs Trent Seven
Following the debut of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson the previous week, assaulting Moustache Mountain post-match, Karl Anderson of The Good Brothers went head to head with Trent Seven in Karl’s Infinity debut. Both men put on a solid showing, the stronger and larger Trent overpowering Anderson at times but Karl’s speed, technical prowess, and underhand tactics kept this match fairly balanced. Rarely in single’s action, this gave Trent a great spotlight for his underrated wrestling ability outside of tag team matches, but unfortunately, after some Gallows distraction at ringside, Trent walked right into a Stun Gun from behind, Karl pinning Seven to win. Tyler Bate chased off the heel duo afterwards to check on his tag partner, The Good Brothers smiling as they retreated through the crowd.
Karl Anderson defeated Trent Seven (11:25)

Keith Lee Open Challenge
Following an unsuccessful defence against AJ Styles last week, The Limitless One returned to Blackout, the crowd excited for another fantastic show-stealer. Despite Lee’s unfortunate match results, he always put on a great showing, and this week would be no different, his opponent being the undefeated…
Keith Lee vs Cody Rhodes
Fresh off a win over Elias 2 weeks ago, Cody Rhodes answered the challenge and stepped inside the ring to face off with Keith, the two starting off the bout slow before turning the heat up as the match progressed. It was evident that Lee was not as motivated as before, his losses to Cole and Style in consecutive weeks, but that decline seemed to boost Keith, Lee bursting out of flurry’s of energy at points in time, notably putting Cody through the announcer’s desk with a wicked Spinebuster, however, Rhodes kept his mindset stable, and his mentality was focused, using his American Nightmare submission hold strategically throughout the match. Rhodes nearly hit a second rope Bloody Cross, but it was reversed into an Avalanche Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex from Lee for a near fall! But in the end, a Supernova attempt was reversed into a Cross Rhodes, and Cody covered Keith for the W.
Cody Rhodes defeated Keith Lee (19:55)
After the bout, Cody helped up Keith, Rhodes extending his hand to Lee in a show of respect. Exhausted, defeated, and limping, Keith took his time to choose whether he wanted to forgive Cody for the damage Rhodes obviously did to Lee’s knee, but that time allowed for a certain roster member to sprint into the ring and low-blow Cody from behind… FINN BALOR! The leader of the Dead Rose Clique was here, and he immediately took out Cody before going after the weaker Lee, targeting his knee as he assaulted Keith. Cody got back to his feet as Balor rained down kicks on Lee in the corner, turning Finn around and going for a lariat, however, Balor ducked and connected with a headbutt, kicking Cody in the mid-section and drilling him with a quick 1916, clotheslining him over the top rope and to the outside as he rebounded from the canvas. Finn turned his attention back to Keith, now standing and blindly walking away from the turnbuckle straight into a Shotgun Dropkick. Balor nailed The Limitless One with a Coup De Grace to stand tall, a finger gun pointed at Cody at ringside and a finger gun pointed at Keith in the ring as The Prince walked up the ramp.

Hiromu Takahashi vs BUSHI
Hiromu Takahashi was out next, the flamboyant Empyrean Championship #1 contender making his way down to the ring to await his opponent, but after BUSHI’s entire theme played, no one appeared from the stage, a confused Hiromu asking the equally oblivious ref what was going on. However, out from the back came The Dead Rose Mercenaries, The Authors of Pain, hot off a win in the opening bout, and they dragged along the lifeless carcass of BUSHI, Lio Rush following behind. Lio laughed as BUSHI was sent into the electrical board, getting chucked around like a rag doll by Akam and Rezar, and Rush told them to dispose of BUSHI, the pair taking him to the back once again to inflict more pain on him. Lio, mic in hand, told Takahashi that he had had a change of opponent last second, and his new challenger was someone the Infinity crowd had never seen before…
Hiromu Takahashi vs Ilja Dragunov
HOLY SHIT! The Unbesiegbar has finally arrived in Infinity Wrestling and he’s here to take on Hiromu Takahashi! Lio Rush laughed as an intense Ilja made his way down to the ring, an intrigued and slightly concerned Hiromu preparing himself in the ring, and immediately, as soon as Dragunov slid into the ring, Takahashi was taken out with a wicked Lariat! The ref frantically rang the bell and the match started, Dragunov raining down kicks and forearms on the Japanese star. Hiromu would fight his way back into the match, but the brutality of Ilja was too much for him, and with Rush watching on at ringside, a Torpedo Moscow finished off Takahashi, Ilja standing tall. Lio joined the victor in the ring, going to raise his hand but Dragunov shoved Lio away, nailing him with a Torpedo Moscow as Lio came rushing back to the centre. Ilja stood tall over both of the Empyrean Title Contenders, his debut one to remember.
Ilja Dragunov defeated Hiromu Takahashi (13:00)

Nikki Cross vs Alexa Bliss
Next up, we saw the wild and explosive Nikki Cross make her Infinity debut, going up against The Goddess Alexa Bliss in a great clash of styles. In a past life, these two used to team up, but now, they were pitted against each other, a great showcase of Infinity’s extensive and talented women’s roster. The more spontaneous Nikki was instantly over with the crowd, her insane behaviour and all-in attitude duelling nicely with Bliss’ more methodical and calculated approach. While Cross’ unstable style did her favours throughout the bout, she was also easy to take advantage of, the more focused Alexa being able to exploit weaknesses with ease, most notably avoiding Nikki’s devastating Purge finisher. Both women used the ropes to the best of their ability, Cross-body’s being hit from all directions, but Nikki was able to counter a Twisted Bliss straight into a Fisherman’s Hook, lifting Alexa up for The Purge, Cross getting the 1, 2, 3!
Nikki Cross defeated Alexa Bliss (11:30)

The War Raiders vs AJ Styles & Hiroshi Tanahashi
Rogue Glory’s Hanson and Rowe were out first, set to take on the team of ‘Phenomenal Ace’, AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi of Bulletproof. Possibly Blackout’s biggest Main Event to date, the crowd was hot off a fantastic episode, ready to see an amazing tag team bout to cap things off, and they popped for the entrance of Phenomenal Ace, followed by The War Raiders. Hanson and Hiroshi started things off, the stronger Hanson taking advantage over the older Ace, and Rowe was tagged in, Hiroshi failing to fight back as he was forced to take the beating. Tanahashi managed to find an opening when Hanson and Rowe went for the Fallout, flipping over from behind and shoving him into the turnbuckle, subsequently knocking Hanson over, before a massive Splash in the corner took out both men, Hiroshi just managing to tag in the fresh AJ Styles! The Phenomenal One had a good first run, taking out both men with a double Stylin’ DDT, but after taking out Hanson on the outside, he ran into a lariat back in the ring, AJ going down as Rowe got the upper hand. Tanahashi and Hanson would make their way back into the combat, pulling off some great spots like a Powerbomb/High Fly Flow combo from AJ and Hiroshi onto the massive Rowe, as well as a Pop Up Powerslam to Tanahashi on the apron!
At one point, The War Raiders had AJ Styles up for the same Pop Up Powerslam, now called the ‘Call of Fenrir’ by commentary, however, Styles was able to back out of it, stumbling backwards into the ref, before ducking a wicked clothesline from Rowe that took out the official! AJ went for a Pele Kick, but he was hit with a Big Boot mid-air by Hanson, allowing Rowe to set him up for the Fallout, Hanson up on the top rope ready to hit the match-ending move, but sliding into the ring came the Infinity Tag Team Champions, Bulletproof’s own, The Young Bucks! After Hanson and Rowe had ruined their post-main event celebration on Night 1 of New Dawn, taking both men out, Matt and Nick Jackson had been waiting for revenge, seizing their opportunity here by hitting Rowe with a Double Superkick as they entered the ring, dodging Hanson as he went for a top rope clothesline and nailing him with a Triple Superkick, AJ Styles helping out alongside them! The Young Bucks quickly left the ring, escaping through the crowd and making sure they weren’t seen by the ref, but watching on as AJ went into the cover on Hanson, the lone War Raider just managing to kick out, the tension rising as he got the shoulder up.
However, as the match reached its climax, all 4 men were battling on the outside, Hiroshi and Rowe at ringside brawling while AJ and Hanson were on the apron, and Styles and Hanson found their way up to the top rope, Hanson picking up Styles and hitting him with Death Valley Driver off the top turnbuckle onto his tag partner and Tanahashi below! The crowd popped huge for this insane ending, as the ref counted the whole 10, this amazing bout unfortunately ending in a Count-Out Tie.
The War Raiders and AJ Styles & Hiroshi Tanahashi drew via Count-Out (25:45)
Hanson and Rowe were up first, leaving to the back, disappointed in the result, and they were soon followed by Tanahashi, Hiroshi helping up Styles to the back. However, before Phenomenal Ace left, an exhausted and beaten Styles grabbed a mic from Gorilla, and he accepted Rogue Glory’s challenge for Genocide, stating that Bulletproof will finally silence Adam Cole’s band when they meet inside the ring. A match graphic showed up on the screen, depicting AJ Styles, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Joey Janela versus Adam Cole, Brodie Lee, and Killian Dain, the Trios match set for Infinity’s next PPV. Styles thanked the crowd after another great show, the feed cutting to black as they made their way backstage.
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2020.09.12 08:36 ColeWRS Landlord asks for illegal rent increase which I accept, tells me to find new place when I ask for the official rent increase form.

Location: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Renting a basement suite for $625 CAD per month on a month-to-month basis. Includes water, hydro, and internet. Damage deposit not required as the place was quite beat up (lots of dings in the wall, baseboards beat up).
September 10:
Landlord asks me to talk. I let him in. He tells me that he is not making enough off the rent, and that he is broke, and needs more money. He also claims that my sporadic use of a space heater to heat the cold basement is causing the hydro bill to increase a lot and causing the entire house to be warmed. The space heater does not even fully heat the room I am in and is only used sporadically. He also mentions one of the reasons is because he had to upgrade the internet. When I first moved in, it was claimed that the internet was 300mbps, which when I got there, I discovered that it was 50mbps. He since upgraded it and it is still not even at 300mbps.
He said that I am such a good tenant – quiet, respectful, and he wants me to remain here.
The proposed rent increase is 75 dollars, an 11.9% increase on $625. The maximum amount per the Residential Tenancy Board is 1.6% per year with a three-month notice. He expected it to occur immediately.
I said I will need to think about it. I got back to him later and expressed that I do not mind paying $700. My thinking is that the rent is already good enough.
September 11:
Seeing as the rent has increased, I thought it to be appropriate to ask for a rent increase form, as is required to present to tenants. I asked for the form, in addition to rent receipts (backdated to April, as he did not give me them).
This is our verbatim text transaction:
Me: Hello Landlord,
I would like to request an official rent increase form. Additionally, given the increase, I would like to request rent receipts (including backdated rescripts to April).
Him: Hey cole, here’s your notice. Please start looking for a new place thanks
Him: I’m on my way to office and will go make sure I print and eviction notice up for you though
Me: What’s the reason for termination?
Him: Selling my house
He knocks on my door and gives me the “eviction notice”, which is a bunch of chicken scratch written on a piece of paper. Link to image: https://i.imgur.com/P21ynb1.png
I know that, in order to evict someone when selling a house, you must have a bone fide offer. I ask him if he has a bone fide offer, and he starts yelling and gets angry. He threatened me and my things.
Things he says:
“I’ll get rid of all your shit if you try anything”
“You don’t know who you’re dealing with”
“You don’t want to mess with me”
“This is MY basement”
“You’re renting my basement suite – you won’t win anything if you argue”
I was terrified and closed the door in his face and had a panic attack. My mom was on speaker listening in to the whole thing.
He then turned off the internet, which is an amenity he supplies as per the rent agreement, which should be supplied until I am required to leave.
[hours later] Him: I would like my living space back as fast as possible cole and don’t feel good about you staying down there now. Please find a place as fast as possible.
My parents came over (2.5 hours away) and helped me pack my valuable things and we moved my stuff to my parent’s house where I am writing from now.
I am wondering what my options are here. What steps should I take? I want to contact the police as he threatened my safety.
This is not confirmed, but I am gay and it’s possible he might be homophobic and for that reason I am especially worried for my safety.
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2020.09.12 08:29 ColeWRS Landlord asks for illegal rent increase which I accept, tells me to find new place when I ask for the official rent increase form.

Location: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Renting a basement suite for $625 CAD per month on a month-to-month basis. Includes water, hydro, and internet. Damage deposit not required as the place was quite beat up (lots of dings in the wall, baseboards beat up).
September 10:
Landlord asks me to talk. I let him in. He tells me that he is not making enough off the rent, and that he is broke, and needs more money. He also claims that my sporadic use of a space heater to heat the cold basement is causing the hydro bill to increase a lot and causing the entire house to be warmed. The space heater does not even fully heat the room I am in and is only used sporadically. He also mentions one of the reasons is because he had to upgrade the internet. When I first moved in, it was claimed that the internet was 300mbps, which when I got there, I discovered that it was 50mbps. He since upgraded it and it is still not even at 300mbps.
He said that I am such a good tenant – quiet, respectful, and he wants me to remain here.
The proposed rent increase is 75 dollars, an 11.9% increase on $625. The maximum amount per the Residential Tenancy Board is 1.6% per year with a three-month notice. He expected it to occur immediately.
I said I will need to think about it. I got back to him later and expressed that I do not mind paying $700. My thinking is that the rent is already good enough.
September 11:
Seeing as the rent has increased, I thought it to be appropriate to ask for a rent increase form, as is required to present to tenants. I asked for the form, in addition to rent receipts (backdated to April, as he did not give me them).
This is our verbatim text transaction:
Me: Hello Landlord,
I would like to request an official rent increase form. Additionally, given the increase, I would like to request rent receipts (including backdated rescripts to April).
Him: Hey cole, here’s your notice. Please start looking for a new place thanks
Him: I’m on my way to office and will go make sure I print and eviction notice up for you though
Me: What’s the reason for termination?
Him: Selling my house
He knocks on my door and gives me the “eviction notice”, which is a bunch of chicken scratch written on a piece of paper. Link to image: https://i.imgur.com/P21ynb1.png
I know that, in order to evict someone when selling a house, you must have a bone fide offer. I ask him if he has a bone fide offer, and he starts yelling and gets angry. He threatened me and my things.
Things he says:
“I’ll get rid of all your shit if you try anything”
“You don’t know who you’re dealing with”
“You don’t want to mess with me”
“This is MY basement”
“You’re renting my basement suite – you won’t win anything if you argue”
I was terrified and closed the door in his face and had a panic attack. My mom was on speaker listening in to the whole thing.
He then turned off the internet, which is an amenity he supplies as per the rent agreement, which should be supplied until I am required to leave.
[hours later] Him: I would like my living space back as fast as possible cole and don’t feel good about you staying down there now. Please find a place as fast as possible.
My parents came over (2.5 hours away) and helped me pack my valuable things and we moved my stuff to my parent’s house where I am writing from now.
I am wondering what my options are here. What steps should I take? I want to contact the police as he threatened my safety.
This is not confirmed, but I am gay and it’s possible he might be homophobic and for that reason I am especially worried for my safety.
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2020.09.11 19:32 oozra any idea why "the warm up" isn't on apple music?

ive only gotten into j cole in the last year or so and Im trying to listen to some of his older stuff, but it seems the warm up and other older albums aren't there. any idea why?
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2020.09.06 20:53 mord33 [DAI/Asunder Spoilers] What *is* Cole, exactly?

I've got a wild thought. There's a lot of debate around Subjected to His Will and whether or not Cole was more spirit or human from the get go, and the logistics of him keeping his powers should you choose to make him more human. Per his own explanation, it's more difficult for him to make people forget once he becomes human, but he doesn't lose the ability altogether, even by the time Trespasser takes place. Now, what if... he wasn't just a spirit, or just human, from the time we meet him in Asunder to making him more human in Inquisition?
What if, this entire time, he's always been a spirit-human package? What if he's an abomination?
Let's start off light. We know for sure that the being going by the name Cole we meet in Inquisition and Asunder is not a reanimated corpse, as is the case with Kristoff/Justice in Awakening.
Cole wasn't dead. Yet at the same time, he didn't exist, and he walked amongst the living.
Even if he doesn't necessarily like to, he can, and (as implied) needs to eat and sleep. Describing his life in the White Spire's Pit, he describes that there's both a pool and kitchen stores in the lower levels that he frequents, which is likely how he's kept this version of himself from starving and dehydrating.
If he was dead, why did he still sleep? Why did he still hunger, and breathe, and sweat? These were not a thing a dead person did. No matter what they called him, he was no ghost and no demon.
Later, after learning about his nature, you can hear this dialogue with Dorian. A little contradictory from what we know from Asunder, but in my opinion, not all that much. He still bleeds, sweats, and cries. This is backed up by multiple passages in Asunder, most specifically by the final fight where he's roughed up by Lord Seeker Lambert.
Dorian: Do you need to eat, Cole? Or sleep?
Cole: I thought I had to. But I don't. The Old Songs can pull me.
Dorian: That's something. I don't know what, but it's something.
Dorian: What about when you're injured? Why do you bleed? Is it because you think you have to?
Cole: Is that why you bleed?
Dorian: I— well— uh, yes. You have me there.
Before and after learning about his true nature, he can have complicated and conflicted emotions. Throughout Asunder, he goes through the wringer a bit in his minor conflicts with Rhys. He feels guilty shameful about the lives he's taken as the Ghost of the White Spire. He has moments of embarrassment when he pries too much, or when he asks questions. He's fearful of becoming untethered and completely forgotten, and of Rhys and company facing horrible ends. At key points in the first half of the novel, he's anxious about being seen, all while craving it. Even though it's not as pronounced in Inquisition, we can still see fear and anxiety at pivotal points, most notably during Here Comes the Abyss when the party is in the fade, and throughout Subjected to His Will.
“Sometimes I feel like I’m underwater, and I won’t ever get out again. I just keep sinking and sinking, and there’s no bottom. The darkness is going to swallow me up.” He stared at the floor, embarrassed. “I’m falling into the cracks between what’s real and not real, and if I don’t stop myself I’ll be lost there forever. The only way I can stay is to…”
Most notable to the above point, if you choose to make him more spirit, those conflicting emotions start fading away almost completely.
He says he can't really remember who he was before. While this may be a point for he's-always-been-more-spirit, I would argue that he forced himself to forget due on his horrifically traumatic upbringing. In the deep corners of his unconscious mind, he remembers. No one who was abused truly forgets what they've gone through; their mind protects them from the worst of the trauma, in an attempt to prevent them from reliving it.
"What is this place?" [Evangeline] said.
"I don't know. Cole's home, perhaps."
"What do you know about him?"
"Nothing. He says he didn't remember where he came from." [Rhys] looked around. "I guess there's a part of him that does. This is a memory he's fled to."
Now here's the kicker. Big spoiler warning for the mid-to-end of Asunder here. We learn that Wynne has been kept alive by a spirit of Faith who came to her at a pivotal moment, giving her a second chance to continue living normally and make a difference. At the end of the novel, she transfers this spirit to Evangeline, right when she's at the brink of death or very freshly dead.
[Wynne] "We did not speak. I... felt it come, like a warm glow spreading throughout my body. It provided the spark of life that was fading from me, and I think that's where it remains. A part of me, of my soul."
[Rhys] "Is that why I can't sense it?"
"I believe so. The spirit and I are not separate."
Both Wynne and Evangeline describe not feeling any noticeable differences after being taken over by the spirit; they're still themselves, with few changes except maybe some extra power in the Fade.
Thus, to my conclusion: Cole is an abomination. But not in the bad way. I would argue, also, that he still has some magical talent even after his convergence.
He's fully half spirit and half human, and the only way that isn't the case is if you choose to make him more spirit in Subjected to His Will. There's still a lot we don't know about spirits and how more positive abominations work. Cole is a special case due to his traumatic life and death, and the spirit that became a part of him gave him unique powers due to that trauma; not to mention, even before he became one, he has a completely different way of looking at the world (and a completely different relationship with magic) than Wynne or Evangeline.
For all we know, he may have had the ability to make people forget in minor ways before Compassion reached out to him. You really only see ice-related powers in his Fade-memory in Asunder, anyhting else is left up to the imagination. Brushing off his abilities as just spirit powers is as frustrating as it is blatantly untrue; the fact that he can extend his abilities to others to the point of physical pain is evidence of this.
Then Rhys felt it: a power so faint he barely noticed it was there. It was a hush that surrounded him like a blanket, thick and smothering. And it came from Cole. In the last vestiges of light from the templar lamps, he could see Cole's eyes clamped shut. The man was concentrating hard, a trail of blood seeping out of his nose.
All in all, this is my story and I'm sticking with it until I die. What do you all think of this? I'd love to hear your theories!
(I also really loved Asunder if you couldn't tell, I would absolutely recommend reading it for Cole and Not-Cole based reasons.)
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2020.09.05 01:58 fzprof Being scared by female beauty?! (hopefully last post you'll need)

I could go on and on about how looks aren't that important in attraction with women. How looks can be very subjective between people based on our preferences and our own faces,genes and experiences with women. We usually put these women that wear makeup with intentional adjustments to the their appearance as above us when we put numbers to rate them. We feel as though even if beauty can be subjective, I still feel don't feel good looking enough for her . Truth is, you will always think like this unless you go out and gain experience from talking to 100s of cute to gorgeous women, from mass approaching and maybe screening game. I hope I can help you get more motivated with this post though, but it is ultimately up to you to push through somehow, maybe with some new mantras and thought processes/beliefs
You remember when some women just had a great voice, walk or something else, and you felt very attracted to her? Men are attracted to similar things too, but women place a larger emphasis on these characteristics to judge the man's masculine traits. In terms of pliable looks, you still need to fix your hair, use nice clothes and maybe work out to fix your posture and appeal to more women that love big muscles( some types of women place more importance here, some like different types).
Women feel scared of men they are attracted to, usually more than men, as they generally have a more fragile ego. Rejecting them, especially impolitely, can lead them to hate you forever . The key word here is attraction, just subjective preferences on the face just aren't a big deal for women other than to admire a picture of a man on the screen and give a pass/fail grade for men. Of course it's all they can judge a man's picture on. Looks on tinder are very important, as that is all they can judge you on. My average look female friend gets so many swipes but she never used tinder. Hot women usually don't actually use tinder. Usually, it's only the ok looking girls who go there to have sex with some gorgeous looking dudes. If you fix your fundamentals and game though, these girls can instantly get a huge attraction boost to you in the physical world. That's why some actors like cole sprouse get this love from women. They are decent looking people, but they're characters appeal to so many women out there. They are badass, but still vulnerable. They have great walks, body posture, facial expressions, essentially swag. Not all women will be attracted to this whole package like crazy, but he appeals to many women of this type. His fame does help him, but if fame was the actually thst important then Steve buschemi would be hotter than most of us.
You need to use this to your advantage to get you in the door with more women and get more receptive opens. Girlschase is a great website for these fundamentals and they go crazy on what the fundies can help you with.
On an end note, you can transform into the guy that doesn't care that much about women's looks. You can just be the guy that still looks out for pretty girls, but also values some chemistry in the form of hookup material or relationship material. Don't fall into the victim mentality and get out of the negative cycle that puts up excuses everyday. These excuses breed weakness and you can see this in many parts of your life. some examples you may relate to: don't study just procrastinate, don't exercise , don't make new friends , masturbate to porn a couple times today etc. Get out of your comfort zone and you will laugh at your old self for ever thinking that looks and all these stupid and lame asf excuses ever really mattered. You can just about insert looks, wealth, race and other stuff into this discussion about pussy excuses that prevent you becoming an assertive and goal driven man. I hope that some people that read this proceed to stop worshipping pussy. I've met the most beautiful women in my life that I've seen and they have been glowing (my type), but still have loads of insecurities. Women are all over instagram and websites and men follow these girls desperately to masturbate to. My theory on why? I think it's mostly cause men are visual creatures that generally place much more emphasis on physical beauty so they can spread their sperm. Women are sexual too , but they need men with masculine traits for sex. That's why many women say they'll never date a guy just based on looks. They are telling the truth in this scenario. It is mosty just a pass/fail grade system. They aren't as super simple as men, otherwise we'd see many , many more hot men selling nudes on instagram and women ( of any looks range) chasing after guys on omegle.
In terms of rejection. Don't feel bad for the fact the woman rejected your game and was picky (women are considered more picky, based on evolution theory). Or that you opened like a creep(laugh it off and fix it, treat it like a warm up), or she had a boyfriend, or she was just busy, in a bad mood, or was startled somehow and auto rejected (lol ive done this to women myself).
Edit: I could probably make a much bigger post here to explain how complex women are. E.g. most of them don't like dating/fucking men they know is much younger even if the guy is very good looking.
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2020.09.05 01:10 Gabi_Social "The King of Scotland" - FM20 playthrough with 99-00 database following Ronaldo, Messi and Darren Fletcher

For no particularly good reason other than "I wanted to see what would happen", I downloaded the 1999-2000 Season Throwback Database for FM20 game from [https://www.fmscout.com/a-season-1999-2000-throwback-fm20.html\] to play in FM2020. Really, I’m doing it for the nostalgia - Luis Figo, Rui Costa, Andriy Shevchenko, David Beckham, Javier Saviola, Gabriel Batistuta, Seth Johnson....
It's not a data update, it's a saved game that you download and then load up, so you can't even tweak it to begin with. There are no other mods or amendments running in the game. It plays from the start of last season, with the 1999-2000 database in place, and I’m playing the game with playable leagues in England only. As there’s a 40K character limit on posts, I’ll do it a few seasons at a time.
I thought I would let it play for a while and follow the careers of indisputably the three greatest players of the modern generation:
Cristiano Ronaldo, who starts the game as a 14yo old in Sporting's U19s, valued at £160:

Lionel Messi, who is just an unattached youngster joining La Masia on 1/7/2021:

And as most impartial observers would probably agree, the greatest of this trio is currently picking up a whopping £35 a week in Man Utd's reserves - behold, the King of Scotland, Darren Fletcher:

Let's follow them until they have all retired and see what happens.

Season 1 - 2019-2020
Ronaldo: made his debut for Portugal U21s aged just 14. No league appearances.
Messi: still a free agent loitering about outside La Masia waiting for someone to notice him
Fletcher: no first team appearances yet, but his Man Utd U18s team have had a good season, winning both the English FA Youth Cup and the U18 Premier Division Cup.
Premier League Champions: Man Utd
Top 6: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Aston Villa
FA Cup Winners: Arsenal
Relegated: Watford, Derby, Bradford
Top Scorers: Shearer (23), Fowler (21), Zola/Owen/Kevin Phillips (20). Hamilton Ricard was 7th with 18 goals!
Big transfers:
Stan Collymore - Villa to Lille, £6.5m
Martin Hiden - Leeds to Dynamo Kyiv, £4.3m
Gianluigi Lentini - Torino to Arsenal, £2.9m
Martin Jorgensen - Udinese to Real Madrid, £7.75m
Ronaldinho - Gremio to Inter, £8m
All in all, not what one would describe as a big transfer window. Whelming, at best.
Champions League: Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid
Top scorer: Shevchenko (Milan), 16
UEFA Cup: Juventus
Top scorer: Nikos Machlas (Ajax), 10
Season 2 - 2020-2021
Ronaldo: no league appearances but another 12 U-21 appearances, his season is punctuated by a series of niggly injuries.
Messi: still claiming Universal Credit but starts gainful employment soon!
Fletcher: starting to show up in the first team squad, he’s made 2 Worthington Cup starts, with 5 sub appearances in the league and 2 sub appearances in the FA Cup. His league bow came against Wimbledon on 11th September. All this means he picks up his first senior medal in the league. He’s currently available for loan.
Premier League Champions: Man Utd, with 104 points and 95 goals
Top 6: Arsenal (78 points), Arsenal, Leeds, Newcastle, Chelsea, Liverpool
FA Cup Winners:
Relegated: Middlesbrough, Coventry, Barnsley
Top Scorers: Saviola (Man Utd) 27, Owen and Shearer (22), Sigurd Rushfeldt (Newcastle) 20
Big transfers:
Rio Ferdinand - West Ham to Man Utd, £27m, avoiding all that tedious malingering in Leeds
Aldo Duschler - Sporting to Man Utd, £20.5m
Finidi George - Real Betis to Chelsea, £21.5m
Denilson - Real Betis to Arsenal, £16.5m
It’s been a big couple of transfer windows in England. By the end of the January 2021 window, some of the big names on the move are:
Arsenal - signed Gus Poyet, Ivan Cordoba, Leandro Romagnoli, Par Zetterberg and Denilson
Blackburn - currently rebuilding, they have signed 11 players including Temur Ketsbaia, Darren Eadie, Richard Wright, Gary Breen and Chris Bart-Williams
Chelsea - signed Finidi George, Dida, Milan Rapaic, Vassilis Tsartsas, Paolo Vaoli, Daniel Andersson and Martijn Reuser
Everton - signed some 16yo kid called Wayne Rooney with the face of a 40yo, wonder if he’s any good
Liverpool - signed Paul Robinson (full name Paul Robinson Yellow Card) from Watford, Mario Stanic, Saliou Lassissi, Dejan Stankovic, Gabor Kiraly and Flavio Mestri
Man City - larging it by splashing out on, ummm, Jon Newsome from Wednesday for £650K
Man Utd - Rio Ferdinand, Javier Saviola (for £1.5m! - he’s later voted Player, Young Player, and Fans Player of the Year at Old Trafford), Deco, Aldo Duschler, Jesper Gronkjaer, Cedric Barbosa, Guillermo Pereyra and 21 yo man mountain John Carew; heartbreakingly, David May went to join Stan Collymore at Lille. Solskjaer has gone to Napoli on loan.
Spurs - have just signed George Weah to fight for a place in the team against Chris Armstrong, Peter Crouch, Steffen Iversen and Alen Boksic. Sol Campbell signed a pre-contract with Fiorentina, presumably finding it prettier than Seven Sisters Road and its immediate environs.
West Ham - signed perpetual FM faves Darren Huckerby and Tijjani Babangida
Champions League: Inter 2-0 Man Utd
Top scorer: Shevchenko (18)
UEFA Cup: Valencia 1-0 Barcelona
Top scorer: loads on 11 goals - Figo and some geezer called Guardiola at Barca; Veron, Almeyda and Diego Cagna at Lazio; and Kim Daugard at Spurs. Next up, 32 yo Boro reject Gianluca Festa, currently tearing it up at Roma.
Swivel-eyed Liverpool loon Gerard Houllier was sacked after the players lost confidence in him, being replaced by Vassilis Danhil. The Greek had one season in charge of Panathinaikos and 10 months at Deportivo La Coruna, and in January was already “coming under scrutiny for some questionable tactical decisions.” He went at the end of the season, as did Arsene Wenger after two 2nd place finishes - it’s going to take a special one to replace him, I reckon. Also joining the dole queue are Martin O’Neill from Leicester, Bryan Robson from Boro, Walter Smith from Everton, and Vialli from Chelsea.
Meanwhile City finish a creditable 7th in the Nationwide First Division under new manager David Moyes, with strong showings from Chris Marsden, Andy Melville, Alec Cleland and Alan Wright. Robinho, unaware of what a potential alternative future holds, is a young player with SAN, The Club Formerly Known As Santos.
Season 3 - 2021/2022
Ronaldo: still not made a league appearance but now he is described as “the next Rui Aguas”. He’s currently valued at £9K and is the vice-captain of Portugal’s U19s.
Messi: 10 goals in 36 games for Barcelona’s B team, as their vice-captain.
Fletcher: on loan at Boro in the first division, he made 53 appearances (5 as sub) in all competitions. Nine goals, 13 assists and, most encouragingly, 15 yellow cards. He’s also made 5 international appearances for Scotland and is in their world cup squad to face Colombia, Jamaica and Portugal. The midfield enforcer we know is taking shape. He’s valued at £3.4m.
Premier League Champions: Man Utd (18 points clear)
Top 6: Chelsea, Arsenal (so sacking Wenger didn’t work), Arsenal, Newcastle, Liverpool (so hiring Wenger did work) and Leeds
FA Cup Winners:
Relegated: Fulham, Bradford, Forest
Top Scorers: Shevchenko (25), Saviola (24), Chris Sutton! Chelsea! (24), Shearer 22, Finidi George 21
Big transfers:
Rui Costa - Fiorentina to Man Utd £25m
Orde Kamphuis - Schalke to Liverpool, £16.5m
Van Nistelrooy - PSV to Barcelona, £18.25m
Ariel Ortega - Fiorentina to Real Madrid, £19.5m
Mario Jardel - FCP to Atletico MAdrid, £18.25m

Champions League: Man Utd 3-1 Bayern Munich
Top scorer: Shevchenko (12), Kiko and Vieiri (10), Roque Santa Cruz and Nikos Machlas (9)
UEFA Cup: Lazio 3-2 Liverpool
Top scorer: Simone Inzaghi (14), Roy Makaay (7 - does anyone else miss Deportivo being great), and then a bunch of players on 6 including West Ham’s Darren Huckerby.
“Man City splash out on record transfer” - let’s take a look... £15m on Matt Murray from Wolves, overtaking the £6.75m spent on Enzo Maresca. Whatever reality it is, David Moyes’ ability to spot a bargain is still non-existent. Let’s see what else is happening.
Francisco Toldo and Rigobert Song have both joined Arsenal. Claude Makelele has gone to Villa; they’re on a roll, having also signed Zvonomir Boban from AC Milan, Jussi Jaaskelainen from Bolton, Djibril Diawara from Torino, Lentini from Arsenal, and Andy Cole from Man Utd. Also using the overused door marked “Do One” at Old Trafford are Solskjaer, who has left permanently for Porto and Danny Webber, who has literally been sent to Coventry. 21 players have left United, most of them on loan, including Nicky Butt (Roma), John Carew (Maccabi Tel Aviv) and Jesper Blomqvist (Lazio). Coming through the revolving Old Trafford door to keep Rui Costa company are Gareth Southgate and, at age 25 and on a free transfer, the leading scorer in the Champions League for the last two seasons, Andriy Shevchenko. Opportunities for Jonthan Greening are ever more limited. Also going on a free - Ronaldo (the other one), signing for Bayern Munich and getting just the 28 goals and 18 assists in 28 games. Shevchenko bagged 46 goals/11 assists in 58 games; Saviola 33/6 in 35 games and Beckham got 21/25 in 61.
Lifelong Blackburn fan Robbie Keane joined his boyhood heroes from Coventry. George Weah obviously couldn’t dislodge Peter Crouch and has already left Spurs, for Shakhtar Donetsk. Christian Ziege has moved from Boro to West Ham for £10m, the bafflingly expensive Seth Johnson has joined Wimbledon for £8.75m. Nick Barmby has gone to Celtic, Steve McManaman to Chelsea, and Jose Luis Chilavert is now at Spurs.
Large numbers of leavers have been a feature. Thirteen have left Arsenal, including the Romford Pele who went to Feyenoord, and a young tyro called Ashley Cole who has been loaned to Walsall (the only Polish club in the First Division). Twelve from Liverpool, 21 from Villa, 26 from Blackburn, 11 from Chelsea, 16 from Leeds, 26 from Newcastle
Arsene Wenger is the new manager of Liverpool and they’re fifth in the league, so it’s kinda working so far? His replacement at Arsenal is none other than former Porto boss Jose Mourinho, I bet no one saw that coming. Chelsea replaced Vialli with Alberto Zaccharoni. Houllier replaced Dave Jones at Southampton, whilst Remi Garde was sacked as Leeds manager and replaced by John Barnes - well at least they don’t have Inverness Caledonian Thistle.
Man City replaced David Moyes with Gary Megson - Maine Road must be an absolute laugh a minute - as City finished 11th in the first division. Stil,l at least they finished above Tranmere and Grimsby.
There’s a young midfielder at SPO called Kaka with frankly terrifying stats even at this point. Robinho has already moved twice, from SAN to COR to CEC. Smeg knows who they are.
In the World Cup this year, a Beckham-inspired England knocked Italy out cold, 5-1, in the quarter-finals. They despatched Holland in the semis, on penalties no less!, before ultimately losing the final 1-0 to Sweden. The squad is full of the regular names except for a newgen third choice goalie called Ryan Doe who started at Atalanta and is now at Benfica. Viorel Moldovan was top scorer with 6 while Shearer, Henrik Larsson and Ze Roberto got 5.
Seriously though. Zvonomir Bobin is at Aston Villa. Amazing.
Season 4 - 2022/2023
Ronaldo: finally the chiselled one has made his league debut. 3 goals and 3 assists from 16 appearances overall, plus a shiny new contract on £240pw. And hurrah - Sporting won the league and were cup runners up. 23 caps for Portugal’s U21s too - not to be sneered at.
Messi: another solid season at Barcelona B - 15/8 in 34, and on £800 a week too.
Fletcher: on loan at Everton who finished 13th in the Premier League, Fletch collected 9 yellows and 1 red in 37 appearances. Nine goals suggests he hasn’t started getting nosebleeds when he crosses the halfway line yet. He’s on 13 caps and isn’t 20 for another seven months. As befits a world cup player, he’s on £11.5K per week.
Premier League Champions: Man Utd (94 points)
Top 6: arsenal, Chelsea, leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle
FA Cup Winners: Leeds 3-2 Man Utd (winning goals from Harry Kewell and Hidetoshi Nakata)
Relegated: Derby, Charlton, Wolves
Top Scorers:
Big transfers:
Daniel Andersson - Atletico to Chelsea, £30m
Sol Campbell - Atletico to Chelsea, £18.25m
Veggard Heggem - Porto to Chelsea, £16.75m
Vincenzo Montella - Roma to Chelsea, free
Andrea Pirlo - Inter to Liverpool, £15m
Christian Vieri - Inter to Man Utd, free
Kaka - SPO to Barcelona, £8m
Champions League: Man Utd 1-0 Real Madrid
Top scorer: Batistuta (Inter) and Marco Ferrante (Roma) 13, Ronaldo, Vieiri and Delvecchio 12
UEFA Cup: Valencia 3-0 Liverpool
Top scorer: Michael Owen, Santiago Canizares and Martin Reuser with 13 each
In the Big Cup Final, Robson Ponte scored the winner for Man Utd. 15yo Juan Mata came on as sub for Real Madrid to make his full debut. Unbelievably Shevchenko was not even close to being top scorer this year.
Let’s have a look at some manager moves. Houllier has been sacked from Southampton with Bryan Robson warming his bum on the seat. Steve Clarke has been relieved of the Everton job with Snoozy Van Gaal starting to sell off the best players (psst - there’s a kid in Charleroi’s U23s you might find interesting. He’s on £15 a week, so still overpaid). Fatih Terim is out at Villa and George Burley no longer has a reserved parking spot at Wimbledon.
Little Wazza played 52 games for Everton reserves, notching 5 goals and 7 assists, so he’s probably not ready to give David Seaman nightmares just yet. Kaka has gone to Barca, doing 5 goals and 1 assist in his 13 games whilst the player most usually confused with him, Dirk Kuyt, is doing well (14 in 24) for Ajax. There’s a young lad in Bayern’s second team who is starting to post numbers - Schweini, they call him. Ronaldinho is doing okay at Inter, 11 goals/17 assists in 51.
In Scotland Steve Clarke’s Celtic are doing nicely thank you, winning the league with a squad featuring Henrik Larsson, Nick Barmby, Mark Burchill, Dwight Yorke, Matthew Etherington and Craig Burley. Close runners up Rangers have a young Charlie Adam wheeling a wheelbarrow full of pies wherever he goes.
West Ham’s golden generation have propelled them to 8th in the table. Carrick, Cole, Lampard and Defoe are all still there, but Glen Johnson (apparently a Defender (right), Striker (centre) / D (C)) is at Newcastle now. Former headmaster Paolo Di Canio is at Sampdoria.
And finally, Gary Megson’s cheery demeanour and ready supply of witticisms have charmed the likes of Enzo Maresca and Jon Newsome into a formidable force. By which I mean City haven’t been relegated yet.
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2020.09.04 20:15 normancrane He had an angel once

CASE: 17756
REGION: North America
SUBJECT: Dushkova, Anna Paulina
WITNESS: Procter, Vincent
[Transcribed from hand written notebook. For original, see File #S17756001 in Archives. Case notes follow.]
I first saw her near the bus station in Brown Hill when it was bad but not as bad as it is now. I was sitting on the bench coming off a high. She had the cleanest hair I’d seen in weeks. It was sitting beside me, shining. I didn’t think it was real until she spoke and her voice cracked, and she said, “Vin Procter?”
The bus came. People got off. I didn’t get on. Then the bus went and I nodded my head, all the time hearing things like under water, even my own voice: “Vin Procter, that’s right, what’s it to you, you Kenny’s?”
“I’m sorry to meet you in public like this,” she said. Her hands were shaking. “But that’s the way for first times. Later, we’ll see each other everywhere.”
We were alone in Brown Hill. Only the wind blew garbage across the street. The garbage stuck against the curb. Plastic cups and paper fast food containers and other dirty unidentifiables. She reached out a hand and put it softly on mine. It was warm and wet as the insides of my head. “Who are you?”
The words bubbled.
“I’m your addiction,” she said.
I got up before it got dark and she followed me home.
I lived in an abandoned building on Merryweather Street. In the winter I moved elsewhere, but it was late September and not cold yet. Addiction followed me through the front door and closed it. When I opened the fridge, she looked over my shoulder. I wasn’t hungry. I looked around. My furniture was damp, dusty and unappealing. My drug paraphernalia stood on a silver platter on the worn carpet. I curled up on the floor next to it and went to sleep.
The afternoon light burned my pale skin so that I flinched, then pulled opened my lids and I gasped. Little sound came out but my eyes bugged. I ripped the blanket off my body and stared at the woman in the kitchen. My brains were arid now. A train went by somewhere and the paraphernalia shook on the platter. I smelled fried eggs.
“You’re up,” she said without looking at me. “You slept for a long time. I made breakfast but it cooled and I ate it for lunch. I’ll make another egg in a few minutes. Maybe you’d like coffee first?”
I crept toward her.
She continued, “I bought eggs and coffee, and milk. You had milk but it was old. I poured it out. Your toilet doesn’t flush properly.”
The heat radiated from the stovetop. I thought about heating my spoon, but the woman was stressing me. I rubbed my knuckles into my eyes.
“There was money in the tin in the cupboard but I didn’t use it,” she said.
For a second I was searching frantically through the containers under my bed where I kept all my stuff, maybe she’d taken it, thief, then the mellow came with the egg smell again and the woman said, “I didn’t touch anything else.”
She cracked a shell and poured the contents onto the burning butter on the frying pan. The white sizzled and turned hard. She did another, then tossed both shells into the garbage. I had forgotten I had a garbage. I never took it out. The raccoons snuck in and got it sometimes and I hit them with the broom handle but not hard enough. The raccoons scampered out. Sometimes I thought about eating one.
“Who are you?” I asked.
She finally turned to look at me. “I’m your addiction. We met yesterday on the bench in public. I’ll be living with you openly now.”
The eggs finished frying and she slid them onto a plate that she set on the table in the kitchen where a fork was already lying. “Sit.”
I sat and ate quickly with little chewing. After licking the last moisture from my fingers, I asked, “What do you do?”
She laughed and spun her head such that her hair sparkled round her face. It was clean and shiny, I thought. “I take over your life,” she said or smiled. And I smiled too. It had been a long time since I’d had a woman and it was good to have one. I could start a new life now. I was happy. The stress was gone. The shakes were gone. I wished I could shower but the water was turned off and I said, “You can wash the pan and dishes in the yard. There’s a little hole I dug to catch the water. There’s always a puddle in it.”
When she went outside I whistled and sat with my back against the sofa. I picked up the silver platter and put each piece of paraphernalia carefully on the carpet. I wasn’t wearing a belt but pulled a spare from under the sofa. The flint clicked. The flame from the lighter was nice, not like the light from outside, which made my eyes narrow and skin hurt. I pulled my sleeve up to where the inside of my elbow was polka dots and heated the stuff and then pricked myself until the world rolled back into my skull.
The world rolled in dark, with crickets.
Addiction was sitting in a chair reading a book by candlelight. I stared at her until I coughed and she put the book down and said, “That’s the last time.”
I nodded off to sleep.
I woke up with a headache and the shakes. The stress was back bad. Addiction was gone and I rummaged through the tins in the cupboards where I kept my money. But there wasn’t any so I threw the empty tins across the room, then slid onto my heels and bit my fingernails till they bled. I had a woman now, I thought, I had to support her and love her and be the man for her. It was a family. I determined to get a job. I crawled to the sofa and took out my stuff. There was enough left. I’d sell part of it. I didn’t want to be a deadbeat anymore. From now on, I would be responsible. I picked up all the pieces of paraphernalia scattered on the carpet and placed them on the silver platter. Tomorrow—I set the alarm on my watch—I would sell, then we’d have a baby and the crib would go in the other bedroom where the raccoons sometimes slept.
The alarm beeped.
I felt lips against my cheeks. She was back. She smelled good, like not at all. Her face was close to mine but her clothes were different. “I’m going to work today,” I said.
But when I got to my feet my knees seemed to crumble and I dropped to the carpet. I needed my stuff. I started to crawl but a reflection pushed me back. I shied away and saw her put the silver platter at my feet. I loved her more than I’d ever loved her as I put my things in order and heated up the stuff and pricked deep into the polka dot spot, letting my thumb press the receding world into me.
Someone slapped me before the world came back. And then it came back firm like the time Kenny pushed my face into the highway. I checked my nose for blood but there wasn’t any. There was just the woman in front of me. She slapped me again. And again, until I lifted my legs and wrapped my arms around them and the blows hit only the outside of my body. I tried to close my eyes and hum a song but I couldn’t get the feeling back. I was stressing out. I was afraid my mouth was going to foam. Then cold water hit me. It flowed onto my tongue and I knew the taste of my own puddle. “Up,” she said and I obeyed. But when I stood I stood on the needle. My foot hurt and the needle cracked. I cursed. I would have to get a new one from that place.
I threw a coat over my shoulders, put a pack of the stuff under my arm and went out through the front door. She followed me. I meandered until people thickened, which meant I was closer to downtown where the place was. Eventually I got there. The sign said “Cole Recovery Centre”. I went inside and cried until the people gave me a new needle and a card with phone numbers on it. I had to be careful. The stuff was still in me and my eyes wanted to give along with my balance, which meant I almost dropped the stuff onto the floor.
Outside, the breeze was picking up and my nostrils opened to let it in. The woman smiled at me. I smiled back. I wanted to use the new needle but I had a family now. I felt responsible. I knew the best place to sell. I’d been going there for months and had never seen a dealer. It was open territory. I walked in long strides with no shuffling of the feet, hands buried in my coat pockets, knowing the woman would be proud of the money I’d make.
The very young ones I wouldn’t sell to, but the older ones had money and they could steal more. It wasn’t right in the schoolyard either. I wasn’t unprincipled. It was behind, by the chain link fence, where the older ones went to smoke cigarettes. One was there now, in jeans and a baseball cap. I banged on the fence with my fist until the kid saw me and came cautiously nearer.
“You wanna buy some?” I wheezed.
The kid stepped closer. He made sure no one was watching. He had a tough face and an earring and smelled like smoke. I knew the kid wouldn’t ever be anybody.
“What you selling?”
The kid’s voice was strong and he kept his eyebrows slanted inwards like he was angry all the time. They straightened only for a second when he saw the woman when she moved closer to me.
“Stuff,” I said.
I took it out from under my arm and held it against the fence where the kid could see it and smell it and touch it through the chain link.
“How much?” the kid asked.
“However much you got,” I said. “You don’t got enough for the whole.”
The kid’s voice cracked just like the woman’s had done in Brown Hill. He said, “Fifty,” and fished through his pockets to gather up the bills. When he had them, he crunched them into a ball and raised his voice, saying, “Give me the stuff first, then I’ll give you the money.”
But I only laughed and the kid lowered his eyes to the ground.
“Cash first.”
As the kid moved close enough to put the fifty dollar ball through the chain link, the woman leaned in and whispered close to my ear, “Are you sure you want to sell that? Won’t you miss it tonight on the carpet?”
Suddenly the shakes returned and I grabbed the fence and made it rattle. The kid dropped the cash and jumped back. I was abruptly aware that the kid and everyone else but the woman was trying to cheat me out of my stuff. The muscles in my body tightened so bad I couldn’t get my fingers off the fence so I kicked at the fence until the muscles relaxed and I pulled my hand free. Then I laughed again almost like a howl and put the stuff back under my arm. The wind was picking up and it started to drizzle. As me and the woman walked away the kid was on his knees trying to put his hand through the chain link to pick up the money but his wrist was too thick and he couldn’t get it through but pushed so hard the skin on his hand started to raw.
When we got home I sat with my back to the sofa and heated up my spoon. But every time the heat was good the stuff fell off and I got angry. I realized it was the woman knocking the stuff off. “What’s the idea?” I moaned, though she just knocked it off again and told me I wouldn’t have it easy anymore.
In the morning it was the same and in the afternoon the silver platter kept moving and I couldn’t get a solid read on it. By the evening the foam was starting in my mouth, my teeth were itchy and all the woman did was sit in her chair and read her book and wait for me to try to get at my stuff, which I couldn’t do because I couldn’t remember where the silver platter was and the spoon had a big hole drilled in it.
I hated her now like I’d never hated anyone.
“What’s the idea, what are you, get out of my house!” I screamed at her.
“I’m your addiction,” she answered.
I wasn’t an addict, though, that much I knew, so I screamed, “You’re not real,” and asked everyone who was around whether they could see the woman. When no one answered I said, “See, you’re not real,” and went to the kitchen to pick up the frying pan that the woman had fried eggs in and swung it hard at her head until she fell and the sound of the pan against her head was dull and she didn’t move anymore.
I was sweating so I went outside and washed my face in the puddle. When I came back in, I heated my stuff on the red frying pan and pressed the plunger of the new needle into a pulsing vein.
The light that woke me was worse than the light from outside. The stars were out. Someone had taken the belt off my arm and shrunk my house. I was on the sofa. There were men and windows all around. The lights flashed red and white. Someone knocked loud against the glass and I looked and there was a flashlight shining into my face. I closed my eyes and brought my knees high and wrapped my arms around them.
“Junkie,” the flashlight said through the window—
Then shut off.
And in the darkness I knew I had an angel once, and she was no more.
Investigator notes that notebook containing witness narrative was received 2019-09-04, via [censored] at [censored], where the witness is serving a life sentence for the murder of the subject, Anna Paulina Dushkova.
Investigator notes that while in prison the witness converted to Catholicism.
Investigator notes that per police notes, subject was found bludgeoned to death in a house in which the witness was known to be living illegally. The murder weapon, a frying pan, was found at the scene.
Investigator notes that per police notes, subject was identified solely on the basis of an expired Russian passport discovered on her body.
Investigator notes he was unable to inspect the passport.
Investigator notes that per court records, the witness pleaded guilty to the murder charge against him.
Investigator notes that he was unable to locate any members of the subject's family.
Investigator notes that the subject was known to Father [censored] of [censored] Parish, who stated the following on the record: "I recognize the young woman's face, but I am afraid I did not even know her name. I wouldn't be able to say when she first started attending mass here, though it couldn't have been too long ago. She did not take the Eucharist."
Investigator notes that the subject was buried in [censored] cemetery.
Investigator notes that exhumation performed by local volunteers revealed an empty casket save for a single white feather. [For video of exhumation, see File #S17756002 in Digital Archives.] Per volunteer testimony, the feather did not appear on video or in photographs but has been physically forwarded to Archives. [See File #S17756003]
Investigator recommends file be forwarded to Cardinal [censored] for potential disclosure to the Pope.
Investigator recommends forensic analysis of feather.
Investigator recommends witness be eliminated.
[signature removed]
Norman Crane
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2020.09.03 23:04 SanktBonny Lord Alesander Rowan, Lord of Goldengrove and Marshal of the Northmarch

Character Name: Alesander Rowan
Starting Title(s): Lord of Goldengrove, Marshal of the Northmarch, Warden of the Chequy Water, Ser.
Age: 25
Physical Description: Alesander is not a particularly impressive physical specimen, standing at around two hands above five feet tall, with a rather slim, albeit still fit, build. His face is at a point of transitioning from young to old, with things both glad and sorrowful being written upon it. His eyes are wily and the thin dark eyebrows curving downwards towards his narrow nose gives him the look of a fox. His mouth is thin, with an indefinable, faint expression of his lips, something stealthy, like a smile. The Rowan’s hair is a long mane, golden like the sun, that he usually wears in a braid.
Starting Location: King’s Landing
Attribute: Brilliant
Skill Points: 20
Skills: Martial (Skirmishing, Ambuscade), Charisma (Leadership), Combat (Riding)
Mastery: Field Commander
6 10 4 0 0 0 0 0
Username: SanktBonny
Discord Username: Bonny
Other Characters: N/A
Auxiliary Character Name: Rycherd Rowan
Starting Title(s): Ser, Castellan of Goldengrove.
Age: 44
Starting Location: Goldengrove
Attribute: Diligent.
Skill Points: 14.
Skills: Statecraft (Agriculture, Industry), Education (Finances, Military Engineering)
0 0 0 0 0 7 7
History: Alesander Rowan was born as the second child and first son of Lord Edgerran Rowan, Lord of Goldegrove and Marshal of the Northmarch, and his lady wife Lady Helicent Crane. The newborn was frail and sickly, with both parents fearing that the child would not last long. But as would prove a pattern with the Rowan, he had a tendency to cheat death, and survive. Yet he still remained a small child, showing no tendency towards the strong physical constitution that characterised his father or his younger brother. This lead his mother to dote on him and become, according to his father, overprotective. His younger brother, Lucan, proved to be more to his father's liking, which would lead to a rivalry of sorts between the siblings for the affections of their parents - Alesander being favoured by the mother while Lucan was favoured by the father. But for all his lack of physical might, the youth proved more than adept at matters of the mind, demonstrating quickness of wits and a yearning to learn. His interests, foremost, laid in the realms of warfare, with him pouring over books and tomes detailing the campaigns of times long past. Yet the gifts, such as he possessed them, also laid elsewhere - he was a fine singer, with a strong, sweet voice, and courteous, charming and clever besides. As the scion of an ancient, powerful and proud house, the young heir was afforded the very best education. In matters of arms he was taught by his father and household knights, though all agreed he was no more than adequate in these matters. The Maesters and Septons, however, heaped praise and even the Master-at-Arms had to acquiesce that the lad's intuition for military matters was more than adequate, even if he wasn't much of a fighter.
When he was old enough, it was judged that Alesander would benefit from a stay at another lord's court, both to develop relations as well as get the boy away from his mother. For this, his father picked the Crakehalls, cousins to the Rowans and counterparts to their own power across the border. The biggest men that Alesander had know thus far in his life were his father and some of his household knights, but the Crakehalls were another lot entirely - big and burly, impressive. The small-framed Rowan felt quite slight next to them, though their friendly, or at least accepting, demeanour put him at ease quite quickly. While Lord Jason was not too impressed with the fighting capabilities of his new ward, he did appreciate the lad's mental accumen for matters of warfare. He also managed to strike up a friendship with another of Jason's squires, Sumner Crakehall. As he grew into manhood, Alesander became a fair equestrian, seeming to possess the same aptitude for handling horses that he had for handling people. As to the latter, the heir of Goldengrove was quite priodigious in making friends both among the high and the low, and rumours of bastards would not be far behind. After a sufficient time serving the Lord of Crakehall as a squire, he would be deemed worthy of knighthood - not for any noteworthy deed, just due to any further training judged to be unnecessary. After performing well in the lists at a local tourney, he would be dubbed Ser by Lord Jason Crakehall.
After earning his knighthood, the Rowan heir traveled the realm, visiting many places great and small. While no one to have his deeds set down in great stories, he proved himself an able tournament knight, albeit only achieving marginal fame. More to his tastes was making friends. A generous man with a penchant for people-pleasing, the heir of Goldengrove was known to attract a large following and blow through large amounts of money in incredibly short amounts of time. This did not endear him to his father, however, and the strain in their relationship caused Alesander to stray further and longer away from Goldengrove. Yet this time would not last long as soon the realm was torn asunder by the War of the Last Dragon.
Returning home, the Rowan heir would take command of the levies headed for Highgarden while Lord Edgerran, acting as Marshal of the Northmarch, himself stayed to wait for the levies from the more far-flung parts. Alongside Alesander would be his younger brother, Lucan, who had proven himself a most puissant knight. Having reached Highgarden, the forces from the Northmarch would set themselves up per the Tyrell plan of battle, anticipating the attack of the Golden Company. And that attack would come, to the detriment of many poor souls. But the Heir of Goldengrove managed to avoid death once more, being out scouting - or whoring, accounts differ - when the attack came. So it was from a distance that he saw his men, and his brother, burn. What took over him next defied reason - he reigned in his horse and charged into the burning inferno that was the Highgarden maze. It was a fool’s errand, to try to find his sibling in all this chaos, if there was a man to be found and not just ash and charred bone. Yet fortune would seem to favour the scions of Goldengrove as after a while of searching, his hair and skin being zinged by the roaring fires all the while, he would come upon the object of his search. Terribly burned, but alive, his brother was there, fighting. Alesander would have none of that, however, and barreled his horse into the enemy nearest to the burned man and hoisting the latter upon the mount before riding out of the inferno.
After delivering his brother to a Maester’s care, the heir of Goldengrove would be at something of a loss as to what to do. The battle, or more specifically it’s aftermath, had demoralised him - facing a dragon in open battle was clearly suicide. In what was mayhaps a fortuitous circumstance, he managed to get wind of a mission being planned by Mace Wildflowers, aimed at striking at the heart of the Dragon Queen’s empire. Driven by anger at what had happened to his brother and, perhaps even more so, desiring to get away from the stresses of his life in Westeros, he would jump at the chance to set sail, to get away.
The war that Alesander now engaged in was an altogether different sort - one of shadows, deceit and dishonour. Back alley murders and bold raids in broad daylight was the new order of the day and the Rowan took to it well. However, as his talents lay more in the area of military tactics, he drifted to the company of Ser Manfred Lannister, a man who had grander, more glorious desires. Joining with the latter’s riding troupe, the Westerosi would land at Pentos and begin to raise hell for the Pentoshi and their Golden Company masters. Being the most naturally talented at matters of strategy and tactics, Alesander would be at the forefront of planning the raids and leading them. But it was not to last. As the war in Westeros died down, the Golden Company shifted its attention back to its backyard. So unto Manfred Lannister’s little fiefdom descended Lia Cole with fire and sword. The defense put up by Manfred and Alesander among others was admirable, but numbers stuck out. Manfred was defeated and forced to retreat, but the Heir of Goldengrove was not so lucky. Losing a horse in the battle, he would be stranded and left for dead. However, once more eluding death, he would be captured rather than killed, with the Golden Company wagering they could cash in a pretty ransom for the nobleman. Alas it was not to be - Alesander managed to use an opportune moment to escape, utilizing the chaotic setting of Pentos to make a break for it. Charming himself on a ship set for Westeros, utilising whatever methods he could, he would get himself onto a boat to Tyrosh and then, hopefully, to Westeros.
Yet on a stop at Lys, the heir of Goldengrove would meet with a calamity, being robbed of his remaining belongings and being left, once again, for dead. But yet again fortune would smile upon him. A Braavosi merchant was stricken with him and took him into his home, nursing him back to health and acquired help for him to get back home. Why the Braavosi helped him is not known to any besides the two. Yet whatever the reasoning, he was soon on his way to Oldtown. Arriving there, he would seek help from his old friend, Lord Androw Hightower. The latter would graciously afford him a horse and escort back to Goldengrove.
The welcome he received would be tense. His father had died a while after the war had ended and he was presumed dead, leaving his brother, who he had last seen horribly burned and on the verge of death, the new lord. The return of Alesander complicated matters, yet there was little to be done, unless he was of a mind to disappear again. He wasn’t. So the heir of Goldengrove who had cheated death so many times was made lord, and now heads towards King’s Landing.
Appearance and Character: Rycherd is a portly man in his mid forties, having grown more stout with age and developed quite a belly. He has wavy blonde hair, though his hairline has begun to recede, and a thick walrus moustache that he keeps well trimmed. Rycherd is an amiable man, rarely coming to the point of raising his voice, easy with his smiles, though capable also of being stern when the situation calls for it. Having long accepted his lot in life, the castellan has grown to enjoy the good things in life and the luxury that his position affords him. He is an astute man, well educated and commmited to his duties, however, not letting his enjoyments get in the way of his work.
History: Rycherd Rowan was born as the second son of Lord Robert Rowan. With the birth of this hale and healthy babe, a spare had been added to the heir. Ever since childhood he was a loyal, constant and dependable companion of his older brother, Edgerran, having realised early on that serving in his brother’s shadow was the most comfortable, even if not the most exciting, route in life. When he was old enough, the young scion was sent off as a page to ____ . After completing his stint and receiving his knighthood, he would take a leave to travel both Westeros and Essos in a coming of age tour. There he would become acquainted with the culture and economic practices that differed so markedly from those of Westeros. Returning to Westeros, he would meet his future bride by happenstance. A handsome knight, he would catch the eye of Lady Melyssa Penrose, whose affection he would return in kind. After a short courtship, the two would marry. Over the years, the couple would have three children - Eustace, Franklyn and Cersei. From all accounts it was a marriage of love and would remain as such throughout all their years together. Returning to the Reach together, they would be welcomed home warmly. Rycherd would be appointed to his brother’s administration and quickly advance through the ranks, soon enough becoming the castellan of Goldengrove. Serving in that post, he would weather two wars - the War of White and Gold as well as the War of the Last Dragon. While his brother warred, he would be the one to hold down Goldengrove and administer the lands. In peace time, he would be his brother’s strong right hand, doing all the boring work of carrying out his brother’s edicts. He would end up serving three lords in his lifetime - his brother, Edgerran, his nephew Lucan and the returned-from-the-dead Alesander. He now serves the latter, still as castellan, being left in charge when the latter heads to King’s Landing.
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2020.09.02 04:00 Coldcoffees Post WWE NXT Super Tuesday Discussion Thread - September 1st, 2020: A new NXT Champion will be crowned!


Super Tuesday Results
Match Stipulation Winner
Adam Cole vs. Finn Balor vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa Fatal 4 way 60-minute Ironman match for the vacant WWE NXT Championship Tie (Adam Cole & Finn Balor)
El Legado del Fantasma vs. Breezango & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Tag team Street Fight match Breezango & Isaiah "Swerve" Scott
Timothy Thatcher vs. Bronson Reed Singles match Timothy Thatcher
Candice LeRae vs. Kacy Catanzaro Singles match Candice LeRae
Full Recap (Source: Cageside Seats)
Legado Del Fantasma vs. Breezango & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott - Street Fight
During the faces entrance, the heels attack, launching first Raul Mendoza then Joaquin Wilde at Swerve & the tag champs. There’s plunder all around the ring for this street fight. Scott turns the tide by reversing an Irish whip and sending Mendoza head first into a steel chair he’d set up in the ropes. Tyler Breeze & Fandango have similar success, and the tables are turned. Dango spins a ladder around and takes our Wilde, Mendoza and Cruiserweight champ Santos Escobar with it. The good guys are having fun, and Swerve gets the first nearfall off a kick to Raul’s head with a trash can. Prince Pretty hits all three of his opponents with a fire extinguisher blast as we go to commercial.
When we return, Fandango’s been put through a table. We see highlights of how Legado Del Fantasma regained the advantage. Swerve gets free and hits Mendoza with a flatliner, but he’s punched off the apron by Escobar a second later. Arrow From The Depths of Hell! On the other side of the ring, Wilde and Mendoza back Breeze up the ramp, and her comes Imperium. After a moment of hesitation, all four put the boots to Tyler. They bring him in the ring, and the camera pans back to see Dango & Scott are on a raised pallet on a forklift! They wipe everyone out with dives!
With the ring cleared, it leaves Swerve and Escobar alone. JML Driver!
Breezango & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott def. Legado Del Fantasma via pinfall
Scott climbs and celebrates on the forklift.
We see Johnny Gargano getting ready for the main event before more ads.
After a pitch for the undeniably good cause of fighting pediatric cancer, Tegan Nox gets a video telling her side of the Candice LeRae beef. She plays up their friendship like LeRae did last week, and says she’s struggling with Candice now that she’s following the Gargano Way. But sisters fight, and Tegan still hopes they can work it out over a glass of wine.
Candice LeRae vs. Kacy Catanzaro
Kayden Carter is out with the American Ninja Warrior legend. They hug before the match, and LeRae looks disgusted. She looks to take the fight to Catanzaro, but Kacy holds her own until the Poison Pixie catches her in the ropes and nails an elevated neckbreaker. She drop kicks her to the floor a second later. Carter checks on her friend, Candice follows to throw Catanzaro in and confront Kayden. That lets Kacy drop LeRae, but she’s in trouble again a second later. An angry Catanzaro lights Candice up with kicks in the corner, and nails her with the somersault kick for two. The veteran fights back, hitting Super Dragon’s curb stomp to end it.
Candice LeRae def. Kacy Catanzaro via pinfall
Mrs. Wrestling gets a mic. She was distracted during the match because she was jealous of Kayden & Carter’s friendship. She’s upset about what’s happened between her & Tegan. Candice invites her to her house to talk it out. Dinner’s on her.
Rhea Ripley gets a backstage promo, pissed off about Mercedes Martinez not learning her lesson when she powerbombed her onto concrete. She challenges Robert Stone’s client to a steel cage match!
Bronson Reed vs. Timothy Thatcher
Reed’s power gives him the advantage in the initial lock-ups. Clothesline puts the Thicc Boi down. Thatcher focuses his technical knowledge on Auzilla’s arm. He unwisely decided to turn that into a striking exchange and gets the worse of it. Reed with a dive, but after he throws Thatch back in, Austin Theory attacks him! He sends Bronson back in, Thatcher grabs the Fujiwara armbar! Reed tries to roll through and escape, but Tim holds on and gets the win.
Timothy Thatcher def. Bronson Reed via submission
We see Adam Cole talking with Undisputed ERA and Tommaso Ciampa warming up before we get some more commercials.
Mercedes Martinez gets a quick promo to say she’s all about fighting. She’s down for a cage fight with Rhea next Tuesday.
Johnny Gargano vs. Finn Balor vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Adam Cole
Each man arrives alone (which is really only newsworthy for Cole, and maybe Gargano). We take a break after entrances and before the bell.
The bell comes right at 9 p.m. Eastern. Johnny rolls out, and Ciampa goes right at Cole. Tommaso & Finn take turns attacking each other so they can stomp him. Ciampa blasts Balor & his old tag partner with knees that knock off the apron, then two more that blast them into the barricade. Cole tries to get the drop on him, and ends up getting blasted himself. It’s finally Balor who recovers to take out the Blackheart. They head to the ring for some one-on-one.
Ciampa is on his feet after an exchange with Finn when Cole rolls in to throw him out. Then it’s the Prinxe and the Playboy’s turn for singles action. Gargano recovers and finally gets in the mix, he drops Finn and works to get his submission on Cole. He mocks the Undisputed ERA pose, and then kicks the group’s leader in the back of the elbow, “hyperextending” it. Rest hold, but Cole is hot and runs wild. He hits a neckbreaker, but with his bad arm so he can’t follow up. Johnny to the side, Finn’s turn to work with Cole again. He tries for the first fall on Finn but only gets one, then takes a minute to stomp Ciampa back out of the ring. That gives Balor a chance to run wild, sending Cole to the floor and getting two on Ciampa with an elbow to his chest. Rest hold, and time for commercials.
When we return, falcon arrow to Cole gets two for Johnny, then a frustrated Gargano punches him down in the corner. He runs into a pump kick, then a backbreaker gets two on Gargano! Balor and Ciampa run in, and everyone is down after Cole and Ciampa trade an enziguri for a knee to the head. Tommaso up first, but Cole up first. He climbs, but Balor throws Ciampa shoulder first into his crotch... ow! Finn fights and climbs for a superplex, Ciampa sneaks in for the Tower of Doom spot! Gargano picks the bones, pulls his old partner groin first into the ring post! But he can’t keep anyone down for three!
The Wednesday Knight focuses on Finn as the other two men clear the ring. He sets up for some running offense but Balor evades, and ends an exchange with 1916! One, two, NO! He tries to follow up with Coup de Grace, but Gargano moves. Ciampa runs in to slam Finn but only gets two. We head to picture-in-picture for the first time. Cole arrives with a kick to Tommaso’s head. He lowers the knee pad for last shot, but Ciampa grabs his leg to stop him. Johnny with a superkick. He grabs Garga-No Escape. Tommaso in for the armbar on Finn! Shades of #DIY! Both their targets get to the ropes for the break though. That’s where we are when we return to full screen.
The old friends and rivals back into one another, and try to figure out what to do. Cole and Balor interrupt that reunion though. The throw them to the floor and Cole offers a Too Sweet. Finn accepts, but then hits TUE’s leader in the back. He dives onto Cole and Gargano. Offense on the outside, then he throws Cole in. Coup de Grace!
Finn Balor (1) pins Adam Cole
The Prinxe gets Johnny into the ring and works to get another pin on Gargano while the announcers debate whether he should try to pad his lead or just play defense for the next 30+ minnutes. Ciampa rushes in, gets put down, and Balor just stomps their chests for a while. Gargano rolls out, Cole gets on the apron and gets knocked down, then we go PiP again. Finn with the headlock on Tommaso. He fights back, putting Finn down and targeting Cole. Project Ciampa to him. Cover, but Johnny breaks it up! Project Ciampa to him! Cover, but Finn breaks it up! More action, and when we return the big screen, the Blackheart is all alone in the ring. He rolls out to try the slingshot into the ring frame on Cole, but Balor stops that! He stomps on Cole a bit, but Ciampa recovers. Willow’s Bell on Finn! Fairy Tale Ending! Cover, but Gargano swoops in and throws him off!
Johnny Gargano (1) pins Finn Balor
Gargano tries for another quick fall on Finn, but Ciampa is back in. Cole recovers and cleans house. He goes for Last Shot but gets hit with an enziguri. Things break down, superkicks for everyone from Cole. He gets Johnny lined up for Panama Sunrise and...
Adam Cole (1) pins Johnny Gargano
Cole’s turn to try for another quick one, but Finn pulls him out. Ciampa in for a knee to Gargano and his first fall, but can only get two. He gets Johnny and Cole lined up for a double Willow’s Bell, then hits Cole with Fairy Tale Ending.
Tommaso Ciampa (1) pins Adam Cole
Everyone is down as we’re all square. Everyone struggles to their feet. They take turn wailing on one another as it’s brawl time. Johnny and Adam fight on the floor; Tommaso and Finn in the ring. Both tandems hit each other with the same move at the same time (clotheslines inside, superkicks outside), and everyone is down again at 19 minutes left. Hard whip from Ciampa onto Finn and tries multiple times to cover but can only get one. Running knee to the head in the corner, then another one. Cole shows up before he can cover, and gets forearmed off the apron. Ciampa pauses to send Gargano, then Cole into the barricade. Clap and self-back pat, then he brings Cole to the apron. Cole fights him off and puts Ciampa down with front kicks. Pat McAfee’s nemesis climbs, but gets caught by Tommaso. Ciampa sets up for super air raid crash, but Cole slips out and kicks him in the back of the knee. He’s writhing in pain as we go small screen. Cole with the leg lock, but Balor in to stomp him before a decision. He tries the same move, but this time he’s stopped by Cole. Setting up for the figure floor, Ciampa rolls him up for two, but then Adam gets the hold anyway. He fights and holds on long enough for Johnny to run in... and turn the figure four over on Cole while locking Garga-No Escape on Ciampa! Cool spot, but it’s not long before Finn breaks it up. He’s chopping all three men in the corners when we come back to full screen for the final push.
Snap suplex gets Balor two on Gargano. He tries to whip Ciampa, but his knee gives out. Finn turns back to Johnny for a few stomps, then puts the single leg crab on Tommaso’s bad wheel. He drags himself to the bottom rope as we head under the ten minute mark.
Finn kicks Cole in the face when he tries to get back in the ring. Drop kick to Ciampa, then he climbs for Coup de Grace. Gargano catches him but can’t stop him, but it’s long enough for Tommaso to evade. Balor lands to take superkicks from Cole & Gargano at the same time. Johnny’s in the ring alone, and chooses to dive onto Ciampa... then onto Cole! He tries to hit Finn with one, but gets caught. They tussle there, and that ends with Gargano hitting the tornado DDT on the floor as we go PiP one more time.
It’s mostly checking on those two on the floor during these ads. Gargano isn’t able to drag Finn into the ring, so he heads inside to meet Cole. Superkick from the Undisputed star gets two. They trade shots from their knees. The familiar foes jaw at one another, which leads to Johnny punching Cole in the face a lot. We return to the big screen for a superkick attempt by Gargano that’s caught. Cole answers with two, but misses Last Shot. Johnny grabs Garga-No Escape! Cole fights, but Johnny rolls through and keeps the hold, but close enough that Ciampa can grab them and drag them to the floor. Tommaso with punches for everyone at the floor with only minutes left.
He suplexes Cole on the floor, then sends Finn head first into the plexiglass. Ciampa goes to gather Johnny and Gargano comes to to fight back. The Blackheart hits the under ring slingshot! In the ring with a cover, but Cole pulls him out! Ciampa punches him out, cover, but Finn pulls him out. He kicks their asses on the floor, heads in to pin Johnny... inside cradle! One, two, NO! 90 seconds left!
Ciampa stalks Gargano. Chop in the corner, then sets him up top. Johnny is not cooperating he’s so loopy. Tommaso to the middle of the ring. Air Raid Crash! But Finn swoops in, Coup de Grace, and steals it!
Finn Balor (2) pins Tommaso Ciampa
The Prinxe is celebrating as the clock is under ten second. Cole races in. Last Shot! He struggles to roll him over, and the count starts at 3 on the clock.
Adam Cole (2) pins Finn Balor
Those two bicker as the announcers check the replay.
General Manager William Regal races in to separate them. He declares a tie, and on Super Tuesday II, it’ll be one fall to the finish to determine the champ.
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2020.09.01 08:58 AgentKnudson A Nursery Cryme Review/Ranking

Full album is here for your listening enjoyment!
This is the second in a series of reviews on Genesis's albums spanning "Trespass" to "Calling All Stations". Click here for the "Trespass" review if you like this analysis on "Nursery Cryme".
The Details: The third album released by the band and their second for the Charisma Records label, it was released on November 12th, 1971. Recording took place once again at Trident Studios in London featuring the classic lineup of Gabriel/Banks/Rutherford/Hackett/Collins for the first time. This is their second album produced by John Anthony and featuring sleeve design by Paul Whitehead. David Hentschel worked with the band for the first time here as an engineer, he'd go on to be their producer for four albums after Peter left. The album was not very successful similarly to "Trespass" in the band's homeland as it did not chart in the UK until May 1974 when it peaked at number 39. It eventually reached Silver certification in Britain on the 22nd of July 2013, almost 42 years after it was initially released. The album was however successful in mainland Europe, especially in Italy where it reached number 4. This meant the band started to play frequently in Italy (as well as continue playing in Belgium due to "Trespass" being popular there).
Background: After the recording of "Trespass", Anthony Phillips left the band which almost caused the band to break up. When the band decided to continue on, they felt John Mayhew needed to be replaced as well. Auditions were held to find a drummer who could carry themself with the band and write, they settled on Phil Collins who could sing to a standard close to Peter's as well as provide a more Jazz feel to the pieces. They started playing in August, but played as a four piece due to an inability to find an acceptable replacement for Anthony. During the 1970-1971 tour (or "Trespass" tour), Mike started playing with bass pedals and rhythm guitar and Banks on double duty playing organ/piano with one hand and lead guitar on the other through a distorted fuzz box amplifier.
In November, the band finally found a replacement in Mick Barnard who was recommended to the band by Friars Aylesbury's David Stopps. It became clear soon after his arrival that he was not fit for the band. Luckily, it didn't take too long for Peter to find an advert in an issue of "Melody Maker" about a "Imaginative guitarist/writer seeks involvement with receptive musicians, determined to drive beyond existing stagnant music forms". He recommended him to replace Barnard to the rest of the band. which they readily agreed to.
This version of the band started touring in January, appearing at the Reading Festival in England and making their first overseas trip to Belgium. The band however could not record any satisfactory material during the tour, so they decided on a three month break starting in July for rehearsals. They moved to Charisma head Tony Stratton-Smith's Luxford House in Crowborough, East Sussex where anxiety in the band was high about writing without Anthony and the amount of involvement from Phil and Steve towards writing. An important note from these rehearsals is this is where Steve convinced Tony to buy a Mellotron, adding a new layer to the band's sound.
Actual recording commenced in August and finished that same month. The sessions went well except for Steve's hard time deciphering Tony and Mike's language in the studio; for example calling a passage of music a "nice guy".
Track by Track Review:
"The Musical Box": The "true true" start to the band and what a fantastic opener it is. This is a dark fairy tale, one full of death and lust. Perfect for the whole family!
The song starts in F# major as is very apparent in its opening notes, a tremendous attention grabber. It then leads to a very calm lyrical passage with Gabriel and Phil occasionally harmonizing. After Peter sings the chorus "play me my song", Hackett responds with a quirky guitar lick that sounds like a musical box.To be frank, the first three minutes sound like a lost track from "Trespass" in its atmosphere. It's very hypnotic and goes on in length like the instrumental acoustic passages in "White Mountain" did. I think this section is great with its creepy lyrics and use of flute, but its nothing outstanding. It is meant primarily to be set up though, so I have no complaints.
Then the organ, drums, bass, and electric guitar come and man do they hit hard. The screech from Steve's guitar before he starts the solo adds so much intensity with Phil drumming harder than Mayhew could ever dream of. The "Old King Cole" section in general adds that "The Knife" rock vibe and makes it works incredibly well. A lot of crazy guitar sounds and some powerful playing from Tony. It has become vary apparent to me after listening to this section that this is the moment those fans who mourned Anthony and John's departure realized the better talent that joined the band in Steve and Phil. This is overall a really hair-raising experience that sikes the listener up for the concluding section.
"She's a lady, she's got time!" is what Peter opens the closing section with, starting quietly and ending loud. The soft guitars echo the beginning of the song as it starts to come full circle. Then Tony's organ and Phil's drumming picks the section up a bit. Peter also gets louder and louder until he starts yelling full throttled to be touched, and now! Steve comes back in to deliver the most powerful moment on the whole album with Phil, Mike, and Tony supporting him as the song draws to a close. This is the best section of the song easily as the emotion can be felt more closely here than any other section; easy goosebumps for me. While it may be the most powerful moment on the album, it's not my favorite as the opening to "The Fountain of Salmacis" is (and the other sections it is expanded upon).
This song is full of richness in its various musical passages; it definitely has the most variety out of any of the songs here. However, even though I have no real complaints with this song, I find maybe the first section could've been a bit more engaging than just trying to lure you into its tone. Overall though this is the first Genesis classic, a song that must be heard by any fan of progressive music. Heck, it was my introduction to the band, so for that it will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you boys for this and so much more to come, as the fun has just started. I rank this 2nd. 10/10 ⭐ -symbol designating it as one of my favorites.
"For Absent Friends": "For Absent Friends" is by far the most personal song on the album, a track so delicate I deny myself from using strong words to describe it. Steve's 12-string guitars have such texture to them (the wonderful "Trespass" sound!) as they perfectly compliment Phil's soft vocals.
It's a melancholy song, but there's this sense of moving on that makes me think this was the band's closest attempt at a true farewell song to Anthony Phillips (and to a lesser extent Mayhew, Silver, and Stewart). "The Musical Box" was the last song to have any major contributions from Anthony (indirectly of course), so to follow it up with this song about losing people you love, it seems a little too coincidental to me. Ironic though this was Steve and Phil's as they never played with Phillips. Perhaps they took the feelings of uncertainty from their fellow members and made a song for them about how they felt. I can't imagine Peter, Tony, and Mike having the courage to write a farewell song anyways.
Overall, "For Absent Friends" and its realism is much needed on an album full of tales. A slice of reality that both pays its respects to those we've lost as well as look forward to what comes our way. I rank this 3rd. 9/10
"The Return of the Giant Hogweed": I don't like weeds of any kind, so it should come as no suprise that I find "The Return of the Giant Hogweed" a bit of a pest on an otherwise great album.
My biggest problem stems to every other problem on the track, it lacks energy. The song feels rehearsed to death, with the intro all the way to Tony's solo going through the motions. It certainly lacks the drive of the other two epics on this album. The tapping from Steve Hackett and Tony's keys are great, but are just too mechanical to really hook me.
The verses with Peter are too over the top for me, from the lyrics to Peter's vocal delivary. I get they were trying to get a B-movie feel with this song, but if you don't any depth or realism or just a sense of calm the song itself becomes a B-song. The chorus is by far my least favorite part, expositional lyrics with Peter's most obnoxious performance in the song "seeking reveeeeeeeeennnnnnnnngggggggeeeeeee!!!!!!".
Tony's keys thankfully come in to provide a much needed breath of fresh air from the chaos with Hackett and Phil supporting him and then eventually going off in their own unique paths. This is easily the most enjoyable point of the song, should've been attached to a more riveting song.
Then the hogweed speaks... Peter, you really needed to put such a distracting vocal effect over your voice? It's so poorly executed I both love and hate it; full ridiculousness on display here.
Thankfully a segment I unironically enjoy follows and it's great! Phil drums his sitzfleisch off for an actually great conclusion.
However this doesn't save the song from just being ok. I don't hate it, but it's inconsistency is frustrating due to the genuinely great segments throughout being mixed with excessive camp that is fine on a first listen, but when heard repeatedly becomes more annoying. I rank this unsurprisingly 7th. 6/10
"Seven Stones": Tony Banks...all the description you need for this song. This is his track for sure, and it's great, but nothing I'd come back to often.
The mellotron is incredibly prominent and it's nice to hear it when it hasn't been used much since the start of Trespass.
The lyrics might be my favorite from this album due to the way they're formatted. Three tales each dealing with life lessons, they're nice and of course the lyric "and the changes of no consequence will pick up the reins from nowhere" is so prog, I honestly find it both hilarious and endearing in its pretentiousness.
I like to think the old man in this song also is the narrator of the other songs on the album. My evidence to support this claim is its placement on the album being directly in the middle. Therefore, it's the centerpiece of the album, with the other songs on the album being like tree branches.
Phil's drumming here is a great showcase of what he added to the group now that Mayhew was gone as well as his backing vocals. The "ahs" throughout make me feel like I'm drifting away from the shore. Great usage of Phil in general.
Peter is another standout here, his performance in the chorus brings out emotions of pleading and desperation. His duet with Tony on the flute is another little delight here.
However my one gripe is with its ending, which just peters out without much fanfare. The mellotron is the only instrument making the end feel large, otherwise it doesn't quite feel as grand as it could be before the mellotron settles to end the track. A weak ending for me.
Overall, Seven Stones is probably the turning point in where Tony becomes the band's leader, which is definitely a good thing. I'd rank this 5th. 8/10
"Harold the Barrel": "Harold the Barrel" is a quirky bugger innit? A song full of wild sounds and different vocal performances for the various characters within it. Tons of fun hearing the different vocal performances behind the characters throughout, but it only works if you have a sense of seriousness to it. This can be found in Peter's interlude section with the piano supporting him and the end of the song when our Harold jumps to his death (my favorite parts of the song).
I don't really find anything particularly bad in it except that the song feels a bit tight, not much room to breathe. Which actually works in context lyrically, but not for memorablity.
In one word to describe it I'd choose eccentric, as it's fun, but just that. If I were to forget any of the songs on this album first, it'd probably be Harold. Without the end making me question my enjoyment of a man killing himself, I'd blink an eye and go "oooooo pretty guitars and harmony!" I'd rank this 6th. 8/10
"Harlequin": This is a lovely song that feels like a spin on the "Trespass" style.
It's biggest strength is definitely Peter and Phil's harmonization. Their voices blend so well that it almost has the depth of something The Beach Boys would do.
I think Mike is a little harsh on the lyrics of the song, while they're not great, they have a lot of character and still possess some great imagery.
Tony's contributions (albeit few) add to making the song rise in the chorus, which is needed to make the song have any kind of point to it. While Mike and Steve's 12-string guitars are so light they make me feel as if I'm laying on a layer of flowers, incredibly beautiful.
I honestly feel like "Harlequin" works well as a companion piece to"Dusk", both musically and lyrically. Honestly, "Harlequin" is practically an optimistic "Dusk."
Overall, I feel Genesis's shorter songs get the short end of the stick, a piece of music doesn't need to have various complex sections with weird chord progressions and time signatures to be a fantastic piece of music. "Harlequin" gives me a warm enough feeling to place it 4th in my ranking. 9/10
"The Fountain of Salmacis": Awesome, a fitting word to describe the closing track on "Nursery Cryme". A track so confident and dynamic in its approach I find it the most adventurous track on the whole album.
It always immediately hooks me by its intro, which is definitely in my ten favorite openings to a Genesis song ever. Tony's organ keys are entrancing, so perfectly complimentary to each other that when Tony adds a mellotron build up, I barely notice until it hits. When it does, I climax...in musical satisfaction of course! Everytime this section is reused it keeps building upon on it with Steve's guitar and some Phil action. Did I mention Mike has his first classic bassline here?
Then we get the lyrics with Peter singing of the tale of Hermaphroditus, a fantastic topic for the band to cover on an album full of mythical tales. Peter delivers just what is needed for this song, embracing his theatricality but not going too far to where it becomes distracting.
Phil adds a really jazzy element to the verses and chorus, which certainly add so much variety and nauence to prevent it from becoming stale. Did I mention Mike's bass playing is a vast improvement to what his playing had been and that he has officially solidified himself here as a fantastic player?
The backing vocals feel like the closest thing to "Trespass" vocals that the band would ever attempt with again. Adding to the story and not just being used for harmonization.
Oh! It appears a new challenger has approached as Steve decides to show off his guitar skills while allowing the others to step up to his level. Did I mention Mike's playing here is one of the key examples I'd use to explain why I picked up Bass Guitar because of its bouncy and driving feeling? The jamming in this song just feels so authentic, there is so much energy here it's honestly a little too much to handle.
Unfortunately, Peter has to stop singing at some point. As we draw near to the song's conclusion (in a wonderful last vocal section by the way) Steve decides we need even more of his guitar work and gives his reason why he is not just "Anthony's replacement". Tony also swoops in with his organ and Phil his percussion to end this masterpiece. Did I mention Mike and his bass playing at all in this write up?
This is an epic befitting of its lyrical content. Honestly, just go listen to it now and tell me how "The Musical Box" is better. It's not, sorry but not sorry. There is just so much to digest here its invigorating; a perfect closer to the album. While I love "The Musical Box", I REALLY love "The Fountain of Salmacis". I rank this 1st on my ranking and is one of my all time favorites by the band. 10/10 ⭐
Aftermath: The band went on tour from November 1971 to August 1972 in support of the album. During this tour the band recorded the track "Happy the Man" for single release backed by "Seven Stones" as the b-side. The crowds that went to see the band were very impressed and word of mouth spread to where the band started playing larger venues. They were finally on track to becoming one of the most iconic and praised prog-rock acts of all time.
Final Thoughts: "Nursery Cryme" is definitely a transitional album from the folk rock found on "Trespass" to the more electrical and experimental work on "Foxtrot" onwards. As a result, we have a great yet inconsistent album that lacks an identity besides it having a running topic of the songs being presented as tales and it being the first with Steve and Phil. I prefer "Trespass" over "Nursery Cryme" for this reason, even if "Nursery Cryme" contains two 10/10 Genesis tracks where as "Trespass" contains none. But, "Nursery Cryme" contains my favorite artwork done by Paul Whitehead, so there's that. Definitely an easier time with this one to rank than "Trespass" as I didn't have to think twice on how to order the songs. This is a must listen for any classic Genesis fan and I'm giving this album an 8/10.
"Nursery Cryme" Song Ranking:
  1. "The Fountain of Salmacis"
  2. "The Musical Box"
  3. "For Absent Friends"
  4. "Harlequin"
  5. "Seven Stones"
  6. "Harold the Barrel"
  7. "The Return of the Giant Hogweed"
Song Ranking:
  1. "The Fountain of Salmacis"
  2. "The Musical Box"
  3. "Stagnation"
  4. "Looking for Someone"
  5. "Dusk"
  6. "For Absent Friends"
  7. "Harlequin"
  8. "The Knife"
  9. "Visions of Angels"
  10. "White Mountain"
  11. "Seven Stones"
  12. "Harold the Barrel"
  13. "The Return of the Giant Hogweed"
Album Ranking:
  1. "Trespass"
  2. "Nursery Cryme"
Author's Note: This is the first time I'm ranking the songs from different albums onto one list, so this is certainly going to be a journey for me as I finally determine my favorite song by them (as well as a top 10).
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2020.08.27 07:31 ratsandmcdonalds Male Mouse Biting to Draw Blood?

I've had a male mouse (Cole) for a few days short of 2 months. Ever since I've gotten him, he hasn't been scared of me. He never ran away and hid, or really minded being held. But, along with this, he bites, and bites to draw blood. Cole has also been much more aggressive then my other male mice. (They're all kept in separate cages) He tears apart everything possible, chews on the bars constantly, and won't let me put my hands around the outside of the cage without running over and biting my hands. (Ex: if I pick up the cage, my skin is showing through the bars and he'll run over to bite; drawing blood everyime.) I'm unsure of why he is biting so much. My other two males (Al and Jack) have never bitten me, however I do have this same issue with another male mouse, Daniel. Daniel is less aggressive, but still bites to bleed. I've been giving treats out of my hands to all four, and Al and Jack are warming up. Cole and Daniel seem to like me, but still bite. Any advice is appreciated, as I'm getting jumpy when I put my hands in their cage to adjust something or give them treats. I assume they can sense this fear but they keep nipping so my fear reamins. I've been holding them less because of the biting, but trying to push myself to do it despite bandaids all over my hands and fingers.
(Btw I'm not sure the age of any of the four, I got them from Petco, so there's no way of knowing ages. I have suspicions Cole is older because he is pretty big compared to the other three, but then again he might just be fat lol.)
Thanks! ❤
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2020.08.27 04:00 Coldcoffees Post WWE NXT Discussion Thread! - August 26th, 2020: TAKEOVER XXX FALLOUT & Wade Barrett on commentary!


Tonight's Results
Match Stipulation Winner
Imperium vs. Breezango Tag team match for the WWE NXT Tag Team Championships Breezango (new champs!)
Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jake Atlas Singles match Tommaso Ciampa
Rhea Ripley & Io Shirai vs. Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzales Tag team match Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzales
Santos Escobar vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott Singles match for the WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship Santos Escobar
Shotzi Blackheart vs. Mia Yim Singles match Shotzi Blackheart
Kyle O'Reilly vs. Drake Maverick Singles match Kyle O'Reilly
Full Recap (Source: Cageside Seats)
Breezango vs. Imperium
Tyler Breeze and Fandango attack while Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel are still doffing their warm-up suits. Dango starts with Aichner, but it’s only seconds before the champs make a tag and Barthel gets a takedown. The Deputy fights back, knocking the German down as we go picture-in-picture. The heels isolate and work over the man Barrett calls “The Dangler” while we see some commercials.
Breaking formula a bit, he’s still in peril when we return. After a couple nearfalls, he lands a kick on an Irish whip double team maneuver and gets the tag. Breeze comes in hot, but Barthel stays in control until he leaps in a spin kick from Prince Pretty. That gets two. They hit the leg drop backbreaker combo on Aichner shortly thereafter, but the Italian rolls out to the floor before Fandango can cover. He follows with a dive, but gets blindsided by Barthel as we go to another break.
The champs are in still in control when we return. When Dango gets free, Breeze is not on the apron. Aichner with a spinebuster and Barthel with an Air Raid Crash for a near fall. Barthel puts Fandango in the ropes and then Aichner tags in and they miss the double drop kick in the corner. Barthel helps Aichner into the ring and Breeze tags in. Barthel with a clothesline and they go for the European bomb but Breeze with super kicks.
Fandango tags in and he hits a double leg drop for the three count.
Breezango def. Imperium via pinfall to win the NXT Tag Team titles
McKenzie Mitchell catches new North American champion Damian Priest as he enters the building. The Archer of Infamy says the party is still going on. Timothy Thatcher walks up, and says Priest is already a disgrace to the title. He should get the first shot to show him what a real skilled technician can do. The champ laughs it off and walks off.
We see Triple H, William Regal, Matt Bloom and Shawn Michaels meeting in a conference room about the NXT title situation as we go to break.
Jake Atlas vs. Tommaso Ciampa
The former NXT champ eyeballs Atlas from the start, and Atlas looks a little nervous. He should be, because Ciampa is angry and nails a headbutt, stomps him down in the corner, kicks him in the head, and hits Willow’s Bell.
Tommaso Ciampa def. Jake Atlas via pinfall
After the bell, the beatdown continues. A team of referees swoops in, and the Blackheart seems to agree to back off, but then charges to kick Atlas in the head. He sets the Jake up under the ring, then slingshots him into the metal support! Ciampa jumps up to sit on the apron and watch the medics run in with a stretcher. Drake Wuertz is berating him, but he doesn’t blink. Once Atlas is on the gurney, Tommaso dives and spikes him to the ground before walking off.
We’re reminded of the olive branch Tegan Nox offered Candice LeRae last week, then get a video package with LeRae talking about their friendship. She’s always had Tegan’s back, but she’s not sure Nox has had hers. She’s on the right path now, and Tegan can join her, but she’s done looking out for anyone but herself.
After some ads, Mitchell asks Bronson Reed how he feels about Thatcher calling his shot at the NA title. He starts to talk about his win over Priest when he’s interrupted by a returning Austin Theory. Theory says he finds Reed’s pursuit of glory inspiring, and he thinks if he keeps it up, he might be a champ by the time he’s 55. Auzilla slaps him for the comment.
Mia Yim vs. Mercedes Martinez
Robert Stone & Aliyah stroll down the ramp. Stone says he’s not sending Martinez out here, and her comes Shotzi Blackheart to run him over with a tank... again. She’ll take Mercedes spot.
Mia Yim vs. Shotzi Blackheart
They’ve evenly matched to start, with Shotzi hitting the BALL PIT leg drop. They catch each other’s kicks and respectfully put them down with no cheap shots. But when Blackheart howls, Yim jabs her and shrugs. Shotzi fights back and starts hitting a combination of strikes and kicks before a back suplex gets a nearfall. It sets up a senton off the top for the winner.
Shotzi Blackheart def. Mia Yim via pinfall
William Regal says the executive team has come to a decision on the title, and will tell is after the break. But first, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are interviewed. They’re not worried about their tag match tonight because they’re an actual team. Io Shirai has something Rhea Ripley wants, and she should still be #1 contender anyway.
The General Manager heads out to the ring. He puts over Kross, then reveals that they’ve decided to have a 4Way on next week’s special Tuesday edition of NXT to crown a new champ. All former champs - Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Finn Balor and Adam Cole. That’s not all... it will also be a 60 minute Iron Man match! Wade says there’s no way he’s missing that, so he’ll be back (the “Super Tuesday” episode was supposedly taped today after this episode).
Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Santos Escobar
The Legado Del Fantasma leader is here to defend his Cruiserweight title without his boys. Lock up at the bell, Escobar with control until Swerve gets free with a kick. Springboard arm drag and the champ heads to the floor. Scott teases a dive and Escobar backs up as we go to commercial.
When we return, Santos is in control. Back-and-forth leads to a suplex from the challenger that gets two. He stretches Escobar across his back, but the champ turns that into a backslide to force the break. After another submission attempt, Santos rolls out. When Scott gets on the apron, the champ grabs him to throw him into the plexiglass! Swerve gets thrown into the ringsteps, then Escobar rolls him in before the ref’s ten count. Beatdown is on, running double knees into the corner gets two.
They battle to the top rope, where Scott tries for a rana but the champ turns it into a powerbomb off the top. Another cover, but Swerve kicks out as we get more commercials. Chops, an atomic drop, and a knee when we return, all while Santos talks crap. Scott hulks up while eating kicks, then drives him into the corner with punches, following with a flying European to the back of the champ’s head. Escobar to the outside, then Swerve flies to take him down with a backflip. Back in, connects for two! Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza are here! Escobar with while the ref is distracted.
The new tag champs run in and brawl with Legado Del Fantasma to the back. Swerve with a flatliner, but no! His running back kick follows, but Escobar kicks out again. Scramble in the corner, Scott hits a modified powerbomb but Santos gets the ropes. He rolls out and puts on a mask from under the ring. He hits the challenger with a head butt, mask must have been loaded because Swerve is out cold.
Santos Escobar def. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott via pinfall to retain his Cruiserweight title
Johnny Gargano gets a promo. Last week he thought his career might be over, but that would leave his promise of a new NXT unfulfilled. Next Tuesday, he gets another chance in the Fatal 4Way Iron Man. He’s gonna remind everyone who the hell he is.
After a break, it’s Finn turn. Fall & Pray? The Prinxe rises. The four cornerstones of NXT go at it, and when it’s done, we’ll know he’s not a cornerstone. He’s the centerpiece. He’s gonna give the marketing department, the network, and the guy watching on the internet what they want.
Kyle O’Reilly vs. Drake Maverick
Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish accompany their Undisputed brother. Brawl at the bell, and Drake uses his speed to trip up O’Reilly and send him to the floor. Maverick flies, but only gets Fish and Strong. Back in the ring, Kyle with kicks, and then sets to working over the former 205 Live GM. Drake fights back, but runs into a high knee. That starts another striking exchange, but KOR ends it with a kick to Maverick’s knee. Enziguri from Drake, but when he runs up the turnbuckles his knee gives. O’Reilly wraps the leg, grabs a heel hook on the other, and Drake has to tap.
Kyle O’Reilly def. Drake Maverick via submission
Roddy & Bobby set to beating down Drake after the bell, but Kyle doesn’t seem to be into it. Killian Dain runs in and makes the save. Maverick goes to thank him, but Dain levels him with a lariat and walks off.
A recap of Saturday’s Women’s title match and aftermath, then we catch up with Rhea Ripley while she’s warming up. She didn’t save Io Shirai, she was sending a message. What Io has is hers.
Adam Cole gets a chance to talk next week’s Iron Man. He says it will feature the Mt. Rushmore of NXT, and now that he put Pat McAfee in his rearview, he’s ready to win the belt a second time.
Io Shirai & Rhea Ripley vs. Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez
The Nightmare demands to start. She ragdolls Kai around to force a tag, and squares up with Gonzalez. Headbutt from Ripley, Gonzalez answers a shove that allows Io to tag in. The champ sends the heels to the floor to regroup as we go PiP. Raquel overpowers Shirai quickly on the small screen and she & Dakota start to work Shirai over.
Tag as soon as we return. Rhea blasts Gonzalez off the apron and grabs Kai, but the numbers game catches up to Ripley. Kai & her heater pull her to the floor, and Raquel gets to clubbering her rival. Quick tags for the heels, but the Nightmare finally kicks her way free to bring in the Genius of the Sky. She gets Kai reeling, and when Gonzalez gets involved, she gets double knees. Back-and-forth, Dakota goes for the Kai-ropractor, but Io slips out and delivers a stiff-looking knee to the face. One, two - no! Raquel breaks it up. The larger woman gets in some offense, and a tandem maneuver gets two.
The champ makes a tag, but the ref didn’t see it! As Rhea argues with the referee, Mercedes Martinez shows to yank Ripley down. She bounces off the steel steps. Spinning slam from Gonzalez on Io, but she kicks out! Rhea is somehow back up and makes the tag, but she’s clearly out of it and trips on her way in. She walks right into a huge chokeslam powerbomb from Raquel.
Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez def. Io Shirai & Rhea Ripley via pinfall (Gonzalez on Ripley)
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2020.08.26 06:06 YandereLobster Ciel Lefevre

Name: Team: Age: Gender: Species: Aura:
Ciel Lefevre 18 Female Faunus (Hare) Maroccan Blue


Mental # Physical # Social #
Intelligence 2 Strength 2 Presence 2
Wits 2 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 1
Resolve 3 Stamina 3 Composure 3


Mental -3 Physical -1 Social -1
Academics 2 Athletics 0 Empathy 2
0 Brawl 0 Expression 2
Craft 5 Drive 0 Intimidation 0
Grimm 0 Melee Weapons 3 Persuasion 2
Tech 2 Slight of Hand 0 Socialize 0
Medicine 0 Ranged Weapons 3 Streetwise 0
Politics 0 Stealth 0 Subterfuge 0
Dust 1 Investigation 0
Survival 0


Merits # Flaws # Aura/Weapons #
Fame 2 Untrained Aura 2 Capacity 1
Assault Weapon 4 Sensetive Hearing 1 Power 2
Polearms 2 Short Temper 1 Weapon 2
Encyclopedic Knowledge 4 Insomnia 1
Faunus Senses (Hearing) 2 Frail Frame 4
Striking Looks 2 Curiosity 1
Caster 0 Overconfident 1


Health Aura Pool Armor Passive Defense Speed Initiative Perception
11 6 2 / 1 2 10 6 5


Name Value Notes
Brawl 1
Ranged 8
Thrown 4
Melee 7
Aura Strike 8 2 AP
All Out Aura Strike 10 No Defense 2 AP


Auric Forge
Ciel pulls down her goggles, the lenses of which are filled with light the color of her Aura as her hands seem to be engulfed in blue flame, temporary becoming her own forge. This flame spreads down and hardens into blue-tinted iron, forming whatever tool she has summoned. In the event of blessing someones armor or weapon, the item will appear to be glowing with a similar color to Ciel's aura. For a very brief time, Ciel's wish to have the control to shape her life is granted, in a way.
Name Cost Description Effect Action Attack
Flames of Creation 2 AP Ciel surrounds her hands in blue flame, summong a tool of her choice to assist her or an ally. If an ally takes said tool, it will continue to function off of her own Aura, retaining the same benefit. Ciel creates up to [Manipultion/2] tools, paying AP for each. Using this variation she creates a generic tool such as a lockpick, screwdriver, or hammer, and anyone using it gets a +[powe3] for any survival, tech, or craft check made with it. These tools last for [Presence] rounds. Major N/A
Auric Blessing - Weapon 4 AP Ciel blesses an ally's weapon, surrounding it in her aura and adding the same trailing effect that her own has. This is done by summoning a hammer of her own Aura, and slamming it into the weapon, upon which it exploded into particles of blue flame. Enhances a weapon by [Powe2] to attacks for [Presence] rounds. Full Round
Auric Blessing - Armor 6 AP Ciel surrounds her own or an ally's armor with her aura, summoning an ethereal hammer and blessing it. The armor will be visually surrounded by her blue aura, in a flame like effect. Enhances an ally's armor by negating up to [Power] of one of the armor's downsides, or adding +[Powe2] if it has none for [presence] rounds. Full Round

Physical Description

Ciel is a relatively attractive girl, though her faunus traits have tended to bring her more negative attention than otherwise. She stands at a short height of roughly 5'0" (152cm), with a thin but not particularly atheltic build for reasons described in her personality. Her somewhat curly hair is naturally pale-blonde, hanging at just above her shoulders in a messy short cut. She occasionally ties it back in a short ponytail while working on weapons, but generally keeps it as is. Her skin is similarly pale, as she prefers to spend time indoors tinkering with her weapon. Her eyes are a pale gray, almost white. She has freckles scattered throughout, most notably on her nose and cheeks. Her outfit while acting as a huntress is made up of a dark blue padded dress, insulated with black lining to keep it warm. The sides of dress have a black pattern with white outline similar to a corset, though it is simply a part of the pattern. At the bottom her dress has a white line heading along the skirt, with white leggings beneath, and a pair of black boots. Additonally, she wears a pair of blue and black blacksmithing goggles, with a blue and black checkered scarf that reaches down the back to her waist. Her faunus trait is a pair of blonde rabbit ears, which point up from her head behind the goggles, with a bit of white fluff inside the ears.

Weapon Description

Ciel's weapon, Lunar Phase, was the very first weapon she made entirely on her own. And while she's modified it to the point of being almost unrecognizable over the years, she still feels very attatched to it. The weapon is primarily made up of two forms. First is her preferred usage, a large assault rifle or LMG style firearm with a bipod near the front, roughly 48 inches long. The weapon contains a blue and black color scheme similar to her own, with a modified sight atop it, and a bullpup magazine. The second, however, is where it's name comes from. The bipod folds back and inside, forming a blade as the barrel extends out, with the stock folding up over the barrel in order to form a long spear. The spear is made up of a blue and black grip along a black pole, with a blue-ish silver curved blade, which leaves a similarly colored trail as it slashes, similar in shape to a crescent moon. Beyond just it's physical description, Ciel harbors an extremely close attatchment to the weapon, and very rarely travels without it. Being raised by a blacksmith, she views weapons as something even more crucial to someone than a sembleance. Her weapon is a part of her. As such, despite it's being over ten years old, she has never fully replaced it, instead choosing to modify and adapt it over the years. Because of this the weapon is covered in small joints and locks which can be easily undone, allowing for quick disassembly for changes or adjustments.


Ciel’s life began rather plainly. Just the sole daughter of a pair of dust miners in Vacuo, in some poor village in the outskirts of the country. It was a rather ordinary life, and one she doesn’t particularly remember. Her mother and father raised her well enough, though they weren’t particularly well off. Ciel only really has one notable memory of her parents; the way her mother would take her up to the highest point in town every night, and they’d watch the stars. Just sitting, admiring the sight. Ciel doesn’t remember her face, but she remembers how comforting those nights were. Until, one day, they came to an end. A dust accident in the mine left Ciel orphaned, and before she knew it she was being sent to Vale, to live (at least temporarily) with some friends of the family who’d agreed long ago to take her in if anything happened to the pair.
She was only four years old when she moved, being taken in by Cole Lefevre and his wife Char. It was rough at first, to put it lightly. Ciel was understandably off put by the harsh change. She missed her parents, missed her home, and missed her life. Unresponsive to most interaction, and even tried running away once. Still, the pair tried their best to care for her. Until finally, Cole seemed to realize something. He was no stranger to loss; he’d lost his own parents long ago. So Cole decided to try and introduce Ciel into something she could work with. Something that would keep her active instead of just drowning in her own grief. Something to channel that frustration into. Long ago, the Lefevre family wouldn’t have been quite so unknown. On the contrary, they would’ve been recognized immediately. When the very foundations of Beacon were being founded, the Lefevre family was there, reliably smithing weapons and firearms for the Huntsmen and Huntresses. Providing all manner of complex and intricate creations for slaying Grimm. Always reliable, always sharp. The family insignia of a hammer and rifle over a shield was recognized by all. And that tradition lasted for nearly fifty years. All the way until the third generation of smiths, when a run of bad luck ruined them. A late shipment of metals one day, defunct gunpowder the next. Be it by luck or one particular member’s mistake, they never found out. But before long, the Academy’s students had taken to other blacksmiths or forging their own weapons, and the family faded away as a footnote in Beacon’s history. Cole was the latest and likely final generation of smiths, still making a living on repairs and minor modifications, or selling weapons to city guards or the rare Huntsman who happened across them.
Ciel didn’t take to smithing immediately. She was only five, at that point. She could barely hold the tools on her own. But still, Ciel was just interested enough to stick around as he let her help with the polishing. And, as minor as it was, it ended up being enough to distract her a tiny bit. Years passed, Ciel slowly grew adjusted, and she began to take more and more interest. She moved on to sharpening, and over time she began to watch closer. That’s not to say she didn’t begin to enjoy the company of her new parents as well, however. Char allowed Ciel out at night and introduced her to some of the higher up points nearby to help her with her stargazing, and eventually even bought her a telescope as a gift. And in all of Ciel’s grief, it was one of the few things that brought her comfort. It was the same sky she’d looked at back home, after all. But it wasn’t until Ciel began being sent to school that her bitterness began to return. And she began to find something she’d long since forgotten about from her time home; the mistreatment of being a Faunus. Her ears getting yanked on, being insulted, people joking about her being a ‘pet’. Even more than being a Faunus, she was a Faunus taken in by human parents, which opened up an entire new world of insults. Which, in turn, pressed her even further into finding ways to harness her frustration. And so she took more comfort in the heat of a forge.
And it was during one particularly harsh incident that something different finally seemed to occur. Ciel had gone to the basement to work with the tools as she always did. It wasn’t any one particular thing that had happened, rather just a bunch piling up. She’d been mocked by classmates, broken her telescope, and messed up with her practice that morning. Coupled with her usual on-edge demeanor, it had been just enough to send her over. She hammered again and again against the hot steal, shaping it as per the request Cole had left. With every strike of the hammer her own bitterness seemed to rise. Until finally, the end snapped, with the head of the hammer finding itself somewhere in the wall behind her. Just that one tiny bit beyond what she could take sent her over the edge, as she found herself enraged by it all. Did everything have to go wrong? Why was it her fault she was a faunus? Why was it her fault she’d lost her home? Had she done some terrible act in a previous life, or was she just unlucky? Without thinking Ciel slammed her hand down at the near molten steel. But what returned wasn’t pain, but a heavy clink. As she looked down, just as quick as it appeared, a hammer had begun to fade away. Her hands were engulfed in blue flame, which only moments later flickered away like a candle being snuffed out. Ciel felt bewildered. She didn’t know what it was, didn’t even really know why she did it. All she knew was that for a very brief moment, she’d changed nature itself around her decision. Intentional or not. Of course, her first attempt after that led to a nasty burn on the wrist. But unlike her excitement, that went away rather quickly. Ciel would eventually come to conclusion that it was her semblance, of course, but that was a different time and place. In the mean team, her efforts to fine tune her skills increased ten fold. Day in and day out she’d practice. No longer just shaping materials, but shaping purpose. It wasn’t just looking at a blueprint of a sword and trying her best to copy it, it was deciding what she wanted a dull hunk of metal to be, and shaping it to her desire. Changing what seemed unchangeable into something else. And with that change in perspective, whether she realized it or not, her semblance was forged along side it. A semblance is the inner most depiction of who one is, after all. It only came natural that her semblance would be shaped and molded over time. And it was from this experience that Ciel finally seemed to understand why it was her family had stuck with smithing for all these years. For better or worse, it was their legacy. The path they’d chosen and shaped for themselves. Letting a poor reputation lead them to another lifestyle would be the same as becoming the metal. Allowing themselves to be shaped to anothers whim. And the Lefevre were nothing if not smiths. Ciel may have started as beneath even an amateur, but she had no intention of slowing down until she was a master.
As the years went on, Ciel began to truly see the pair as her parents in more than just name. Despite their difference in race, she was Lefevre through and through. However, that’s not to say it was so easy to forget her old family. Despite her short temper and shorter patience for others, she often found herself thinking back to those days. Worry that, even if she’d done her best to adjust with her new family and live a life her old parent’s would’ve been proud of, she was betraying them. Was it wrong to forget them so easily? To just let herself move on? Ciel didn’t know. She was far too young to even understand what it was that bothered her so much, and many a sleepless night were spent just laying awake, feeling as though she’d done something wrong; without really knowing what it was. But as the years went on, Ciel hatched a plan for her new family. The weapons had already been perfected by her lineage. They just needed people to know it. And what better way of showing confidence in your work than risking your life with it? Like building a bridge than having the gall to stomp on it. Over the years of practice, Ciel had become confident in this decision. And while her parents were worried, they seemed to support her decision. When the day came that Ciel set off for Beacon on her own, she knew from the moment she set foot out the door that she wouldn’t allow herself to be pushed off of her path. She’d shape herself into a perfect huntress, and prove her worth, along with that of her family's. But that day wouldn’t come for a few more years. For the time being, Ciel was simply a frail young Faunus with bigger ambitions than she could stomach yet. So the next few years were devoted nearly entirely to improving her skill in blacksmithing. The Lefevre had been some of the greatest smiths in Vale once, after all, and while she may not have been related by blood, she would stop at nothing to live up to that. Not just to repay her parents, but to prove that she could. She was a short, frail thing. Sickly and physically weak. It was only raw determination that kept her going, and whenever someone did offer to help her with the heavy tools or machinery, she refused. If she couldn’t do this on her own, how was she supposed to handle being a Huntress? The idea of asking for help was insulting.
For years, again and again she’d tinker with the same weapon. A little to short, as it’d been designed explicitly for her own balance, and not particularly well held together. On her first attempt the blade flew off and stabbed a hole in the nearby wall. But every attempt, Ciel learned a little bit more. Weapons and forging them were, in a way, even more representative of who she was than her semblance was. At least, from her perspective. It was a fragile, poorly held together spear, but in a way it reminded Ciel of herself. And just like herself, she felt determined to make it into something better. It was nearly a four year process; trying out new techniques, dismantling and reassembling it with new materials and straps, until finally the day came that it was complete. On the day she set out for Beacon, she entirely dismantled it one last time, and tried again. Following the techniques of both the Lefevre and her own experiences, she made it into a pristine weapon that even the more experienced Huntsmen would be envious of. A weapon that truly would’ve lived up to the legendary reputation of her adoptive ancestors. And now, all that was left was for Ciel to prove that it wasn’t just a fluke or her own bias. The time had finally come for her to prove her worth.


Ciel is, at her core, someone predicated primarily on knowledge. She possess an extremely curious demeanor, which extends beyond simple questions. Being raised by a weaponsmith, she has an obsession with finding out how things work, even if it means dismantling things she really shouldn't for the sake of re-assembly. Her view on weapons is almost akin to how most would see a sembleance. To her they are just as important, albeit different from a sembleance. In her own words; 'A sembleance is made up of someones soul. It shows you who they are. A weapon, however, shows you who they want to be." She possess an extremely perceptive attention to detail, and is anything but modest about her skill with crafting, blacksmithing, and gunsmithing. Ciel possess a bit of an inferiority complex, driven by both her familys poor reputation among Blacksmiths, as well as being frowned on by some of her more predjudice peers back when she was still learning, as she is a Faunus raised by a long line of humans. She doesn't dislike non-Faunus, but she can be a bit suspicious of them, always worrying that they just want to mock or belittle her. That said however, she is extremely loyal to those she has befriended, even if it means putting aside her normally abbrasive pride. That's not to say that she doesn't try to be amiable, just that she struggles with understanding people's intentions. Speaking of her loyalty, Ciel has an almost obsessive desire to 'redeem' her heritage. Despite not being related by blood, she is endlessly thankful to her adoptive parents, and wants nothing more than to prove the value of their weapons, and even if it doesn't return them to the old days, to at the very least return the respect people once had for their creations. Because of this she is very proud of her works, and shows a great deal of interest in learning from other people's weapons. While it might immediately seem like Ciel takes entirely after her father, she has inheritated a bit from her mother, such as her interest in history and a hobby of stargazing, which she enjoys every night. She finds it relaxing, as it causes her to simply stop and admire something she cannot change. Outside of tinkering and crafting, Ciel is not quite as elegant or controlled. She possess a short temper when someone does try to belittle her, and tends to be poor with words, and even worse with public speaking. She has a recurring fear of rambling too much whenever she talks about herself, and has difficulty doing so, though if prompted she can talk about weapons for hours on end. Besides her hobby of stargazing and her obsession with blacksmithing, she spends her extra time writing. Though she vehemently refuses to show anyone, she enjoys writing stories for her own entertainment. She gets this trait from her adoptive mother who is a historian. When it comes to acting as a Huntress, Ciel is rather professional. She is very confident and enterprising, but not unwilling to let her comrades take the lead. That said, she's much more the type to plan and think through her course of action, almost to a fault sometimes. She's the first to try and come up with a solution, and that solution is generally quite resourceful and cunning, but she can obsess over possibilities and whether or not something is a good idea. Once she actually gets started she's perfectly fine, but she needs that push to actually start. Returning to her views on her creations, Ciel believes that a proper smith is familiar with their creations. You can't truly make a perfect weapon without being familiar in how it'll be used, not just reliant on theory and stories. Because of this she has developed into a sort of jack of all trades, master of none in terms of her physique. She's strong and agile with surprisingly sturdy stamina, but she doesn't excell in any one particular aspect in this way. That said, however, she is a bit disadvantaged in terms of sturdiness. She'd always been a somewhat sickly child, easily contracting whatever happened to be going around at the time, and this extends into her practice as a Huntress. Because of this she takes a natural preference to ranged weapons rather than anything that requires her to get in close. Particularly anything fully automatic, as she tends to use frequent fire as a way to compensate for her less than perfect aim.


  • Fame: [From Vale, Weapon enthusiasts]
  • Trigger: Her last name, or her weapon
  • Ciel comes from a family that for nearly a hundred years has been known and respected for their weaponsmithing (and occasionally creating armor for some Huntsmen). Most well known for their complex and ellegent, yet reliable and efficient creations, the Lefevre family has been a helpful resource for Huntsmen since when the foundations of Beacon were being laid. Or at least it was.
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